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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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somebody lit a fire last night. well, there's dirty dishes for 3 in the kitchen, so they eat together as a famil hey, my favorite movie from when i was a kid. hmm. so they watch movies together, too. by a fireplace in a house that's in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. norman rockwell couldn't have painted this any cozier. that's what worries me. is there anyone in your life you would consider a threat? why would you ask me that? we have to explore evy possibility. i don't understand. now you don't think it's connected to the other case? we're not sure.
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katie jacobs. i ju have a couple of questions i want to ask you. are there any families in your neighborhood that you don't get along with? my neighborhood? or an employee that you might have fired? no. or any child that katie might have upset? h-hold on. where aryou going with this? katie's necklace didn't fall off by itself, and it's possible that she knows the offender. ah, that's crazy. i mean, w-why would any-- no, no. uh... we get along with everyone in our neighborhood, and, uh, katie loves all of h--all of her friends at school. i mean, i, uh--i taught my daughter well. why would you say, "i've taught my daughter well," and not, "we've taught her really well"? you know what i mean. why are you looking at me like that? are there marital issues that i should know about? are you kidding? are either of you having an affair? you son of a bitch! my daughter is missing, and you wanna turn this around-- i'm concerned with finding her,
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my family means everything to me. finding katie is everything to me. no, we are not participating in any affairs. ok. katie jacobs. katie. katie jacobs. katie. katie's been wetting her bed. a lot of 6-year-olds do. could be bad dreams. some kids won't get up at night, 'cause they're afraid of the dark. ort could be a lot more complex than that. most girls covet their dolls like an extension of themselves.
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acting out on her toys, wetting the bed. she's obviously covering up something about that necklace. is there something else? no. and her cousin might be holding something back. katie's in a lot of pain and not telling anybody, and i think i know why. yeah? hotch, i think katie's being molested, and we both know the odds. most likely by somebody under the same roof. mr. jacobs bought his own dauger a necklace, nobody would think twice abt that, so why would katie lie? she didn't... because her father didn't buy her the necklace. get back here as soon as you can. [beep] we need to separate the boy and his father, 2 rooms. now. katie jacobs. katie.
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what's going on here? we're questioning jeremy in another room. i know that. why? we suspect that he may know something. about katie? from you, mr. jacobs, we'd like to know more about your son. what's going on? did you find katie? jeremy, how old are you? 13. 13. wow. you know, when i was 13, i was starting to notice girls, too. i was curious, but, uh--heh. i was--i was, like, really awkward, so it was super hard for me to talk to them, and i, uh--i found that incredibly frustrating. why are you telling me this? 'cause i think i understand you. you're, uh-- you're in the arcade. pretty girl walks in, and, uh... you get distracted by the--the scent of her hair, right?
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so what? so you're-- you're becoming a man. it's--heh. believe it or not, it happens to all of us. there's nothing wrong with that at all. never said there was. and these video games that you play, these cool video games allow you to, uh-- to explore your violent side. right? so, i mean, clearly you're intrigued. my only question is whether or not you acted on these curiosities, you've experimented yet. shouldn't you be looking for my cousin right now? i am looking for your cousin right now. why are you asking me these questions? why are you avoiding them? what would you like to know? what jeremy's interests are. uh, computer. likes to be on the computer. spends hours at a time. what's going on?
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i don't know. kids at school, i suppose. you live under the same roof, but you can't name any of his friends? he spends hours in his room listening to that metal music i don't understand has he always been this distant with you, or is this something new? well, i guess-- i guess it's always been like this. that's why i don't find it odd. well, we did some checking, and, uh... we found out that jeremy, at the ripe age of 13, has a record. for ealing, 6 months ago. we knew that. and that didn't strike you as odd? he stole earrings for a girl he liked. when i was his age, i-- i probably did the same thing. he must have really wanted to make an impression on her, make her feel special, because we checked the record, and they were very valuable. we reprimanded him. what was her nam who?
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i--i don't know. we're his parents. he's 13 years old. if he hadn't been arrested, we probably wouldn't even know that he was interested in girls. j.j., can i get a minute? excuse me. where's my brother? he's being questioned, sir. about jeremy? you think jeremy knows something? we don't know the answer to that yet. oh, god. believe me, when we do know something, you guys'll be the first people we tell. w-we have to trust that. excuse us. well, that was strange. j.j.: what? you would think during a time like this, susan would wanna know why her son's being detained. she didn't even look to us for an answer. look at her. she's relaxed enough to sit down.
