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tv   News Channel 3 News at 4  CBS  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. damn it to crap, brody. we're only a day behind schedule. yeah, well, i got drywallers starting. so i suggest you shift your lazy ass into high gear catch the hell up. maybe you should think twice before insulting a man wearing a to belt. yeah, you know, if you weren't married to my sister... what the hell is this? that wasn't here when we left. son of a bitch. man: the little girl's body was discovered by the general contractor and a carpenter at 6:53 a.m. this our point of entry? yeah, one nail holding a piece of plywood. didn't take a herculean effort. and they both handled the sword so it's contaminated.
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no stab wounds, but hematemesis indicates internal bleeding. blunt force trauma. bruises-- sternum to toe. with this? we'll check it for trace evidence. looks like it was made here out of floor scraps. is this the victim's braid? looks like it. i'd say cut with a knife not scissors. restraint marks on the wrists and ankles. where's the rope? didn't find any. signs of sexual abuse? extensive bruising and swelling in the pelvic region. i'll run a kit. what's her name? any idea who killed her? all right, guys, please. that's eugh, this way. ma'am, please, this... come on. i need to check on my... my little girl... cassie wasn't in her bed, and... how old is your daughter? um, she's five. she's my foster daughter. okay, can you describe her for us? she's um... she's black. she's got her hair in little braids. she's like 40 pounds. why don't you come with me, okay? woman: excuse me, sir? pardon me. sound like we have an i.? yeah, it's bad. excuse me, excuse me, captain cragen? can you give us anything? we'll have a statement shortly.
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victim is cassie adams, aged five. she was found beateno death at a construction site across her street. fin: someone snatched her right out of bed. foster mom saidthey'd been having problems with her sleepwalking. is there a foster dad? everything but. foster mom, foster grandmother, the victim's two sisters. i believe the grandmother has a foster kid of her own. full house. what's this, a sword? yeah, with the victim's braid attached. some kind of ritual killing? or a gang symbol. there's a crew on 149th street that wears sword of damascus tats. could be the prop of some whackjob. or an ex-con. this is basically a big old shiv. well, let's start with known pedophiles in the area, canvas the block. let's find out who had access to that site. oh, and, uh, check out this address. it was on the victim. we ran it, but there's no phone connected. want us to interview the foster family?
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man ( over video game ): level seven. tanya, about when did you last see cassie? when i went to bed. okay. glenn, honey, turn that thing down. girl: grandma! and did you hear anything last night? no. ( sobs ) stabler: we good? yeah. which one was cassie's bed? the bottom bunk. tanya has the top. and whitley's is three feet away. all they know is, she was gone when they woke up. well, we'd like to take everyone down to our precinct. fewer distractions, they might remember something. they have been through so much. the dad died in jail. the mom used to drag them out panhandling. she'd use them as sympathy. mother still in the picture? no, supervised visits.
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when was the last visitation? a day and a half ago. and it's only the mom on these visits? she brought her boyfriend the last tim made the girls very uncomfortable. fin: do you know a cassie adams? how's that concern you? take that as a yes. why are you asking about my daughter? child services didn't contact you? about what? i'm very sorry to have to te you this but your daughter, cassie, is dead. no. no! god, no! no, no, no! no, no, no, no! ( sobbing ) no! no! anger management an issue with her?
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so, having a close friend snatch one back isn't out of the question. you know, girl doesn't want to go. puts up a struggle. accidents happen. why are you talking to me like i'm a suspect? account for your whereabouts last night and i'll adjust my tone. i play sax at harvel's. i just got tashandra a job waitressing there. and we were both there until 3:00 this morning. tashandra lives here with you? officially, she's still at the shelter, but she's spending nights. then why was cassie carrying this address? i don't know, you got to ask 'shandra. i always wrote down where i was for her. it was a comfort. i need to be with my babies. they're okay. they're with the detectives, trying to sort this out. you know, cassie's my middle child but she was always the mother hen and i don't know what whitley and tanya are going to do without her. how long have you been apart?
