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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. a woman accused of kidnapping a two-month-old baby faces the judge.
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being separated for 18 hours. >> diana: and now cousin faces very serious charges. let's go live outside the home in fort lauderdale and we find alex de armas live at this morning's hearing. >> reporter: that woman accused of kidnapping her cousin's baby from this apartment right here still in jail with no bond. meanwhile, mom and the baby girl are reunite dd. >> good morning. >> good morng. >> reporter: stephanie augustin appearing in court challenged wiwh count one. >> you're charged with count one of kidnapping. >> everybody's in shock. >> reporter: the mom reunited
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this was 48 hours after her cousin stephanie augustin allegedlybducted the two-month-old. >> i prayed for her and her faly like it's very disappointing that someone would that. >> reporter: augustin behind bars facing aggravated child abuse. also arrested in this case, a 14-year-old boy charged with aggravate aid salt and armed robbery. he's augustin's cousin and had a gun on him when he kidnapped the two month ld. >> thank you god. it was an a miracle. >> reporter: the search began friday night near fort lauderdale. deputies responding to reports of a home invasion and kidnapping at the 2700 block of northwest 14th court. >> parents report that had an armed intruder came in and t tk their daughter. >> reporter: after an 18 hour search, the baby was found safe
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deputies catching up with us an augustin near fort pierce and arresting her as mom and baby are reunited. and bot are still in jail with no bond. reporting live from near fort lauderdale, i'm alex de armas, 7 news. kids and guns a lethal combination. a south florida teen is dead and another facing serious consequences. ann keil is at the courthouse. >> reporter: they're talking about the loss of a classmate. >> i was sad. >> reporter: tovaris rhodes just 14 shot inside a friend's home.
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polioe chief, teen boys were playing inside the home with the gun when the gun wentoff. the grandfather on scene. >> touching, another child. >> reporter: family members heartbroken outside rer trama center together grieving, trying to come to terms with the tragedy. those who knew andoved him disappointed he was not comingg home. >> always smiling and trying to make you laugh. i tell tell everybody to pray. this may not be you or your neighbor's kids. >> and the shooter has been charged with manslaughter and possession of firearm by a minor. miami gardens police tell us that the investigation is oning. it's still unclear where those teens got the gun.
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miami, ann keil, 7 news. live pictures from the jfk library in hialeah where early voting has begun. >> diana: and on the campaign trail, hopefuls working to get all the deleges that are up for grabsful they can make or break other campaigns. >> christine: reporter shannon is in washington, d.c. the latest on the race for the white house. >> repororr: fresh off a victory, hillary clinton was in massachusetts this morning, trying to win last minute super tuesdayvotes. >> i do want to be a president who remembers how people work together again, who creates an environment, who encourages people to overcome our divides. >> reporter: on the republican side of the rashgs pollsls suggest
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most of the states with hundreds of delegatesesp for grabs tomorrow. >> you got to get out and vote on tuesday. everybody here, you vote. we're going to win so big. you know we're leading in every single state and we're almost leading in texas and i have a also. >> reporter: in resent poll, ted cruz tops or ties trump in the lone star state with 155 delegates at steak there. >> i think cruz is very, very likely to win perhaps by decent margin and trump second. >> reporter: super tuesday could spell trouble for marco rubio campaign. trump with a large lead over florida. have a president b@cause of eight years i spent in florida, two of them as speaker of the florida house and if the tenth amendment is right, governmen has power and belongs tat state level, not washington. >> reporter: new national polls
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with double digit leads. over the weekend, former president bill clinton made a south florida stop on behalf of his wife he attended a ral ahead of the march 15th library. he even touched don the shooting death of king carter. if you're ready to voice your choice, you can head to one of the early voting pollsow at select sites in south florida. lorena estrada is live outside the jfk library in hialeah with more. >> reporter: this site is one of 20 now open. it opened at # a.m. i have to tell you that it's been pretty quiet baa we have seen a steady flow of people coming in and out. no line, no crowds. they have been walking in and out of the john f. kennedy library monday.
