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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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let me buy you one. female ambition can be unseemly in the eyes of some people. and i forget that sometimes. when i was in the academy in '97, i scored 99 on my defensive tactics test, which, needless to say, had an immediate chilling effect on all my relations with the male cadets. i bet you can't remember a time when you didn't overachieve. well, the youngest kid in a single-pare home, you learn to scratch and claw real quick. single parent. that would be your father? go on. a good man, who you came to see as weak, unable to provide, probably a drinker-- i'm guessing scotch. blended. i prefer single malt. i think i did a seminar at the academy in '97. yes. "collateral materials on sex crimes." i was in the third row, hanging on every word.
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well, your first book had just come out and you signed my copy. yeah, i kind of had a thing for you. [chuckles] [laughs] come on. you were a star. no one in the bureau had made inroads into publishing and consulting like you had. your hair was lighter and a big longer then, wasn't it? talk about a good memory. no. i don't remember you. oh. but that would explain the hair that you claim to have found in that storage unit. the hair was a keepsake, i'm guessing? you he on to it as a vestige of the femininity you relinquished in the pursuit of your career ambitions? you can stop profiling. you manufactured evidence to get a b.a.u. commitment. and it was for the greater good. was right, wasn't i? look, jill, i know you. when i wasour age i wanted the same things. but i burned a lot of bridges in the process. people got hurt. is that why you came back,
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juste careful. that ego of yours is going to get you into trouble. now i've got to get some sleep. your little press conference is gonna bury us tomorrow. bury us how? i had a nightmare the night she went missing. woke me up, but i forgot it instantly. you know how that happens? know this sounds crazy. i feel like if i could remember that dream, i'd know what happened to her. when she didn't sh on time, i left her a message on her cell phone. i was...angry with her for making us late. i didn't know. and that message is probably still on her phone somewhere. it keeps me up at night wondering if she ever heard it. i just want to know if she's still alive. it's the not knowing. it's selfish, i know-- our own peace of mind.
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this is what she was wearing. we just want to know what happened to her. [crying] it hurts. [electrical zap] it hurts me. you like it. what? you likeow it feels. [breathing heavily] i like it. do you love the pain? no. no. yes. yes. no. no. n't. ask for it. no, don't! don't! don't! please! no! please no more! aah! [electricity zaps] oh, it hurts. it's so bad. no! no! just kill me! just kill me. just kill me.
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[telephone rings] philadelphia police department. man: i think i saw something. it might have to do with the killings. what did you see? my car broke down on i-76. there was a field off the road. a man was digging a hole. what kind of hole? for the body. i saw it. a bleeder stripped of its clothes. can i have your name, sir? mile marker 115 on the eastbound. they' find it. anything strike you? stripped of its clothes. objectifies the victim. exactly. dehumanizing. th wasn't just any tipster. the way that he referred to the body as a bleeder... visible trauma to the corpse. no, i don't think so. i noted usage of the same word in the pages from the stora facility. he refers to his targets as bleeders. it's misogynistic. he's referring to menstruation.
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i think we need to see what's in that field. m.e.: morning. prentiss: good morni. body looks well-preserved. been some cold snaps the last few months. ground's frozen. check out her stomach. prentiss: electrical burns. fingers are in really bad shape. how are her teeth? looks good for an i.d. to say we need a rush on that would be an understatement. yeah. you understand? thank you. let's get her up. gently. hey!
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he calls in anonymously and hands us 2 more victims. why? you vowed publicly to bring him in. he may be reacting to that. to show you who you're dealing with. he's a narcissist. he's preening. good. i hope he keeps it up. you don't want that. he will drop a breadcrumb every time he tries something like this. he'll drop bodies, too. if he's making it personal, he'll get sloppy and give himself away. maybe that's what he wants. it never tcked for me that this guy defaulted on that storage unit. you think he wanted us to find it? maybe he's decided it's time for the world to know his name. but if he wanted a coming-out party, then why not just send his victim photos, videos, something to prove what he is. he wanted us to start at the beginning, to chartis evolution. bright childhood grows into darkness. he's got us chronicling every step. so if this is his story, what chaer are we on?
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he's writing it as we speak. hey, honey, um, i think we have to cancel with your parents. i know, i know. i'm really sorry. it's just, i'm on deadline and i'm gonna be cutting it close as it is. i will make itp to you, i promise. ok? first thing next week-- yes. no, we'll have-- [crash, brakes squeal] uh-- gil? yeah, i, uh-- someone rear-ended me. no, no, i-i'm fine. it's ne. look, let me call you back. yeah, ok. hey, i'm sorry about that. are you ok? i'm fine. ohh...i just wish i could say the same for my car. oh, it's my brakes. i've been meaning to get them fixed. well, just tell me you're insured. oh, yeah, of course. it's the law, right? ok. just let me get my card. hey, you know, i should probably get your information, too, just to be safe.
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when i got shot, i kept wondering why god would program our bodies to register that kind of pain. and you know what got me through it? no, penelope, i don't. tell me. knowing that the pain would eventually end. but these women, they don't even have that. when he'torturing them, there's no end, just-- [beeping] and philly lab matched the i.d.s of the dental records on the two women from the grave. go ahead. guys. [turns on speaker] mimi adams and sara coswell. you'll find them the missing person files we've flagged as possible victims. thanks, mama, we're on it. wait, there's somethg else. both women were reported missing 4 months ago... on the same day. he's doing doubles. doubles. killer got bored, upped the stakes,
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gerard schaefer did it. he took his cue from bundy. said it was twice as hard, but twice as much fun. yeah, so he kills with impunity for years without the slightest bit of heat and he needs a bigger fix. so he starts doing two a day. 4 months later he still can't get off, so he opens his storage locker for us. jill. chronie holding on 2. yeah, i'll take that in my office. planning another press conference? agent morris. i-it's kat townsley. look, kat, i know i owe you, but i don't have anything right now. and evenf i did, i couldn't tell you. no, actually, i have something for you. uh, check your e-mail. just one second. you all right? you sure sound tired. i'm fine. you have it? yeah. what is it? it was sent to my by t guy claiming to be the person you're looking for. breadcrumb.