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i'll get them back, now, won't i? it's up to children's services. but it's their fault. they stole my kids. i thought if i... if i had my girls with me, i could protect them. you tell them that i need to protect the two that i got left. that's not my call. you have to take me to see them. i'm sorry, i really can't. please! please, don't make me have to go to them and beg. please? liv's upstairs with the eight-year-old sister huang's got the three-year-old and i'm running out of rooms. well, i'll put up a "do not disturb" sign talk to the boy in observation... you lousy bitch! what did you do to my daughter?! what did you do to my daughter?! munch: tashandra, please, this isn't helping. how could you let this happen? calm down, ma'am. okay, calm down. no, no, no, i want to see my daughters.
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let's get her... here's your juice. sotanya, can you tell me what happened last night? i don't know. well, when you went to bed who was in the room? whitley and cassie. tanya, we know that cassie left the room last night, but do you know how? no. stabler: y, glenn. tell me about cassie. she was always bugging me to use my playstation but she was too little. i wish i had let her now. it must have been hard for you. all of a sudden having three sisters. no. i li being a big brother. do you?
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i try to. did you ever go over to the construction site? yeah. how about cassie? she's not supposed to cross the street by herself. she'd ask me to take her. why? she likes to talk to one of the workers. did you and cassie ever go to the building site without glenn? mm-hmm. and when you guys would go over there who would cassie talk to? danny. who's danny? he's nice. the other ones chased usway. oh. how was nny nice? he gave us gum and showed us stuff in the house. man: that'd be danny marston.
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"fun time learning emporium" on company time? hey, danny's one of the hardest workers i got. guy that's good with kids must have a bunch of his own. not yet, but he coaches little league and he volunteers at a bunch of youth programs. where's danny now? i had to send my whole crew home after you declared it a crime scene. where's he hang his hard hat? my secretary can give you his address. if he's not at home try the youth rec center on 123rd. guy's a saint. danny marston? yeah? steal a minute of your ti? sure. all right, y'all, come on. hey, keep it going, guys. let's go, we got 'em. little girl was found dead at your place of work. we understand that you and her were buddies. god, it's tragic. i mean, she came around every day. budding architect, asking me hundreds of questions. see, he wasn't being inapprriately friendly. he was shmoozing up a future boss. inappropriate?
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i mean, most of the kids i work with are in that situation. you make toys for all of them? i made her a little airplane out of scrap. took all of two seconds. what? where were you last night? home. fin: can anyone verify that? no. why would they need to? maybe we should finish this down at the squad room. we're in the middle of a game here. you really want to do this in front of them? damage their little psyches? andre? take over here? i am not a pedophile. and i refuse to stop helping kids in need just to avoid being labeled one. i didn't do it. tell me how i prove a negative. tell the truth. you've never seen anyone
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i never even thought of it until i started getting the third degree. i left my thermos there last week. when i went back, a couple of kids had broken in. vandals? no. who? cassie and an older kid. listen, i know it looks bad but i'm sure it's just a coincidence. what is? they both had sticks. when i went in, they were sword fighting. you need to describe this older kid to us. a white boy she's always with.
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it could be that he had motive. he was an only child, a little slow. three younger, cuter sisters move in attention gets split four ways. 14 years old, raging hormones... look, uh, before you place this kid on death row let's see if we can place him at the crime scene. why do we always get stuck with looking for the needle in the haystack? takes me back to the easter egg hunts of my youth. you're jewish. your parents hid eggs? my point exactly-- all those futile hours of searching. now, if you were still a bright-eyed little kid what would that look like to you? a deathtrap. you're pathetic. that's the coolest fort ever. you had a traumatic childhood, too, huh, sherlock? mother lode. comic books. walkman.
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that looks sharp enough to cut off a braid of hair. if it is, you win the chocolate bunny. woman: glenn's been sent to the guidance center many times. fights? yeah. he's bully? on the contrary. he's the one bullied. this is where he spends half his day with the other special ed students. now, i've talked to glenn. he's... he's borderline. he's a little slower than the average student a little bigger and he won't fight back which makes him a constant target. that's got to get to him. it did once. he threw a chair across the room. it exploded into pieces. are you doing anything to protect these targeted kids? glenn has a rich fantasy life that he retreats to. whenever i try to discuss his problems all he'll talk about is this camelot-type video game. camelot... like jousting, sword-fighting that kind of thing?
