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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 12, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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rootmetrics, in the nation's largest independent study, tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with one hundred fifty three state wins. a t and t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability. a t and t got, text. stuck on an average network?
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child: i want to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas i need to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas why can't i eat, eat, eat... scarlett johansson: one in 5 children struggles with hunger in america. support the feeding america nationwide network of food banks to help provide meals to those in need.
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bomb right here, let's just- 'kay, we can't confront him. spike: but we need him... i need him. ed: go, go, we're running out of time. let's go! let's move! let's convince him to defuse the bomb off. parker: what if he has a detonator? then just blows it up early. so we convince him at gunpoint. boss is right. you can't risk that. parker: 12 minutes before the bomb goes off. we've got two more civilians? yeah. including rania. and we're almost ready with the gear. we just gotta jack up the rubble. parker: let's do it.
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sam: tony. tony: yes? sam: i nd your help. tony: okay. m: we're gonna jack this up, okay? when it starts rising i need you to find rock, concrete, anything. jam it in, and make sure it doesn't fall. why is this guy helping us? on the same day he tries to pull down a building full of people? spike: i think he wanted to destroy the building, i don't think he wanted to hurt anybody. those two bombs were set 10 minutes before this one. he wanted people to get out of the building. then he was trying to get people out of the server room, now he's helping us. parker: okay, spike, jules is at his house. winnie's dug up an old co-worker. all right? let's... let's try to unlock this guy. but we do not tip our hand until rania's out. got it. eddie. anyway we get our people outta there quicker? top speed's still three minutes each. three minutes times five people we have left... (sighs) eddie... so we're five minutes d two to three people short.
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looks like he was expecting , sarge. what do you see, jules? well, the dooras open. and then these files neatly stacked. right on the kitchen counter. parker: okay, fast as you can. anything you can find. jules: copy that. barb lewis? come on in. promise i won't keep you long. i was just hoping you can tell me something about alexi kanisky. is he involved in these bombings? well, we're to figure that out. i can't imagine he has anything to do with this. i worked with him for ars. until he was fired? came out of the blue. alexi: hey, hey. braft: we'll be filing charges with the police. i'm deeply disappointed. look, i have done nothing wrong. i gave you everything, my work, my time, my ideas. i took you into this company. i gave you the best opportunities. i stood by you.
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you have my loyalty, since the first day. i gave you everything! i only wish that were true. alexi: okay, okay... barb: he was escorted from the building. some of lewellen's technology was being leaked to a competito it was all traced back to alexi. why did he do it? frustration? his project - galina - never worked during field tests. the pressure was pretty intense. maybhe was trying to get back at the company for not supporting him? you never asked him? i called him a few times after he was fired... he never called me back. parker: thank you, ms. lewis, for coming in. jules: okay, sarge, i think i have a handle on this. he was obsessed with a project called- parker: galina. exactly. but he couldn't get it to work. some new technology, but there's page after page from different departments in the company,
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but it always failed in the field. jules: that's what it looks like even though the parts all tested out. what, so he sells company secrets? jules: and when he's caught he goes rogue and plants a bomb? doesn't feel right. no. especially if he's down there trying to help. parker: there' s something, jules. just keep digging. spike? i heard it all, boss. sam: okay, we're ready. rania: it hurts. (pained whimper) sam: almost there. (pained yelp) it hurts. almost there. okay. spike, grab the iv please. raf, on three. one, two, three! rania: (pained cries) she's clear. nice. rania: (whimpering) how you doing? steve: now the most important thing, get a tourniquet on each leg. well, she's not bleeding. it's not blood loss - it's what her body was producing when it was being crushed.
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if they get into her circulation her kidneys could fail. you hanging in there? yes. good. thank you. thank you. sam: all right. ready? should be okay. okay... one, two thr. rania: (pained cries) (rania breathes shakily, harness buckles clank) so you're next. okay? a couple of minutes and you'll be out of here. none of this should have happened. spike: i couldn't agree more. i'd like to thank you for all e help today. you three should go up next. i-i have no family. i'll go last. no, i can't let that happen. we've got rules - about protecting life. sam: okay, let's go.
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hey... sam. yeah? rania: thank you for getting me this far. you're gonna be fine. 'kay, give us a little slack. 'kay. go, go. rania? rania? 'kay, get her up, ed. go, go, go! spike: no matter how long i'm a police officer... calls like this, it's always hard. thing is, i don't think anybody was supposed to get hurt today. what do you think? i don't know. yeah, nobody supposed to die like this. nobody supposed to have their work destroyed. sam: tony, you're gonna have to keep your hands where we can see them. alexi? alexi kanisky? you know who i am. i know you're the only man who can help me. we know what happened at lewellen. i can't help you. yeah, you can. i won't help you. then you're killing all of us.