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theres telling us what to do, the machines. >> reporter: voters tell 7 news it was that easy to cast their ballots ahead of the march 15th primary. >> the process is good. >> reporter: this pair both voting for the very first time, a process they say took them no more than five minutes. >> as of monday, voters in miami-dade county can cast a ballot at any early polling site n. broward county, early voting began this saturday. the earlier you get out and vote, the better. people. >> reporter: but a quiet morning at this polling site slowing up. >> expect less people. they're enthused about electing candidate for the presidency. this's a good thing for america. >> reporter: so, again, today is day one for early voting, one
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so if you have any questions you want to know exactly what are the location, what is the location near you, log onto we're live in hialeah, lorena estrada, 7 news. and if you haven't done so yet, now is the time to download 2 news voice your choice app. itis updated with all the latest from the campaign trail. the venetian causeway is lowering the bridge today now open after nine months of repair. the project cost nearly 12 million dollars and replacing the western portion. about 700 feet removed and replaced along with new bridge and roadway. they removed partsf the old bridge and created an artificial reef. cuban migrants saved at sea. people onboard spotted 16 people on a raft 50 miles off the coast of cuba.
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taking to instagram to share pictures. they say the migrant wills be turned over to immigration officials at the next stop. anthem of the seas cruise ship forced to turn around again t. same ship rocked by a mor storm heading back home after another stormrm threatened its current trip. it released a statement on recent bad weather experience much worse than forecast and therefore we want to be caution to our guest safety and comfort. a lawsuit was brought against royal caribbean from all passengers f. that's not enough, they did confirm an outbreak of norovirus and it was affecting an a small gup of passengers. the catholic church sex abuse scandal thrown back in the
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speaking out and winning best picture last night in at the academy awards. >> reporter: that i had say the cacainals made errors saying the priestly abuse of children, he was not testifying to quote defend the undefensible. >> the churchh has made mistakes and he's working to remedy those. but the churchs in many places certainly australia has mopped things up. >> reporter: they gathered here in rome to watch the testimony. >> there were a lot of w wd wes wanted to hear and start of the hearings here and we will see what happened. >> show me the church manipulated the systemo they wouldn't have to face charges. >> reporr: the scandal highlighted into the sexual abuse of children by priests. spotlight winning two oscars at thecademy award, including best picture. the vatican today is dragging
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>> reporter: pope francis has not remained silence on the issue. the pontiff meeting sex a ase victims on his trip last fall and pledging to hold those respsible for their actions. >>od weeps. for the sexual abuse of children. >> reporter: pope francis set up a commission in 2014. that group had a pry mat screening of spotlight earlier this month. amy kellogg, 7 news. coming up next on 7 news at noon. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars to ever host because we got all this controversy. there's no, no black nominees, you know. and people are like chris you should boycott. chris you should quit you should quit. how come it's only unemployed people tell you to quit
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>> diana: we are telling youll about the message and everything else oscars. we have it for yo and south florida, so far, so good on this monday afternoon, seeing a lot of sunshine and warm temperature readings already at 79 degrees, 77 in miam your complete forecast is coming up next. and hang glider winds up
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expect. a long-awaited win for leonardo dicaprioful he finally took home a statue for his win in the revenant. >> christine: and chris rock not wasting any time >> i'm here at the academy awards other wise known as the white@people's choice awards. >> reporter: he delivered one out most anticipated monologues ever. >> if they nominated host, i wouldn't even get this job. y'all be watching neil patrick harris right now. >> reporter: soon we were watching a parade of winners from mad max: furry road, win winning six oscars a for technical. >> for thousand sz of years we
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dark whether campfire or projector. >> reporter: some were expected like brie larson taking best actress. >> the thing i love about movie making is how many people it takes to make it. >> reporter: alejandro became first back-to-back director. and he urged us. >> liberate yourself from all privilege and this tribal thinking and make sure@ once and forever that color of the skin become as relevant as the length of our hair. >> reporter: and some winners were long ait withed. revenant star leonardo dicaprio finally took home an oscar and connected the film to his environmental advocacy. the production needed to move to the southern end of the planet just to find snow. climate change is real and happening right now. >> reporter: the show addressed sexual abuse with a stirring
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till it happens to you, you won't know how i feel >> reporter: and spot height taking best screenplay and best picture of the year. >> we made this to whole the accountable accountable. and survivors really is an inspiration. >> reporter: plenty of in inspiration to go around. >> diana: and they went home with a swag bag full of stuff. inside is a $900 toilet paper dispenser, which everybody needs.
