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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i love driving back. i looked for a place down here when i got my gold shield. so, what happened? well, one month's rent on a one-bedroom costs more than my car. yeah. what's wrong with brooklyn anyway? nothing, but, i mean, check this out-- it's beautiful, it's safe. well, judging by the call we just got, i don't think it's that safe. what do we got? ted kramer, wall street guy. gunshot to the head. close range. they didn't take his fancy watch. no signs of forced entry? no, detective. it's a serious security system. cop: checked it. dibled. whoever pulled the trigger probably took care of that after this guy let him in.
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i don't think it's a burglary. looks like a professional hit. question is, who'd want mr. kramer here dead? eddie: don't take this the wrong way. you drive just like my grandmother. yeah, well, you drive like my brother when he was 14, so... you can't drive till you're 16, chief. exactly. i'm just saying, it's not like you're gonna get a ticket. well, if i do, it's not like my rich dad is gonna pay for me. boy scout. daddy's girl. (over radio): alunits, shots fired, corner of clinton and 12th. 12 david responding. (siren wailing) that's more like it, yeah. (tires screech) (gunshots) we got two suspects drawing shots from behind that car. jamie: okay.
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jamie: police! drop your weapons! (gunshot) all right, stay here. i'm going around. no. stay, stay. give it up! you're not getting out of here! drop your weapon! drop it! put 'em on the ground right now! on the ground! onhe ground! put 'em down! on the ground now! jamie: on the ground! hands behind your head! eddie: on the ground! jamie: central, 12 david. keep 'em coming. i got two under. one fled the scene. (gunshot in distance) stay here. woman: why'd you have to shoot him? the kid was unarmed. (indistinct shouts) hey. hey, what happened? he had a gun. i had no choice.
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man: he's just a damn kid! central, 12 david. i need a bus forthwith at 3275 clinton, regarding one male shot. oh. where's the gun? what happened? uh, i don't know. calm down. i've been trying to stop the bleeding. (people shouting) he didn't ha no damn gun! you shot him for no reason! all right, all right, hey, calm down. all right. jamie: all right, back up! central, 12 david. i'm requesting a 10-85, regarding large disorderly crowd at this location, forthwith. all right, calm down! hey, back up! back up! hey, back up! the current unrest on clinton street began when 14-year-old marcus green, fleeing purported gang members, was chased by nypd officer james montero, who then shot the youth in the back. there's no word on the boy's condition at this time. far, police haven't engaged protestors, but violence is clearly escalating. (turns off tv) kid died on the table five minutes ago.
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the news will hit the street. like a bombshell. we're ready. how? sheer numbers, for starters. contain the owd without inciting further violence. it's easier said than done. they are to stand down unless directly attacked. what about attacks on private property? i will not have someone shot over a plateglass window. what are they saying? witnesses claim that green was unarmed, including local shop owner marta dominga. marta, please. thank you. thank you for talking to us. can you please tell us what happened and what were your thoughts. well, the cops come into this neighborhood and they treat everyone like a damn criminal, and we're sick of it! this is not right at all, because this boy was 14 years old. reporter: did he have a gun? no, he had not gun. and that's not right. i mean, what aut us? what about our neighborhood? we need some protection, too... they find the weapon yet? not yet. all due respect, boss, we can't put that fire out with just a squirt gun. do we have trained officers on the scene? yes. then let's put that training to good use. we will play for a tie until further notice. yes, sir. i am late
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a good officer-- no neeto play defense here. we got a 14-year-old boy shot dead by one of our own. the reality is, public sentiment is going to dictate how some of this goes. just trying to stand up for our guy. i'll stand up for him.
