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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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brg a judge. you're charged wh aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with jot the intent to kill. and the attorney says he was duped. he seize the baby things in the car and baby stuff in the back seat and in the trunk. he has no reason to doubt the cousin. >> now it's a family divide ood. some in cou for support. others out for just justice. >> we just pray for her as a a family member. it's hard. and she made her mistake so now she has to go through it. >> reporter: so that teenager remains in a juvenile detention center. meanwhile the 23-year-old woman is in jaiai with no bond. we're live tonight in pompano beach. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: >> craig: also it nate count down is on. super tuesday just a day way. early voting begins for south florideans and tonight presidential candidates hit
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>> easily the biggest contest so far in this election cycle. >> belkeys: 13 states will hold primaries or caucuses in less than 24 hours swrevment team 7 coverage from the gop cam candidates to the democrats. let's starts wh robbin simmons. she is in miami where hillary clinn will be foavment robbin. >> reporter: crews are getting the space set up. you can see the barricades out here as crews work on. that both candidates doing work themselves thon last day of campaign brg super tuesday. >> the last day of campaigning before super tuesday has the it candidates vying for the democratic until nation trying it energize their baifs support and entice a few new supporters to their side. senator bernie sanders picked up a few e eorse ments but more posh he close the deal with voters. >> congress needs to pass
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refo which leads to a path toward citizenship. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to remind voters of her history before she took to the national stage as first lady of arkansas. first lady of the united states and then as a politician in her own ght. >> if i am so fortunate enough to be the nom neerky turn my attention to whom ever the republican's decide to nominate and a can tell you this, one advantage i have is they've been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing. >> reporter: it ways busy week end. south carolina primary and a big win for the former s sretary of state. >> we are going to come beet pete for every vote in every state. a subdued sanders left south carolina for minnesota. his opponent scoring 75% of the vote and winning the african plern vote. >> it is about thinking big and the kind of country we want to become. >> reporter: a sunday visit
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gardens. a hint of how focused the clinton campaign is on florida an entire week before the primary here. and can she catch up to clinton. it's all about the dell quaits and that remains to be seen. >> and as you heard hillary clinton say in that story. , she is not taking anything for grant. not one vote. t one state and she is in fairfax virginia there having another one of her rally, trying to get the vote out on super tuesday. now, although bernie sanders lost south carolina. he is down in theelegate count. he actually has something very good to think about. that is money on hand. his campaign announce theag has raids $36 million just in the move february. and that puts about a hundred $31 million that the san concerns campaign has raisd during thifight.
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that helps him but again it is all about the vote and hillary clinton will be here watching those returns come in tomorrow night on super tuesday right here in miami. for now live in miami. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right robbin. thanks for that. >> craig: team 7 coverage continues with the gop now. jeff lennox in perfect rop tropical park in west miami-dade where@mierk marc o rubio will make an appearance tomorrow. jeff. reporter: and we have 24 hours leading up to super tuesday. and colg up tomorrow senator rubio will be here in s. right here behind me in southwest miami-dade at the ronald weg reg ghana quis tree an park behind me. pgh a large crowd of supporters will be here to watch those returns come n. a rally is set with marco rubio tomorrow night right here at this location at 8:00 p.m. meanwhile leading up to that rally, the gop candidates are crisscrossing the u.s. trying to drum up support head of super tuesday.
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super tuesday, republican polls suggest donald trump could sweep most of the super tuesday states with hundreds delegates up for grabs. >> you got to get out. you gt to vote on tuesday. everybody here, you vote. we're going to win so big. >> reporter: in total 595 delegates on the table. the largest contest so far in the race. senators ted cruz and marco rubio stepping up a tax against trump. rubio on the trail in atlanta georgia with south carolina govenor nicki hayley by his side. and if we lose this nomination. f- and we will if donald trump is the nominee than hillary clinton will be the president of the united states. and shoapg hoping to slow the front runrs' momentum. it's hot in here. am i sweating now? he doesn't sweat because his pors are clogged from the spray tan he use ooze.
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band wagon in texas. >> 65 percent of republicans recognize donald trump is in the the westst candidate to fight against hillary clinton. that donald trump ishe nominee, hillary in all likelihood winds. >> meanwhile trump trying shake the headlines from the weekend and whether he should disa vow the support from the kkk. okay i disa vow. okay. in virginia, black lives matter protesters taking a stand at a trump rally. get them out? are you from mexico? a. >> are you from mexico? trump pawgz until police escorted the group out of building. all right folks. you can hear it once. all lives matter. all liefs matter. >> reporter: another heated day on the trail as we get ready for super tuesday. so againo recap, marco rubio will be in his own backyard tomorrow night.