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expense paid trip to israel. and celebrate underachievement and 50 shades of grades receives five trophies including worse picture. the razzies are traditionally handed o out the night before the oscars. temperaturewise we are warming up to 75 in fort lauderdale, grand bahama island, 79 in nassau. thee breeze is straight off of the ocean, which is why conditions are starting to warmp up out there. and they're ranging any where between 7 to 12 miles an hour at times creating the risk of rip currents for swimmers.
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the the northern half of the country, around the dakotas we have snow and freezing rain, same for northern mainene and rain around new england that will soon start to exit the aa. temperaturewise very cold to the north, 21 in minneapolis, 46 in billings and towards the south where we find the warmer air. here at home, we're going to main pretty quiet outside of a coastal shower through tuesday. between wednesday and thursday, we bump up that rain chance slightly of seeing spotty showers because of a weak front. now this front won't have enough of a push or enough of a punch to cross through the area. it will fizzle as an i crosses through south florida, which is why we just have a chance of showers between wednesday and thursday a a not expecting a cool down with this one. we have a risk of rip currents. next high tide 12:34 this afternoon in fort lauderdale an
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forecast high wills top off in the 70s. tonight we will see more clouds settle in with lows in 260s. your extended outlook is calling for warm weather all week long. this will be the trend through saturday and seasonal temperatures going through sunday. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. thousands gathering at miramar regionall park to raise money for joe dimaggio children's hospital. meteorologist vivian gonzalez was the emcee. spor walks and fun theme area for kids. a south florida hang glider has a story to tell. landing in the backyard of a home in southwest miami-dade. that p hot miraculously walking away from that accident
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our crews took care of him and we took him to an a nearby hospital. >> she pretty banged upp but the house did not sustain any damage. >> good to know. still ahead, a pizza delivery driver winds up in wreck. and we will tell you about
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pricing.what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings. more adventures. a pizza delivery driver loses his life after runn with a driver. ashley jones is here with more.
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a driver with a troubled driving record crashed into their loved one killing him. cody was a single dad to a two and a half-year-old daughter and was just wrapping up his very first day of delivering pizza for dominos when he has car was struck by a woman police sayas fleeing a deputy. >> my son is gone. gone. i don't know how i'm going to do without him. >> reporter: this woman fled when the officer tried t pull her over for speeding and crashed into the park just before 2 p.m she was charged with vehicular homicide charging law enforcement and driving with revoked license. wrapping up his last pizza delivery of the night was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.
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bere ab didn't get away and now running again and killed somebody's life and showed no remorse. no remorse. she got a couple of scratches an my son is gone. i want her to be in jail for the rest of her life. >> reporter: his heart is being harvestete for donation. hulk hogan getng ready to rumble. trial comes after both sidid failed to reach an agreement despite several roundsf mediation. coming up next.
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on the sideline. ahead how they're banning together to stop child predators. and building homes in need. (stock market bell) >> and we are watching wall street ts noon. the dow is up roughly 60 points. the naz -- nasdaq is up 26 and s&p is up.
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back. after two-month-old reunited with her family after a statewide amber alert. she was kidnapped friday nig setting off a massive search that ended near orlando. one of the mother's cousins was arrested that appeared in bond court this morning. a 14-year-old tovaris rhodes was accidentally shot and killed while he and a friend were playing with a gun inside a home near northwest 172nd terrace and 22nd avenue. thdt friend is facing charges of manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor. and it's first chance for many of you to voice your choice. rlly voting begins in miami-dade and monroe counties. you will have a chance to pick your primaries. early voting in broward begins this saturday. in the plex, i'm ashley jones, 7 news. thousands of u.s. service personnel have returned from the wounds.
