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tv   News Channel 3 News at 4  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[birds calling] [panting] [leaves crunching]
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uhh! hey, paul, you hear that? yeah. hey, you gotta chlenge yourself, johnny. that's the only way you're ever going to get better. ok, so, you aim straight for the heart, try to avoid the shoulder blades, and, uh, should be a quick, clean kill. ok, so, don't over think it. you know what to do, just-- just aim and shoot.
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[thud] well, don't worry. [gurgling] took me a long time to get my first big one. you just need more practice. hey, hey, easy. [indistinct chatter] i think we've been here 5 minutes. yeah, but look at her, broke away from the group, guy saw her alone, felt confident, and made his move. it must be serious. ladies, this is brad, a real f.b.i. agent. really? really. no way. that's exciting. what's it like at quantico? it's, uh, quite impressive. what department are you in? that's classified.
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you know, it's a skill like anything else. carpenters are good at building stuff, measuring. f.b.i. is good at keeping secrets and kickin criminal ass. [laughing] well, somebody has got to do it. oh, do you have to carry your gun and badge with you everywhere you go? affirmative. can we see it? see what? your badge. please. i'm sorry, that's... all: classified. figures. of course. tell me, brad, does it look anhing like this? or, uh, this? or maybe this? [laughing] [phone rings] poor lass, it's a tough job. agent jareau. lady, you are officially in my top 8, and i am so blogging about this later. clink me. [laughing]
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[sighs] jareau: a year ago victims and their vehicles disappeared from washington state. they were found over 200 miles away in the remote woods of idaho. courtney jacobs, 24, and shane everett, 25. autopsy revealed similar entry and exit wounds through the chest. ballistics? no bullets were found. looks like they were out there for a long time before they were killed. at least 6 or 7 days. then, what happened in that week? i don't want to know. look at the way they're dressed, they didn't voluntarily go into the woods like that. yeah, neither did this man. found yesterday with similar wounds, there's still no i.d. ok, so, i'm gonna look for missing persons in washingto gideon: look everywhere, we don't know where this victim came from, we only know where he ended up. kills both males and females. hotch: victims were found with their clothes on, no degradation, no experimentation, doesn't look like he's interested in either. a serial killer with no sexual preference? that'd be a first. hotch: broken nose and bark is embedded in his face,
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now, how do you miss a huge tree? too busy looking behind you. reid: none of these are defensive wounds. courtney jacobs' hands are torn up. morgan: shane everett has only got one shoe on, it's like he ran out of the other one. he sustained numerous injuries and just kept going. only one thing you run that hard for-- your life. [music playing]
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no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. gideon: "onean's wilderness is another man's theme park." author unknown. transporting young, fit victims from washington to idaho poses huge risks. must have a good reason to chance getting pulled over, or have the victims escape. reid: it says here that every year 100 or so people go missing in idaho's wilderness. with millions of acres to cover, 1/3 of them are never found. sounds like the reason as to why this place. well, it offers privacy and the possibilitythe body will never be recovered. morgan: an area this remote and rugged suggests that the offender is more comfortable in the woods. something like a second home. prentiss: my grandfather retired to the french alps. he lived there until he died. there was a good 10-year stretch where he didn't come down off the mountain. he had no running water, no electricity, and his food supplies, everything, all of it came from the land. you spent a lot of time up there?
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[computer beeping] guess who's getting a gold star? oh, that'd be you, baby girl, if you got some good news for us. well, i started my missing persons search in spokane county, and wouldn't you know, there's been 10 in the last 5 years, all in their early twenties. and isn't this interesting? it's always in the spring and their cars are never recovered. and fret not, i'm looking for the cars, too. anything else? mmm, oh, local p.d. identified the latest victim through dental records. his name's alex harrison, he's from washington. where was he last seen? family statements say he was traveling to work in spokane, and both victims last year were traveling outside of spokane, too. all victimsheaded to the city. and none of them reached their destination. garcia? already on it. there are 4 major roadways into spokane, highways 395, 195, and highway 2. there's also interstate 90. were there any lice reports or roadside assistance calls from those highways? you're going to know that as soon as i do. ok, we've got 2 locations. i'm happy to go to idaho. woods is like your second home, right, prentiss? yes, sir. hey, reid, why don't you go to spokane? i could use the fresh air.