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at tropical park. and just up the way on i-95 in palm beach county. donald trump too will be here in south florida watching the returns with his campaign staff and then after tomorrow is out of way. super tuesday on the back bur nerks we look head to the florida pry mare ray on march 15th and as you look at pos with gof gop, donald trump has a come manning lead over the rest of the pack right now. double digits even over the next closest competitor marco rubio. it's worth watching. we're live. southwest miami-dade this evening. jeff lennox 7 news. okay jeff. early voting underway in miami-dade county head of o!r march 15th primary as jeff nengsd. jessica holly is live at miami-dade election headquarters in doral with more on this. jessica. >> yeah, the first day of early voting but these people turn owght today are first voting core for convenience. why? because they can vote at any of the it locations and there are no lines. no lines. that's very fast.
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no waiting. the machine. scafnlt five minute and done. >> early birds taking advantage of 14 days of voting in miami-dade county leading up to the florida presidential primary set for march 15th. 20 free line locations to kick things off. we look forward tow soog you. carolina is the deputy supervisor of elections. i would like to remind you in florida fla, primaries are closed. and all that means is if you're republican, you'll get candidates on your ballot and if you're registered democrat iewt gel. and if you're nonparson this. election isn't four. we'll see you inoff. and same for broward county. while no exrowdz spotted thon first dadaof early voting. many locations saw a steady stream of people ready to are have their voices heard. and parentally people are enthroughed about electing the candidates for presidency. that's a good thing for america. there are 13 more days of early
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for all the times and locations, just go it our web site >> reporting live in doral. jessica holly. 7 news. >> all right, jessica. florida of course is the key battle ground state. head at 6:00 how the sunshine state will again pray a major role in the race frt white house. and if you haven't done so yet, down load the 7 news voice your choice app. it support dwaitd latest news and notes from the campaign trail. >> craig: knife fief new cases of disea ca have turned up in the sunshine state. three in miami-dade bringing the total here to 1. there's another in broward bringing to the tall there to six. the total statewide 42. officicis say the infection where's caught overseas. zeke ca is associated with rach, fee, very joint pain and r iez eyes. can last between seven to ten days the illness particularly dangerous for pregnant woman and en linked to serious birth defects. and a hot line to answer
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it 855-622-6735. if you nisd we have the number at >> >>elkeys: horrifying moments at an ohio high school. >> craig: several students shot there. 7's lynn martinez has more on this from the newsplex. lynn. >> lynn: craig and belkeys. , the police forcing people to evacuate the school and three others near. it they were put on lockdown as well. this happened at a high school in madison township east of cleveland ohio. officials say a 14-year-old student walked into the cafeteria and started firing for some reason. he was later found at a field near the school and that's where he was arrested. officials talked about the injuries. >> we had what we believe was one individual entering the school and began firing a weapon at students in the lunch room. four students injured. we belelve two injured with gunshots and others with shrapnel or an injury of trying to get out of wraivment the shooter then fled and has been taken into custody none of
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threatening injuries thank goodness. police say they have a motive but noteleasing it right now. in the satellite center lynn martinez. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay lynn. an alarming admdmsion about priest sex abuse from the top vatican official. an australia cardinal and senior adviser r pope francis testifying before i before a government commission. >> the church has made an enormous mistakes and he is working to remedy those. but the church is in many places certainly australia has mocked things up. >> belkeys: well, the commission is investigating how the cardinal dealt with abuse allegations served as melbourne'e'ax sil ri bishop. a. >> >> craig: and a driver shares a story with just one station. hear what he wants to do at 6:00. >> >> belkeys: what happens to be, what appears to be a tragic accident, a 14-year-old losing
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>> craig: and at 5:30, a terrifying crash course caught on camera. >> belkeys: and students duking it out on campus. tonight parents want some answers.
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>> a so called bike crub on "campus has parents outraged and demanding answers. students seen wearing boxing which gloves and not pulling punches. now parents want to k kw how something like this has happened. and dab el knox in the plex with this school shocker. and it dab el. >> danielle: and it is a shocker you because the video is disturbing. a secret no more. this club exposed in california.a. all of is t- allegedly happening on school ground and we want to wawrn that the video of the action is difficult to watch.
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>> danielle: is a disturbing video that some students from northern california say is from a fight club. also students. they are wearing boxing gloves but not helmets or head gear a they relentlessly pound on one another. >> >> a parent couldn't tacted me very concerned that she found a video of students fighting on school campus. the student say the fights have been going on for months now. the district has already t ten action. we need meedly opened an investigation we shut down the location where the fight had taken place. >> that location is an old de lap lap dated baseball h hse on school grounds. sometimes they gather there during school hours for the punch jowts. >> my office is investigating and my office is investigating whether there is any personal investigation.
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have been found to be involved. some of the ks however involved suffered braddy noses and black eyes and even concussions. we're live in the newsplex. i'm danielle k kx. 7 news. >> craig: okay danielle. thanks. >> belkeys: up next from the newsplex. hollywood's biggest night hon underring bets in the film industry but it wasn't just about the wards. >> craig: fans of disney world. you won't want to miss this one, change when it comes to ticket prices. >> belkeys: and a verer special birthday for south florida babies leaping nat world.