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service and a lot of fight left in them. we see how many are putting their skids to work chasing down kid s kids. >> reporter: it's training day. the elite forces that the u.s. military spent more than a million dollars each training to be physically and mentally special are prepping for a new mission. >> completely unique program that it is, it gives a veteran the opportunity to not only take on a mission, butu really, really go out and make efforts to rescue children. >> reporter: he leads the team tech. the group is partners with it and u.s. special operations command to train these with law
12:32 pm
the country. >> you see groups of children being abused at levels, the average american can't fathom the abuse seems to be getting more documented and worse. >> reporter: the united states is a worlrls largest producer of child pornography. the images too hard to look at, often too horrible even to describe. but for these hero, the idea of not taking action is not an an option. >> what we're dealing with is actual capturing of crime scenes. it gives you that sense of urgency to make sure that you're able to get there as fast as you can. when they go out in the field, the main objective for the heros is to aid an assist in child rescue. >> reporter: these hero core veterans share another trait. in order to qualify, the veteran must have been wounded, ill in service to their country. block, the army times soldier of
12:33 pm
during a raid in afghanistan in 2014, an a suicide bomber charged him and his team. the explosion went off just eight feet from whe block was standing. >> we lost four friends that night to ied blasts. levelled some of the house, most of the house. threw me back into a ditch, wounded a bunch off others. >> reporter: getting back to fighting shape wasn't@ easy. after learning to walk again, sergeant block endured several reconstructive surgeries. doctors couldn't save his rite eye, but block decided to use the set back too make a statement. >> i picked captain erica's shield for my fake eye because i feel it's something that represents what i stand for in a big way. he doesn't like bullies. >> reporter: let that serve as notice for anyone who may be terrorizing children. >> diana: and navy seal getting a high honor.
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medal of honor to senior chief edward beyers being rescued for helping rescue an american hostage in afghanistan in 2012. he is the only 11th living
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-- medal. volunteers working hard for the past few weeks buildldg ten new homes. >> diana: lorena estrada has more on the build. >> reporter: it's a beautiful saturday in february. what's even more beautiful than the sunny sky, the sight of hundreds hard at work to build their dreams. >> fantastic to see communities come together on this beautiful and spectacular day. >> reporter: it's part of this year's habitat for humanity project, blitz build 2016 and taking place in south dade community of perrine. there are a total of ten new billionth homes including publix.
12:38 pm
involved in community projects such as well and doing well in the community. >> reporter: this blue one, sponsosod by wsvn 7 new, a long-time sponsor. >> channel 7 has been a long-time sponsor. they have respond tored 32 homes in dade and broward county. >> you can only watch channel #. [ laughter ] on saturday, wsvn welcomed this new family into the home an reac@ion is reason hundreds of volunteers spend their free time rollinin up their sleeves an getting dirty. >> over the last few weeks we had more tan 1600 volunteers do their part, anything from landscaping, tile, it's labor of love and people really seem to enjoy it and know our families are soppreciative of the efforts. >> reporter: in southwest miami-dade, lorena estrada, today in florida.
