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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 11PM  FOX  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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gun. one is killed and the other behind bars. >> jeff: former bill clinton addressing guviolence in the area as he gathers support for his wife, , hillary clinton. >> robbin: donald trump in the middle of the racially charged controversy involving a member of the ku klux klan. we'll explain. good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i'm jeff lennox. 7 news at 11 starts right now. >now at 11:00, take a look at that site. 7 news there capture this moving moment. a mother finally embracing her baby after she was taken hundreds of miles away to central florida. hello and good evening again. the 2-year-old reunited with her mother aftererays of being apart. >> robbin: the night team's elitsa bizios is there with more on the emotional reunion.
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reunite wide her baby tirajah. 48 hours after her cousin stephanie augustine allegedly abducted the two-month-old. >> i prayed for her and her family. it's very disappointing and sad someone would do thatat >> augustine now behind bars facing a handful of charges including aggravated child abuse. also arrested in this case, a 14-year-old boy charged with aggravated assault and armed burglary. >> thank you, god. thank you, jehovah. it was a miracle. >> the baby found saturday afternoon ending the 18-hour-long search. that search began late friday in unincorporated broward count whet baby first went missing. it was just after 11 at night when the sheriff's office responded to reports of a home invasion and kidnapping in the 2700 block of northwest 14th court.
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armed intruder came in and took their daughter. >> the search continued into the early morning hours of saturday. as the statewide amber alert was broadcast just b bore 7:30 in the morning. they were looking for augustine as a person of interest2in the kidnapping. by the afternoon the baby found unharmed. the cops catching up with her near fort pierce and arresting her and sunday reporting augustine and the 14-year-old boy who was arm wide a gun were the ones who went inside and took the baby. for now we're live in fort lauderdale, elitsa bis zios, 7 news night team. >> and also in the news tonight, one teen shot to death but despite it being a tragic accident the ctim's friend is facing serious charges.
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has pmore from ami gardens. >> they lost a wonderful kid. always playing and smiling trying tomake you laugh. >> reporter: 14-year-old tobabas rhodes dead killed after playing with a gun. the northwest 172nd terrace and 22nd avenue around 3:45. rhodes hahabeen staying with the family friend. his friend came over. th 14-year-old had a gun. and it went off. >> very sad. >> rhodes air lifted to jackson memorial but wouldn't survive. this is the scene outside of the hospitalas loved ones grieved. >> i'm just a nehbor. and see them here and there but imagine the parents. >> the 13-year-old charged with manslaughter and possession of a gun.
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the life of a 14 year old adding to the unacceptable carnage plaguing the community. all those that knew rhodes coped with the loss. >> i'll never see him again. my kids will never see him again. >> and they have not said how the teenager got the gun. reporting live in miami, walter morris, 7 news night team. >> the race for the white house running through south florida. former president bill clinton making a stop to drum up support for his wife. rounding up votes ahead of super tuesday. >> the night team's nicole linsalata iswhere hundreds of people came out for a rally for hillary clinton. >> it's all about the big mo, momentum. former president bill clinton says hillary has it. >> i was in south carolina
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and it was worth it. >> reporter: hillary clinton trounced bernie sanders saturday in the victory that rested largely on a huge rican american turnout. the overwhelming majority casting ballots for clcnton. >> we have no money. we have no political organization. and we were considered a fringe campaign. a lot has changed. >> in arkansas sunday, clinton sticking to a theme. >> during bill's terms, the median family income in america went up 17%. and the median african american family income went up 33%. and the tragedy the first tropic addressed by the president. >> the shooting death of 6-year-old king carter should be more than enough to remind
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income in america. we know that. the question is what are we going to do about it? >> he talked reform and addressed one of donald trump's most campaign quoted promises. >> he wants to build a wall around america and keep the immigranan and the chinese products out. well, if you get rid of 11 million dollars and want the economy to collapse, have at it. >> but then they lost children to guns. >> i think it's going to take everybody to put their two cents in in order to make a difference because we all know the problems we're having, but we need to come up with solutions. >> and they'll all be in florida on super tuesday. reporting in miami gardens, nicole linsalata, 7 news night team. >> as for the republicans, front runner donald trump facing tough questions about getting the support of a
