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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 10PM  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> now on the night team, two families torn apart when police say a teenager accidentally shot and killed his friend. >> reporter: a south florida baby found safe after sheriffs deputies say she was kidnapped. tonight 2 people, including a teenager, facing serious charges. rep a day after hillary clinton trounces bernie sanders in the south carolina primary, bill clinton heads to miami gardens. the night team with the live report. >> jeff: the republicans going full throttle towards super tuesday as donald trump gets some questionable support. his competition using it to their advantage.
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making a return and we could see some rain showers this week. >> reporter: a pilot rushed to the hospital after his small plane crashes. crews arriving to the scene finding it belly up. >> robbin: : od evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: i'm jeff lennox. the night team first at 10 startstsright now. >> robbin: a teenager lands in handcuffs after police say he accidentally shot his friend. police say they were at a home playing with a gun when it went off. >> jeff: and a 14-year-old boy was killed in the end. he's now in serious trouble. walter morris live in miami gardens with more on the top story tonight. walter? >> reporter: jeff, a teenager charged with bringing a gun to a friend'house. they were playing around and the gun went off and now the 14-year-old is dead. >> wonderful kid.
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trying to make you laugh. >> reporter: 14-year-old tobias rhodes dead, killed while playing with the gun saturday afternoon. >> he was at the house. >> police say he's arou 3:45. roads had been staying with a family friend. his friend came over and that 14-year-old had a gun and it went off. reporter: rhodes air lifted to jackson memorial hospital but wouldn't survive. >> i'm just a neighbor. i se them here and there and imagine the parents. >> reporter: police working through the night and the other 13-year-old now charged with possession of a firearm. >> this may not be you. >> reporter: the miami-dade school superintendant alberto carvalho tweeting "guns, children and homes don't mix." accidental gun dischargclaims the life of the 14 year old adding to the unacceptable
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all those that knew rhodes cope withthhe loss. >> i'll never see him again. my kids will never see him again. >> and kids not saying how the teen got the gun. walter morris, 7 news night team. >> jeff: and developing right now, we have this new video just coming into the 7 newsplex.. a baby being reunited with her mother. the little baby right there kidnapped over the weekend and found up in central florida and in orlando. elitsa bizios is live on that scene with the developing story. elitsa? >> reporter: jeff, just such a beautiful moment. being out here all day, talking to this mother, she has just been in so much pain since he little baby girl was taken only 2 months old.
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>> i prayed for her family. it's very disappointing and sad someone would do that. >> reporter: mom, melinda kemp, waits sunday to reunite with her baby after her cousin, stephanie augustine, allegedly abducted the 2-month-old. augustine now behind bars in the broward county jail facing a handful of charges including aggravated child abuse. also arrest indeed this case, a 14-year-old boy charged with aggravated assault and armed burglary. deputies say he's augustine's cousin. >> thank you, god. thank you, jehovah. it was a miracle. >> reporter: the baby found safe near orlando saturday afternoon ending 18-hour long search. that search began late friday in unincorporated broward count when the baby first went missing. the broward sheriff office responded to reports of a home invasion and kidnapping in the 2700 block of northwest 14th court. >> participateser of a
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an armed intruder came in and took their daughter. >> reporter: the search continued into the early morning hours on saturday as the statewide amber alert was broadcast in the morning. that afternoon announcing they're looking at augustine as a person of interest in thth kidnapping. by the afternoon the baby was found unharmed. ps catching up with augustine near fort pierce, eventually arresting her. and investigators sunday reporting augustine and the 14-year-old boy armed with the gun were the ones who went inside and took the baby. and you heard that there, police tetling us this afternoon the 14 year old was armed when he went in and kidnapped the baby. when it comes to augustine she remains jail without bond.
