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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 9, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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(sniffs several times and takes a calming breath) (elevator dings) parker: team three, we're here. what do you got?
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your guy just entered the building. which office does cavell use? it's not an office, it's an executive lounge. 10th floor, red wall. m: okay, we'll take the stairs. we got a tac plan worked up on cavell. drug squad's gonna watch him from the outside, we're gonna take him down in the lobby. this the lounge? donna: yeah. it's a big room, it's exposed glass. sam: we're gonna need to know where he is. spike: i got it covered. sam: copy that. go careful, donna. get your man, boss. (boots clomping) (keypad beeps) (running footsteps)
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spike: heading into position one floor down. (stressed breaths) parker: clear? wordy: yeah. parker: spike? spike: i'm underneath. (device beeps) (panked breaths) ed: you remember what i said about this whole getting married thing? "how do we know for sure?" (machine beeps) remember what you said? "we don't. it's a mystery.
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ed: and you said, "the thing about getting married is, (cries) is who you wanna face the mystery with? xhales) (device trills) i got him. he's on the move in there. (device trills) black wall. copy. let's take down the door. (readying breath) (two shots blast loudly) (flash-bang blasts, glass shatters) sru: police! sru! drop your weapon! sru! sru! hands in the air!
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jules: put your hands in the air no drop your weapon! sam: spike, he went through a door that wasn't on the map. i'm on it. drop your weapon! do it now! (breathes shakily) get back! don't! don't! stay back! wordy: i've got vantage and concealment. sam: wordy, lay low, hold fire. spe, you're sierra. copy that. parker: wordy, you're my eyes. hey, colin... hey, colin, i'm greg parker.
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what do you say we tal huh? wordy: body language... looks like he's gonna jump. look, i know what happened today. (whimpers) and i know you were trying to... you were trying to do what you thought you had to do; that, uh... that you didn't think you had another choice. that you were worried about meg, right? i did exactly what i had to do. i didn't have a choice. parker: hey... parker: col- colin: don't! parker: okay! okay! i'm not coming any closer, buddy. boss, he's past negotiation. he shot a cop and a soldier. i don't think he's seeing the happy ending here. sam: boss, if we wanna stop a suicide, the only way's a double drop. jules: we'd have him on the ground before he knew what hit him. staging area looks good. a double-drop, 10 floors up
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i don't like it. it's risky, but it's in the playbook? yes. what would you do? judgment call. it's never black or white. yes, but what wld you do? i uldn't risk my team. unless you had something to prove... colin: (cries) sam: boss, i'm not seeing another option. so i gotta risk my team to save the guy who shot my tl seven times. it's your call, boss. colin: i'm so sorry.
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parker: all right, we got one shot at this, guys. his instincts are primal, we time this wrong, give him time to react, he's gonna take you down with him. sergeant parker, i can't let u do this. toth: your team was a breath away from being disbanded. excuse me? you're risking their lives to prove something to me. are you kidding me? this is the job. this is what we do. nothing changes. (crying) team one. anyone wants to stand down, the choice is yours. spike? present and on board. parker: wordy? wordy: not going anywhere. parker: jules? jules: i'm good. parker: sam? nowhere in the world i'd rather be. there's your answer, dr. toth. copy that, sergeant parker. (chatter throughout o.r., monitors beep) (breathes heavily) sophie, you hang on. hang on. sophie, hang on.
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(cries and mutters) parker: hey, colin? i'm having trouble understanding what you're saying, buddy, can you repeat that? (whimpers quietly) wordy, what do you see? he's pacing. we gotta keep him still. wordy, jules and sam, they're in your hands. copy. (chatter throughout o.r.) ed: soph, you remember what happened next? baby... it was so quiet. there's no moon, no crickets, and you said, "eddie, it's not like there's gonna be some kind of a sign..." doctor, there we go. i can see the baby's head. nice and easy. ready? here we go. con! (crying and muttering) i real don't... colin! hey, look at me! look at me, buddy. are you thinking about meg? (sniffles) is she okay? yeah, she's okay. she's with her friend right now, you want me to send a message to her. 'cause she's safe.