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senator marco rubio among those using it as new ammunition. >> if you have those in there that are totally fine and unfair so give me a list of the groups and i'll let you know. >> i'm talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here. >> honestly i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. pretty sure i didn't meet him and didn't know anythi about him. >> he admits he was a member of the ku klux klan nearly 40 years ago. he said he was non-violent and no media asked why. is it fair now? the gop front runner dodging the issue on the cnn state of the e union, but two of his opponents for the republican nomination jumping right into the controversy. sth, @ don't understand it. but donald trump refused to disassociate himself. we have no place for the white
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states of america and makes no sense to me. >> they sharpened them ahead d of super tuesday. >> there's no place in the conservative movenent for david duke, the ku klux klan or any sort of hatred or bigotry in america. >> reporter: the controversy started thursday, when duke, the former representative posted on his facebook page. he says media like the new york times showing him in klan robes show their bias against him. his post reads in part, because of the lives of the media, it's important i make the distinction between the formal endorsement of trump and the recommendation. i can't embrace everything about the man, but i think in comparison with the others, he's by far the best candidate of the really horrible lot of them. on friday trump said this which he retweeted hours after his cnn interview. >> how do you feel after the recent endorsement from david duke? >> david duke endorsed me?
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>> reporter: meanwhile early voting officially kicking off in the sunshine state. early voting starts on saturday. for more information about voting locations and times, head to our website, >> also the news tonight, the virginia police officer making the ultimate sacrifice on her first day on the job. 28-ar-old ashley glendon shot and killed while responding to a domestic-related shoot nothing wood ridge, virgin. the suspect's wife also killed and two other officers injured. the police department holding a memorial for officer glendon tonight. family and friends remembering the powerful impact she had on her fellow neighbors. >> each and every one of us is blessed to know there are
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danger to make sure those of us who lack the training and courage and wherewithal to be in their place don't have to be in the place of danger. >> reporter: police identify ronald hamilton, an army pentagon. he's behind bars without bond. investigators are still trying to figure on the the motive in the case. >> a final farewell to on of the victims of the shooting spree in kalmazoo, , michigan. family and friends gathering to honor merry joe ni. she was sit nothing her car when fatally shot by an uber driver last saturday. her sister in law and two friends also killed. dozens gathering outside the kia dealership to honor a father and son who were also gunned down february 20th. the crowowreleasing red and blue balloons to celebrate their lives. the 45-year-old admitted shooter in the case is charged with 6 counts of murder.
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motive was. >> reporter: live from the night team, a look at downtown miamas we wrap up a weekend of spectacular south florida. the question is will it last the entire work week? meteorologist brent cameron live in the weather center with details. brent? >> and this is a leap year and get the 29th of february which is a breeuy day and the temperatures are actually leaping up. right now we noticed some mild readings. not as cool as past nights. 65 currently in miami. as cool as 60 in miccosukee. 69 and steady in fort lauderdale and the temperatures aren't going to change much from where they are right now. one of the main reasons that's the case. we have some clouds and that will tend to act as a blanket and did help us in the lower 70s this afternoon and going into monday afteoon and
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temperatures at 78 and it's going to start feeling warmer and might even reach 80 by tuesday and wednesday. notice there is a shower chance and that possibility along the breeze during the day tomorrow and watch as winds actually turn more out of the south and that is what's going to initiate the warm up on the base of high pressure. more on all this coming up in a few minutes. >> fast forward to tomorrow. from the main line to miami scheduled to be re-opened to be specific. the causeway closed back inin june so crews could make much needed repairs. the pieces of the old bridge were submerged to create an artificial reef. >> jeff: coming up on 7 news at 11, a flight going plane wrong. witnesses shocked that the pilot survived. >> plus winging it going wrong.
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south florida neighborhood. >> a are in the sky when the plane crashes belly up shortly after takeoff. the pilot the only one on board during that rough landing.
