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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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yet equally important groups-- the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. [cheering] baby bird! whoo! you see the oklahoma state game? 30-foot bank at the buzzer. over three guys. en's this guy gonna lose that raggedy-ass mustache? after he goes numero uno in the draft. no way. dude's got no hops. he's got no speed. you just can't give a white man his props, can you? he's a good college ball player. period. what the hell? i don't want to miss the end of this game. damn. somebody shot our tv. stray bullet came through the wall in the room next door. what time was that? about 11:30. manager came up to check it out and found him. is this the guy that checked into the room? front desk says the room's registered to
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(fontana) no wallet or money? how about a cell phone? none of the above. you notice any shell casings? i didn't see any. did he check in with anyone? said he was alone. condom wrapper. ahh. there's three more on the floor over here. looks like our d.o.a. d a visitor. or two. we should check the garbage. mae he didn't flush. looks like he had a hell of a party.
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the deceased was the same man who paid for the room, jeffrey pope. checked in at 1:15 this afternoon. the address on the driver's license is in camden, south carolina. anyone imprint his credit card? uh, he paid three nights cash in advance. did he make any calls from the room? uh, no. any way of telling who visited him earlier? 600 rooms. we can't keep track of everybody who comes and goes. you got security cameras on the eighth floor? not on the individual floors. just over here. we're gonna have to get those from you. did any of your employees go up there? room service maybe? no, but i'm pretty sure i saw him.
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where's that? it's right over here. lotta hits on craigslist new york. looks like he went right to the erotic services section. escorts. uh-huh. there's, like, ten postings. kept going back to one of them, though. hold on. a little comparison shopping. the caption says alex, 23-year-old model. can you set us up in a room? [knock on door] hi there. wow. you must be alex. you gonna invite me in or what? that's why you're here, baby. come on in. make yourself comfortable. it's business first, sweetie. of course. how much we talking about here, doll face? $300 for the hour. not a problem. one, two, three. oh. you did not tell me we had company.
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oh, son of a bitch. no, no, no. just take it easy. sit down. it's not what you think it is. yeah, what then? okay. just sit down. you were in room 823 earlier this evening? yeah, says who? look, if you give us straight answers, you're gonna be out making calls before the sun rises, okay? [sighs] i had a client there. said his name was jeffrey. right. how long were you with him? he booked me for an hour. did he bring a friend? no. did you? what are you talking about? we found a whole pile of those condom wrappers in his room. yeah, all his. guy was a regular porn star. he said he'd been away. hadn't had any in eight months, so i made him double up. i thought i was done. he made me stay for an encore. and then? i left. something happen? yeah. he's dead. look, when i left he was happy and healthy. he even rang me back to see if i wanted to set something up for tomorrow. you can check the time on my phone.
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officer davies is going to babysit you while we check out your story. she did get a phone call at 10:53, but look at this area code. 8-8-2-1-6. oh, that's a satellite phone. you can use those anywhere in the world. well, this guy pope was out of the country for eight months. i'd like to know what that was all about. let's call his phone. i don't know nobody named jeffrey pope. so what were you doing with his phone? i found it in the garbage. you know how many times we've heard that one? no, i saw this guy open his trunk and throw something away. i went there by the trash can and this phone was down in there. why did you hold onto it? you know what it costs to call the ukraine? where were you last night at 11:25? my shift here started at 8:00. you can check with my supervisor. okay, the dude that dumped this phone, what did he look like? i didn't get a good look. white. six-foot. how old? it was dark. could have been 20. could have been 60. look, he got back into his car and drove right into the tunnel. okay, fine. what did the car look like?
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a piece of junk. what do you mean, piece of junk? it was old. one of his headlights was not working. where's the trash can? it's right over there, but, uh, sanitation was by about half an hour ago. we tracked down that garbage truck and we have a detail from the police academy going through the bags. how'd you swing that, fontana? somebody owed me a favor. anything from ballistics? yeah, the slugs are nine-millimeters. an automatic. and the shooter cleaned up after himself. yeah. he took all of pope's ids. i guess he's trying to slow us down. how about next of kin? well, according to the police department in south carolina, he moved out of that address on his driver's license years ago. did they speak to the neighbors? they said he kept to himself and they don't know of any family. hey, pope's satellite phone is from a network based in dubai. these phones are only available in southwest asia and northern africa. well, check all the flights that came from the middle east. rivera's doing that. i ran his prints. he was honorably discharged from the navy two years ago.
