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tv   News Channel 3 News at 4  CBS  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[music playing, party chatter] just stick close. nobody's gonna mess with us if we're in a group. it's been 3 weeks. i was the last one to talk to her. you really think somebody took her? you guys are being crazy. julie wouldn't disappear. you sure about that? it's like she vanished, just like that other girl. her mom's a total wreck. right. [sighs] everyone around here is losing it. they're just sced. trust me, julie got her ass out of here. i guarantee you she's probably in d.c. or new york right now. aah! [gasping]
4:01 pm
danny?! oh, my god. danny! [choking] danny?! [laughing] you're a bastard. [laughter] you should have seen your face, man. that was hilarious. you were so freaked out. what? what? it wasn't funny, jackass. come on, guys. if you want me drunk and naked, just say it. shouldn't have to try so hard. [rustling] did you hear that? no way. he doesn't know when to quit. what are you doing? i'm gonna go kick his ass. hey. hurry back.
4:02 pm
danny! danny! i swear to god i'm gonna kill you. i couldn't find him. molly? molly. ya ha ha! danny. [chuckling] where's molly? this is too easy, man. she's with you. no, come on, where's molly, seriously? she's with you. molly! molly?! molly? molly? molly! yeah, i'about to present the case to the team. oh, no, no, uh, i'm confident that they'll feel the same way. ok.
4:03 pm
thank you. uh, everyone's here. sorry i'm late. [clears throat] last night in fredericksburg, a 20-year-old woman, molly mccarthy, was abducted. she's the third to go missing in the last 6 weeks. all disappeared from public places. no one's seen them since. until no a couple days ago, body parts with cigarette burns were recovered from a national park which was once the site of the battle of chancellorsville. were they able to make an i.d.? it was the first victim, taken 6 weeks ago. decomp indicated that she had been dead just over a week. so he likes spending time with them.
4:04 pm
m.e. found microscopic tool marks on the bone. i remember reading about a case like this in spotsylvania county. similar markings on the bone. it was the winter of 1980, also fredericksburg. 5 women, 16 to 24. buried in pieces. same markings. same civil war battlefield. killed the same time of year and left at the same dump site? it's like an anniversary. that case is still open. back then the victims were drug addicts and runaways if he spends that much time with them, there's a chance these 2 women could still be alive. wait. we think this could be the same killer? that's a hell of a cooling-off period. btk resurfaced after a 25-year hiatus. reid: true, but he didn't kill anyone. only taunted the police. marks on the bone and where he dumps them-- that's a very specific signature. hard to copycat details that were never made public. garcia, check the m.o. against girls missing in oer states. it could explain the long absence. garcia: i'm on it. if this is the same unsub, what's he been doing for the past 27 years?
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[door closes] julie? [whimpers] molly. if you're quiet, you won't get burned. trust me. do what he says. [honky-tonk women plays] man: go on. show her. it's a party. give me, give me, give me the honky-tonk blues
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hotch: the american poet anne sexton once wrote, "it doesn't matter who my father was, it matters who i remember he was." the killer has an obvious disregard for women. he sees them as disposable and worthless. you know, he'd need a lot of time and privacy to do this to them. seclusion. time. back then, the theory was he was a seasonal worker on one of the farms. there's the dump site. it's funny--he always dumps the bodies in this battlefield, no matter what the risk. it's a respected landmark. he's flaunting. it makes him feel important. [chains clanking] ohh! uhh!
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[sniffles] no. [sniffles] it was just me. i was stupid. you sure? i promise. the whole town... everybody's searching. my mom and dad? they would never think that you just took off like that. how long have i been here? 3 weeks. does he do that every night? you just have to go to a different place. it's the only way to get through it. sheriff ballantyne, jennifer jareau.
