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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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hey, guys, this blood trail goes all the way out the back here. must have run out this way. maybe it was lindsey. well, whoever it was, they lost a lot of blood. it's thinner the further we go. it's an arterial bleed. and it stops here. ok, spad out. search the grounds
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ys, the last house on the left, second floor. i've got something.
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look at his face. scratch marks. both arms. and on his hand a bite mark. these are all defensive wounds. at some point for him, things got out of hand and he wanted out. and whoever he was with wasn't about to let that happen. he makes a run for it and... gets stabbed in the process. it's dark. they can't find him. they think he's gone to the police and they have to think fast, so they take katie... and they dump her across town. and to maintain some amount of control, they take lindsey. this is one of our unsubs.
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a teenager did this? rossi: he was involved. so do you think she's still alive? i do. but i also think you should let us do our job. can you do that? like i said, jack, this has nothing to do with you. nothing to do with me. this punk kid took my daughter. all this, jack, it's karma,
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defensive wounds, bite indentations, scratch marks on his face, hands, and arms all indicate that he was involved in the murder and abduction of katie and lindsey. he's just a teenager. so were the lords of chaos. 3 teenagers bewitched by a boy ned kevin foster. kevin persuaded his friends to murder their own high-school teacher. social dynamics of teenage boys. inhis case, intoxicated by drugs and alcohol. when worked up into a frenzy by a dominant male, the adolescent mind can be pushed past what the adult mind perceives as acceptable. hotch: what started out as a good time quickly devolved, and katie fell victim to the violent drunken rage of a juvenile gang. check every high school in the chula vista area, males between the ages of 15 and 18. ok. uh... chula vista has 7 public schools and 3 private schools, so i'm gonna need more than that. uh, let's see here.
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uh-uh! more. most of the activity's in the southeastern district. the socio-economic dynamic's predominantly working class. look within a 3-mile radius of the castle park area. 2 high schools. start with the largest. ok, t's see what we got. i got, like, 5 faces. jinkies. we believe this unsub got scared and wanted out. and the dominant male, in order to maintain control, attacked him. reid: douglas silverman, 18 years old. we need to interview kids in his class, parents, teachers, find out who his friends were. it's at least 2 or more boys. one older, early to mid-20s. he'llhink of himself as a real badass, somebody who broke the rules, defied the system. and have flunked or gotten kicked out of high school,
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he'll also have a record-- petty eft, larceny. but douglas silverman's been missing for 2 days. how come no one's called? it's a 3-day weekend. his parents are out of town, or he called, said he's ok. and now that the weekend's over, i can tell you with what's happened, it's gonna end violently. we still got a chance to get out of this. after what you did? what chance? hey! what you did, too. remember? i didn't kill her. says who, huh? you? it's your word against mine, bud. [sighs] i just want this to end. it will, all right? you just gotta relax and you gotta trt me. what do we do? we got something they want. now we just need a gun. what? a gun? where are we gonna get that from? you said that your old man had one, right? he let you shoot it one time? no. no, no way. i'm not doing it. listen, we can get out of this. we have her. all right? go get the gun.
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you're forgetting one thing. i saw what you did. don't matter. 'cause none of us are walking away. [whistles] [whistles] what is it? how can i help you? mr. silverman? yeah. i'm ssa hotchner. this is ssa prentiss. is there someplace we can talk? we can talk here. it would bbetter if--
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it's about your son doug. my son doug? when was the last time you spoke to him? well, hang on. i can call him for you here. sir, he's not going to answer. sir. his name's doug silverman. he went to the se high school as katie and lindsey. maybe. i don't know. why? has he got something to do with this? all we know right now is he was involved. there are others. so this has nothing to do with jack. no. why, i vetted every boy that ce into katie's life, made sure i knew everything about them. i had to. i can't afford to forget a face. his i've never seen. maybe these guys, she didn't wantou to meet, afraid of what you might say or do. lindsey and i don't have any secrets.
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no, it is true. she knows who i am, what i was. 10 years ago your wife died in a r accident. is that why you turned state witness? i promised my wife on her death bed that i wou do whatever was necessary to protect lindsey. did you tell lindsey it was supposed to be you in that car and not her mo yes. why, then, with all that you taught her, would she allow herself to get caughup in this? she wouldn't. what about katie? boys suck. especially at my school. they're all so... busy being busy. there's this one guy, though. real cute. hangs out with 2 dweebs. but lindsey says to stay away from him. [telephone rings] go. back to high school boys who flunked out or got kicked ou go back 10 years. lindsey says there's-- there's something not right about him.