4:23 pm
in books with similar mythical themes but there's something about this game. graphic violence. read his case file. it's nothing new. glenn was one of our saddest cases. it's a miracle he's adjusted as wl as he has. abuse? while his mother was out prostituting herself for drug money the boyfriend was at home molesting glenn. sometimes he'd resort to objects. and when did you get him? not soon enough. the abuse started at two; we got him at four. if you'd seen the emptiness in that boy's eyes... did he bounce around for a long time? on that front, he was lucky. we placed him with dorothyudd right away. she's had him ever since. she ever have any troubles with him? not that i know of. women like dorothy are hard to find. with a lot of these kids the families have no idea what they're getting into. still, with glenn's background weren't you at all concerned about placing three young girls in the house? no. my caseworker met with the boy and, uh, he seemed very excited about it.
4:24 pm
fin: standard issue for any boy over eight. anything making this one unique? say, maybe some kid carving his initials in the handle? oh, better. ten-point gem. i ran it, but he's not in the system. system doesn't include juvies. the size and shape are consistent with a boy-- on the large side. or a woman, although given these... i'd stick with a lonely, frustrated adolescent an outcast with a four-dollar-a-day cheese puff habit. you lifted those from the comic books? corner of every page. the girl didn't die from a paper cut. anything else on the knife? uh... just a hair caught in the fold. it's the one on the left. the one on the right's the victim's. it's identical. which puts cheese puff boy at the crime scene the night of the murder. now you've just got that one hitch. what's that? the sword is not your murder weapon.
4:25 pm
see the perfections in the wood? with this level of impact it would've picked up fiber or soft tissue evidence. maybe he wiped it clean. pattern doesn't match. bleeds spread their mass out differently depending on the weapon. these came from something perfectly cylindrical with no rough edges. broomstick? baseball bat? what? heavier than a broomstick, narrower than a bat. ere was a, uh... a pile of copper piping at the crime scene. maybe. whatever it was was hefty enough to cause these. subcutaneous bruises, multiple fractures-- metacarpals, tibia, humerus... stabler: what killed her? bled out from a lacerated liver. a slow death. rape kit results in yet? there were no fluids. i found no evidence of penetration. i thought you said you did. i said there was swelling. it was from the beating. anything else? look at the different hues from the trauma.
4:26 pm
the purplish areas with extravasation were already forming hematomas. meaning that she was beaten over an extended period of time. at least 12 hours. did you notice any bruises on cassie when you put her to bed? no, but she... neither of us put her to bed. she was already asleep when we got home. you were out? just for a few hours. where were you? delia nathan's, right up the street. we play the cards every tuesday. why di't you mention this before? because it was a lot earlier in the evening. we checked in on her when we got home. benson: who was baby-sitting? glenn. no, he didn't do anything wrong. she was tucked soundly in bed. did glenn ever play rough with the girls? well, he-he... liked to wrestle and he's big for his age and sometimes he didn't know his own strength.
4:27 pm
we're going to need to speak with glenn. glenn? glenn, honey, please. glenn: just a minut man: ( on video game ): kill the gorgon or the princess shall die. hi, glenn, what are you playing? glenn: come on, come on! one more level. dorothy: glenn, stop. this is serious. they need to talk to you now. elliot... right down to the braid of hair. ( swords clanging in game ) glenn, we found your sword. the one that you left with cassie. stabler: okay, what's a gorgon? it's going to be okay, glenn. can you tell us what happened that night? ( whispering ): i took her to the cave... to help her to save cassie...
