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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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oh, please. [sobs] i have a baby. her name is sheila may. please. i just wt to go see my daughter. [sobbing] i ow you're there. why--why are you doing this to me? what did i do to you? man, on loudspeaker: what did you do? hmm. what is the legacy of a whore, maggie? oh, yes. aids, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, disease, and filth. what did you do? you... were.. you. b.a.u. i'm jason gideon. agents morgan, prentiss, d dr. reid. captain al wright.
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we could start giving the profile. already? we've been working on it all day. oh, have you, now? just out of an abundance of preparedness, yeah. give me a few minutes, guys, huh? i'm not sure if he's really ok with this, or he's sure we're wrong and wants to see us embarrass ourselves. i don't have any diseases. i just went to the clinic. i'm clean. you don't even know the meaning of the word. now, you have been judged and sentenced... to death. no. pl-please, don't kill me. i have a daughter. i will do anything you want. i assure you, i'm not without compassion. you are roughly in the center of a 130,000-square-foot facility. you have until sunrise to find your way out of here. [click] if you don't, your sentence will be carrieout. you only have a few hours, maggie.
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we're going to provide a psychological profile of the man we're looking for. it contains some unusual, specific personality traits that someone out there is bound to recognize. which will make him relatively easy to locate. long-lasng, negative impression he leaves on anyone he might meet. [panting] unh! ohh... morgan: we have a term for the killing behavior this unsub displays-- cleaning house-- fixing what's wrong with the world. dr. reid: he's deeply rationalized this behavior,
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he truly believes that he's doing the world a great service. morgan: ultimately, this type of unsub becomes a lone there will not be too many people that can still tolerate him. now, if he does have a relationship at all, the person will not be his equal. it'll be someone subservient to him. he'll be fastidious, tending toward obsessive- compulsive disorder, and he'll have an overwhelming sense of indignation towards the things that he's judged to be wrong. he wouldn't even consider the reasons why someone might disagree with him. he sounds like a real jagoff. exactly. class-a scumbag. detective mcgee started noticing the disappearances a year ago. the unsub probably had a stressor at this time-- the death of a family member or someone who had some semblance of control ovehim. right now, no one has control over him. dr. reid: it's probable that he isn't currently working after this many victims and the devolution that it brings. a job just wouldn't leave him time to practice his true calling. which is... a predator, a killing machine.
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[coughing] [coughing and gasping] it's not fair, you son of a bitch! uhh. [groans]
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what are you lookin' at? just want to ask you a few questions, my man. about what? unfamiliar faces walking around here.
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[horns honking] [music continues] [distant sirens] is there anything i can do for you? get you to a shelter, maybe? have you ever seen one of them shelters? i'll take my chances in the park. at least i got the birds i can feed there. ok. ok, i understand. be careful, you hear me? this world needs all of its beautiful ladies, and that means you, too, mona.
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[chuckles] [chuckles] you're a good guy. you think? yeah. you make the people around you feel good. well, he's no chlie chaplin. ah. again with the chaplins. how'd you guys do? well, reid got propositioned by every prostitute we talked to, but we didn't find anybody who thinks they'd seen the unsub. same story with . we saw gideon and mcgee a block back. they hadn't had any luck, either. it's odd. if the unsub were out here,e'd stand out. you know, people would recognize the description. so where doeth leave us? wright: right where i thought we were. captain? you said this guy would definitely be memorable. you were adamant. so if no one out here remembers him, according to you, he doesn't exist. that's not exactly what we said, but-- it's what you implied. what do you think happened to them, captain? i told you, i don't think anything happened to them. oh, that's right. you think they all got houses and jobs. ok, all this means is we have another piece of the puzzle here. someone got over 60 street-smart people out of here and no one noticed. dr. reid: it's almost like he blended in. j.j.: it's more than that.