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bo has his attention, take two steps to your right. parker: she's with her friend, buddy. and you said, "eddie, it's not like... there's gonna be a sign, some kind of sign. that everything's gonna be all right." doctor: here we go. she's a girl. (quickened breaths) doctor: (monitors beep) oxygen. respiratory distress. you have to keep her safe. i promise, we'll keep her safe. what do you want me to tell her? doctor: sinuses. we're gonna have to aspirate. let's get these airways clear. but there was, there was a sign. sophie, there was. you remember? fireflies. fireflies. (whispering) on three, two... just tell her goodbye.
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doctor: (instructing o.r. team) (gunshot blasts, glass shatters) sam and colin: (struggling grunts) (baby cries, ed and sophie exhale, relieved) parker: gun clear. (handcuffs rasp) jules: up, up! sam and jules: (grunts of effort) 6:54 p.m., subject secure. good work, team one.
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team three, status? donna: flawless team three take down in the lobby. cavell is in custody, drug squad is very happy to have their evidence. that's good work, donna. donna: miracle of modern technology. i spotted cavell, called him on his cellular, distracted him with my undercover skank voice, and, uh, we took him down. can i hear your undercover skank voice? someday, spikey. someday. okay, i'll see you guys back at the barn? somewhere we gotta be first. i' be there as soon as i can. ...and we looked up and we saw fireflies. thousands of 'em. and we knew everything was gona be okay. and i made a promise to your mom
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a time like this and you choose to come here? thank you. i don't like unfinished business. i appreciate that. i'll be fast. to be blunt, i still question your objectivity. but the events of the day and your team's professionalism under intense and extreme personal pressure has not gone unnoticed. i'm clearing them for duty. thank you. conditionally. conditionally. you're on probation. wordsworth needs a full medical, asap; scarlatti, a decision about his commitment to the team; julianna callaghan and sam braddock, if their relationship crossethe line again, violating the priority of life code, immediate disciplinary measures and reassignment - for them and for you.
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i'll be watching. every case file, every transcript will be copied to my office. you need to draw the line between being a friend to your team and being their sergeant. understood. good. we're don it's amazing so amazing how i survived this road feel the fever
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okay, it's time to go. okay, okay. (unclear comment) grab her head. come here. it's gonna be okay. i'm never down, oh-oh... can you see how can you see how far we've come? such a racle everything is everything is clear and you are such a wonder and i will be the one to build you up build you up be the one to never doubt i'll never doubt
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it's amazing... is he still in surgery? yeah. are yookay with this probation thing? feel the fever... yeah, it just means have to be perfect. how hard couldhat be? what? kev, what? it could be hard. i'll be the one to never doubt i'll never doubt shel... i'll hold your hand there's something i have to tell you. i'll be the one to understand yeah, i'll understand
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what am i gonna do? it's okay. you need to give him peace. please? michelangelo, tell him you'll do it. i can't. just for a while. he doesn't have long. you can't just walk away and then walk back when you want. this is my life! it's a job! ma! i'll never doubt nat? so amazing... nat, are you home? fl the fever i can feel it down inside my soul and i will be the one to build you up i'll build you up i guess we scared her away. i'll never doubt oh can you see how...
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there's no place i would rather be. everything is clear and you are such a wonder and i will be the one to never doubt i'll never doubt
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parker: stay tuned for sce (tires screech) man: get on your knees, dammit! parker: mr. buteau. sergeant parker, police strategic response unit. buteau: this has nothing to do with you. hostage: oh for god's sakes, do it! nish it! if you're gonna do it, do it! shut up! i know where he's at and where he's at is not where he started when he left the courthouse. sam, you got the shot? i got him.