4:10 pm
aaron hotchner. this is dr. spencer reid. hi. crime scene's right up here. i figured if this is the same killer as before, i didn't want to waste any te before i got your help. the other agents are meeting john caulfield, the sheriff from the original case. yeah. you know him? uh, no, not personally, you know, i just heard stories. how do you mean? well, you know, by all accounts, he was a decent sheriff, good man. right. truth is, we don't get a lot of murders down here, anthis case broke him. how so? ah, same old--you know, he started drinking, marriage busted up. finally they, uh, asked him to retire. am i in the right place? david rossi. john caulfield. agents derek morgan, emily prentiss. just going over your old case, sir. oh. sharon chroniger. she was 16 years old. we found her body in pieces.
4:11 pm
then her father passed away. tell us what fredericksburg was like in 1980. it was a farming community. rural. everybody knew everybody. you could leave your doors open at night. townhomes and housing communities are everywhere now. it could explain the change in victim type. runaways and prostitutes to college students. he's taking what's available. it's not normal for a killer to stop for 27 years, is it? no. but he could have been in prison, injured, he might have moved away. he must have found other ways to satisfy his eds. there were about 20 kids partying 100 yards that way. molly mccarthy was taken here. we found a blanket, sweatshirt, and a ir of shoes over there. how does someone not see or hear them? it was dark. he had the advange. molly's boyfriend was the last person to see her. said she was alone for a minute, maybe less.
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he's perfected his m.o. if our unsub's pushing 60, he's gotta be strong enough to carry her a long way without her struggling. reid: i've seen a lot of properties on unmarked dirt roads with no visible street signs, nothing on any maps. yeah. if you don't live around here, it can be hell finding your way around. he's definitely local. cayou show us the various entrances to this place? sure. i'll catch up. ever since we had jack, i always dread it when you bring me a case involving kids. why are you telling me this? every case we work, every case we don't work comes across your desk. yeah. and most of the victims are women, and most of them are about your age. it's ok if you lose it every once in a while. it reminds people that we're human. you've never lost it. maybe i should have.
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promise... if die... you'll never tell my parents what he did to us. you're not gonna die. man: quiet! promise. we're gonna get out of here. [groaning and crying] [music playing] go. julie, get up! i said quiet! you can call on me... do it! let me do it! aah! i'm trying, i swear. julie, please. no! aah! no, please! i can do it! god! julie!
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help! help me! [sobbing] help! [banging on grate] aah! let me out of here! no! [birds chirping] you come to check up on me? nope. legend around here says i'm crazy. i'm not big on legends. i didn't want to ink that someone from here... could have done this. you believed in your community. that was my mistake. pretty common one. i want to show you something.
4:20 pm
your kids? indianapolis. christmas eve. one of my first cases on the j. 3 kids watched their parents get beaten to death. every year i call to tell them i haven't forgotten. i'm still looking. last year... not one of them bothered return my call. come on. we're wasting time. i've got a list of violations in this county at precede the 1980 murders. a dui, petty thefts, rape, assault. a few of these are repeat offenders. garcia's got something. garcia: don't worry, it's not contagious.
4:21 pm
looking for this guy's m.o. i found a sum total of zilch. so, i went closer to home. i found a complaint filed by a karen foley in the next county over. the story's...awful. i sent a cop to all your hand-helds. pg version is that she was kidnapped in 1979, but then...s escaped. i never heard that story. it wasn't your jurisdiction. what if she was his first? like his dress rehearsal. figured out who anwhere to hunt and learned what worked, what didn't. maybe careful planning has always been a part of his process. where is she now? baby girl, work your magic and find us an address. i'm on it. ms. foley? hello. i'm emily prentiss, this is derek morgan. we're from the fbi. do you have a minute? fbi? we're investigating the murders of 2 women and the abduction of a third in fredericksburg. maybe yoread about it? yes. it's awful.
4:22 pm
to what happenedo you in 1979. your abduction. i'm sorry, you're mistaken. why would you say that? you sound pretty certain. i am. i made it up. we've read your report. you were drugged, burned, beaten, sexually assaulted. you were held against your will. i was 17. i had to have some kind of excuse for where i'd been. where had you been? around. i was using back then. you called home, ma'am. some offenders force their victims to contact families to explain their whereabouts. there was no offender. a lot of the details in your report are consistent with what happened to those women in 1980. you calling me a liar? er we undstand if you're trying to protect yourself from that memory, but right now you're the only person alive who can help us.