4:28 pm
glenn ( whispering ): cassie, cassie cassie, cassie... benson: glenn... glenn, do you know how cassie got hurt? stabler: were you playing games? gorgon, gorgon killed her. please, i know he didn't mean to. it had to be an accident. mrs.udd... tell them, glenn, tell them it was an accident. it was... it's those video games. ( yelling ) dorothy: stop it, you're hurting yourself. ( screaming ) glenn, glenn! dorothy: you're hurting him! you're hurting him! ( yelling )
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how's glenn doing? psych unit at hillview. you read the report? yeah. agitation, aggression, paranoid delusions.. your boy had a psychotic break. almost took our two-way with him. his mind didn't short-circuit for no reason. he's clearly under tremendous pressure. guilty conscience? need to confess versus self-preservation? that'll make you crazy. munch: damn it. man:( in video game ): you have lost. pathetic. give me that; let me show you how to do it. maybe we should rethink the squad room video arcade. glenn retreated into that game. well, considering what he went through his first four years of life, who wouldn't? not to mention the physical and emotional abuse he's taken at school. let's just make this case. the super mario brothers up there can re-canvass. you two go visit the boy. benson: mrs. rudd? what are you doing here? we need to see glenn. no, you don'
4:33 pm
that's okay. you know what? whdon't we sit down? i tried to get him a snack. it's stuck. it's his favorite. how's glenn holding up? i've never seen him like this. glenn is, uh... he's a sick boy and if we do this right we can make sure wherever he goes, he gets help. maybe i was too old when i took him in. i thought i was up to it... but i was being selfish. it's just... i love having kids around. mrs. rudd, you do understand that we ed to talk to glenn. doesn't he have any rights? stabler: yes, he does, but he's a juvenile and you can waive miranda for him. i don't know.
4:34 pm
he was so upset, i... no, i think i should talk to a lawyer. mrs. rudd... no, i don't need any help. level 13. you have won. the princess shall live. stabler: game's over. looks like dorothy's going to lawyer up the kid. how long have you been playing that game? your captain's found his calling. he made it to the final level. i defeated the gorgon freed the forest from evil demons and rescued the dying princess from her dungeon. princess-- nice. well, wait till you hear how he lifted the spell she was under. a sword and a lock of her hair. it gets better. i carried her to the secret cave tied the hair to the sword and placed it at the entrance and she's as good as new. so if we follow the game, then glenn killed cassie
4:35 pm
killer's remorse? what doesn't track is glenn identified with the boy hero, not the gorgon. wait... well, what exactly is a gorgon? are you familiar with medusa? glenn's monster's a woman. munch: captain! that was jane rudd. guess who just snatched her two other girls? i was in the kitchen when tanya got in from school and she comes in and she says, "oh, whitley, it's time to go." and i said, "go where, honey?" and that's when i saw them standing in the doorway. are we talking about tashandra and her boyfriend? um, his name was... du. i don't remember his last name. that's okay, we do. why don't you ve a seat, jane. we already have people covering their home and their work. and we've given t their descriptions to every bus and train station. don't worry about it. we're going to find them. now, did they say anything that might tell us where they were heading?
4:36 pm
did they do this? oh, god... benson: did they hurt you? ( cell phone ringing oh, god, oh, god. oh, my god. benson. great, we're on our way. ticket agent at port authority recognized the girls. they left o minutes ago on a bus to atlanta. i'm sorry. ( siren wailing ) everyone remain seated. we'll have you on your way in a minute. in the back on your right. sir? come with me, please. i'm sorry, babe.
4:37 pm
tashandra... please just let us go. just let us go. i won't be anymore trouble to you, i promise. you know that's not the way it works. you can say you didn't find us. i understand that you just want your kids back but this is not the way to do it. now trust me. this needs to end now. let's go. cassie was murdered. did you just expect me to sit by and let the same thing happen to my other two? stabler: that doesn't mitigate what you did. trespassing, assault, kidnapping. benson: minimum, you're looking custodial interference. that's a felony. i didn't have a choice. they were in danger. i had to get them out of there. that woman murdered my daughter. mrs. adams, i understand that you're under a lot of pressure. tanya told me. what did she tell you? not a lot, but that's only because that woman had her too scared.
4:38 pm
that cassie got beaten... all the time. by whom? mama rudd. we put them back with jane. may we see the file? you know, there are over 500,000 kids in foster care. it's not easy trying to find a place for all of them. you realize that a serious allegation has been made against her. by tashandra adams. that's about the only thing she hasn't tried. stabler: what's this letter om the bluebell agency? that was a reference check. jane had two foster kids before the adams' girls. this other agency removed them. two months later, she came here. why were they removed? seems jane "experienced difficulty understanding her role as a foster parent." what does that mean? the children were found with soiled clothes. jane missed appointments with her caseworker but-but she was new.