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believe their eyes. e heavily damaged plane being lifted off the runway at the plymouth airport saturday night. the federal aviation administration believes it crashed while taking off and landing early in the afternoon. >> so he touched down very briefly and then was about 5 feet off the ground and he just gunned it and so it got really loud d then he started to go up and he was at a 90 angle straight up and down. >> mikayla rider said she saw it happen after she landed in another plane nearby seconds later. >> his nose hit and he cartwheeled a few times and landed on his back. >> reporter: and that's how state police say they found the plane when they arrived, resting on its roof. the pilot taken to the hospital suffering serious jurisdiction. >> definitely head injuries. his head was covered in blood and the rest of him. >> reporter: the pilot was the only one in the plane when it
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7 news learned he's a prominent dentist from rockland. the faa and aeronautics are investigating how it happened. >> it was just really scary. >> reporter: john cocoa, 7 news night team. >> jeff: a scare in the sky when a hang glider comes crashing down in southwest miami-dade. the aircraft landing in the backyard near the home of southwest 2entingstreet and 122nd court this morning. the pilot miraculously walking away from the accident. >> our crews took care of him and he's in stablelecondition at this time and we took him to a nearby hospital. >> the house not damaged and the crash still under investigation. >> robbin: still ahead brent cameron has the weekend forecast. weekday, i should say! >> brent: almost that time already. we're noticing some clouds moving into florida and especially from the gulf of mexico. that will sumure our monday. also get set for the umbrella. there will be a chance for some rain coming. stay tuned for the forecast.
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how gonzalez and thousands of other spent the day helping pint-sized patients. that's ahead. >> reporter: forget about rain dances. the best part of the world are noturning to technology to control the weather. >> monday morning, we'll show you how they hope to bring showers to the desert. >> reporter: plus weather and fast track traffic 4 timance
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5. >> jeff: thousands gathering to raise money fojoe dimagio's children's hospital. >> it has a sports themed fun area for children under 13. the miramar mayor also thereto
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the event raising more than $500,000. congrats to everybody! >> and all in all not too bad a weekend wrap up. this is the scene as the sun was going down early this evening. now it was a breezy day and winds with humidity at 63% and find in at least the next few days and it is pretty dry and quiet and the atlantic as well as the gulf of mexico and we do
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and calling for a bit of sunshine mixed in at least temporary and the reason for that the high pressure moved away. this is what's on top of us as we started the weekend. so it has shifted and advanced in that trend. it will also mean we'll have a breeze coming in off the atlantic ocean. now notice the front to the north. it's not the one we're going to follow. at least early this week on monday and tuesday. that stopped short of reaching into florida and bounces back and it is stronger in the early run in the middle of the nation and what's in here by wednesday and the second half of the week. all in all the moisture increase will lead to, again, at least the isolated rain chance. your boating forecast and also the forecast at the beach calling for rip currents at a slight risk. biscayne bay at a moderate chop and choppy around the keys and temperatures not as cold but comfortable with the low to
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speaking of monday's break with the sun but temperatures are going to heat nicely in the upper 70s. it does get warmer. and then a front moves in giving us a better rain chance for the second half of the week. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> jeff: all right, brent. >> robbin: you're watching 7 news. >> hello, everybody. i'm patrick fraser with the next help me howard. she has a credit card with the feature that says, "if your trip is cancelled, the card will reimburse you." the trip was cancelled and the card did not reimburse her. >> the loophole was`not only a surprise to me and my husband but the didippointment. >> what's the loophole where your insurance doesn't pay?
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on 7 news. >> that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. i'm jeff lennox. >> robbin: i'm robbin simmons. ththks so much for watching. the man is back with lexus sports xtra. >> jeff: need to go! >> robbin: thanks for gining us. have a great night -- for joining us. have a great night, everybody. >> jeff: keep it right here.
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depere, wi >> it's the debut tonight of joe johnson in a heat uniform. started the game against the knicks in new york. thanks for being here, evevybody. i'm steve shapiro. drew joins me a little later. we've got joe johnson and the heat. the panthers at minnesota and a guy takes his pants off at the honda classic! it's sunday night at 11:30 and this is the lexus sports xtra. >> the heat need to win to stay in first place. joe johnson in the starting line up. this is johnson. johnson for 3 at the corner. finish for 12 points and it is more after 1. then it is going for josh richardson and then it's to the power flush and whiteside hit 16 with 11 rebounds and carmelo.


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