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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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caio caio. >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: 7 news at 6:30 begins with this developing story. suspects makin a run for it after bailing out of not one but o cars then taking off on foot. >> danielle: and 7 skyforce is now over a second perimeter wrlt other two suspects who were in the car bailed but have yet to be caught. a good evening everybody. it really was a chaotic seen scean that you saw first on 7 from right house point all the way down to lauderdale lakes. >> lynn: and as you saw it's still not over yet. lei liz nagy is live in lauderdale lakes where the first two suspects were caught down a
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how it all went down. liz. >> reporter: lynn, this ways fast moving story developed quickly in this neighbor hafd lauderdale lakes. bso and hoo pa florida highway patrol has two suspects in custodod i'm being told by the suspects here in this neighborhood tha one say 15-year-old boy. right now both men being checked out by bso fire rescue for injuries that may have resulted from this highpeed car chase and then the bailout that ensiewvmentd a bit come pra indicated so bear with us as we walk you through all of this. this started more than an hour ago with reports of a stolen vehicle. a blue hyundai sa na da thaw see being pursued bit bso chopper. they asked asked fcr sais tans. that car driving northbound on i-95. got off at hillsborough boulevard and got on i-95 southbound and started heading south. got off at oakland park ulevard. well, as that car was wandering through th residence shall streets of oakland park boulevard. they pulled into a business of northwest 19th street and
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bailed out. all four of the men inside the vehicle bailed out. started running at a very high speed through a field about two-yards way. they got to an apartment complex. well, that's where four of meant accept operated. it went one way and it went the other o.26 these men got inside a second car, an suv and once again took off eluding sheriff deputies and police wandering through the streets of oakland park and took all these different residential streets. eventually pen pulled their car into another neighborhood here in lauderdale lakes where they once again, these two guys bailed out off car for the second time. they were jumping over fences in tht neighborhood. finally one of those teenagers laid down on the hood of a car and gave himself up to deputies. put his hands behind his back and another teenager was still jumping over fences and finally when he was reel realized heas at the mercy of deputies also laid himself down and was arrested. we will bring you back out
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been arrested are ps bli teenagers rather this. reboth in custody of the broward sheriff's office in this wawd louder dailg lakes neighborhood now being checkedut by bso fire rescue. at this point there are still it two men that we understand are at large. they are being look fordy sheriff deputies. they set up a perimeter and that is what happened here. we're live in lauderdale lakes. liz nagy. 7 news. >> lynn: all right liz. >> danielle: and from liz nagy let's get bach into the air with ralph rayburn. >> lynn: and ralph, you're over the scene where the two other suspects may be in that va sil sin tivment we worked our way back to the original bail out occurred. this is 34th terrace and 24th street. you can see bit flashing red and blue lights that mark a perimeter here. a police officer and k9 officer on the ground. they were focusing on this house right here. an officer went up to the front door and knock ond thaha door to see if he could get anybody to come outside.
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k9 officer there 22 housess given his dog arrest. they heard the snoises and got phone calls from people saying that thought someone was in the backyard. someone climbed over a fence so they put up a perimeter. you seek police officers here on the corner and then along these in front of house there on the other scieftd nal. all wait back over here to a block to the south. so they are continuing to look for those two other suspects that are at large at this time and they have given out a description of what the guys were wear whg they bailed out of vehicle. they actually look at videotape or the video that we were providing to get more information. we were told. and this continues to be what we call an active scene. that's the story here in sky force hd. i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. >> >> voters in miami-dade county cast thrirg ballots for florida's presidential primary election. >> while florida results were t be known until nid mid march. 2340r more than a dozen states will be voting tomorrow. >> lynn: presidential
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super tuesday when hundreds of dell gawts will be up for grabs. >> robbin simmons begins our team coverage in miami where hillary clinton will be tomorrow. robbin. >> repororr: and good news for hillary clinton. according to a natioide cnm pole. she is beating bernie sanders by nearly 20 points. but both candidates niek chances trying to get every vote they can possibly get. >> the last day of campaning before super tuesday has the two candidates vying for the demomoatic nomination trying energize their baifs support and naib maybe even entice a few new supporters to their side. senator bernie sanders picked up a few endorse ments but moree important he close the deal with voters. >> congress needs to pass comprehensivemmigration reform , reform which leads to a path towards citizenship. >> hillary clinton trying to remind voters of her history before she took to the national
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first laid dift united states and then as a politician in her own right. >> if i'm so fortunate enough to be the nomineely turn my tention to whom ever the republicans decide to n ninate and a can tell thu. one advantage i have is they've been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing. >> >> danielle: >> reporter: itas a busy weekend. south carolina pry mare rimplet a first contest in the south and a billing win for the formeme secretary of state. >> we're going to compete for every vote in every state. a subdued sanders left south carolina for minnesota. his opponents scoring 75% of the vote and wing the african americ vote. it is about thinking big and the kind of country we want to aecome. >> reporter: a sunday visit from bill clinton fo miami gardens. a hint of just how focused the clinton campaign is on florida an entire week before the primary here.