4:23 pm
whatever did happen, you survived it. please... when you're ready to talk... i'm not a lead. i'm sorry. i hope you find whoever's doing this. [door closes] karen foley recanted h story. do you think she's lying? well, something happened to her. she avoided eye contact, shielded herself, she got very defensive. just refused to admit it happened. she couldn't open that door. afraid she could never come back. righnow the only person she's protecting is the offender. we just told her that this guy could still be out there. she wasn't even concerned. she wasn't scared at all. why? maybe she's got nothing to be afraid of. where are you going with this? why can't someone let a case go? because in your gut you know the son of a bitch is still out there. exactly.
4:24 pm
she'd only move back here because she thought it was safe. so the guy who actually did this to her either moved away or he died. you know who this man is. he grew up here, t. he was in his mid-20s back then. he left after you found his last victim. december 13, 1980. he might have gone to prison. could have joined the military, moved away, sold his property. he was reckless in his personal life, a drinker. he would have had arrests for dui. this is it. this is your case, ght here. he was meticulous, so he--he may have had 2 areas of control, both private. one to torture and one to confine them. a workshop, maybe. a barn, a garage, even. december 1980-- the man was here and then he was gone. you know him, john. robert wilkinson. 3 duis. spent a few days in jail. well, he's dead. he was 28 when it happened. he fell into his combine harvester. when was this? december 1980. right when the killings stopped.
4:25 pm
was he survived by anyone? a widow. sheriff caulfield. hello, mary. may we come in? how you been? and your son? he's married now, doing just fine. i know you didn't make a house call to see how i'm doing. we're investigating a case, and it's lead us to robert. well, he's been dead for 27 years. what could he have done? murdered 5 women in 1980. i'm sure you remember. i'm sorry. i haven't thought about him for a long time.
4:26 pm
you had to raise your son by yourself. it's hard to believe you wouldn't think about him from time to time. i've never felt sorry for myself. most women who are widowed young consider themselves victims. i moved on. you remarried? i moved back here with my parents. stayed here for a bit while i was pregnant. robert was mean when he drank. he begged me to come home. said he'd changed. did he? i don't know. he diedthe day i went back. she doesn't seem too upset. she wasn't surprised. she didn't even ask why we thought he did it. she suspected him. he was a drunk. she got pregnant and left him. abandonment. might have had the same thing with his mother. either way, he can't handle it. it's his stressor. he starts killing. madonna/whore complex. he couldn't uch his pure wife, so he had to find disposable girls. but the killing stopped when he died. so w's doing it now?
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. there's been another abduction. ballantyne: name's tara ricker. family called this morning. she didn't come home last night. we're still trying to locate the vehicle. well, we know he kills after he takes another victim, so we're running out of time here. all right, what do we know? definitely a copycat. same m.o., same dump site. only you never released any of that to the press. no. he had to learn it from someone-- a family member, a friend maybe? mary and robert wilkinson had a son. are you suggesting there is a genetic predisposition to killing? it's one factor, along with psychology and socialization. if you have a combination of genetics and a son who grew up without a father searching for his own identity, it could be a stressor. i remember charlie wilkinson, when he was 15, killed a neighbor's cat.
4:33 pm
how old is charlie wilkinson? mary was pregnant with him when robert died. that's 27 years ago. that makes him roughly the same age robert was when he started killing. [cell phone rings] what do you got for us, girl? i just found the reason why karen foley was lying. what a you doing back here? i told you before, i don't know anything. we know that he burned you, ms. foley. all of the other victims had them, too. we know that you were raped by robert wilkinson, and we know that you have a son because of it. there was another girl here? [sniffles] listen to me. her name... was julie stanton. i promised that her parents would never know what he did to us.
