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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ,, how d a terror cell get its hands on anthrax without a single lab reporting a security breach? would we know if a foreign lab had a breach? a foreign lab? actually, no. garcia, isn't annaale where morgan and hotch are? that's not a gas main explosion. please pick up. please pick up. plse pick up. [cell phone rings]
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hello? garcia, can you hear me? we saw the explosion on tv. yeah, i know. we lost a swat agent. oh, god. don't worr don't think you're gonna get rid of me that easy. do you need anything? i know who to call if i do. thanks, baby doll. that's ok. is he all right? yeah. we lost a swat agent. [sighs] son of a bitch. sorry about that. yeah, me, too. the chatter was a set-up. they knew we'd beistening. they led us straight here. just tell me you know where to look next. not yet. they ok? we were right about the trap.
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a swat agent was killed. was anthrax involved? no. then that's not the final target. you look troubled, my friend. you killed one of my men. i was here with you. the second location was a trap. one of my agents was killed in the explosion. this is war. wexpect casualties. shouldn't you? he was a good man. well...if he would convert, there would be no reason for him to fear death. what do you y to his family? i say...
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were you to mourn... when my son was murdered? his son? did you see that? when he told the story about his childhood, the bomb landing in the bazaar, his behavior changed. we know he was lying. garcia couldn't find any record of a bombing during the time jind allah was a boy. exactly, but this time when he mentioned his son, he looked at his hands, likee had to concentrate to control his anger. that first story wasn't about him. it was about hison. which means it must have been more recent. eeping] garcia. i need you to look for a bombing again in ept, but th time anything in the last 10 years. on it. we're looking for civilian casualties, an 8-year-old boy. ok. i'm cross referencing bombings and child victims. huh. 7 years ago, in the heart of cairo, egyptian government blamed hezbollah, but conspiracy theories on the street claimed it was a joint u.s./israli strike that went astray.
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how about his son's name? do you have that? amir abaza. 8. killed in the blast. all right. find out everything you can on that. i'll get back to you soon. we know his real identity. it appears at there will be no peaceful resolution to our difficulties after all. i haven't given up that hope. it's time for your salut-ul-isha prayers. may speak again tomorrow? you are asking me? yes. tomorrow, then. jamal abaza's been in the u.s. for a while. he volunteered as the prison imam at the dearfield correctional center 3 years ago. how uld the cia not knowhat? they're focused overseas. we're domestic. yeah. they probably sent a request for a domestic information search, and it's somewhere making its way through channels. if he was a prison imam, he must have recruited militant islamic society members. m.i.s. is an atypical prison organization.
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the qu'ran says that my lord... those that slip through the cracks are the ones that traditional groups won't accept. outside these walls, you need to understand... it's made up largely of american citizens. american citizens with a reason for hating the government. we're looking at home grown terrorists.
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what the hell do you want? the name jamal abaza. does it mean anything to you? abaza was an imam in cairo. he preached jihad to his followers, but he fell off the grid 7 years ago. that's because when his son died, he tk the jihad name jind allah. he came to america to recruit sleeper cells. you're telling us that that detainee in there is jamal abaza? amazing what you learn when you talk to people. he was also a prison imam in virginia 3 years ago. are you familiar with the militant islamic society? they're home grown? we know the cell that abaza put together has access to anthrax,
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we have protocols that we have to follow. you really going to allow a terrorist attack on u.s. soil because of protocols? i told you what i learned in there because you and i, fbi, cia, right now we have the ability to break through all the protocol and share information. let me see what weave. coordinate with agent jareau and penelope garcia at quantico. please. think it'll work? i don't know. cia's tough. they play it pretty close to the vest. well, if we don't all work together, more people are gonna die. a lot more. how goes it with the cia? i don't know what gideon said to them, but they are feeding me information likerazy. they sure do generate intelligence.
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slept well? for the first time since i've been here. good. until yesterday, i was not permitted regular prayer. we receive comfortfrom our praye. we? human beings. i say sothing wrong? you placed us on the same level. aren't we? well, here i am thought of as less than hum. and in your jihad, i am. gideon... what do you really want from me? i already told you. i want to understand you. and if that is not possible? then that would be my loss. it's almost time for your midday prayers. y i return later? i look forward to it.
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most of these tips are so new they haven't even been authenticated yet. yeah, but there's nothing in the established information that's remotely helpful. wait a minute. anthrax. what? genimmune. a dutch biotech firm reported that they may have had a security breach involving anthrax last week. may have? they're sll doing a security and inventory sweep, but they may be missing up to 20 grams of lab grade anthrax. 20 grams. could potentially kill a quarter billionpeople. he seems much calmer than he was yesterday. may make any reading of his body language less accurate. i know. is that what we want? i hope so. well, isn't that the exact opposite of-- heopes so? we have less than 10 hours before the new crescent moon rises. 9. [sighs] aren't you worried?