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clinton with a solid performance r super tuesday. ? it's all about the dell baits and that remns to be seen. >> reporter: so this sl there is also good news for sanders campaign. they raised $36 million in the move february and that brings their total to $131 million. that definitely helps them compete against clinton as they move forward. but again t is all about those delegates. hillary clinton will be here at stage pails ice fim studio to watch those numbers come in on super tuesday. reporting live in miami. rb bin simmons. 7 news. >> robbin, thank you. >> danielle: and while hillary clintonson a row. republican rivals are trying to stop donald trump p. >> lynn: and in west miami-dade senator rubio will wait for results tomorrow. >> reporter: as the clock kicks down to super tuesday. republican polls suggest donald trump could sweep most of the super tuesday states with hundreds of delegates up for
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>> you got to get out. you gt to vote on tuesday. everybody here you vote. we're going to win so big. >> reporter: in total 595 delegates are on the table. the largest contest so@ far in the race. senator's ted cruz and marco rubio stepping awp taks against trump. rubio on the trail in georgia with south carolina govenor nicki hayley by his side. and if we lose this election and we will if donald trump is the nominee than hillary clinton will be next president of the united states. >> rubio recently taking on a different tone tossing insults at trump hoping to slot front runner's momentum. he says i'm sweating all the time. it's hot in here all the time. he doesn't sweat because his pors are clos clogged from the spray tan he uses. >> reporter: ted cruz on the trump attack band wagon in texas.
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not the best candidate to battle against hillary clinton. if donald trump is the nominee, hillary in all likelihood wins. >> and deflecting questions about whether he should disa vow support from the kkk. >> and the david duke endorsed me. >> okay i disa vow okay. >> in injury virginia black lieches matter protesters taking a stand at the donald rump rally. >> get them out. get them out? are you from mexico? trump pausing until police building. all right folks. you're going to hear it once. all lives matter. >> is. >> reporter: so senator rubio watching the returns here in his own backyard and up i-95 in ball palm beach county, that's where donald trump will be watching returns with his campaign staff and look heading to the florida primary on march 15th, it's a
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leading by double digits over the rest of the gop candidates snil this raise. reporting in southwest miami-dade. jeff lennox. 7seven. >> lynn: neen miem milan yeah trump going on the record on what it is likikto be married to the republican front runner. she told anderson cooper that she doesn't always agree with the controversial candidate. >> you don't try to change him? >> i don't. he is an adult. he knows the consequences a so i let be who he s. i give him my pbz, many, many taims and a don't agree with everything what he says but you know, that i under mall. i'm my own person. i tell him what i thivment i'm standing very strong on the ground on my 2 feet. >> lynn: if you want to see more coverage milan yeah interview with anderson cooper. tune in t tight on 7 news at 10:00.0%
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>> danielle: and we do continue to follow a developing story. this police chase and capture in lauderdale rakes. you see suspects bailing out of an apparently stolen car there making a run for it. but they didn't get very far. police able actually to catch two of those suspects. and we understand the two suspects are still on the loose. at's right. >> craig: and this. >> lynn: that's right and this is another picture right nowf the suspects that was taken down a short time ago. this scene happened about 30 minutes ago. two suspects remain on the loose somewhere police believe in the oakland park area 7 news at 30:00 coming right back.
