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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:26pm EST

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the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. lips to god's ears. i'm telling you, i don't know how i got by without it. are you with me here? [whistles] howie! what? i'm fine. hey, pal, that's why you divorced her. now, there you go. there's nothing a good sweat won't cure. it's that time. i don't want y to fire me. and you should look into that tivo thing.
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we've been robbed! [dialing] you! freeze! [screams and gunshots] no! better back off, mr. grant. i'm gonna have to detain you. sir. yup. we're definitely talking deer hunter. one shot. dead. like that. i'm impressed. he shot first. i told him to freeze. the guy pulled a gun in a bank. i have no problem with that. i did my 20 over at the two-four.
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that's all right. take it easy. listen, did you see him with anyone else? no, mr. farber screamed. i locked the doors by remote. okay, anks. is he a customer? i never saw him before. this is nuts. i mean, howard said he never got hit that bad in his divorce. he makes a good living-- half of one anyway. listen, don't go anywhere, all right? yeah. bonnie's got no id. how we doing on clyde? well, his name's on the door. howard grant. bank manager. now you know why i keep my money in my mattress.
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tt:w`t3n`!i$njpx`:p _j
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i did it... do it... take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. if your hair, skin and nails don't look more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it... and i feel beautiful. visit for details. you know what i ve best about your style? you. at jared, we only sell one piece of jewelry... ...the pandora ring that lebrates her personal style. and it's waiting for you... jared. i said i did it. what else do you want from me? you can give us the name of your friend. that would be nice. he's dead, howard! the guy's not gonna mind. see, you know what that tells us? that tells us that you're protecting somebody. (fontana) it's not easy for two guys to rob a bank nowadays with trained security and cameras. and the getaway? who's gonna let a guy with fort knox in a gym bag walk outside and hail a cab? our guys are going through the bank video cameras inside and out. (fontana) our da has a soft spot in his heart for guys who give up their partners,
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you're hurting yourself! i mean, you don't look like the kind of dude that wakes up in the morning and decides to go out and commit a class a felony. why is she here? (woman) imagine my surprise when mrs. fogerty knocks on my door and tells me that the man i married, father of my only child, is bng led away from his place of employment in handcuffs. i wanna be there when you explain to julie why it is you won't be around for the next 8 to 20. who's julie? our six-year-old. i can't believe i let you talk me into jointustody-- damn it, cheryl! i did it for julie. you think i want them to-- them? who you talking about, howard? no. nothing. howard. julie's at school, right?
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who's got her, howard? if these guys have julie, they're not gonna be messing around. if they have your daughter, and they don't have the money-- you do the math! it was so fast. i was on my way to work. i walked up from the subwayand that man in the bank-- the dead one? he came up to me. i swear, i never saw him before. he told me to call home. so i did, on my cell. a man answered. he was there with julie. oh, my god. he said he was going to kill her if i didn't do what they wanted. the other one handed me the gym bag. did you recognize the voice?
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i didn't know what to do. you left a six-year-old at home by herself? you have no idea how many times i have begged him not to do that! it was for 15 minutes! somebody's got to earn a living. when julie stays over, joan cathcart, the mother of one of her classmates picks her up and takes her to school. what do you mean missing? she's home in bed. that's what howard told me. when was that? this morning at 8:45. i buzzed and he was there. he said she was running a fever and he was keeping her home today. are you sure it was mr. grant on the other end of the intercom? i said, "howard," and he said, "yeah?" csu is working on the apartment. bank robbery task force says that there aren't any jobs with similar mos in the city.
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there was one in trenton, one in philly, and both of them were unsolved. is the amber alert still in place? well, the task force says that the kid in jersey was killed after the locals went public. what about philly? well, that kid was never found, but we're not sure that these are the same guys. so, all we have is an unknown doa in the morgue. the task force is running his prints through the national database now. talk to mrs. grant. maybe she has a better memory than howard. bastard. did you ever-- don't you think i would tell you? all right, we're gonna have officer randall take you home, all right? if you-- you'll be the first person i call. all right? [cell phone rings] fontana. please tell me this boy has his name tattooed on his ass. i wish. all i can tell you is his last meal was escargot. you soak anything in butter, it slows the digestion. (fontana) hey. this guy's prints were in the system he got pinched three years ago in a fight in some swanky bar. his name is cyrus lowell.
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sorry. was he with anyone when he left this morning? no one come into the lobby. he got a whole lot of friends, i'll tell you that. did he have any regular visitors? he's a player, you know. a member of the broad-a-night club. he's got pretty good taste too. ch teau gironde. it's about three quarters done. hey. it was bottled exclusively for the wine cellar at the perry street restaurant. [thick french accent] you are thinking he's a customer? that is funny. non, cyrus estn garcon. a waiter. c'est tres amusant. well, was he working last night? oui. we're interested in any of his acquaintances that you might know about. oh, i doubt they could affordto eat here. well, what about the other employees? was he close to anybody? oh, well, there's mademoiselle faye. the sommelier. tres jolie, eh? cy, a man with a plan. what plan is that? a house in cannes, gulfstream v, you name it. i told him he better start working lunch. he er talk about any of his friends? you mean other than donald trump? did you spend more time at your place or his?
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okay. a couple of times a month, i'd have my morning coffee at his place. no big deal. you were never curious about that fancy apartment? just figured his daddy took care of him. (green) why? is his daddy well-off? cy says he lives at the winslet hotel, which makes him definitely not poor. you'll have to forgive me for meeting you down here. the housekeepers arein my apartment. i was transferred from london six months ago. what kind of work do you do, mr. lowell? mergers and acquisitions at condell hemmings. what's that got to do with cy? mr. lowell, i'm afraid we have some, uh... sad news for you. dead? trying to rob a bank. that seem strange? he was always--
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in school, fights with friends. i tried, but when he started with the drugs-- we were hoping that you knew some of the people that he hung out with. i'm sorry. when i caught him forging my signature on checks-- the counselor said that i had to cut him loose. i haven't talked to him in over two years. do i have to id the body or something? task force has as much as we do. major case squad is running down all the names in cy's address book. you know, i'm gonna talk to howard again. see if his memory got any better. don't you think this guy told us everything? look, i'd rather be pressing him than sitting around waiting to find a dead six-year-old girl. all right. okay. (fontana) the computer geeks came up empty. and the only lowell to make the newspapers was his old man. he was involved in some nasty divorce from a high society dame at sag harbor last year.
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uh, june. yeah, manhattan. business. condell hemmings, please. that's where the old man works. (green) he said he moved here six months ago. yeah, i'm looking for a mitch lowell. mm-hmm. how about your london office? okay, thank you. condell hemmings doesn't have a mitch lowell. never did. do you guys think that this could be a father/son thing? how much you wannaet the maid cleaning mitchell lowell's room
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(man) docket number 069236. people vs. mitchell lowell. the charge is robbery in the first degree, kidnapping in the first degree. randolph dworkin for the defense. pleasure's mine. not bad, huh? i beg your pardon? "squirt" dworkin?
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camp well-met.
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