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i'll call you when we get on the mountain. we've got 2 male and 1 female victim, all about the same age, but from different socio-economic backgrounds. the only thing they seem to have in common is they were traveling to the same city. and broken bones. there's a hairline fracture in the wrist, a sprained ankle, and a broken nose. also, early autopsy reports show soft, clean tissue damage and deep puncture wounds through the major organs. bullets flare out when they hit the body, it's gotta be something else. whatever weapon was used cut completely through the front of the chest and went right out of the back. it's interesting, given the point of entry, that each victim has 2 wounds. and it's always 2. uh, raymond schaeffer. hi. you must be agent jareau. nice to meet you. this is special agent aaron hotchner. dr. spencer reid. this is sheriff raymond schaeffer. well, i see you're getting settled. thank you for the space. well, thank you for flying out. um, has alex harrison's family been notified yet? not yet. uh, parents were divorced, he lived with his father.
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i could use the company. i'm happy to come along. hotch, i'll let you know what i find. thanks. is this your first notification, sheriff? uh, is it that obvious? uh, i can give you a few tips. just got this promotion, and the sheriff i replaced retired after 30 years. so, i got big shoes to fill. i'm just happy deaths in our county are down. well, believe me, it never gets easy. this father's worst nitmare is about to come true. [birds calling] how was the drive up the mountain? well, before or after the flat tire? that good, huh? i'm the head ranger, lizzie evans. hi, agent prentiss, this is agenmorgan. agent gideon's still in town. you must be exhausted from the trip, but we need to keep moving. we want to be out of here by nightfall.
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yes? sir, are you timothy harrison? is this about alex? politely ask them to sit, and, uh, be prepared for a physical reaction. i once had a woman faint and hit her head, and i had to give her the news a second time at the hospital. that wasn't fun. mr. harrison, can we sit down? if you don't mind, i'd like to stand. sir, i wish i didn't have to tell you this, but we've found your son alex in the boise national forest. so, he's ok? jareau: i'm so sorry, mr. harrison, but alex wasn't alive when we found him. jareau: denial is the first emotion, so be prepared to explain to them how you know that this is their child.
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alex doesn't know anyone in idaho. how do you even know it's him? sheriff: wel sir, when you file a missing persons report, you gave us access to his dental records. you're lying. jareau: be gentle, allow yourself to show emotion. it'll validate what the family is feeling. first rule on the police force, agent jareau, no crying. harrison: god, tell me this isn't true. i'll do anything, please help me. we can't imagine what you're going through,mr. harrison. he's all i've got, my boy. don't you understand? i do. sir, we're investigating alex's death as a possible homicide. murder? we were hoping that maybe you could answer some questions.
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he was physical, strong. he had great instincts. after graduation he wanted a career. didn't want to be known as a jock. this can't be happening. i need to call alex's mother. of course. we'll stay here until your family arrives. morgan: how long have you been a ranger? 5 years now, but i've livedin these woods my whole life. morgan: growing up out here help you do your job? look around. do you see or hear anything right now? no. no. there's a black bear about 25 yards to your right. how long before we're able to do that? depends on how well you use your instincts. well, this gives new meaning to the word "remote."
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if you weren't familiar with the area. there must only be a handful of people who know the terrain well enough to survive. boot tracks. they're theame tread, but they're different sizes. well, there's at least 2 people who know this terrain. ok, so, this is where alex harrison's body was found. morgan, from this particular spot, there are areas of higher ground that look down to where the victim died. yeah, i got a perfect view of you through the trees right here. those are basic ctics that hunters use. they use vantage points to watch their prey. if these are tactics that hunters use... they were precise enough to cover each other and take out their prey at the same time. if both victims have 2 wounds, could be one for each offender. i think we know how alex harrison died.
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you think this guy looks bad, you should see the driver. he needed 10 stitches. you better hurry, all the groups are filling up. you like the challenge of a bear, don't you? actually, i prefer picking up my meat at a grocery store. oh, you're one of those, huh? better be careful out there, because in 3 days it's going to get busy as hell up on our mountain. hunting season? yeah, ever since somebody wrote about us in some fancy travel magazine, we've got loads of tourists migrating up here. if i was going to take out an animal anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds, what type of weapon would i use? a shotgun and compound bow are the tops, but buckshot can be a bit messy. i love arrows. it can completely penetrate the body of a small animal. it's the most effective kill. arrows. [dialing phone]
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hotchner. hold on a minute, i'll put you on speaker. gideon on speaker: hunting season officially opens in 3 days. does it look like the victim's wounds could be from an arrow? reid: whatever punctured the organs had to be long enough to penetrate the chest and mimic a .22 caliber bullet, soyeah, it's possible. i think these victims are being caught, taken to the woods, and hunted like wild animals. oh, not again. come on, ruby. come on, baby, a few moreiles. [sighs] damn it. [engine stalling] hi, hello?