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elitsa bizios, 7 news nit team. >> robbin: now to the race for the white house, former president bill inton making a stop for his wife. >> jeff: the visit one day after hillary clinton took home a major victory in the south carolina primary. the presidential candidates looking ahead to super tuesday. >> robbin: and hoping to keep the momentum going for the former secretary of state. live in miami gardens where a big owd showed up for the rally. nicole? >> reporter: as you know, march 15th is the day of the florida primary ananof course so far hillary clinton is far ahead of bernie sanders and today they broke out the campaigner in chief. >> it's all about the big mo, momentum! and bill clinton says hillary has it. >> me being a little hoarse
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losing my voice for my candidate and it was worth it. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton trounced bern sanders saturday for the large african american turnout. the overwhelming majority casting ballots for clinton. >> we have no money. we have no political orgazation and we were called a fringe campaign. a lot has changed. >> reporter: in arkansas sunday, clinton sticking to a theme. >> during bill's terms, the median income went up 17% and the median african american famimi income went up 33%. >> reporter: in this majority african american city, the clinton camp is hoping for similar support and d a local tragedy the very first topic addressed by the former president. >> the shooting death of six-year-old king carter should be more than enough to remind
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by income in america. we kn that. the question is what are we going to do about it? >> reporter: he talked police reform. changes to the student loan system and addressed one of donald trump's most quoted campaign promises. >> he wants to build a wall around america and keep the immigrants and the chinese products out. well, if you get rid of 11 million immiants, then you watch the economy collapse. have at it. >> reporter: it was e message about violence especially that resonated with the group. >> i ththk it takes everyone in order to make a difference because weall know the problems that we're having but we need to come up with solutions. >> and it turns out that hillary clinton, marco rubio and donald trump will all be here in souou florida on super tuesday. reporting live in miami gardens tonight, nicole linsalata, 7 news night team.
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and as for the republicans, ont runner donald trump facing tough questions about getting support of a well known white supremacist. senator marco rubio among those using it as new ammunition. >> totally fine and would be very unfair so give me a list of the groups and i'll let you know. >> i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here. >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. pretty sure i didn't meet him and don't know anything about him. >> he admithe was a member of the ku klux klan 40 year ago. he said he was not violent and why european americans like him support donald trump was never asked. so why the support now? the gop front runner dodging the issue on the cnn state of the union but 2 of his opponents for the republican nomination jumping right into the controversy. >> i don't understand it. but donald trump refused to disassociate hipgz and condemn
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we don't have any place for white supremacists in the united states of america and it just doesn't make any sense to me. >> reporter: senator marco rubio sharpening his personal attacks ahead of super tuesday. >> there is place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or any sort of hatred or bigotry in america. >> robbin: the controversy started thursday when duke, a former louisiana state representative, posted his support for trump on his facebook page. he says media like the new york times showing him in klan robes show their bias against him. his poststreads in part, because of the lies of the media, it is important a make a distinction between a formal inn rsement of trump and political recommendation. i'm not endosinger him because i can't embrace everything about the man, but i think in comparison of the others, he's bestify the best candidate of the horrible lot of them. on friday trump said this which he retweeted hours after his cnn interview. >> how do you feel abt the
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>> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me? >> i disavow it, okay? >> reporter: early voting officially kicking off in the sunshine state. voters in miami-dade county can cast their vote in the presidential primary starting tomorrow. broward county early voting begins on saturday. for more information about voting locations and times, ad to our website, >> jeff: also in the news tonight, the miami officer making the ultimate sacrifice the first day on the job. shot and killed while responding to the domestic related shooting. it happen indeed woodbridge, west virginia. two other officers were injured. the police department holding a memorial for officer glendon tonight. family and friends remembering the powerful impact that she had on the community.
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are blessed to know that there are people who will run toward the danger to make re that those of us that lack the traening and the wherewithal to be in their place don't have to be in the place of danger. >> reporter: police identifying the shooter as 32-year-old ronald hamilton. his mug shot right there. an army sergeant who works at the ntagon. he's behind bars tonight without bond. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive behind the shooting. a final farewell to one of the victims of the shooting spree in kalmazoo, michigan. family and friends gathering at the church to honor mary joe ni. the 6-year-old was sitting in her @car when fatally shot by an uber driver last saturday. her sister-in-law and two other friends were also killed. dozens gathering outside the e kia dealership to honor the father and son also gunned down february 20th. the crowd releasing red and
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the total of 6 people killed and 2 seriously injured in the shooting. the 45-year-old admitted shooter, jason dalton, is charge wide 6 counts of murder. police do not know at this point what his motive was. now on ththnight team, look at that! a beautiful shot and live look at the magic @ity on this sunday night after feeling a bit of the cooler weather. south florididcould be in store for a warm up. meteorologist brent cameron joining us live on the weather center with what to expect when you wake up.. brent? >> brent: it's not what we call a warm night, je, coming into monday morning in south florida and it's warmer than weweve been the past, say, 4 nights and the temperatures currently,in the 60s. ranging from 60 in miccosukee and in key west and upper 60s in fort lauderdale and from here on out the readings falling 3-5 and about 5. 5 is where we have the wind speeds now coming in off the waters.