4:34 pm
because... because he's gonna kill me first. [tara crying] stephen doesn't know the truth. never told him about his father? i made him out to be a hero. said he ed in a motorcycle accident, so... why did you decide to have the child? i... i couldn't... make my baby pay for what his father did. is stephen drinking again? yes. he just got out of jail for a dui. has he been hostile or gone for long periods of time? why are you asking me these questions? you lied about your past because you're protecting your son.
4:35 pm
we need to talk to him, ms. ley. [camera clicking] the car's clean. we're dusting it for prints. how long has it been here? owner said since last night. how the hell do you not find that suspicious? he'back and forth from the farm. says he didn't pay much attention till he heard tara ricker was missing. you talk to any customers? no one remembers seeing tara. 4 girls are missing and someone doesn't notice an abandoned car. [cell phone rings] yeahwhat's up, reid? got it. charlie wilkinson didn't show up for work today. let's go see if he's home. stephen? mom? i knew something was wrong. david rossi and emily prentiss, fbi. we're invesgating the disappearance of 4 women from this area.
4:36 pm
i heard about that. do you know something about that? i don't know anything. does the name robert wilkinson mean anything to you? please don't. no, it's ok. is this about what he did to my mom? what are you talking about? you thought you could keep it a secret? i've known for a long time. what? that robert wilkinson raped you. why are you saying that? you never got married. you never dated. you cried yourself to sleep every night. i knew someone hurt you. real bad. and then one day i was cleaning out the garage and i found that article... about the man who died in the farming accident... robert wilkinson.
4:37 pm
and another article about women disappearing, being found dead. and, uh... just... when you walked in the door and saw me holding that picture, the way you looked at me... i knew. but... that was 10 years ago. you knew i made it all up? you knew? they were really great stories. honey... i wanted you to believe he was a good man. you're the only go thing that came out of it. so, what, you thinkthis old case is connected to the new murders? yes, we do. [clears throat] but wilkinson's dead.
4:38 pm
mom... you think i did this? if you thought that i could turn out like him, why would you-- why would you ever even have me? i never regretted my decision--never. i'm sorry, stephen. i don't want to doubt you. i didn't kill abody. [cell phone rings] yeah, rossi. what's going on? morgan and reid went to find charlie wilkinson at work. he wasn't there. well, we can't rule out stephen foley just yet. we're on ouway to the wilkinson house now.
4:39 pm
can you tell us what he did to you? i'll try. i remember the first time he took me to the barn. he would cover my head so i didn't know where i was. but it didn't really matter. he kept me so high, i didn't know what day it was. he wanted me to dance for m. [music playing] he would call it a party. one night he was so passed out that...i realized that the barn door was unlocked and my cuffs were undone, so i was able to get away. the cops didn't believe your story?
4:40 pm
it was...humiliating. did you see any other girls there? i was the only one. can you remember any details about your surroundings? nothing is too small. i scratched a little peace symbol on the wall. i would touch it every night before he came... for me. that was my guardian angel. chrissy wilkinson? can i help you? jennifer jareau, this is derek morgan. we're with the fbi. fbi? we're looking for charles wilkinson. ise here? uh, he's at work. he's not there. do you mind if we take a look around? i don't understand. what's this about?
4:41 pm
and you're looking for charlie? ma'am, we could go get a warrant if we needed to. ma'am? let's go. reid. reid.
4:42 pm
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4:46 pm
obviously this is where he's been torturing them, but where's he keeping them? somewhere isolated.
4:47 pm
do you know this property? i...only had contact with robert in town. ms. wilkinson? excuse us. chrissy called. what's going on? we're looking for charlie. don't you want to know why? you knew charlie was an angry kid, made excuses when he killed the neighbor's cat. you saw the path he was going down. it's why you moved away from this place. you knew what happened here. no, that's not true. you were afraid of the sck he came from. you thought if you just took him away from is father's home, you kept it all a big secret, then everything would be ok. i protected him. problem is, boy like charlie, with so much anger, so many questions, needs to know where he came from. he wouldn't quit until he knew.