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make a donation call: 7 news at noon not over yet. coming up next. >> diana: a tasty chicken dish welcome on any diet plan. we are grabbing a bite with belkys. i'm mike dipasquale. we have you covereded with the heat at the new york knicks, florida panthers at the minnesota wild and it was wild ride in nascarar
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atlanta coming up in 7 sports. it's delicious, healthy and low fat. >> diana: chicken is on the menu when we grab a bite with belkys nerey. >> reporter: hey, every. i don't know about you. but i make chicken. i make a lot of chicken. sometimes i get tired of making the same old recipes i. eve got a new recipe for you. for this one, we're going to needboneless, skinless chicken breast. soy sauce, rice wine van garr, chicken stock, fresh lemon juice, honey, corn starch t zest of a lemon, ground ginger, salt and pepper. if you like it spicy, some sriracha. i've got boneless skinless chicken breast that i cut into
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wine vinegar and soy sauce. start with an a hot pan, olive oil. take my chicken -- love that sizzle. moving along, we're going to start with chicken stock, fresh lemon juice, honey, some corn star ach thatat going to chicken up our sauce, a pinch of ground gwynn fer and a little bit of sriracha for quick. together. so we made our sauce. now we're going to come back an check on our chicken. look at that. it's getting nice an golden brown. now we want to get it out of here. we got all of our chicken in the bowl here. it's cooked through. this is our honey lemon sauce. now we're going to throwhis in
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what's going to happen is, that corn starch is going to cause that sauce to chicken up. turn off our heat, throw our cooked chicken back in, toss it, make sure everything gets nice and coated. add some fresh lemon sdes overzest over it. this smells good. just enjoy. if i can do it, you can do it. i'm belkys nerey, bon appetito. >> reporter: for more information on this an other recipe, check our web site at and click on bite. walt disney company announcing a new pricing plan. the theme parks dividing the calendar into value, regular and peak periods. value periods drop to 95. summer months and weekends at 10 and peak weekend wills be 112.
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participation. hi, everyone. your miami heat with aew veteran player in the lineup at the new york knicks. welclce 7-time all-star joe johnson. right out of the gate he starts for coach spo and forces turnover. awe mare stoudemire. finishes with the dunk, part of a 13-2 run. later in the first, the dragon lobs it. inside for the dunk. whiteside 16 point, 11 rebound, heat up five at the half. johnson making his presence known. the long jumper. later in the quarter, wade will drive, gets the bucket and the foul. wade finished with game tie 26 points. johnson finishes off the knicks late in the fourth. johnson had 12 points on five of ten shooting. heat win. fist we hear from johnson. >> worked out pretty goodfule got a win.
12:46 pm
keep playing hard. >> fits in to make plays and overall game. what we do is pretty simple. he fits right into it. >> mike:e: heat are home tuesday against chicago. panthers down 1-0 in the first. scary moment for goalie montoya. that's a bell ringer. leaves the game with an upper body injury. second period, cats power play still down, pass in front to eric. his 12th of the season ties at one. still tied at one in the third. riley smith can't keep puck in the zone. break away pass to smith and eric goes top shelf on louis. empty nether, panthers dp their second straight on five-game road trip. 3-1 final.
12:47 pm
to make it two straight over florida gators. bases loaded with gators. singlele to left. that will bring in two and canes trail this one 3-0. 4-0n the 7th, he homered friday night and gators win st to right, can't make the catch t. ball rolls to the field, the fence and both will store. canes end up losing 7-3. the golf doral starts this week. practice on thursday, first and final rnd are of the honda classic in palm beach gardens. a bird's eye view. bebetiful course. adam came in with share of the lead for the bird on one. the ball will drop in the cup. he was at ten under leads by one. great shot from the fairway bunker. hehe going to like it because he will stick it within two feet of the cup. sets up an ey birdie.
12:48 pm
cay in tied with the lead. he's one back. wraps it up. finished nine under par. nascar 500 race in atlanta, second yellow of the race. jimmie johnson shoots out of the pack n. the back, the 43 car is smoking, kisses the wall, tangles with three other drivers. car sliding sideways cannot be good. no caution. jimmie johnson ns. tied the late dale earnhardt for the wins. and next sunday viva, las vegas, coverage begins at 3:30. have a great day, everyone. special olympics hosting an event. hundre of kids at the athletic stadium taking part in the special olympicsful miami-dade
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7's sports anchor mike dipasquale taking the stage as emcee for the second year. players from the marlins, dolphin, heat dancers and marlin showing up. the winners will go onto compete
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event. we're following a news alert out of ohio. a school shooting there. >> diana: ashley jones i i live with more. arizona we are getting breaking news of a school shooting. three students have been hurt in e school shooting. however, a suspect is already in custody. this happening at south western ohio school, madison l lal school said on their web site that the campus near middletown, roughly 30 miles north of cincinnati was on lock down and all of the other students are safe. now the district not revealing what happened tat school but police in nearby middletown said on their facebook page that it was, in fact, a shooting. the district said the student wills be dismissed once the authoritie give the all clear an parents can pick up the student. we are not sure what the motive was or if the specific students hurt w we targeted or if this shooter was actually shooting at random.