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with the 13 mph winds and we were gusting day and coming down a bit tonight. a few additional high clouds from the other side in the gulf of mexico. ananso heading into the monthly forecast frequent clouds and a decent breeze setting into the first part of the week as temperatures peak tomorrow about 78 with isolated showers possible. now we've been under the enfluence of high pressure off the southeast coast. there is where it sits at this hour. winds on the base of that high coming in off the ocean and out of the east as well. as winds turn by tuesday, that's when our temperates continue to escalate. more on that coming up a little bit later. >> robbin: fast forward to tomorrow! great news! the causeway is set to re-open. the venetian causeway to miami ach scheduled to be back open
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the causeway closed back in june so crews could make much-needed repairs. pieces of the old bridge submerged to create an artificial reef. >> reporter: nasa astronaut scott kelly heading home after spending 340 days in space. >> so i have mixed feelings and definitely looking forward to getting back to earth and live nothing an environment like this is very difficult and very challenging and being very successful withththat and the sense of satisfaction you get and, you know, i think ll miss that. >> jeff: just shy of a fool year. measuring changes to -- a full year. they're measuring changes to his body and mind. kelly holds the record for the
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american astronaut. >> reporter: and speaking of space, spacex canceling the launch of the falcon 9 rocket for the third time. it's carrying a high orbit satellite to provide the phone access to millions of people all across asia. the launch was scheduled and the previous plans launched and cancelled because of technical difficulties with the rocket. spacex may try again some time tomorrow. >> robbin: this may affect some vacation plans. the walt disney copinger announcing a new payment plan. this is now value and regular and peak periods. value tickets drop to $95. summer months and weekends selling for 105 but the peak days, well, those tickets $112. disney says the new surge pricing is designed to spread out park visitation. >> jeff: not cheap to see the mouse these days! >> robbin: no, it is not.
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getting started. ththscare in the air and following the calls for help. >> robbin: and another pilot finding himself in a tough situation when the plane crashes into a tree. why he was left hanging upside down for hours before crews could get him down. >> cameras rolling when the police cruiser barrels right into the parked car. look at that! the impact causing the chain reaction crash. >> reporter: and if you're tired of eating the same old chicken night after night you'll like what's cooking tonight when we grab a bite with belkys. >> reporter: looks good to me! see if the heat can get back on the winning track against the knicks in new york tonight. joe johnson making the debut in the starting lineup.
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up in 7 sports. >> jeff: wheels up after takeoff. a very rough landing. the pilot rushed to the hospital. >> robbin: people nearby seeing
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the night team's john cocoa reports. >> reporter: the heavy damaged plane being lifted off the runway at the plymouth airport saturday night. the federal aviation administration believesit crashed while practicing taking off and landing earlier in the afternoon. >> so he touched down very briefly and he was about 5 feet off the ground d he just gunned it and so it got really loud and then he started to go up and he was at a 90 angle straight up and down. >> she said she saw the @crash seconds after. >> he carte wheeled a few times and landed on his back. >> that's how they say they found it resting on its roof. the pilot was taken to the hospital suffering serious injuries. >> definitely head injuries. he was bloody from his head being completely covered in blood and so was the rest of him. >> reporter: the f.a.a. says the pilot was the only person
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7 news has learned he's a prominent dentist from rockland. the f.a.a. and mass aeronatics are investigating how the crash happened. >> it was just really scary. >> reporter: john cocoa, 7 news night team. >> robbin: another plane problem, this landing a pennsylvania pilot in a tree. the 87-year-old crashed a small plane into a tree yesterday nearthe gettysburg airport. he was stuck upside down for 4 hours to get em to safety. >> tried to do a u-turn and follow today around and went into the trees. >> he was conscious, alert and oriented. the whole incident which lasted almost 4 hours. >> it will remain in the tree until the national transportation safety board remains there.