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hotch: like he's here all the time. morgan: like social services. prentiss: what? captain wright. yeah? does your social services department patrol around? excuse me? do they drive around in the middle of the night looking for people to help? no. they have to be called, and then-- morgan! mona! mona, wait a minute! do not get in that van! what are you doing? i thought you didn't need any help. he's gonna drive me to the park. hey, how's it goin', my man? i ould go. slow down. what's your hurry? i got a lot of work. i should go. morgan: sir, do you have a city employee i.d.? look, i really don't have time for this. yes, you do. i.d., please. out of the truck! out of the truck! get out here! ohh! all right, all right! don't hurt me! just... don't hurt me.
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oh, no way. [clank clank] [creak] [growling] [barks] [snarling] [barking] [snarling] [barking]
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[whimpers] [whimpering, yelling] please. i just--[sobs]
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no! no. [door clangs shut] [hsing]
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[sighs] everything's good. it's good. it's good. he's good. he's terrified. of us? of the unsub. [sighs] garcia couldn't find much on this guy at all. no employment records, no tax records, no credit cards, no bank accounts. the van is registered to a paper corporation out of the cayman islands. other than having a valid driver's license, steven foster has no paper trail. gideon: my guess is he's devoted his entire life to hping the unsub. unsub takes care everything for him. in return, steven provides fresh victims. so how do you know there's another guy? does hlook like he could cleanly pull off 63 murders? so if he's his accomplice, why is he so afraid of the guy? steven's the only person in the world truly aware of what the unsub is capable of.
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sadism and torture invariably get worse with every victim. that's why this was so important. we couldn't take the chance that it wasn't happening. that's him? hotch: he's not the unsub. well, then-- then who is he? only relationship the unsub has left in the world. his only friend. did you want me to publicize the arrest, put some pressure on the unsub? no. he might run. ok, so, uh, how we gonna find him, then? steven's gonna tell us where he is.
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well, finally! you took your damn time, didn't you? what the hell am i doin' here, anyways? i didn't do nothin'. i mean, what's the charges? do you even have any? what did i do, offer to help an old lady get a--get to a park? is that even illegal? i don't think so. should be getting some kinof award instead of sitting in here waiting for you to decide to talk to me. i know you're gonna... charge me with that wreck, right, crashing into that car? that was the other cop's fault, the black guy? he jumped into my van. he caused me to-- it was his fault. it-- it wasn't me. it was-- there were witnesses, you know.
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i've been standing on the other side of that glass thinking about what do with you, steven. and this morning i decided to save yourife. you're gonna tell me where my killer is. you're gonna give me an address, and you're gonna tell me how to get inside without raising an alarm. you're gonna draw me a map if i need one. and you're gonna do this because he's never been nice to you. he constantly insults you and belittles you. he emasculates you and makes you feel ugly and stupid and worthless. nothing you ever do is rig. never good enough. you hate him, steven. and you're also going to tell me because you know you screwed up last night. he told you that youraramount concern was not to attract the attention of the authorities,
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nobody knows better than you what he can do to people. i've spent a long time studng monsters like your friend, and i can promise you... he's gonna do things to you that even you can't imagine. i can't. my family's always worked for his family. it's all i know. his father died last year and left everything to him, all the money, all the... he--he's the last one. he--he changed after. he's different. he's...meaner.
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not if we lock him up. not if you tell us how we can put him away. holcombe. his--his name is charles holcombe. he owns the old meatpacking plant. [wheels squeaking, rattling] [gasps] are you gonna hide your face from me? coward. that old man was begging. i'm not gonna give you that, you son of a bitch.
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but you will beg, whore. they all do. morgan: charles holcombe! don't do it. holcombe: let me do my job! [sobbing] you're all right. it's over. the face. you'veot some cuts, but you're gonna be ok. no. i want to see his face. morgan. [sobs]
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i won. there's an ambulance outside. can you have someone check on my baby? my mom's baby-sitting her, and--and i didn't get home last night. we'll take care of it. thank you. [projector running]
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gideon: "nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles." charles chaplin. captioning madpossible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs.
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