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cia is funneling you their dutch terror watch list. ok, i can cross reference that with any port of ent information we have as well as customs and immigration enforcement. you know, it would sure be a lot easier if there was a centralization of all this information. oh, dream on, j. no one wants the other kids peeing in their sand box. tariq muhammad. dutch citizen, islamic convert. traveled here 4 days ago under his original name. andre janssen. and we have the address he listed on his customs form. thank you. we just got a lead. got a name? and an address. how does a terrorist cell exist right here in mayberry infrared scanning still shows no one inside. we're doing a soft entry in case it's booby trapped.
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clear! clear! sir, get in here! we have 5 deceased males and what looks to be a crude lab, all shot in the head execution style. any anthrax on the scene? only residue. there's also packing and tags from 4 new backpacks. all right, listen up. backpacks? they're already on the move. we're too late. right now at red robin you can get two tavern double burgers any style, bottomless fries, and an appetizer oressert for just 15 bucks.
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as you said, the sun is set. yes. i'd like you to meet a colleague of mine. dr. reid. may we speak? of course. i have a little time. that was a joke. i have all the time. please. a joke. well, we're making progress. yes, progress. that is true. is there no way for this thing to end? this jihad? the jihad will end when allah wills its end. then how will you know that it is allah's will? when the jihad ends. i have been lying to you of course you have. my colleague has been outside watching us as we talked on monitors. watching your body language, trying to figureou out. were you successful? somewhat. mm. your name is jamal abaza. your son amir was killed in 2003 in the bombing at the mahfouz bazaar in cairo.
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by convincing them that u.s. economic policies are exploiting third word nations and turned them into extreme fundamentalists by promising a better existence with allah. i would say that you were more than somewhat successful. but i did not learn where your m.i.s. cell was ing to make an anthrax attack in the u.s. at the new crescent tonight. i have no knowledge of such a thing. yes, you do, mr. abaza. and there is still time. what?
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announcer: we don't know yet how many lives were lost, but the toll is... something has happened? how could you? you choose to contort islam into an excuse for a life of violence. you have perverted your faith to justify murder. now we are finally chatting, gideon. you accuse americans of being puppeteers the third world, yet you used your own people's faith tonight to make them dance for you. why? why is it always those who profess to be the most fervent belvers in this war, they always manipulate other people to die for them. does your president go to battle? or does he send your children?
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there is no such thing, gideon. they were infidels. and they were engaged in activities that spread american policies over the entire world. your incessant need to own things, material things. your capitalism rests on the back of third world countries. no one's hands are clean. no one is innocent. those people tonight, theyere innocent. they never hurt you. they hurt me by existing. yes, the infidels shall fall at the hands of the righteous. and that is when the jihad will end. so you are ready to murder 4 billion people. america has learned nothing from the past. you harden targets like your power plants, but you leave the soft root for our taking.
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the way septembe11th affectedir travel. and maybe the next time a giant shopping center opens, people will think twice before going. and maybe next it will be a school. hey! you cashut the video feed down now, garcia. thanks. has the sun not set yet? no. no... aah! a shopping center. a mall. it's a grand opening tonight not long after sunset. that gives you about an hour. gohelp us if they don't make it. let's just hope we have somewhere to go. and opening of the usa mall today. it's the third largest in the country, and it's right smack in the middle of mclean, virginia. let's move. what's going on with you? you look like you've seen a ghost back there. haley's supposed to take jack to the new mall
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well, go ahead and call her. it's a breach of security. you lose haley and jack, screw this job. you won't have a life. i can't reach her. morgan, i'm going to find the security office. morgan! looks like loading dock security. should we evacuate? no, no. we'd have mass panic. let's go. hello! fbi? fbi. are these all your security cameras? yes, sir. what's this camera here? that's the roof. east end. morgan, i've got 4 guys on the east end of the roof. what's on that side of the roof? nothin no access doors to the mall? not unless you go through the air vents. morgan, it's the air vents.
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ok. don't move! puthe devices down and put your hands where i can see them! gun!
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police tonight foiled an apparent robbery attempt at the new usa mall, whicpresumably have rred an otherwise successful grand opening. haley? hey, in here. you're home. did you see that there was an attempted robbery at the new mall? i'm glad i cancelledjack's photos. i just decided i wanted you to be there. it's better if we do it as a family. is everything ok? yeah, everything's perfect. ralph waldo emerson once said in order to learn the most important lessons of life,
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when did you know you were gonna have to trick him? the first time i talked to him. you realized you couldn't break him? well, i realized he was too smart to have had that nextel phone registered to him accidentally. he drew us there. he wanted our presence at gtmo to confirm that he was successful. and that's when you started moving up the time of his prayers. if i'd used an actual clock, he might have caught on. so it was all a chess game. we won this round... but you heard him. jihad never ends. mate. i quit. yield. surrender. capitulate. i'm gonna take a nap. prentiss. sir? you play?
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