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to the hospital just as a precaution. >> jeff: still ahead, dangers as drdrers and debris slide rock down the mountain shutting down parts of e busy highway. >> picking up trash. that's one little girl's selfless wish as she battles up cancer. how hundreds made it come true. >> jeff: they don't call it man's best friend for nothing! the selfie between the officer and`his canine partner
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globe. >> jeff: taking you cross roads and bringing traffic to a standstill. no one was hurt when the rockck came tumbling down. crews are still working to clean up the mess. officials say it could be weeks before the interstate back open again. >> robbin: a blaze breaking
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out a warehouse in los angeles. officials say the wawahouse was use tod store paper and cardboard. no injuries were reported. the fire under investigation. >> jeff: check out this surveillance video ririt here. the police cruiser crashing into the parked car in maryland. the impact sending the vehicle crashing into the telephone pole before smashing into another car. the officer reportedly responding to a call for backup when it happened. >> i was like my god! is this person oka and i was like was it a chase? was he chasing them? for them to end up over on this side? i don't know! >> jeff: scary sight right there. the officer and two other people expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> robbin: also on 7, a neighborhood in kansas is picking up trash, trying to
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>> jeff: at the moment she's battling cancer and made a uelfless wish of cleaning up the environment. so hundreds of people came out to help. the night team's omar lewis has r story. >> reporter: running across a field. playing with friends. enjoying some rare february sunshine for amelia meyer, it's just another day in the park. >> she's always been that kid. >> what you can't seunder the pink hat and the bright blue eye system an 8-year-old girl fighting brain cancer. >> some kids want to go to disney world and i ally feel like i used my wish the right way. >> last night i asked her, are you excited about tomorrow? and she said i am so excited and i said why? and she said because i get to pick up trash! >> i found this piece in the water. >> reporter: make-a-wish gave amelia the chance to win for anything. all she asked was to pick up trash.
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another reason is it would stay dirty and can get animals s sick. >> while she pulled up at a site fit for a queen. >> and not this much. >> ready to pick up trash? let's go >> she seemed most confident in her own element surrounded by best friends. >> i've known her since preschool and she's just been my greatest friend. she's been really nice to me and really civills. >> her wish came true and 8 year old giving back to the world she loves so much. >> there's poop over here! >> ew! >> omar lewis, 7 news night team. >> robbin: what can we say? >> jeff: you can't say much. amazing wish by her.
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show is coming back with new characters. >> robbin: the cast talking about what fans can expect. >> again? not so fast! you'll love this recipe. get it next when we grab a bite! >> brent: and in the weather, clouds king a bit of a comeback in south florida. more of that to come. coming up in a few minutes,
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stay tuned! >> and have another cool start to the day in fort lauderdale and miami.
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first thing in the morning at 62. but we were able to work out of that. temperatures in the lower to mid70s and this is what it looked like from the tower camera. there's downtown miami. patchy clouds and sun breaking through times. but we are going to get a little more familiar with the cloud cover. clouds arounds they approach and that is the story tonight and as we go into the start of the work ek. right now clouds not producing any rain showers. but there you see the breeze from the atlantic ocean and out from the gulf of mexico from e other side, some higher level clouds also more significant and spread ovov the deep shield like tomorrow. and eventually some of the clouds could become rain producers ananmore on that in just a moment. now the barometer is steady and winds on the light side of the ocean and not as gusty as during the day today when those frequent gusts were some 20-25
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us around some beach locations in broward and miami-dade. look how consistent the temperatures are. at leasin the 60s across the board. slightly cooler to the south of miami and west kendaal and homestead and that's - kendall and homestead and that's the case for monday morning. if i didn't know better i'd say the temperatures ininthe spring time and spring officially 3 weeks away d right now temperatures above average with much of the tion. the 30s and 40s across the northern tier but not too bad for this time of the year. coast to coast we go in a couple of weather systems. just pulling up the snow over the upper great lakes and e little bit of snow shower across the cascades and parts of the state and this is going
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stray showers on the breeze tomomoow and that second front will likely spark rain showers and moisture increasing likely deep in the week. the voters '-- rip current risk voters use caution around the keys and winds east at 15 knots. tomorrow into the upper 70s we go and 80 or above on tuesday or wednesday and above normal temperatures. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> robbin: all right, brent. san francisco zoo and gardens transforming into a winter wonderland. dumping thousands of tons of snow to celebrate national polar bear day yesterday. workers at the zoo made the day special for the 35-year-old polar bear ulu living at the e zoo for more than 30 years. the day set aside to bring
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and how it affects these beautiful animals in the arctic. >>jeff: topping the buzz tonight, hollywood receiving a rprise performance from a super star. >> i'd like to dedicate this to all of you out there for many years of love and loyalty, okay? >> impromptu moment on the road. elton john putting on a special concert with lady gaga. it was announced the night before to avoid overcrowding in the neighborhood. john's rep saying the concert was to thank the city for supporting the elton john aids foundation. and its annual academy awards viewing part >> kim johnson and robert taking their show to the next level. announcingnghe engagement on instagram saying she's the
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the dance pro and shark tank judge started shortly before the season premier in march 2015. >> jeff: that's what i look like when i dance. deadpool dominating the box office for the third week in a row. charming audiences and raking in 31.5 million bucks. the marvel flick becoming the third highest ossing r-rated film of all time. gods of egypt in second place in the box office. the defiant mortal teams up with t t powerful god after the god of darkness takes over egypt's throne. the action film earning 14 million dollars. and kung fu panda 3 for the kiddies rounding out the top 3 taking a chop at the box office. the animated film bringing in 9 million dollars. >> robbin: fox's hit show gotham preparing for the new and darker world as well as the return of some fan favorites. >> jeff: a lot of people watching this one closely.
