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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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night for some of the hopefuls. >> lynn: a some students caught in the middle of a school shooting. parents in a panic as they arrive at the campus. we begin with this story. a baby's abduction set off a statewide alert as the authorities make two arrests. >> danielle: and a 14-year-old boy, who deputies say held the baby's mother at gunpoint, 7's brandon beyer, is live in pompano beach where one of the suspect is being held. brandon. >> reporter: well, danielle, right now this is a family divided because the victim@ and both suspects, according to the police and the family members, they'reell related. they're all cousins, and they knew each other, and as we mentioned, it goes back to friday afternoon when according to the broward sheriffs' office, according to augustiti, entered a home in fort lauderdale and at
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that was a hectic 18 hours, and is the authorities were notified that there was a missing child. and that child thankfully found up in orlando. showing you the video of this weekend, sunday night, before they reunited this two-month-old baby, terrage kemp with his mother, but what an agonizing ordeal for this family. augustine did appear before the judge today, where the charges were read. and she's facing kidnapping and burglary charges, as is that 14-year-old boy, who was also being held before a juvenile judge yesterday. bothemain in custody, and the family has been reunited.
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being held w whout bond, and the 14-year-old also in custody as well. but the good news, the family is reunited, and the two-month-old child is back safe with her mother. for now, we're live in pompano beach, brandon beyer, 7 news. >> lynn: brandon, thank you. a man accused of attacking his room maintain, mitchell in court today with hopes of getting out on bail. but he must return tomorrow. mitchell is accused of beating and stabbing 23-year-old danielle jones in the miami apartment they shared. >> right now, it's day 16, and she's still in a coma, in critical condition. we were looking for any little glimmer of hope. you know? >> lynn: the attack happening on valentine's day, which is also the victim's birthday. the pair met on craigs list and met about a week before the
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a dangerous drive in southwest ranches as drivers went into another vehicle and into a fence. one driver takeneno the hospital suffering minor injuries, and the police are now investigating. >> presididtial state, primaries, and heading to the polls. >> lynn: aush of rallies in the race for the white house. seven candidates in the sprint for super tuesday when the voters in 13 states make their voices heard. the delegates heating up as we go to the big night. >> danielle: and the stakes are even higher on the republican side. we have jeff lennox recovering
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>> reporter: at the ronald reagan equestrian center, marco rubio will hold a big rally with his supporters here in south florida, watching the returns come in. it starts at 8 p.m., but leading up t the rally with marco rubio, we canell that you the gop candidates are crossing the country, trying to stump for support and get out the vote. republican presidential candidates turning up the insults. >> donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make it orange. >> reporter: super tuesday just hours away, and donald trump taking fire over theeekend for deflecting questions on whether he would disavow support from kkk leader, david duke. >> you say that you unequivocally say that you disavow their support.
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>> i disavow, okay?y? >> reporter: trying to slow trump's momentum going into super tuesday. >> donald trump refused to criticize the klu klux klan. >> reporter: donald trump as the nominee means hillary probably wins and we lose this country. >> reporter: and the rubio campaign taking on a different tone since a fiery debate last week. the senator from florida dolling out trump-style,on the trial. trying to bring down the frontrunner. >> he's 6-2, which is why are his hands the size of someone who is 5-2. you know what they say about someone who has small hands. >> reporter: with the gop tomorrow, 595 delegates are up for grabs. the largest contest so far. and the largest prize will be in
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155 delegates on the table. these are not winner take all states. but they're divided proportionately with where the candidates are placed. just moments ago, ted cruz making a prediction. if donald trump were to secure the nomination for the gop, hear what ted cruz has to say tonight at 5:00. je lennox, 7 news. >> lynn: and now tohe democratic side of the race, robbin simmons is in miami where hillary clinton will gather there with supporters there tomorrow. robin? >> reporter: it tells you a lot that both of the candidates have been extremely busy all weekend. let's take tout vidio. of course on saturday, it was all about south carolina, the first primary in the south. hillary clinton walking away with that one candidly, winning nearly 75% of the vote and doing
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african-american vote, a 5-1 ratio over senator bernie sanders. now, he did extremely well with the youth vote, but that was just not enough to propel him over hillary clinton. both candidates trying to tailor their messages, and trying to energize their bases, but at the same@time, hoping they can attract some other people to their side, both with an eye to super tuesday. >> i'm up against a candidate supported by virtually the entire political establishment, a candidate who was considered to be the inevitable nominee of the democratic party. [ booing ] well, in ten months, a few things have changed. [ cheers ] >> if i am so fortunate enough to be the nominee, i will turn my attention to whomever the
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and i can tell you this, one advantage i have, they have been after me for 25 years, and i'm stl standing. [ chchrs ] >> so you have the self described socialist on one side. and the secretary of state on the other side. and both of them areorking really hard to get those super tuesday votes, to get the people out. massachusetts and minnesota, two of the states that they have been focusin on, and something very telling. a poll coming out today showing that hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders i i massachusetts by 8. and that's significant because the new england corridor was expepeed to be an area where sanders could do really well vermont. but even though everyone is focusing on super tuesday for hillary clinton, it's goingng to be about florida where she'll be
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live in miami, robbin simmons, 7 newsws >>anielle: now, the free app, viable for yourer smart phone and tablet. >> lynn: also today, chaos on a campus in ohio. a shooter taking aim and several students a shot. belkeys nerey has the details. >> belkeys: a teenager is had behind bars and four studedes injured after a shooting in ohio. a 14-year-o student opened fire on his classmates inside of the madison high school cafeteria. that school is located near middleton, which is roughly 30 miles or so from cincinnati. the officials put the school on lockdown after the shots rang out, and the parents, you can imagine, were terrified as the chaos unfolded. >> i'm worried about all of boys. i have about 20 boys in my boy
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and it's a really scary thing. >> belkeys: wellll the four injured students are expect to the make a full recovery. that's the good news here. the gunman dropped his weapon and made a run for it before being arrested and now the police are trying to figure out a possible motive. i'm belkeys nerey, 7 news. >> lynn: all right, belkeys. >> daniee: ahead on 7 news, a dangerous decision turning tragic. two teenagers playing with a gun when a shot and fired. a heartbroken mom. >> lynn: and a series of bizarre break-ins, all of her belongings untouched. >> danielle: plus, a bitter and bloody melee. the communi outraged when the kkk shows up. >> lynn: and then at 5:00, extra-curricular activity raising eyebrows on a high school campus, stutents
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>> phil: looking at the weather in the southeast, most of the weather in the northern half of the u.s. what do we have in the days ahead?