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4:22 pm
one weak, the other strong. hotch: these men haven't exhibited any sexual interest in their victims, so they're either developmentally prepubescent-- or they could be related. immediate relatives wouldn't discuss sexual encounters, let alone perform them in front of each other. prentiss: if they are related, they could have an us-versus-them mentality. their bond will be unbreakable because it's all they know. most hunters put animals out of their misery. the men we're looking for, they don't show any mercy. these guys take pleasure in watching their casualties die a slow death. reid: every spring for the past 5 years, people have gone missing. we think the killers wait for their prey to migrate through these woods. hotch: courtney jacobs, shane everett, and alex harrison were all healthy, smart adults who survived for days by following their instincts. they found themselves in the middle of nowhere. they were either approached in a way that wasn't threatening... or the offenrs waited for a moment of weakness. e perfect time to attack. gideon: these particular hunters are very seasoned, they're very efficient. it's no surprise that they've chosen a weapon to be a compound bow.
4:23 pm
and it provides them with a challenge every time. morgan: like the trophy hunter, these men, they plan their killings with care. they decide the type of victims they want, how and where they want to kill them, and with what weapon. hunting is their sport. humans are their targets. use every hunter's instinct in your bodies. good luck. [phone rings] yeah, garcia? if they were buying their weapons close to home, we need a list of hunting stores in spokane county. let me call you back. jareau: you should hear this. the newspaper said the f.b.i. was here investigating those homicides. i didn't know where else to go. when bobbi didn't show up or call, i... when was the last time you talked to her? yesterday. she was going to stay with me before this big job interview in spokane. she was really excited about it. so, when she didn't show up, i knew in my gut that something was wrong. i was the one that convinced her to stay with me,
4:24 pm
this isn't your fault. ok. should we get some fresh air? ok. she's only been missing since last night. you sure it's related? i'm not ing to wait to find out, i'm going to fax this to gideon. evans: it's been 3 days since they killed alex harrison. why'd they take another victim so soon? this is their hunting season. morgan: then they can't waste any time. only 2 days before it gets crowded around here. they won't have any more privacy. if bobbi baird is their next victim, she could be on her way. this is evans, i need road blocks now. [boston's more than a feeling playing on radio] it's more than a feeling more than a feeling when i hear that old song
4:25 pm
[radio stops] [muffled screams] [screaming] [laughing] johnny: you got that down good. man, it reminds me of uncle joe. whoa! whoa, we got a live one. get away from me! [screams] get it out! [laughing] [screaming] there you go. are--are you done? what are you doing? nobody can hear you. yeah, you gotta save your strength.
4:26 pm
you want to have some fun? go ahead, you-- you want to tell her? run. go! [laughing] garcia: bobby baird's last 2 cell phone connections were both to 911. looks like each call only lasted a couple of seconds before they dropped out. she was on highway 2. sheriff: i'm surprised she connected at all, it's a dead zone for cell phones. any idea what the trouble was? garcia: none, cruiser was dispatched to check it out, but by the time he got there, there was no sign of her or her car. and speaking of vanishing vehicles, i'm still loing for alex harrison's. [birds calling] evans: we're standing in the middle of 3 million acres. she could be anywhere. we've only got 2 murder sites, miles apart.
4:27 pm
both sites are low lying, they could be tracked from above. maybe there are blinds built into the trees, or at least access to them. with good vantage points they could see their prey for miles. why'd we have to bring all this stuff? anyone head of beenie weenie? we're not 10 anymore. bobbi: help! help me! help me! help, they're coming. who? there--there's 2 guys. they're trying to kill me. run! she's really a lot faster than we thought.
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[panting] tom, i can't keep up.