12:53 pm
story and bring you the latest as we get more information. live in the satellite center ashley jones, 7 news. we have warm sunshine underway to hea things up this afternoon into the upper 70s. right now 77 in miami including west kendall, 75 in fort lauderdale and key west with the radar continuing to show dry conditions. an we have to thank an area of high pressure for keeping conditions around the south eastern united states nice an quiet. we have snow around the great lakes around northern maine at this time. but we will have a coastal shower on the breeze at best all the way through tuesday. an we wednesday, it will increase the rain chances slightly. look for spotty showers wednesday and thursday ahead of a weak front that will really not have enough of a push to g here. in fact, we're in the going to be noticing any temperature changes with this one, a chance
12:54 pm
we dry up nicely with a mix of sun and clouds and afternoon highs above average and back to seasonal. that is your 7 on 7 forecast. gotham preparing for an a new an darker world with the new characters and return of fan favorites. it will not disappoint. ewe can catch it here on 7. >> diana: rick talked to us about what to expect. >> r%porter: the world of gotham is about to get more dark with the villains chapter. >> it's a dark show already and it really gets real. he goes through one of the most profoundly, horrifying torch rouse experiences in his life
12:55 pm
we're having our villains from previous seasons reborn. all though we do get into mr. freeze immediately at the beginning of the second half, we also have some villains who were around before reborn in the indian hill laboratory run by hugo strange. >> reporter: highly anticipated returnsnclude fan favorites. >> fish is on the chopping block. she's coming back in a new way. and i think it will be very captivating television. >> are you sure this is ha you want? after everything this job has put us through? >> reporter: for jim gordon, his day life will be recorded by his resent choices. >> it will not play out well. he is going to pay the price for what he's done and about to do and what the audience is going
12:56 pm
only with his own sort of own existence, but his relationships and none m me so than with lee. >> reporter: alfred and bruce wayne will continue their training. >> he trains an teaches his own set of morals and conduct. there's a lot of alfred. >> reporter: which means young bruce will keep getting closer and closer to the caped crusader he's dis destined to become. >> absolutely. one of the t tngs that's awesome, you start to see these trademark qualities of that start to come out and see o're gwynnsened it's really great. >> please forgive me if i offended you. >> reporter: in new york, rick, fox news. >> diana: and just one station to catch the premier of gotham right here tonight on 7 at 8. thank you for watching. i'm christine cruz >> diana: and i'm diana diaz.
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company. >> today on "fablife"... we get candid with the one and only kate hudson. >> i am literally open with everything. everybody's like, "you shoul
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yourself." i'm like, "i don't care. who cares?" >> (laughing) >> kate's iconic movie looks re-created for less. >> oh, you went there. let's do this all day. >> plus, chef brian malarkey. >> you're gonna get younger as you drink this. >> going all or not, great! (cheering and applause) welcome to "fablife." guys, it's february 29th. it's leap year, and it is in full effect. >> happy leap year, all. >> happy leap year! >> so we are getting an extra day of "fab." we have got a great show for you today. i mean, kate hudson is here. >> amazing. (cheering and applause) >> and we are gonna talk to her about her new book and all of her icon fashion. plus, we've got chef brian malarkey here to feed us. and we are getting you organized with a super cute and super simple diy calendar project. chrissy is out today, so we are gonna get the party started, in her honor. >> yes. >> but before we get into leap year, i just want to tell you guys, i am making the little comeback on youtube, and i wanted you guys to come hang out with me on my channel, living with leah.


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