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>> >> belkeys: stars shaneing bright at last night's academy awards and a newcomer coming out on top. >> of course it was gt glitz and glam also. >> craig: but politics and diversity seemed to take center stage. shireen has more from the plex. shireen. >> reporter: and hollywood's glamorous night of the year wasn't just about winningn os consider from. the performance so so to acceptance, the show take on a p lit call a tone. i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. and chris rock tackling the controvevey head on at the
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you realize if they nominated% host i wouldn't get the job. and it touched a nerve. it was probably the hardest hosting gig the last 30 years of oscars. >> >> reporter: the political under tones of the show doesn't top stohis. also calling attention to race sivment alley dro and ari chew from his director win for the ref revenant. >> i make it known are oncend forever that the sco color of skin. a personal abuse drama spotlight which won the night'sfy mall prize for best picture. pope francis it's time to protect the children and resort faith. >> >> reporter: finally six time oscar nominee leonardo di caprio winning his first for the best actor in revenant.
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plant ford granted. i do not take it nate for granted. >> thank you very much. no surprise brie larson winning west actress for for her role in room. and alisa winning best supporting a aress for her role in danish girl. a and the biggest up self the night. >> and the oscar goes to. mark rye lamp for the spy. markrkhy lance beating out favorite sly stalone. mad max was the big winner of e nate winning six gold statues. the most of any fim nominate oovmentd joe biden came on to introduce lady gaga to sing the song from hunting ground that was best song and had dozens of survivors of rape on college campus there for a very good cause. and even though she didn't win
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>> >> sna lady gaga stealing t show with a powerful performance of it happens to you. the movie moment ending with a standing ovation. >> this year's oscars were the lowest rated in eight years. >> live in the nawz plex. shireen sandoval. 7 news. new 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon every one. starting out the workweek rather knight nice. clear skies will rule over the next few%days. a huge tomorrow of high pressure. basically the s stheast looking nice. all the weather will stay up north. mostly dry here ateast thaw the long run. very little in the waive moisture across south florida. 10% chance of rain all the way in through early next week. warmer over night temperatures as well. the typical low for this time of year. 63, 64 degrees. we're going to be above that all
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maybe sunday we'll dip to 62 degrees and then 64 again for next monday. now, here are the temperatures as of this hour. 71 degrees in pensacola. mostly clear skies moving east 72 in through tallahassee. northern florida 75 jacksonville. one degree cooler for new gainesville. central florida this afternoon lacking beautiful across the i-4 corridor between 72 and 75 degrees. south florida today under partly cloudy skies. temperatures right now are in the low it mid 70s. at and another beautiful day across the florida keys. right now 75 in marathon. key west 73. the wind out of east at 12 miles per hour. here's the storm tracker. dry every wrvment very little moisture around. should remain dry through next week. and join this littlee ptern of warm weather coming up. especially if you like. it it looks like it's's going to stick around for a few days. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents.
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wis biscayne bayay with a light chop. four in the florida keys, the wind out of northeast. coastal waters a mod md chop. next high tide miami, 121. 1:16 in fort lauderdale. key largo you're next high tide will be at 1:44. 2:56 in key west. partly cloudy tonight. nice light breeze. over night lows in the mid to upper 60's. by tomorrow plenty of sunshine. lacking dry. highs will be in the upper 70s to 81 in miami. and here is your extended out lack. temperatures will continue to warm up all wait up through 83 degrees in through saturday. you may get another front bit second half o the weekend and then by next week just a little cooler. actually temperatures back down to near seasonal evaluate iewsms that your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back. for news 24/7, just go to
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>> >> craig: that is 7 news at 5:00 on monday. thank you for watching. i'm craistevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here. 7 news at 5:30 is up next.
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>> >> danielle: off the top at 5:30. a mother in mourning after her son made a deadly decision to play with a red gun. od evening. instead of sending her son off to school she is planning his fawn ear ral. >> lynn: another life change during the teen tragedy the victim's friend facing serious charges. ann keil is on the scene in miami gardens with the story. ann. >> reporter: and miami gardens police are investigating what happened inside this home behind me between teens who we're told were friends and the mototr. teen victim, the 14-year-old boy says she's not only grieving for her son. she is grieving for all the other teens. boys and girls who have been recent victims ofgun violence. >> i don't want to wake up toanl and neither child dead because that's all that is goi on. every day. they day fast. sad. you got to stop and i never
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know god took him from me to saft rest of these ril boys. >> reporter: surrounund by faly and friends deandre wradly spoke exclusively with us about her soj tavarus roads. funny, happy, helpful and energetic and out going. that's how she describes the some year-old she was forced to say goodbye to. i just ask them. pleas you all say you want to stop the violence. ain't nothing stop oog. >> reporter: here on northwest 172 ter answer. ta var rest who loved ones called junior was shot in said a home on saturday afternoon. according to the miami gardens polili chief, teen boys were playing with a gun when it went f. tavarus' classmates shaken monday morningng as they walked it north dadede middle school ee didn't deserve. that he is hurt oog young boys trying to o me to terms with the loss of a friend. >> i was sad. we have them hymn. >> and as this devastated family waits on justice.


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