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watch the legs. okay, gentle. gently, gently. spike: alexi, i need to make sure you don't have anything that's gonna set off our bomb early. i would have set it off already. i don't think so. i think you would've waited until we had rania was safe. i don't think you wanted to hurt anyone today. he's clean. guys, i really don't thinkwe need guns down here. you can't make things any worse. parker: that's it, spike,
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ed: we're good. paramedics are taking care of rania. raf, coming down to you. no, man, sam's hurt, he's next. seniority. i stay. get outta here. guys, we don't have time for this, the harness is here. raf, now! we only got a few minutes. i will see you two up top. yup. jules: spike, two months after kanisky left lewellen stock jumped. they made a big announcement about new technology. a "breakthrough in missile control." he didn't sellll company secrets. they framed him and then froze him out. raf: let's go, ed. you found out galina worked, didn't you? those failures in the field, those were all lies. your idea was making the company millions. i kept trying to prove it in court. but who am i to men like that? they just took it. and this is your way of taking it back. i gave everything to them. well then, don't give 'em your life. tell me how to defuse the bomb. i can't let them win. ed: let's go, let's go! (buckles click)
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now. you gotta go, buddy. spike, we're running out of time. after sam, it's you. parker: if kanisky doesn't give up the code, he's not gonna make it. i think that's what he's going for. spike, come on. go, see yourad. he's not gonna give it up. there's still time. spike. let me do my job, sam. you're next. sam: okay. (harness fasteners click) uh... i'm sorry about your father. sam: ed, let's go. see you topside. you better. i know that pain. your father? yeah, my mother. she gave everything to me. yeah, my dad did too. alexi: well, he must be very proud. what's the code, alexi?
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all of her dreams, braft took away. your mother wouldn't want you to die for that. you would die for what you do. tell me, what's the difference? parker: spike, the second that line comes down you're in it. spike: copy that, boss. you ever blow stuff up as a kid? smoke, volcanoes. baking soda and vinegar. for me, it was fireworks. roman candles, polumnas. my dad hated it. he was always worrying. same as my mother. he felt maybe it would turn me into a scientist, a chemist, something he could be proud of. something safe. one day, he came home and he caught me mixing camping fuel, bleach... ...citric acid. yeah. that's a great explosion. spike, get in the harness. spike: but the thing is, i didn't do it right and i burned myself pretty bad i was nine years old. did you stop making bombs after that? no. but i learned how to do it right. and then later on i learned how to take them apart.
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i didn't want anyone to see the look i saw in my dad's eyes. ed spike, you ready? spike, you ready? almost. you built a beautiful bomb, alexi. it's perfect. it's beautiful. i can't stop it. but i don't wanna see you die. i hope your father finds peace. spike: yeah, i hope you do too. maybe you'll see your mother again. what was her name? galina. galina. boss, the code is galina. it's alphanumeric, like a phone. quick, help me out. what were those numbers he keyed in again? alpha-numeric, it's like a phone. g! parker: buddy, buddy, buddy, what're y doing? spike: if galina's the code i can disarm the infrared and get rid of the detonator. spike, get in that harness! spike: g! a, b, c, d, e, f, g! g is four. four! there's no time, you get outta there!
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four, two... l! a, b, c... get outta there, spike. spike: two, l... l isive. five, i, four. n, what's "n", boss? boss, what's "n"? two, four, five, six were the keys. two and four were double tapped. eddie, you get outta there. spike! ed, get outta here! am i right, "n" is six? please, get out. "n" is six, am i right? please, please, help me. help me, please, help me. help me! help me! six and then two. six... six. two. (bomb beeps) i.r. is down, opening the box. spike, you got it? spike: no, i gotta get the fuse out. help me. okay, easy, easy, easy. okay, okay. ed: spike! eddie, you get outta there right now, dammit, right now! 60 seconds. i'm not leaving him down there. ed, one man down range. ed, one man down range. spike...
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alexi: easy, easy. easy, easy, easy. spike: one. spike... michelangelo... spike: boss, i know. i know it's gonna be tight. we're almost there. i'll grab the detonator, stop the bomb. hold on, hold on, hold on. alexi: easy. (screws clang on the floor) (throwing grunt) (explosion) bomb defused. (slurs, overcome with emotion) let's get him out. let's get him out! (pants) thank you.
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okay. come on. careful. (crane whirs) (grunts) michaelangelo scarlotti. w-what were you thinking? just doing my job. come on. i gotta go. go. so is rania gonna make it?
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you, ah... you gotta get him checked out at emerg. it could be a concussion. jules, i'm fine. come on, i'll take him. come on. jules: that was czy what you... parker: steve! thanks for the help today. hell of a day. yeah. you guys did a great job. mikey, thank god! (cries) (kiss) hey, ba? ba? michelangelo... come stai? did you see? jueventus... scored... four times
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you gotta risk something. michael, i'm scared. it's okay. i'm here.