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>> danielle: the oscars proving toen be dea capprio's night winning wunt most coveted awards. of course it was all about the glitz and glasm the evening as ll. that's right what they were
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and toll politics did take sen tear stage. >> shireen san do slalz the golden moments. >> i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> reporter: and chris rock tack quel ke8g the controversy at the 88th academy wards sunday. > you realize if they until nateed host, i wouldn't get this job. >> reporter: matter of fact rock had the issue rolling throughout the show. >> i think he touched a nerve. i just think it was probably the hardest hosting gig in the last 30 years of oscars telecast. >> reporter: the political under tones ever the show didn't stop there. also calling attention to racism. alejandro and ar reche in his acceptance speech for his bt director win for the ref revenant. and i make sure that for once
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the skin become relevant. and the director spotlight which surprisingly won the night's final pries prize for best picture. pope francis time to protect the children and restore the stage faij. >> andinally leonardo di caprio winning his first award for s role in the revenant. he took his moment to talk climate change. let us not take this planet for grant. do i not tyke tonight for grant oovmentd thank i have now. and bree rararn winning in riew room and best supporting actress for her role in the danish imimplet the biggest up self the night. >> and the oscar goes to. mark why lamb for the spy. mark why lance beating out favorite sly stalone. mad max fare rewas the big
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gold sta tawvmentz the most of any fimominate ood. joe biden came on to in interest diews la georgia to sing the song from hunting grounds and had dz ens i think of survivors of rape on college campus there for a very good cause. and even though she didn't win an oscar, laid disi georgia lady gaga stealing the show with a performance 'til it happens tiewvment the moving moment ending with a standing ovati. this year's oscars were the lowest rated n will years. live in the newsplex. shireen san do vavment 7 news. >> lynn: shireen. thank you. >> danlle: stay with us.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and we're in for a nice quiet night. not just here in south florida but across the sunshine state. 63 degrees in pensacoco. the cool spot. 70s every place else. meanile the storm tracker showing we are dry and we should remain dry all the way through the week and even through the weekend. now tonight there may be a couple of isolated showers here just east of palm beach county. otheheise broward, miami-dade good. so we have high pressure
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nice ocean breeze. milder t tight. mainly dry tomorrow. we're going to start to warm up about a degree or two every day until we top off in the low 80s all the way through friday, saturday and sunday. and the chances for rain are also going to replain on the low side. even though we'll have a weak front moving through the area. it will move in and basically ll apart. threat of rip currents at the beach. winds out of east. biscayne bay way light chop. for nut keys, no advisorie coastal waters a moderate chop. now the next high tide for dade and broward coastal waters 121. 2:56 in the morning. the uv index tomorrow at eight enclose u-. tomb over night lows in the 306's. tomorrow we're looking agent sunny conditions. partly dowd clowddy for the keys. highs in the upper 70s to the low 80s. what safe rej is 78, 79. here's your extended out look well. continue to warm up. highs right around 83 all the way through saturday.
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back to near typical temps next monday. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> timimnow for 7 sports with steve shapiro. >> at 23 and five, the canes basketball team moves up to no. 7 in the national polls. 12 and four in the confefence. tide for 4th place with north carolina. two games left.
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>> we set our sites very high before the season be again. our goals were very lofty but we'll have to play very well and be an outstanding notre dame team and an outstanding virginia tech@team. >> good get them coach. >> marlins big stick car ross stanton says he feels 100%. and condone no van campbell reports maybe a newly con figured bat has something to do with that. >> in an efft to stay healthy done jon carlos stanton is trying a modification to his tall. swinging. that's the main goal. >> after missing half of last season due to this swing that broke a ham m bone niz left hand. in hopes to ease the pressure on his hand. the all-star slirg decided to expercipient with the ax handle
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>> it's slimmer but not dig thing my hand. last year it was a helmet for giancarlo stanton to protect his face. this year a bat to protect his hand? what is next for the big man? >> always something. soy guess that's nut wave here and whatever. as long as it works, that'what matters. >> swimming with the marlins. donovan campbell. 7 sports. >> stay healthy. mield milestone win for jimmie johnson in atlanta. that ties him with no. 3. the late dale earnhardt senior for seven on the all time list. >> go, it's hard. i entered the sport just hoping to win a race and weep keep a job for a few years to. have 96 and tie dale earnhardt senior's something i'm proudf. ironically dale earnhardt your or came in second in that race. i'm steve.
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>> danielle: that is 7 news at 6:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. thank you for watch will. have a great night. you'll see danielle at 10:00 and i'll see you at 7:30 for deco. >> danielle: good night everybody. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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>> the most controversial oscar night ever. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars cars. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> jlaw's mad dash. e show is starting in 60 seconds. and happiest night of her life. >> oh, my god! >> and inside the biggest oscar parties. ana the final word on fashion. jen, sofia, reece, the best and worst dressed. inside the oscars cars with deborah norville, jim moret. and then erin andrews takes the stand. >> erin andrews breaks down on the witness stand during the peeping tom trial. >> i was screaming that i was naked all overerhe internet. plus -- >> like to punch anymore the face. >> is front run run donald trump suffering from sleep deprivation? and d n it get any nastier. >> little marco rubio.


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