4:48 pm
it was over, john. you didn't have to worry about any other girls getting hurt. and i did not want me son to have the legacy that his father was a murderer. where's charlie now? i don't know. honest. honest, i don't. where does charlie go to be alone? where else? the barn. uh... god, i don't--i don't know. hey, hotch. we got something. this was all locked in the closet. looks like it was robert wilkinson's before charlie got his hands on it. so charlie went looking for a father figure and this iwho he found. he was killing animals. it's clear he already has murderous impulses, and...finding this must have made him feel like it was... ok, like it was almost his birthright. "they like it when they get to share me." is there anything in there about where he keeps them? nothing yet. keep reading.
4:49 pm
it must be where he held them karen foley said he'd make her walk outside. you think she can handle coming back to this place? whew. i don't know. you saw her. she's buried is thing for 27 years. do we ha a choice? thank you for coming. we all know this can't be easy for you. she's been shaking the whole way here. you survived this once and it madyou stronger. you can do this, mom. [gasping] oh, god. are you ok? that smell was a part of me. who's that? that's mary wilkinson. the wife? he tortured me every single night.
4:50 pm
did you kiss him when he was finished with me?! please, ease, don't do this to yourself. what did she think he was doing in that barn every night?! did you ask? did you ask why he wanted to be away from you? why?! why didn't you stop him?! why didn't you help?! i killed him! what? before charlie was born. i came home, and i saw this place, and i knew what he had done. and i couldn't let my innocent baby be brought into this. [karen sobs] you ki... you killed... thank you. hey, sheriff? i need to rest for a little bit.
4:51 pm
oh, yeah, don't worry. get your rest. i... i don't know where he'd take me. he always had that bag over my head. your other senses could have been in overdrive. we're gonna walk you through what did the ground feel like? [sighs] rossi: close your eyes. take a few steps. [sighs] leaves and twigs. itas a long walk. there was a hill. i stumbled. there's something soft and cold, but it--it's covering something hard.
4:52 pm
rocks. taller than me. along the north side of the property. hotch. i think we got something. thank you. did i help? yes. [sighs] yeah, i see it. hotch. careful, morgan. i got it. heo? help us! we're in here, please! oh, my god. clear!
4:53 pm
she just passed out. get an ambulance! right now, paramedics! ma'am? sheriff! she's got a pulse, but she's out. where the hell's charlie? mary. where would charlie go? i don't know. what about your husband? well, there's a place on theattlefield. can you show us? it's over the ridge. charlie. you know better than to bother me here. the fbi's at t farm. they went into the barn and they found a lot of blood. the sheriff says you killed those girls who have been missing. they have pictures and books and everything.
4:54 pm
what did you do to them, charlie? did you... did you rape them? we're starting a family! i never wanted that. you are a liar. and a sick son of a bitch, just like ur daddy was. [gunshot] he's gone. he came at me.
4:55 pm
you ok? if you stop caring, you're jaded. if you care too much... it'll ruin you. just know that you did everything you could. sometimes we get it right with a little luck, and most of the times we don't. that's the job. it's never perfect. it's still better to care. you really believe that? i believe it's never perfect. [decoration day plays] you'd think i'd feel better. it's decoration day... you know, these last killings weren't your fault. yeah. you couldn't have solved that case. your killer was dead. not to me. 27 years.
4:56 pm
and i knew the hill boys... 21. don't let it get to 22. he said we'll fight till the last lawson's last living day i never knew how it all got started a problem with holland before we were born thank you. thank you. and i don't know the name of the boy we tied down and beat till he just couldn't walk anymore but i know the caliber in daddy's chest... j.j.: wordsworth wrote, "a simple child that lightly draws its breath and feels its life in every limb, what should it know of death?" 'cause nobody needs all us lawsons alive... who's up for a drink? ooh. who's up for 5? rossi: count me in. i don't know. stop with the "i don't know." you're in, kid. j.j.? i'd love to, but i'm gonna have to take a rain check. hotch. you up for a beer?
4:57 pm
agent hotchner? yes. what is it haley's filing for divorce. i've been served. yeah, i've got a family in mobile bay and they've never seen my daddy's grave captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs
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