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or protecting someone else. hey, jeremy, do you know what do for the fbi? no. study human behavior. like, uh, the way you're pushing your chair away from me, tells me that what i'm saying is making you uncomfortable, like, uh, you're trying to distance yourself from me, maybe from what i'm capable of reading about you. whatever. case in point: you bite your inner cheek. it's a-- it's a nervous tic, like you're holding on to something. doing it right now. you were also doing it inside the arcade, and i think you were doing it because maybe-- i don't know-- maybe you remembered something more than what you told us. no. i told you everything. i don't know. i don't think you told ueverything. i think something else happened inside that arcade, something-- something you haven't told anybody yet.
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did, uh, jeremy and katie spend a lot of time together? our families spend a lot of time together. he likes his cousin. does that make you jealous? what? why would it? why would it? we found that in the trash. how is it that you know your 6-year-old niece likes to read books and play dress-up, but you don't know the first thing about your own son? typically molesters only pay attention to the children that they're grooming, ignoring even their own. katie wore that necklace because you told her to, cause you told her she was special. as if the sexual abuse wasn't enough. is that en it started? when what started? when you gave katie the necklace, when she started wetting the bed,
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wonderg why their daughter locked herself in her room. was that when it started? is that when the molestation started? this is ridiculous. couldn't help yourself, could you? you're crazy! like so many little girls before. i--i wanna get outta here. you started spending more time with her and telling her she was special. i'm not listening to you. you knew it was sick, your brother's own daughter. shut up! did she outgrow your preference? shut up! did she get too old for you? no! no. i may have done some things that... you couldn't possibly understand,
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whoever ripped the necklace off katie did it in a rage, and he just seems... broken. susan: one minute, i'm having a lighter engraved for my husband, and the next minute, katie's name is being paged. you know, for probably the most stressful day of your life, i haven't seen you light one cigarette. i quit over a month ago. you'd think after all my years in retail, i'd hate the mall, but it was convenient. i don't think the aunt is telling us everything, and this could get dicey. susan-- what is it? , i need to speak with susan. mr. jacobs: why? what happened? did you find her? no. not yet. what--is i about jeremy? no.
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come this way. whatre you doing? what's this about? you used to work in retail? i'm sorry. how does that-- should be able-- i understand. you mentioned it earlier. so what? what you didn't tell me was you used to work in this mall years ago. what does that have to do with anything? susan, do you know something?! you know this building like the back of your hand. earlier, you made sure to separate from the group. mr. jacobs: someone tell us something! what the hell is happening?! god, susan! what do you know?! oh, god. come on. let's go. susan, what-- wh did you do to katie?! susan! what did she do?!
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he has no use for a new lighter. richard and i have been trying to work things out. did you really believe that getting rid of that little girl would take away hisickness? you're not making a bit of sense. did it occur to you last week? after you saw on the news that a little girl was snatched from a local mall and found dead 3 days later? there are 2 seasonal storage closets the end of that hall, jim. you check those. we'll take the ones upstairs. did you duct-tape her mouth, too? you know, if you do that to someone with asthma, they could die. but i guess you already figured that out. this was not supposed to happen to my family. it didn't just happen, susan. you took her, a year-old vulnerable child who trusted you, who trusted your husband. you need to tell me where she is.
11:53 pm
this is how katie sees herself, self-loathing, dirty, disgusting. that is what your husband made her feel. no. the nights that she would stay at your house, would sneak into her room and tell her not to make a sound. no, please don't do this. do you have any idea how terrified she must have been, how confused, while you lay awake protecting an animal who will always have those urges and always has. don't. please don't. there's nothing left for you to protect, susan. instead of shielding her from more pain, you blamed her for your own. no, no, no. yes, you did. you have robbed katie of her childhood, are you gonna steal the rest of her life from her as well? no! enough! [sobs]
11:54 pm
katie! katie! pick it apart, guys-- every box, every shelf. katie! katie! katie! this wle pile back here. i need 2 guys in this aisle. check up in here. jim, why don't you check this room. katie! you guys, in this room. let's go. katie! katie! i got her! i got her! hey, we need a medic. somebody move. let's go. i can't feel a pulse. tip her head back, open her airway. ready? 1, 2... [no audible dialogue] [heart monitor flatline tone] come on, katie.