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hey, um, look... i'm really sorry about what happened to your friends, ok? our friends are dead, and those guys chasing you weren't after us. well, it doesn't look like it mattered much to them, did it? look, all i know is if she's around we could be next. what are we supposed to do? leave her for those maniacs? we don't know who she is! what if she did something to them? 2 psychos abducted me. all right? the next thing i know, i'm running for myinife the woods. yeah, that's your story. all right, look, we're gonna lose daylight. we got 2 choices-- we can either stick together or--or we go our own way. we should stick together. what?! you just be sure to keep a good distance between us. hey... instead of referring to me as "she" and "you," try using my first name. look, i don't want to know your name. if anything else happe, i don't want to feel like i ever knew you at all. hotch: what have you got? garcia: uh, there are 3 stores outside spokane that sell the exact pe of arrows you were looking for. and before you ask,
4:33 pm
garcia? you're the man. oh, no. you're the man. do you keep records to document who buys hunting arrows? after a week we only keep receipts if they pay byredit card. you get a lot of repeat business up here, don't you? every year people get their ammo and supplies here, before headin' up to the mountains. uh, groups of men? like, uh... fathers and sons? sure. can i ask you gentlemen, why is this a police matter? we're looking for 2 men, possibly related. you might remember them because one always does all the talking, and the other one would become very uncomfortable if you spoke to him. it'd be even worse if that person were a female. [sighs] well, there are these 2 brothe that have been coming here for years. they got some supplies here a few days ago. the younger one's so painfully shy, it's almost sweet. and after all these years, he still hasn't warmed up to me. their uncle was a quiet man,
4:34 pm
schaeffer: you find a receipt? no, they paid in cash. i'm pretty sure their name was mulfo. i think their uncle's name was joe. thank you very much. i'll call garcia. [dialing phone] garcia, i need everything you have on a man named joseph mulford. ok, says here joseph mulford was convicted of multiple assault and batteries. he owned a service station, but it changed hands when he passed away. he gave it to his nephews, paul and john mulford. i don't have to ask where it's located, do i? no, you don't. but since you did, gorgeous grey matter, i'll have yoknow, i'm pulling it up right now. and the computer says... whoa at is it? that service station... it's located on highway 2. let me guess, close to where our victims have gone missing? bulls-eye. still no sign of bobbi baird. search teams are in until morning. we're running out of time. it's getting dark, i don't know what else we can do. well, yonever know how someone's going to react when they're forced into circumstances like these.
4:35 pm
she's found a safe place for the night. [bird cawing] [insects chirping] just, uh, stay close. it'll keep us warm. [snapping] did you hear that? why don't you turn off the light, so they can't see us? it's probably just an animal or something. well, something's not good. damn it! no, no, no. whatever that noise is, it's right behind us. footsteps are too light to be them. if they were that close, they--they'd just shoot us. [laughs] look at them, they look pretty scared. we should take them now. no, we wait till first light. it's more fun when they're not expecting it. all right. [owl hooting]
4:36 pm
we've got a missing person's report. 2 couples camping over the weekend didn't show up for work, and they didn't check out with the rangers. i'll organize a search and rescue. where was their campsite? several miles from where alex harrison's body was found. do we think there's a connection? well, if these hunters are looking for more challenges, absolutely. let's go. reid: it's still not open, how convenient. let's take a look around.
4:37 pm
it's a mustang. same make and del as bob baird. these are definitely our guys. evans: no animal did this. that depen on your definition of animal. looks like somebody shredded it with a knife. all the supplies have been dumped, not eaten. gideon: they wanted to make sure if anyone found their way back here, everything would be worthless. blood on the ground, 2 spots, here and there. hey, guys, we've got blood over here, too. ok, if i'm standing right up there, this is wide open, and i've got a clear shot at these victims. it would explain all the blood on the ground. what about over here? that's another clear shot. so, what do we think happened? 2 pools of blood, i say 2 victims. could be the campers. uh, question is, where are they now?
4:38 pm
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4:41 pm
hotch found bobbi baird's car at mulford's service station. hiding them in plain sight. it's run by 2 brothers, you heard of the mulfords? we go by first name basis around here. but you tell me what they're driving, my people will find it. oh, my god. oh, did you see that? oh, ho ho ho! luke, look at me! come on! don't do this! help me stop it! there you go! told you you'd get your fst buck. we gotta go! i cannot leave him out here alone! come on, heather. come on. i can't just leave him. go! come on! go. go. we gotta go.