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and he played football for suny maritime. well, maybe they still have a local contact. (miller) jeffrey was here '88 to '92. an average student. better than erage quarterback. is this him? he looks a little older than i remember him. did he join the navy right after he graduated? he qualified for the seals. that's a pretty big deal around here. most of our students go to the coast guard or ty choose careers at sea in the private sector. is there some kind of problem? he was found dead in a hotel room a few days ago. oh. i'm sorry to hear that. in new york? yes, sir. our athletic director just got a postcard from him a few months ago. he had left the service. he was with a private security company over there. um, diamond something. hey, if you worked here would you want me telling your life story to whoever walks in that door? hey, man. look here. pope's life story ended last night.
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someone would have given me a phone call. from where? damn it. can you not take a hint? well, here's a hint for you, johnny. you can either answer our questions here or downtown chained to a wall. he was murdered in new york at the wilton hotel on 43rd street. that does not make any sense. yeah, that's him. what does he do for your company? we have a security team that works in the sunni triangle protecting high risk individuals and materials. he was a mercenary. diamond river is a private military firm. one out of eight men or women that's performing mission-critical roles in iraq works for a p.m.f. and we've had about a thousand causalities. is there anybody we could talk to besides you that knows what he was going through over there recently?
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he was here a few hours ago. who? kevin boatman. he came in here and quit. he wanted his back pay. why'd he quit? i don't know. maybe he needed a change of scenery. i think he had some problems with pope. what do you mean problems? there was an incident a cole months ago. roadside bomb. two of pope's guys got killed. boatman got out of harm's way, but i have heard there were hard feelings. you know where boatman's staying? boatman is flying back to jordan tonight. said he took a job with one of our competitors. he's on the 8:00 out of jfk. boatman check any bags? all he had was his carry-on. mr. boatman? boatman? yeah. can you step out of line please, sir? why? we got some questions we'd like to ask you. my plane leaves in 20 minutes. well, you'll have to take the next one. come on.
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have a seat. what were you doing in new york, mr. boatman? i work private security. in iraq. that's right. i came over here to catch on with a different company. you had to travel 7,000 miles to do that? yeah. (fontana) why'd you make the switch? better pay. better hours. same reasons you guys change departments. we heard you were having problems with your supervisor, jeffrey pope. why don't you get to the point? all right. we also heard about the ambushyou were involved in. that's no big secret. then you wouldn't mind filling us in on the details. we got ticketed to guard a truck from ramadi to baghdad. i'm in the rear suv with our interpreter. jamie cortez and nick howell are in the lead. about two miles out of town, nick hit a roadside bomb. next thing you know, a dozen ali babas are coming over the berm with aks. my vehicle and the client vehicle hauled ass out of there. you left your friends behind. that or wind up dead like them.
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something happen to pope? is that what this is about? your passport has you and pope leaving amman a day apart. pope was screwing some guy's wife in south carolina. that's who i'd be looking . where were you at 11:30 last night? he said this guy threatened to kill him. so i'm gonna see if i can catch my connection to jordan. sit down! what are the charges? fragging your boss.
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with two ways toarn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. boatman flies in from iraq on pope's hes. now pope's dead and boatman's trying to leave town. what's the motive? to avenge his dead friends at the diamond river group. so he's here less than one day and comes up with a c c and a gun? he must have had some help. who? (green) we got nothing on the secury video. we got a vague description of a single suspect driving a red car with one headlight. t.s.a. did find a business card in boatman's luggage. it's some lawyer in midtown. that's our next stop. well, where's boatman? they're holding onto him pending a background check. so you called in another favor, fontana? look, if we cut him loose, he'll be on a plane
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all this stuff is starting to add up. 24 hours. i had no idea boatman was in town. (fontana) you didn't see him while he was here? no. what would he be doing with your business card? come on, guys. mrs. rosen, what kind of work do you do here at this firm? civilitigation. personal injury. industrial accidents. the only accident we heard boatman was involved in happened in iraq. do you know a man named jeffrey pope? he was found murdered a few nights ago. you're serious? oh, we're very serious. i contacted boatman in iraq because he was a potential witness. i was looking into this on behalf of one of the families of the men who were lled. the howell family. who are they going after? pope. and the diamond river group.