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minutes. >> lynn: a bloody brawl as protestersrsay that they had to confront a group trying to promote hate. members of the kkk setting up a rally. >> danielle: and that led to the members of the southern
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christine cruz has the story. [ bleep ] >> reporter: racist ideals and opposition, coming to a headdn anaheim, california over the weekend. a kkk rally erupting in violence. [ yelling ] >> reporter: a group of kkk members announcing that they would be holing rally at a park, quickly getting attention of a larger group of protesters showing up first. when the kkk members arrived, the tempers flared. [ yelling ] >> reporter: didn't take long before a shouting match between the two groups triggered a bloody fight. >> members of the kkk arrived in a vehicle, and the counter protesters attacked them and that led to a stabbing.
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protestor, he was stuck by the pointed end of thelagpole. you can see the kkk member trying toefend himself with the american f fg while the
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it shows protesters rushing members of the clan. >> reporter: that led to a melee in the street that stretched almost a city block down cyprus street, where the fights broke out. we came here for a protest for black lives matter -- white lives matr, and we get jumped. >> it's important to know that the clan's message is as reprehensible as many of us feel it is, is protect bid the first amendment and we can't stop them from doing that. >> to me, it's like a different time in the world. we have to be moving forward. and this is not helping. >> reporter: three people were zack 1 1others were arrested. i'm christine cruz, 7 news. >> lynn: coming up tonight at 4:00, curiosity getting the best of a young boy who had never seen a vending machine. what did he do? he put his hand in there, and everything else. we'll have the rescue coming up. >> danielle: and officials
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as it time pays off. >> anchor: the road to the southeast is expect to get a little year or so because the popular bridge is back. the jenetion bridge is open today after a nine month of workrk the officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its completion. >> we're excited that it's opening up, and the issue is getting on and off the beach. >> it's the place t(at i would go to to be at ease and to get to the beach is safer. >> danielle: in addition to the ne bridge, the roadway on the approach is on the way as well. the 700 feet of bridge that has been removed has been relocated
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to create an artificial reef. >> phil:nd good afternoon, everyone. we're looking at a warming trend here over the next few days. right now, mostly clear skies, however, we will see an increase in cloudiness tonight. let's look at the temperatures. 75 just about everywhere. fort lauderdale, miami, key west, naples, 1 cooler. meanwhile, the stormtracker is suggesting that everything is nice and dry, and it should remain this way over the next few days with very littltl moisture to work with. so we have high pressure dominating o weather over florida, nice and mild. and all of nasty weather is up to the north. threat of rip currents at the beach, there's a slight chance of that. the winds are out of the east, 5-10, and biscayne bay, light chop. no advisories. 15 knot winds, and coastal
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1:16 in fort lauderdale, key largo, you're looking at 1:44 in the morning, and 2:56 in key west. tonight, partly cloudy, nice light breeze, and overnight lows in the 60s. averages at 63, 64, and by tomorrow, typical highs, 79 . we're going to be in the upper 70s in the keys in fort lauderdale, andiami, 81. the wind out of the east, 5-10, and here's your extended outlook. we will c ctinue to warmup all th way into the first half of your weekend here. then a weak front moves through, and we could just have a minor cooldown here, especially by next monday. very typical temperatures, and it's going to feel nice and mild. if you like warm weather, enjoy this week. it's definitely meant for you. >> lynn: still ahead from the news station, actors are not the only ones in the spotlight at the oscars.
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performance. >> danielle: amaze, and then at 4:30, a lesson during black history month. all too real.
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on the way to s sool.
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home a statue, wingor his role in the revenant. the sly was snub. >> danielle: and chris rock, not wasting any time tackling the elephant in the room. >> here at the academywards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> reporter: chris rock wasted no time addressing the oscar so white controversy, delivering one of the mos anticipated ones ever. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't getethis job, y'all would be watching neil patrick harris right now. >> reporter: we were watching a pair of winners from "mad max" fury road. >> for thousands of years, we have been telng stories in the dark around the flickering light, rather from a campfire or projector.
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like room star, brie larson. >> some made history, the third man ever to win back-to-back best d dector oscar. he urged us to -- >> eliminate ourselves from all prejudice and this tribal thinking, and make sure that once and forever that the color of the skin becomes as irrelevant as the length of our hair. >> reporter: for some, it was long awaited. revenant star, leonardo decaprio finally took home an oscar. >> the southern tip of the planet just to be able to find snow. climate change is real. >> reporter: a performance by lady gaga. till it happens to know, you won't know how i feel
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story of the boston globe reporters, abuse by a catholic priests and a cover-up. >> we make this for all of the jojonalists who continue to hold them accountable and for the survivor, whose sheer will to overcome is inspirational for all. >> plenty to go around on oscar night. >> lynn: i bet he's tired it the. >> danlle: midnight? >> lynn: i went to bed at 11:00, it was after midnight that's 7 news at 4:00, thank you for watching. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox.
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