4:42 pm
wait, it's too easy. oh, my god. come on! come on! all right, let's go. so, what'd they do? just patrol the highway, looking for broken down cars? [static] man on radio: we've got a 210 in progress. picked up dispatches. hey, hotch! you should see this. hey, what color was alex harrison's car? it's blue, y? i think we found it, along with some others. if all these have cars... we're looking at a lot more victims. i got at least 3 sets of footprints here. i se them in the pine needles. they pick back up over here. ok, evans, can we get your team to help us out? yeah, bunting! help these agents follow the tracks.
4:43 pm
guys, look at this. first one expired in 10. boys weren't even born yet. the uncle must have started the killing, the boys have continued the tradition. what are you doing? i don't know where we're going. we can't just stop. it's part of their game. they love the chase.
4:44 pm
we don't get the hell out of here right now, we're both going to die. not necessarily. paul and john mulford, 26 and 22, were orphaned as toddlers. abandonment sues. state kept them together by finding their only living relative, their uncle. raised his nephews completely off the grid. they never went to school reid: no socialization other than the patrons the station. he was drafted in 1968. heas only 18 years old. he was relieved from duty 2 years later, reports of hallucinations and delusions. the boys were raised with no social compass by the only relative they ever knew. psyctic possessed with bizarre beliefs, who taught them how to hunt and who to kill. look at this. they've been hunting in those woods their whole lives.
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
[screaming] i'm sorry. [johnny moaning] [moaning continues] whoa, ok, ok. it's ok. you're ok. you're ok. johnny, johnny! look at me! look at me! look at me. it's ok. [moaning]
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i am never getting married. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. we are never moving to the suburbs. we areever having another kid. i'm pregnant. am never letting go.
4:50 pm
i found the i.d.s of joel and taylor brause, 2 of the missingampers. married? yeah. morgan, on radio: this is agent morgan, go for gideon. gideon here, where are you? we followed the tracks f several miles, and now we can see something in the distance. can you get to higher ground? you see it? smoke. [moaning] you're all right. it's gonna be all right. i don't think so! i know--i know so. but you gotta be strong.
4:51 pm
oh, god, please, no... i'm gonna go take care of that friend of ours, then i'm gonna come back, come back and we're gonna get you fixed up good as new. i promise, i promise. ok [bobbi screaming] where are you, you son of a bitch?! i'm tired of running! you're a coward, just like your brother. i see the fire. it's right through those trees. there's a man lying next to it. could just be a couple campers. let's be prepared if it isn't. f.b.i.! prentiss: he's covered in blood. we gotta get him out of here.
4:52 pm
son, can you hear me? my name's jason gideon, we're with the f.b.i. we're gonna get u out of here. ok? can you hear me? are you here alone? over there. she's gone.
4:53 pm
she was shot with an arrow. there's a compound bow about 25 feet away from the body. what? the other victims were shot in the chest area. this boy has wounds in his lower abdomen. you don't think he was shot with an arrow? it looks like he was stabbed. son... are the men who did this to you ill in the woods? we have a team of f.b.i. agents looking for them. it's all right. they've got an order to shoot if necessary. no! no, no, no. it's ok, it's ok! you are safe-- you are safe here. n't shoot him! he's all i have. is your brother out there? what's your name? johnny. johnny, you need to tell us where paul is. before it's too late. just tell me where he is.
4:54 pm
he said about half a mile due east. let's go. [screams]
4:55 pm
[gunshots] no! it's ok, it's ok. it's ok, it's ok. it's ok. it's ok. [sobbing] [rock music playing] he's clean. [inhales] johnny... it's ok, 's ok. it's ok. it's ok. you got him? yeah. i'm going to call gideon.
4:56 pm
how can these guys do something like this? because they don't think like you and me. how does it feel, you son of a bit? oks like i had all the fun. awful people they surround you ain't they just like monsters they come to feed on us giant little animals for us
4:57 pm
"wild animals never kill for sport. "mans the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself." you ok? [sighs] i've never seen you look so, um-- quiet. what's up? bobbi baird asked me a question that's sticking with me. what was it? shasked me how they could do it. how those men could... hunt and kill people in the woods. what did you tell her? that they don't think like we do. but...the truth is..
4:58 pm
yeah, we do. because it's our job. we need to know how it feels. we hunt these people every day. the question is, how different are we? us and them? captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs
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