11:55 pm
t moment i opened my mouth lead in your eyelids... katie! come on, sweetie. come on, sweetie. wake up. i know at you're thinking but, darling, yore not thinkin' straight sadly, things just happened we can't explain [flatline] it's not even light out but you've somewhere to be
11:56 pm
no, i've never seen you like this... [coughs] no, i don't like it no, i don't like it oh, i don't like it, no just put back the car keys or somebody's gonna get hurt who are you calling at this hour? is katie gonna be all right? she will eventually. we'll work it all out together we're getting nowhere... i heard her call my m's name. that's what i remembered before.
11:57 pm
that's your mom. what's gonna happen to me now? i don't know, jeremy, but, uh,e're gonna make sure you're all right, ok? suddenly, suddenly... come on. let's go. you've somewhere to be... susan consoling katie's mother, that's an image that's gonna haunt me for a while. well, we could have been left haunted by a lot worse. you're scaring me you're scaring me you're scaring me to death don't ohh smash please don't ohh
11:58 pm
another one don't ohh smash... thing is there's still a guy out there who hasn't been caught. i know. and there always will be. but today we made a difference. tell you one thing, if i had a kid back home, i wouldn't still be standing here. i'll see you around. take it easy. [knock on door] she's coming. thanks. he's asleep. just 5 minutes.
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g.k. chesterton wrote, "fairy tales do not tell children thadragons exist. "children already know that dragons exist. fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed." captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs
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[ducks quacking] [shotgun blast] [frantic quacking] go on, mudgie! go on, boy. taboy! go on, boy. come! come! [cell phone rings] [ring] strauss, i'm coming in to see you this afternoon. well, then cancel it. i'll be there at 2:30.
12:01 am
come on, boy! come on!
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i really don't understand this, david. what's to understand, erin? you've been retired for nearly 10 years. b.a. is a man down. i'm offering to help. you've written... how many books? world tours. speaking engagements. big payday private consultations. you've made quite a name for yourself. well, this is getting boring. you know, you won't be in charge. agent hotchner's the s.a.c. and i'll be seeking his endorsement. i'm not looking for anyone's permission here. so you're coming in in a subordinate position. is that a question? the question is, why? to help. a completely selfless act. is that so hard to believe? yes.
12:03 am
you'll meet the team tomorrow. it was next to my front door when i got home, frank. god, i hate halloween. here you go, sir. halloween? less than a week away. it's a prime time for stupid pranks. so you think it's just a prank? well, you're obviously not missing, michelle. where'd they get a picture of me? it's probably one of your friends. i don't know anybody that'd think this is funny. molly didn't think it was funny. she's the one who told me to come right down here. if my wife had just called, i probably could have saved you the trip.
12:04 am
you sure? look... i'll come by and check on you after work and make sure you're safe. i appreciate that, frank. hey. serving and protecting is what i do. no, no, i didn't say it was funny, molly. i said someone might-- i--i know she's your best friend. th's why i'm here. no. no, i don't think it's weird she didn't call look, i'm here already. all the lights are out. she--she probably went to bed early. i'll have her call you. yeah, 20 minutes. i love you, too. this wasn't funny the first time. [door creaks]
12:05 am
michelle? michelle, it's frank! michelle?
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hotch: erasmus wrote, "what else is the whole life of mortals "but aort of comedy, in which the various actors, "disguised by various costumes and masks, "walk on and play each one his part, until the manager waves them off the stage?" [grunting] i'm waiting for you! reid... happy all hallows eve, fos. to paraphrase from celtic mythology, tomorrow night all order is suspended, and the barriers between the natural and the supernatural are temporarily remooooved! hoo hoo hoo! ha ha! see, that right there is why halloween creeps me t. you're scared of halloween? i didn't say i was scared, i said i was creeped out. there's a fference there, youngster. you should look it up. what creeps you out about it? i don't know. people wearing masks. i don't like folks in disguises. that's the best thing about halloween. you can be anyone you want to be. nah, i'm pretty good just being me. yeah, why is it that neither of those points of view surprise me? you know what, though? on the flip side, it does provide a pretty good reason to cozy up with a scary flick
12:11 am
eew. halloween honey. now i'm creeped out. guys, he's here. agent hotchner. dave. i'm sure you remember-- how are you, aaron? i'm good. i'm great. i would say so. saw you on tv last week. can't believe you want to come back here. well, i'll let the two of you catch up. if you need anything, i'm in my office. thanks. so how long's it been? dinner, almost 3 years ago. but the last time i was in the b.a.u., you were sharing a desk with 2 other agents in that god-awful bunker we were in. i remember. thanks. congratulations. well, there's one just like this next door if you're interested.