10:37 pm
ck levinthal talks about what the fans can expect. >> do you confess to murder? >> yes, i do. proud of it. >> reporter: the world of gotham is about to get more twisted and dark as the show continues with the wrath of the villains chapter on fox. >> it's just a dark show but it really gets real and especially for some as he goes through one of the most profoundly horrifying torturous experiences that he's ever faced in his life. >> more than introducing new villains they're reborn. though we do get into mr. freeze immediately at the end of the second half of the season. and have those reborn.
10:38 pm
>> fish is back and she's coming back and in a new way and i think it will be very captivating television. >> are you sure this is what you want? after everything this job has put us through? >> positive! >> reporter: for jim gordon, his day job and his home life will be affected recent choices. >> things won't play out in his personal life well. he's going to pay the price for what he's done and what he's about to do. and what the audience is goin to see and he pays a price not only with his own existencncbut his relationships and none more than lee. >> he teaches his own code of conduct and there is a lot in batman you realize now that's alfred. >> and young bruce will get closer and closer to the caped
10:39 pm
i think that is one thing really awesome about the second half of the season is you really start to see the trademark qualities of batman that come out and start to see origins. >> please forgive me if i've ofofnded you. >> and just one place to catch the season premier and that's tomorrow night here at 8 p.m. >> robbin: and much more coming up from the news station. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. take a look at this! oh, my gosh! i can't even get enough of this officer and the canine partner. it's grabbing the internet by storm. >> jeff: that might be worth a million. love it! plus the first place florida panthers have a tough afternoon
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sports. >> robbin: a heartfelt hug captured between an officer and his canine partner. that picture posted on media and went viral fast. >> jeff: it shows just how strong their bond is. >> garrett and his canine manson have been working together for the past 3 years. it's pretty office they get along. the picture says it all. >> he likes to give hugs. he's a hugging dog. most of the time if we're just sit thering he'll put his head on my shoulder. >> the pair took the photo during an investigation. while they've only been working together for a few years, it didn't take long for the bond to form. >> we went from i didn't know who he was and didn't lich too much and now he's a great dog. he's a great partner. he's just fun to have in the
10:43 pm
>> and this duo, not just co-workers. he even gets to go home with deputy garrett aftethe shift. >> even at home he just wants to be part of thfamily. >> he never imagined it would get so much attention but is happy to see his faithful partner is getting well deserved recognition. >> they don't get recognition because people don't think of them as anything but cobb cops but it's good the community likes police canines and care that much about them. >> an awome pair right there. the 5-year-old chocolate lab is a trained specialized connection canine and used to find something specific to narcotics investigations. >> great picture. >> and that's one lucky dog. >> it sure is. >> coming up next from the plex, the 7-time all-star making his debut tonight. and it could be next.
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the baseball hurricane looking to win the weekend series with the gators. what happened on the field?
10:46 pm
highlights. >> reporter: hi, everyone. your miami heat with the new veteran player in the lineup tonight at the knicks.
10:47 pm
right out of the gate he starts. joe forcing a turnover and sotomayor with the pass to dwayne wade. and the 13-2 run. heat up 6 early. later in the first the dragon with whiteside inside for the dunk and whiteside 16 points and heat up 5 at the break. to the 4th quarter and johnson making his presence known. it's the long jumper and heat up 10. later in the quarter, wade will drive and gets the bucket and the foul. gets the runner to drop and johnson with the heat winning it 98-81. first we hear from johnson. >> we get the win and that is to continue to play well and play heard.