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we were hoping you could help us out with that, mr. phillips. did mr. amer have any enemies you knew about? he wasderful guy. he was a great partner. people loved him. no issues at the office, pissed-off clients, nothing? no. there was a small disagreement between teddy and the other partners recently. oh. what about? well, teddy wanted to bring in a new partner, somezero experience in securities. but it's his company, right? yes. but... under the partnership agreement, he still has to get majority approval to bring someone new aboard. which i'm assuming he didn't get. the only thing this guy brought was capital, and we're coming off a record year, so he... was rejected. how'd kramer take it? not well. he stopped coming to the office, wouldn't answer his calls. i hadn't spoken to him in a week. this art dealer that kramer wanted to bring in, did he have a name? teri damiri.
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up on madison. sounds familiar. is that that guy that hangs out at the clubs with the movie stars? another reason we didn't want his name on the letterhead. poole: i'm gonna have to ask you again, frank, do you have a credible witness who says he saw the kid had a gun? the incident is under investigation, mr. mayor. don't give me the company line, frank. i am following procedure, and procedure dictates we interview every possible witness, not just the kangaroo court tv puts on. and who would be a credible witness to you? another cop? oh, come on. we both know that won't fly. you're damn right, it won't-- the people in the community have eyesight, too. i'm not saying they don't. you don't lean toward them, do you? you always lean toward your own. if you're playing some race card here, save it.
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you and me, we're better than that... and i know that. but the card i am playing... six monthsgo i was shot by a kid from the projects. a minority kid. and every day i wish one of yours had beat him to the draw. but, frank, wishing it won't make it so. no more than you wishing that the people's beef with your department's use of force is 100% unfounded. you know i want to work with you here. and i hope you know... that i would like to lighten your load if i can. i do know that. what can i do? i'm gonna hold a press conference on the shooting. i want you to be there. i already released a statement. we have a full-scale riot on our hands, frank. a statement is not gonna cut it.
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before i have all the facts. no one is asking you to. well, somehow it always turns out that way. you're just gonna have to trust me on this, frank. now, when do we get the internal affairs report? 72 hours. if officer montero is found negligent, he will pay the price. if officer montero is found negligent, i'm gonna do everything in my power to see that he's charged with murder. that'll be the price of that. (sighs) (sighs) (footsteps approaching) teri damiri? thank you, natasha. welcome, detectives. are you in the market for some fine art today?
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a little bit out of our price range. true beauty has no price. hmm. yeah, so, you and ted kramer were friends? i loved teddy. i can't believe what happened. we understand you wanted to partner up with his firm. teddy needed a little cash infusion. he was good cuomer, and a hell of a guy. i was trying to help him out. hm. his partners said they had plenty of dough. look, teddy made a few deals his associates didn't know about. big-money plays with considerable risk. and you offered to step in? yeah, but it didn't work out. it made no difference to me; clearly i don't need the money. but i felt bad for teddy. he was in a tough spot. he's in a tougher spot now. you know who might have killed him? a lot of bad guys out there. erin: i have to be honest with you, counselor, i'm a little surprised your client is in this office. man: i've advised officer montero he has
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and yet, here he is. man: this is a proffer session. nothing my client says can be used against him. unless he contradicts himself in future testimony. man: we're hoping it doesn't come to that. in light of the public outcry, with many prominent leaders speaking o against my client, we are concerned that department brass may encourage the iab to... sacrifice officer montero in order to keep the peace. "department brass"? oh, i'm not here to disrespect anyone's family. my client deserves a fair shake, and we feel the d.a.'s investigation offers his best shot to get it. i'd like to hear your version of what happened. i chased the suspect onto a crowded street. i ordered him to stop. instead, he turned around, aimed a weapon at me, so i fired. was your gun drawn the whole time? yes. the original call was shots fired. i-i couldn't be sure if he had a gun. are you certain he had one? i didn't see it at first, but, when he turned back toward me, he had a weapon in his hand. it was
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you might be mistaken? no way. why wasn't a gun found at the scene? i don't know. neither do i. i know this looks bad, but i swear to god... i fired in self-defense. i could see he was just a kid.