12:12 am
agent jareau, this is ssa david rossi. hi. everyone calls me j.j. it is such an honor to meet you, sir. i've heard a lot about you. thank you. and what's your function here? i'm the communications coordinator and liaison. pretty much the go-between for the team and the rest of the world. so i'll gather everyone. we'll be right there. it is so nice to have you here, sir. great. wow. we didn't have that 10 years ago. what do you mean? communications coordinator. right. oh, lots has changed. come meet the team. ssa david rossi, this is ssa emily prentiss. sir. ssa derek morgan. it's an honor, agent rossi. please, just dave. and dr. spencer reid. sir, if i uld talk to you later about your work with the scarsdale skinner. psycho-linguistics is an incredibly dynamic field, and the fact that your profile of his reading habits ultimately led to his capture is something i findsoncredibly intrig-- reid, slow down. he'll be here for a while.
12:13 am
sorry. no problem, doctor. maybe you guys can talk on the jet. the jet? oh, yeah, that'd be great. are you serious? we have a jet now. yeah. it comes in pretty handy. come on. j.j.'s waiting. carrollton, texas, is a suburb just outside of dallas. 4 days ago, michelle coluc found this flier on her front door. she found it? meaning she wasn't actually missing? yet. she took the flier to a friend's husband, detective yarbrough, at the carrollton p.d., who told her it was probably just a halloween prank, and he sent her home. well, i don't blame him. halloween brings out the fool in everyone. still, he stopped by michelle's house later to check on her. the door was open, and when he went inside, he found this. he still thought maybe it could be some kind of a prank, until yesterday. michelle was found floating in a small creek
12:14 am
she had been sexually assaulted... and her face had been removed. removed? it wasn't animals or fish? the dallas county m.e. say that the edges of the wounds were smooth, not torn. a very sharp instrument had been used. he also found water in her lungs. oh, my god! what is that? technical analyst penelope garcia, this is ssa david rossi. is it gone, j.j.? yeah, yeah, yeah. you're safe. ok. just to, um... carrollton, texas, has nearly 117,000 residents, a diverse population with a... it's all in there. i'm sorry. very happy to meet you, sir. i'll be in my office. sorry. [door closes] she's differt.
12:15 am
uh, so, the unsub tells her she's going to go missing to psychologically torture her, then tortures her physically. textbook sadist. a sophisticated one. that's aborate. number one. that parcular mask is known as a false face. it's most commonly worn during halloween and mardi gras. creepy. i rest my case. false face. her face-- he mocks it, then destroys it. oh, and, hotch-- local media has the story. it broke big. tell carrollton we'll be there first thing in the morning. let's stop this one at one. j.j.: yes, sir. if you want to take some time to get situated, maybe start on the next case? i'm not back to get situated, hotch, i'm here to work. everody get your things together. we're going to texas. tv reporter: abbey, what's the latest? police sources tell me they have no leads in the case they are calling the "have you seen me?" murders. where the hell do you get this stuff? no, not you, agent jareau. the television.
12:16 am
like it's some kind of damn game or something. me when you all get in tomorrow. i'll take you wherever you need to go. all right. good night. tv reporter: abbey, do we know when this flyer first surfaced? we have heard reports that ms. colucci received this flier late tuesday afternoon when she returned home from work. never saw the point at throwing an egg at anything. or even the connection to halloween, for that matter. what the hell... oh, my g. that's me. oh, my god!
12:17 am
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[woman screaming] [man screaming] hoh: let's go over victimology. would you like tjoin us, dave? reid, what have you got? uh, michelle colucci was single, lived alone, no boyfriend and no ex-husband. prentiss: dating? morgan: there's nothing in the reports. she was an architect. friends and co-workers say she's a class workaholic. basically a loner who rarely went out of the house. so she's extremely low risk. if it wasn't someone she knew personally, it's possible she was being stalked what's that? interesting.
12:23 am
something to add? no. sorry to interrupt. well, she's pretty. it could be that the unsub met her casually and... made her part of some kind of fantasy. and he tries to act on it and she rejects him? prentiss: so he tortures her, out of anger? masks often represent a state of mind. this one's blank, expressionless. doesn't really coincide with anger. reid, it's hard to imagine he did this out of anything less than rage. [computer beeps] garcia: hey, guys. what's up? you got something for us? a list of michelle colucci's clients. she designed office space. mostly big corporate remodeling plans. hotch: no private clients, one-on-one contact? doesn't look like it, no. anks, baby girl. yeah. [beep] [fax beeps] it's right th way, ma'am. detective yarbrough? fbi?