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i need to read the rest of this letter. i'll come meet you. ok. i heard we got i.d.s on these two bodies. mimi adams and sara coswell. what's up? this woman's husband came in before. she fits the victim type. i thought maybe... if you have her dna, you might want to check it against the hair. from the storage unit. what hair? agent morris found it early on. it's the same color, so it might-- it won't match. reid: i know it's a long shot, but i think-- she didnt get the hair from the unit. she lied? when were you gonna tell us? whatever she did to get us here, we're here now. it's unacceptable behior. why do you keep defending her? because i know what she is. she's me 20 years ago. she's nothing like you, dave. come on, hotch, i know what people think. i took serial killers mass market. now everyone knows their names, but not the victims, right? somewhere along the line,
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i admit it. i can't go back and change it. but it's not too late for her. missing persons flged a report that was just filed. a possible victim? the subject's car was found idling at a stop sign, and there was some damage to the back end. sounds like a bump and grab. did she fit his profile career, age-wise? katrina townsley, 34. she's a reporter at the chronicle. chronicle? whats it? this letter-- did we have this? no. i've never seen this before. why would he send agent morris a letter? she's his final chapter.
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[car alarm beeps] [sobs] kat. [gasping and crying [engine starts] [kat crying]
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are they able to track her car? no. she doesn't have a nav system, but her cell's got gps. [cell rings] is the signal moving? stationary. reid and rossi are en route. hey, girl. h you doing with that e-mail we sent you? i've got the sender's ip address. goes to an internet cafe just outside germantown. ok, good. send us the address. i've just talked to reid. they found jill's phone on the ground near her c. on the ground? in a parking garage north of center city. blood here. a couple of drops. looks like she was dragged. this shouldn't have happened.
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into thinking she was meeting a friend. i to her, slow down, check your ego, use your team. david, there's no way you could have known that she was gonna go off by herself. i did know. sure as i know myself. [switch clicks] [kat gasps] [zapping] [gasps] [whimpers] kat: aah! [muffled cry] [kat crying] no[sobbing] you can go louder. [kat sobbing] don't, please! aah! [sobbing] that computer was used exactly 4 hours and 12 minutes ago. now, i need you to try to remember the man that was sitting there. i can't remember. i mean, we get a lot of people in here.
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white, 30s to 40s. solidly built, physically imposing, maybe blue collar. there was this one guy. big, kind of blond hair... maybe left in a white van. good. thanks. are you ready? beg me not to. you will. all right, here's the garage where jill was taken. presumably an area the unsub's familiar with. you're not gonna abduct a federal agent outside your comfort zone. right. this is where we are right now, and the third point is the storage unit right here. it's a 4-mile radius.
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garcia, i need those pretty little hands of yours, mama. listen up, i want you to bring up the citywide list we generated for the electricians, power company employees, and electrical engineers. they number in the thousands. can you narrow this? reid just sent you 3 addresses. triangulate and cross the names within that surface. dozens. i need more. is that garcia? yeah. search dmv recor. the manager thought he saw him leave in a white van. morgan: did you get that? [beeping] yahtzee. [crying] i'm gonna take my time with you. [glass shatters]
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it's over. no, it'll never be over. not for us. fbi! freeze! need a medic. get a medic! [crying] david. it's ok. it's gonna be all right. it's ok. [crying] it's ok. it's ok. it's all right. i'm sorry. it's ok. don't worry about it. it's ok. i'm sorry. you're gonna be all right. it's ok. it's ok, jill. jeremy andrus, 41.
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trade school, petty crime, lewd behavior-- the whole profile's here in black and white. that's a small consolation. how many is he up to? 17. they haven't even gotten through the 2006 pile. has he told us where to find the remains? j.j.: no. he doesn't speak. he just points. you're sure you're not rushing? i'm fine. and you didn't need to come here. i just wanted to see if you were ok. in itself a passive-aggressive means of saying, "i told you so." i n't need to tell you that what you've gone through, what you've witnessed, is a trauma. you're right. u don't. the fact that you didn't ask about the condition of the other victim-- implying that i'm a victim when i'm not. leads me to believe that you're already in an early stage of denial. i can handle it.
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man: agent morris. there she is! [reporters all asking questions at once] agent morris! agent morris, what made you believe there was a killer out ere when no one else did? man: how did his crimes go unnoticed for so long? woman: have you been approached by any publishers? do you fear for your safety? if i can just have one question at at time. i promise i will get to all of you. no. have you been approached by any publishers? man: can you tell us, agent morris, did you fear for your safety? solutely. what was it liked to come face to face with a serial killer? is there a book deal in your future?
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i hear there were multiple abductions. multiple abductions. serial killer. do you have any further information? do you have an agent yet? are you still working on the case? working on the case? ll: no. at this point, the case is closed. rossi: "for we pay a price for everything we get or take in this world, "and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won." lucy maud montgomery. captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs
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