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gentlemen. look who drops in! how are ya? dn't bring isabel? nah, i left her at home. she gets too much attention. spike: you get her in here soon or we're staging a raid. this is my entrance. how are ya? oh sorry, i don't wanna pop a stitch. it's good. all the stitches are gone. parker: ah, you're a sight for sore eyes. i'm good. still in one piece without me? we get by. so how's it feel being team leader, sam? better watch out, it's growing on me. how's the arm? it's good, it's od. full motion, full grip. physios tell me i'm a... i'm a rock star, so. back on the dad squad - projectiles of a different sort. yeah. no, it's good. all good. you, uh, you got a minute? yeah. jules: hey,oss. court services just called, we gotta finish gearing up. hi! ed: how are ya? jules: good. how're ya doing? where's, uh, sophie and izzie? oh, they're at home. everything's okay. what's going on with court services? agh. they're announcingthe verdict of the buteau homicide today. i thought that verdict wasn't coming down till tomorrow. spike: it's hot-button. maybe the judge doesn't wanna give protesters time to organize, in case they're not happy with the decision.
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yeah. ed: so, so why's this an sru call? wordy: if grealy goes down, we escort him to corrections; if he ends up walking, we gotta get him out of town. so he's at risk? you wanna ride along? no, i can't. i mean, i gotta childproof the kitchen. isn't she only like four months? it'll be an hour and a half, tops. the man has had a half dozen bullets shot into his body, leave him alone. aw, come on. it's just protection detail. doc gave me the all clear. you waa hitch a ride? fine. observe only. sam's still number one. ed: 'course he is. you wanna talk on the way? we can do it after. all right. news anchor: protesters have gathered outside the courthouse as the jury deliberates the fate of officer william grealy. a 20-year veteran of the police force. grealy has been charged in the shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old luc buteau, son of prominent lawyer jean-paul buteau. the case has ignited tensions between civil rights organizations and the police department. buteau: we all know my son was brutally murdered...
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is that luc is the reason we immigrated here. we believed this country would offer him a better future. but instead, it robbed him of one. supporters: yeah! buteau: it breaks my heart to tell you that we have seen no justice today. supporters: what? buteau: a judge has heard the story of my son's savage slauger and pronounced his murderer innocent. supporters: (cries of outrage) innocent of all charges! (shouts and chants of anger) (siren wails) spike: jue didn't waste any time. it's a game-changer. so less-lethal only? sam: can't risk guns in the crowd. ed: where're we taking him? to the airport, where he meets his wife and kids for a "force-mandated vacation." spike: give the city a chance to cool off. looks like that's gonna take a while. buteau: how can a man kill my son and walk free? how can this man live knowing what he has done? while this man, this coward... william grealy still lives and my son is buried in the ground. buteau: now, will we walk away? supporters: no!
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buteau: will we walk away? supporters: no! buteau: we want justice! supporters: justice! buteau and supporters: justice! okay, team, spike's driving getaway. he's gonna drop ed and i off at the side trance, we meet up with grealy. boss, jules and wordy, you head in through the front. parker: copy that. we're gonna get hit. sam: that's the idea. we need a decoy so they won't expect grealy from the side. okay, rember, they look at us today, they're not seeing the good guys. so no mistakes. (jeering and shouts of anger throughout crowd) (angry shouting)
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deposition room, this way. you got some egg on you? oh hey, it's laundry day anyway. ed: let's go. spike: in position at theide entrance. parker: copy that, spike. bill grealy? sergeant greg parker. why are you changing? grealy: you fellas can all relax. i don't need babysitting. i got my own car, i can drive myself. we'll get you safe to the airport, you just relax and enjoy the ride. but in terms of your exit here... there's a reason why your lawyers want you to wear a suit. after a plane-crash, first thing the airline does? they send somebody out to paint over the logo. i'm done being whitewashed. i'm just saying, you wear your uniform out there now, u might be sending a message that will antagonize the crowd a little. i don't give a damn. this trial ruined my life. they found you innocent.
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stripped me of my blues, transferred me suited-and-tied to a cop-shop desk job. it's okay, bill, it's just protocol. the chief's gotta reinstate you, that's all. "officer grealy acted in lawful execution his duty." judge's own words. that's good enough for me. when i go out there, the cameras, the people... they're gonna finally see me for who i really am: a good cop. sam: boss, we gotta get moving. that crowd's not getting any smaller. les do it. (angry jeersing and shouting in the distance) officers: (yelling to crowd) stay back! journalist: mr. grealy, you walk a free man. do you feel justice has been done?


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