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thanks, garcia. but she's never met him. i don't know. where are you, you son of a bitch? no, no, no, he wouldn't do this. he did what he was told to do. oh, wait. what was he told? i mean, doug is a re shy guy, ok? he doesn't make friends easy. has he changed recently, become a little more defiant? his grades slipping? i thought it was just a phase. a phase manipulated by someone who targeted your son for his own needs. did he ever mention anyone tyou? [takes deep breath] oh, god. a couple of months ago, there was this older kid. i--i said invite him over for supper and he didn't want to. ryan.
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i don't know. oh, god. how am i gonna tell his mom? lindsey protected katie like a--like a sister. so if a few boys pulled up curbside and offered katie a ride? lindsey would have gone along to make sure she was ok. lindsey is still alive because of what you taught her. i taught her to stay away from men like me. [knock on door] i'd like to speak to jack if i may, to apologize.
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5 years we've known each other. no...6. bruce, i'm so sorry. just...listen, please. i don't know who you are or what you've done. all i want to know is, are you capable of still doing whatever it is you did? why? that dead kid up there... i know who he is. i know who he hangs out with. garcia: ok, i got 3 ryans. the ryan we're looking for probably went to high school with lindsey and katie a few years back. he got expelled or at least flunked out. garcia: ryan phillips. he was expelled for smoking t years ago. oh, no. garcia: reid, what's going on? he's taken myar. the bastard took my car. this is pat mannan. all units, all units,
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jack's taken off. we heard. where's he gonna go? he can't know where lindsey is. no, but he mht know who's got her. how? u showed bruce owen doug's photo, right? he recognized it. which means he knows who doug's friends are. so now he's sent a psychopath after his daughter'killer. garcia's got a name. ryan phillips, 28. needs get a unit over to philli' house before jacturns up there.
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we'd better figure out where he is before jack does. come on. [kicks cabinet] come on, damn it. [door opens] you need a hand with that? i'm mr. vaughan. who the hell are you? what are you doing in my house? lindsey. where's my daughter? i don't know what you're talking about. yeah? i think you do. hey. hey! hey, what are you doing? stop! hey--hey! get out of my house! what are you doing? whoa. hey. this thing's not loaded, is it? what are you doing? aah! aah! aah! uhh! oh, god! oh, god, you shot my leg. [sobbing] you t 2 legs. [sobbing] i got one question. where's my daughter? you gotta find him, and fast. what does it look like i'm doing? loring in a map. all the activity is focused in the southeastern district.
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there's gunshots coming from jackson street. are you coming? 3-day weekend, you've gotta find a secure, private location. where? army of cops and feds all over town. it's gonna be real hard. every abandoned building, warehouse, lockups-- it's all been searched. guys, it seems jack just paia kid named taylor coleman a visit. [cell phone rings] paramedics are working on him now. reid, good news, please. after inputting all the sites, i've come up with a 2-dimensional probability service overlay map that indicates the offenders' operating area. reid, where is he? i know it sounds crazy, but i think he's taken her to the mayford high school 2 blocks from here. i'll meet you there, and reid... thanks. be careful. mayford high school. damn it, pick up the phone! he's not coming back, ryan. what are you gonna do now? huh?
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i'll tell you what i'm gonna do.
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see, i wasn't really that into katie. you. there's something special about you. where you goin', baby? what you do to me will be nothing compared to what my dad will do to you. [kissing sound] i'm scared. [shotgun cocks] uhh! ohh! go on, daddy, kill him! you son of a bitch, you killed her! he killed katie. kill him! kill him, daddy! put the gun down! please! please help me! jack, put down the gun. she begged him to stop and he laughed at her! he laughed at her! i didn't laugh at her. i would change it if i could.
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just don't kill me. jack... you swore to your wife you'd protect lindsey. listen to her, jack. listen to what she wants. she's-- she's begging you to kill somebody right in front of her. what do you think your wife wanted you to protect her from? jack... your life has been, uh... it's been about violence, and do this, lindsey's will be, too. do you want that? [sirens] no, you don't want that! when does it end, jack? [sirs] put down the gun! [whispering] kill him. when does it stop? [water dripping]
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[shotgun blast] think it came from in here. let's go. hang back! hang back! whoa! hey! i-- you ok, reid? i--i tried. i tried, really. i couldn't... what's gonna happen to jack? it depends...
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hotch: "it is a wise father who knows his own child." william shakespeare.
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told you i'll be here forever sd i'll always be your friend... hi. how you doin'? hi. it's jack. katie. you can stand under my u rella ella ella eh eh eh under my umbrella ella ella eh eh... captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs


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