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new blissful butters . there's no bliss like blistex . the death of marcus green, regardless of circumstance, is a tragedy. i want to assure the public that the shooting is being investigated and the full results will breleased shortly. until then, i urge restraint and calm. the last thing this city needs is further violence. i echo the commissioner's call for restraint. this is a terrible incident, but the public needs to remain calm. does this shooting fit into a larger pattern of excessive force by the nypd in minority neighborhoods? there is no evidence that officer montero used excessive force... but it most certainly does leave a lot of unanswered questions. this tragedy fits in a well-established and disturbing trend. the use of excessive force in minority and poor communities is a grave concern. and one that i promise will not be tolerated.
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isn't safe. reporters: commissioner! danny: hey. u come up with anything? oh, the only thing i get from kramer's financial records is that i definitely chose the wrong profession. "cash withdrawal: 80 grand, 100 grand, 200 grand"? what's this guy spending his money on? oh. here we go. the cash was wired to various casinos, the borgata, mandalay bay, foxwoods. close to two million bucks in all. son of a bitch. he's a degenerate gambler. with very deep pockets. yeah, kind of guy gets himself in too deep and gets himself popped. you know what? let's take a ride. come on. where are we going? i got a c.i. who's in the gambling business. he'll let us know if this guy got himself whacked for not paying his marker. hey, do you have anything on officer montero? graduated third in his class from the police academy,
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you try his c.o.? says montero's an exemplary officer. (phone chimes) uh... it looks like our marcus green is not as innocent as we thought. he's got a juvenile record. those records are supposed to be sealed. yeah, i've got friends in low places. "marcus green... "arrested for carrying a loaded .38-caliber pistol when he was 12." doesn't mean he was armed when montero shot him in the back. no. but it does mean we have a lot more work to do. might look like any other nondescript dive, but it's actually the biggest book east of vegas. how come occb doesn't shut it down? most of their best snitches work out of here. and there's ours. lester, you're killing me. i bailed your ass out 100 times, lester. come on, lester. le... lester,
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nice. working a homicide. you do remember police work, right? hum a few bars. detective baez, gary heller. believe it or not, gary used to be on the job. you were a cop? narcotics. till the, uh, unpleasantness. unpleasantness being he lost a kilo. a kilo went missing under his watch. you ever speak to the jamaicans you framed? huckles) why dwell on the past? i make a lot more dough taking bets and the hours are better. i'm sure. you're a lot more fetching than his last partner. all right, knock itff. i need you to focus, okay? you know ted kramer? kramer? hmm. the broker that got popped in tribeca, right? yeah, and he liked to gamble. lot of folks do. okay. kramer was a player. mm-hmm. high-stakes poker. bet big, lost bigger. he ran around with a rich art dealer, a damiri.
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uh, look, guys... getting into a sensitive area here. is damiri a player or not? (sucks air through teeth) uh... he was more of a businessman. meaning? meaning he set up games for his big-money pals. and keep a piece of the action for himself. that's the american way, honey. we done? no. say this kramer lost big. was he into damiri? you kidding me, danny? no, i'm not kidding you, gary. damiri uses russian muscle to police his games. he's in business with the russian mob. those guys got no sense of mor. i'm done talking. no, you're not. was kramer into damiri? yes or no. kramer was in a seven-figure hole with damiri. that's a bad place to be.
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action to me? 5,000. bet's to you. i call. $75,000. you, sir. all right, ladies and gentlemen, we are the police. this game is officially over. sir, why don't you drop that bottle. everybody get your hands onto the table where we can see 'em with your palms up. give those three a toss over here. make sure they're not carrying. danny: step back, sir. what the hell is going on?! just the man i'm looking for. turn around. you're coming with us. we have almost 400 grand in this pot. hey, you can walk away now or you can count your winnings in jail. hey, hands up. you guys are making a big mistake. the only one making a mistake here is you with your little gambling operation. it's just poker, detective. it's a victimless crime. tell that to ted kramer.
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