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spike: stay tuned for s guys. (auditorium doors open) ed: i'm a police officer, my name's ed lane. young man: leave me alone! ed: i can't do that. i can't just leave you alone trying to kill yourself. sam: okay, we can't just rush 'em ed, so you need to buy us some time. parker: eddie, you gotta take the pressure off. ed: families just go through a little bit of strain, that's all, and i get that. young man: no, you don't get to say you get it. 'cause how could you get it? how? how could you even know?! (firecrackers pop and whiz, kids chatter and laugh)
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boy: what's that? whoa, dude, don't. man, relax. it's done. girlfriend: joe, come on, just chill. (hip hop music plays on a radio) (kids chatter and laugh) boy: what're you doing, tyanna? nothing. i'm looking for someone. oh yeah? are you feeling lonely? looking for a little, uh... action? kids: (snicker) boy: good one, joe. kid in cap: don't worry, i'm not that desperate. kids: oh! joe... (snickering) kid in cap: enjoy your day. what'd you say to me? kid in cap: sorry, joe, i'm just not that into you. joe, leave him alone. kids: (laugh) girlfriend: joe! say it again. girlfriend: joe, don't! guys, stop it! oh my god, stop! joe, come on! joe: you think you're funny now? you deserve whatever you get. winnie: sarge? parker: yeah. sorry to interrupt.
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marina. i didn't expect you. yeah. is this okay? sure! sure! oh. parker: so, how's everything? everything okay? yeah. you know, good days and bad days. yeah. and how's counseling going? he thinks that i'll be able to go back to work on monday. and what do you think? i say bring it on. therapy and baking can only take a gal so far. work's a good way to just, you know... oh yeah, i do know. though i have managed to perfect the delicate art of the cupke. a little "thank you" for you and your team. (snorted chuckle) sam: (whispers) that's the lady from the valentine's day shooting. winnie: (whispers) marina. (whispers) right... it's not her first time being by either. (kids cheer, firecrackers pop)
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(chamber cranks) (chamber snaps into place) (exhales) (grass rustles underfoot) marina: after that night, it's... it's been hard to go out again. well, you've got your guard up, that's natural. i mean, i've been out on a few dates. great guys on paper, but... there was one thing that i kept thinking: none of them were you. oh. we you or was you. i... anyways, i, um... friend of mine is having an art opening tonight and if you're not doing anything...? it's totally, it's last minute, i know, but... i'd love to, but uh... right.
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no, no, no, no. see, you... you've been, you've been through a lot, and i think it would be better if we kept this uncomplicated. absolutely. i mean, it's worth a try, right? (sighs, clears throat) thank you. yeah. (music plays on the radio, kids chatter and laugh) boy: hey yo, joe, visitor. joe: something you want? what's with the mask? you having a bad face day? (kids laugh) girl: (hushed tone) what's he doing? joe stanick! on your knees!
2:05 am
(gunshot pops loudly, girl squeals) gunman: all ofou! on your knees! 911 reporting a masked gunman in the don valley. witness's name is jessica. i'm patching you through. jessica? hi, my name is sergeant greg parker, i'm with the police strategic response unit. he's gonna shoot them! rker: it's one gunman, is that right? jessica: yeah, he's got my friends. parker: is anyone hurt? jessa: oh my god! you gotta get here fast. please! he's gonna shoot them. parker: we're on our way, honey. we just need to find you. can you help us? jessica: we're, uh... we're by the river, nearhe bridge. lotta bridges down there, boss. parker: is it a big bridge? a small one? i don't know, small. parker: is there anything else? a landmark? jessica: just the, just the river and i don't know, trees. how about hydro wires and buildings? jessica: oh god! um, a train! we're by the big bridge thing with the trains going underneath. the bridge thing with the trains underneath, i can workith that.
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gunman: if anybody moves, i'll shoot! boy: i gotta do something! jessica: no, no! parker: jessica, you listen to me. you stay right where you are, honey. jessica, tell me what's going on? what's happening? (loud gunshot, jessica shrieks) jessica! (sirens wailing) all right, let's get this area contained. let's do it now! spe: we're looking at this bridge here - could be either side. sam: guys, organize containment on all roads. no one in or out till we can clear. ed: okay, boss, raf, jules - west side of the bridge; sam, spike, with me - east. sam: shots fired, there may be wounded. parker: winnie, send ems. winnie, let's get k-9 down here asap.
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are you okay? hey, is everyone all right? it's just the police. you're safe, okay? ed: it's all right. get up. sa you guys can get up. kid: thank god. sam: is everyone okay? kids: yeah. ed: boss, we found 'em. talk to , eddie. ed: we got five teens, uninjured. we're good. did you see where the gunman went? no, i don't know. he took joe. ed: it's okay, we're gonna find him. now what happened here? dirk tried to stop him from takinjoe and then- i jumped him, and then the gun went off. and then he made us get on the ground face down. sam: did any of you see where the gunman went? dirk: he said he'd shoot us if we moved. the guy ew joe's name. what's joe's last name? stanick. boss, the subject has taken a hostage, a joe stanick. he's known to the gunman. sam, we gotta move. ike, get these kids back to command post. spike: okay, guys, everybody with me. okay, everybody. come on, guys, we stick together. let's go. up, up, up. through there. there you go. come on, it's time to go. jessica: i think it was tyler. tyler? who's tyler? he was here before and they fought, and that's his hat. spike: that's tyler's hat? jessica: yeah.


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