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not just killed. they beheaded him. well, that's awful, but can they actually sue them for that? this isn't the army. the company sent its employees on a suicide mission. (mrs. howell) when nick died over there, nobody would even answer our questions. if he'd still been in the service, it would have been in the paper. they probably would have had a parade for him in town. but from his diamond river people, nothing. that's why we went to see ms. rosen. we thought she could get to the bottom of what happened. no disrespect intended, but weren't you looking to collect damages? oh, we're not doing so good. the only reason nick took the job with that company was so he could help us get out of debt. for your medical expenses? i have ms. vernon had to switch to part-time at the plant so he could look after me. our kid is risking his life in iraq and they're trying to take away our house 'cause we got no health insurance. did nick ever mention his supervisor? jeffrey pope?
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said he was a real idiot. who's robbie? our other boy. nick's little brother. he lives two blocks from here. nick used to live there, too. do you know if robbie's home? i'm pretty sure he's at work. he's a stock boy at better foods on route 27. last thing my parents need are people coming around asking about nick. trying to get over what happened. you don't support your parents' lawst against diamond river? lawsuit. the lawyer said we probably couldn't touch 'em 'cause it happened in iraq. somebody dropped some salad dressing in aisle five. bob wants you to clean it up. hey, listen. your father said that you and nick would talk about jeffrey pope. yeah? what about him? he doesn't sound like your favorite person. two things i know about pope. nick worked for him and nick's head came home in box. we're sorry that happened. so, yeah. i'd love to hearhat pope has to say about that. where were you tuesday night? shift ends at 8:00, then i went home. alone? yeah.
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jeep cherokee. and how about your brother? did he keep a car around? i gotta go clean up that mess. hey, look. we can always do a dmv check if you're not gonna give us a straight answer. nick used my mom's old honda. what color? maroon. where's it at? my parents' garage. thank you. you know, i don't understand what this has to do with diamond river. we just want to take a quick look at your wife's car. well, there it is. hey, you mind if i turn it on? i guess it's all right. who has access to this car, mr. howell? robbie uses it sometimes. why? [car warning chimes] thank you, mr. howell. hold up.
5:24 pm
from a gun? we're gonna have to have a talk with your son. i don't know where that shell came from. (green) yeah, well, you're screwed because it matches the slugs we found in jeffrey pope's chest. look, robbie. i was in vietnam, okay? i lost a lot of good buddies overhere because some prep boy captain didn't know his johnson bar from his elbow. so for you to lose a brother like that. man, that's gotta be rough. come on, man. don't baby his ass. he killed pope 'cause he wanted revenge. now he's gonna sit here like a little coward? now, wait a minute. you don't think he deserved revenge? pope got this kid's brother's head chopped off, for crying out loud. and there isn't a jury in the world that would convict him. (green) yeah, he's noble? he's notven standing up and taking responsibility for it, like a man. look, robbie. you gotta get out in front of this thing right now. i'm telling ya, it's your only shot. i don't know. oh, come on, man. let's just give this to the da. we already know that he got that headlight fixed
5:25 pm
and we have a witness that saw you dump pope's cell phone near the midtown tunnel. he couldn't have seen me. why not? 'cause i wasn't there. see what i'm saying, man? kevin took the honda that night. wait a second. kevin? kevin who? kevin boatman. i picked him up at the airport. he stayed in nick's room that night. he wanted a car to drive tthe city. did you go with him? no. i swear. i didn't. where'd he get the gun? it was nick's. did you give it to him? yeah. so you knew that that was gonna lead to trouble, didn't you? i don't know. i guess. why did you go along with it? well, i told kevin the lawyer didn't think she could help my mom and dad. and kevin said that wasn't right. that somebody should pay for what happened to nick. pay? pay how? well, if pope wouldn't help us with our lawsuit, kevin was gonna get justice one way or the other.
5:26 pm
how did you come to blame pope for what happened to your brother, anyway? kevin said they told pope the road was too hot that day. that they were gonna get hit. pope didn't care. he said they had a contract. that the reason they got a fat paycheck was to take risks. and my brother-- after they blew up my brother's truck, kevin radioed pope for help, but pope wouldn't send the rest of the team. he left nick out there for those animals.
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