12:24 am
enid white. her roommate called dallas p.d. this morning. enid never game home after walking her dog last night. so she is missing. well, he wallpapered the neighborhood with fliers for 2 blocks arnd their apartment. outside. that's different. no one saw him putting them up? dallas p.d. is still canvassing, but nothing so far. they're waiting for you on the new scene. not at all. mind if i keep this? morgan, you and prentiss go to michelle colucci's house. j.j. and i will talk to enid's roommate. dave, do you mind walking the disposal site with the detective and reid? whatever you need. we'll regroup in an hour. these houses sure are close together. yeah. so how do i get a woman out of her house without anyone seeing me? well, he must have been watching her for a long time and knew that it was safe. there isn't a lot of cover on this street. i have a vehicle.
12:25 am
but not so big as to draw attentiono itself. no. neighbors will notice a strange vehicle parked in front of their house day after day, night after night. it's human nature. you would notice something out of place in your own neighborhood. and you would definitely notice a man repeatedly standing on your street. yeah. it just doesn't make any sense. he didn't watch from here. as we reported earlier, enid white is still considered missing... big story. leeches. haven't had something this big to play in long time. did the press run with the story about the mask? mask? a sk was left at michelle colucci's apartment. first time i'm hearing about it. good. let's make sure that stays ours. yeah. miss white's roommate says that enid walks her dog every night at the same time, takes the same route, right down this street. nothing a stalker likes better than routine. well, she definitely would have seen this
12:26 am
a couple of neighbors say they may have seen a guy putting up a flier during the day, but they really couldn't remember anything about him. all right, well, we're gonna have to know everything we canabout the victim. i know you sent some stuff over to quantico, but it would help us if wcould interview the roommate ourselves. we have her downtown now. ok. where's her dog? excuse me? if sheas abducted while she was walking her dog. where's her dog? we went over this area pretty thoroughly. there's no evidence left. i just want to stand where she was. dr. reid, do we still keep all the old files in the fourth floor storeroom? i think some are up there. you know, most of our information's on computer now. rit. have you had a chance to go through our data since you've been back? not yet. you'll be amazed. the original team-- i mean, you interviewed something like, uh, 45 serial killers, right? something like. today we have interviews with over 1,000 offenders.
12:27 am
i'll go through it with you sometime if you like, answer any questions-- sounds good. [water flowing] michelle's body was found right here. i really thought it was a prank. you can't really blame yourself for that. she made herself dinner. excuse me? she had time to make herself dinner. i meanhe was home for a while before he... there watime to help her. water. obliterates a body... destroys evidence. [woman screaming]
12:28 am
yarbrough: she had rocks tied to her to weigh her down. reid: she floated to the surface before there was any other damage. yarbrough: just what was done to her already. the salienpoint is that it was the first thing the unsub wasn't good a green river dumped most of the bodies in the water. but they weren't weighed down. yeah. we know now it's 'cause he didn't care if they were found. he had no connection to them. this is where i'd wait. yeah. i'd never be able to see you from the house. prentiss. he was here a lot.
12:29 am
tv: as we reported earlier, enid white is still considered... we got anything? agent rossi pointed out that since the victims were weighted down, it suggests the unsub didn't want them found. it suggests some sort of connection between them. detective, how long was michelle missing? she was found on the fourth day. so if she wasn't in the water long, then he held her for 3. [cell phone rings] garcia? i've been running all of enid white's credit cards. and? she made a purchase at 9 a.m. this morning at a sporting goods store in dallas. this morning? what did she buy? a shotgun. thanks. tv: ...male, approximately 6 feet tall. the man was en pting fliers around the neighborhood where enid white was known to walk her dog.
12:30 am
at ts time, and they are saying they still have no possible leads. we will continue to keep you posted as we receive more details about the hunt for enid white... she can buy a gun that easily? this is texas. there's no license or waiting period for most rifles or shotguns. is there video surveillance of guns sales in sporting goods stores? there's supposed to be. j.j., call the store. find out if it was enid or the unsub using her credit card. right away. detective yarbrough. there's an urgent call from a woman on one. detective yarbrough. my name is enid white. where are you, enid? the news reports said that the police didn't believe that other woman when she saw the missing fliers. that was a mistake, enid. i have a gun. i don't ink i can stay awake very much longer. enid, th is agent hotchner of the fbi. we believe you, and we want to help you. can you tell us where you are? el royale motel in dallas. it's room 6. i saw the fliers.
12:31 am
don't move, enid. we're on our way. [sirens] fbi! clear.
12:32 am
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