10:48 pm
to make plays and got the game. >> they look to avoid second straight afternoon game and cats at minnesota. scary moment going for montoya and crashes into mondy. leaving with roberto luongo replacing them. and por plays down 2-0 and going to eric ecblad. his 12th of the season and titi at 1! still tied at 1 in the third and that break away pass going top shelf on louie. and panthers drop the second straight and 3-1 the final. >> just can't give up the breakaway like that. we took a few penalties so just overall wasn't the way we want toplay. number 6 miami looking to make
10:49 pm
game 3 with the weekend set and bases loaded at 3. singles to ft and that will bring in 2 and the canes trail thisis3-0. 2 off of florida's j.j. anan over friday night and great effort but can't make the catch and the canes end up losing 7-3. >> we played good on sasarday and friday and sunday we didn't. that's the bottom line. we didn't come out with as much energy today and wanted to do that. >> we wanted to get past this and it is probably the mood a little better but still not good mooted after losing the game. >> and 4th quarter jessica thomas with fiona hayes. and canes up and led at the break with 4th quarter fsu at
10:50 pm
the hoop and lay its in. the acc tournament starts this week. the honda classic in palm beach garden and birds eye view of the beautiful pga national. in with the lead for the birdie on one and eventually the ball will drop and at 10 under and leads by 1. scott now with number 12. great shot from the fairway bunker. he'll stick it anan like with 14 on 16 and leads to the bogie and now rounds it up. the nascar 500 and it is going to the back and smoking. kisses the wall and tangles
10:51 pm
car sidewaysown the track. no caution. jimmie johnson wins and now 76 wins to tie the late dale earnhardt and the career win st! >> and the high school basketball teams coming back and it is in coral springs in the class 6 a, 7 a and 8 a classs and now all state champions. asking the players and coaches to bringing there. and being our high school hot shot can bring out that action.
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will be back after this. >> jeff: it is delicious, healthy and best of all, it's low fat. >> robbin: chicken is on the menu tonight as we grab a bite with belkys. >> reporter: hey, everybody. i don't know about you, but i know i make chicken. i make a lot of chicken! but sometimes get tired of making the same old recipes. well, today i got a new one for you! it's called skinny chicken. so let's do this. for this one, we're going to need boneless, skinless chicken breasts. soy sauce, rice wine vinegar,
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lelen juice, honey, corn starch, the zest of a lemo brown ginger and salt and pepper. and if you like it spicy, some siracha. i made a marinade with some rice wine vinegar and soy sauce. wewant to start with the hot pan. a little olive oil. wee i'm just going to take my chicken and, ooh! love that sizzle! while that's cooking wewell move this along and make our honey lemon sauce and we'll start with some chicken stock and we're going to add some fresh lemon juice. honey, some corn starch that wi thicken up our sauce. a pinch of brown ginger and little bit of siracha with some kick and whisk this together.
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over here and check on the chicken. look at that! our chicken is getng nice and golden brown. now want to get it out of here. it's could beding through for the honey lemon sauce and now we're going to throw this in the pan and what is going to happen is it will thicken up. toss it and make sure evevything is nice and coated and some fresh lemon zest over it. ooh that smells good! you can serve it as is or garnish like i didi just enjoy! if i can do it, you can do it. i'm belkys nerey. bon appetito! >> robbin: yum! for more on this go to
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>> jeff: that will do it for news first at 10. i'm jeff lennox.
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back in 2 minutes. >>jeff: off the top at 11, an emotional reunion. a baby back in her mother's arms after being abandoned hundreds of miles away from her south florida home.
11:00 pm
gun. one is killed and the other behind bars. >> jeff: former bill clinton addressing guviolence in the area as he gathers support for his wife, , hillary clinton. >> robbin: donald trump in the middle of the racially charged controversy involving a member of the ku klux klan. we'll explain. good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i'm jeff lennox. 7 news at 11 starts right now. >now at 11:00, take a look at that site. 7 news there capture this moving moment. a mother finally embracing her baby after she was taken hundreds of miles away to central florida. hello and good evening again. the 2-year-old reunited with her mother aftererays of being apart. >> robbin: the night team's elitsa bizios is there with more on the emotional reunion.


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