4:39 pm
"we recommend that no more children be placed with her." you felt comfortable placing three little girls with this woman? we had her take a parenting seminar. seminar. and she moved back in with her mother. that was a provision. dorothy rudd has a long history with us. still, it was jane's care that you put them in. believe me if the bluebell agency had sensed any real danger they would've taken steps to have her decertified. man: we worded that letter very carefully. phones call out, too. did you ever think the violations we had evidence of weren't that extreme.line? the woman's a hopper. a what? the city contracts out to 73private foster care agencies. we're not interlinked. when we turned her down, she had, uh, 72 more chances. and you're sure she's unfit? yeah, i've been in this business 20 years.
4:40 pm
the woman's not stable. cabot: we can't go after jane based on a caseworker's bad feeling. we have tanya's revised statement. obtained after tashandra took them. thth're tainted. it'll never hold up. we haven't talked to dorothy yet. if she tned a blind eye to the abuse then she'll protect the daughter over the foster son. then we got to get to glenn now, befo she gets a lawyer. alex? there is king for a day. what, another video game? it's where we get a law guardian appointed who will play ball. he'll let us talk to glenn provided everything the boy says is off the record. and any law guardian will do this? it might take a little sweet-talking. cragen: hey, glenn. you know why i'm here? i hed you were the guy to see about video games.
4:41 pm
that's my game. mine, too. i made it to level 1 bagged myself a gorgon. i hate the gorgon. is that who took cassie to the cave that night? no... that was me. why? to protect her. who was hurting her? glenn? it's my job to help kids who have problems with gorgons. you have one in real life, don't you? who is it?
4:42 pm
remember, i'm a level 13er. she'll never get past me. ( door opens ) what is it, glenn? the gorgon.
4:43 pm
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i had no idea what a horrible influence that video game was. fin: actually, it's very educational. thmonster in it is based on greek mythology. a gorgon-- one of three sister monsters with snakes for hair and the ability to turn anyone that looks at them into stone. stones can't talk. why would glenn call you a gorgon? his imagination. if i'm guilty of anything it's of being too protective of my children.
4:48 pm
i know i should have turned glenn in when he first told me... but he's my son. you're a good mother but if you want to help your son we have to know the circumstances that led up to it. you have to understand glenn lives in a world of his own creation. in his mind, he was rescuincassie. yes. munch: from what? what was going on with cassie that he felt she needed rescuing? cassie is prone to violent tantrums. she'd been out of control for two days. since seeing her biological mom. when she came back she was saying horrible things. i couldn't get her to sleep. when i finally did, she wet the bed. next day, more tantrums. with hypertension, that kind of stress can't be good for your blood pressure. i've taken in 12 children over the last years. they all come damaged-- starved for love and discipline. you had to discipline cassie-- we can understand that.
4:49 pm
to the "time out" chair. munch: did you hit her? i spanked her. with what? my hand. but poor glenn always wanted to rescue a damsel in distress. munch: he was-- from being beaten to death. it was glenn... who killed her. he must have really knocked her around when he moved her over to that house. that's what killed her. thing is, cassie had rope burns on her wrists and ankles. glenn didn't tie her up. no. that was jane. benson: 13 broken bones. we know about the "time out" chair. i told her to be good oromething bad would happen. i told her.
4:50 pm
no, she was so headstrong. she was always talking back. she uldn't do as she was told and, oh, the incessant questions-- it'd get to anybody. so you tied her up. she couldn't even fend off the blows. all cassie had to do was be a good girl. is that too much to ask? like you were when you were little? stabler: what happened when you weren't a good girl? she used to do the same things to you, didn't she? she wants the perfect child-- obedient and grateful. she won't accept anything less. jane, it's still not enough. she tried to pin this whole thing on you. no, she didn't. no, she didn't. oh, jane, yes, she did. we have a signed statement saying you were the one that tied cassie up. my mother made me tie her up. jane...
4:51 pm
but you knew what was going to happen. how could you bring children into that house? i didn't want to. i didn't want kids. your mother made you do that, t? no, she wanted to be a grandmother. so you took in foster grandbabies for her... to abuse. jane, what happened to cassie? cassie always fought her. told her she hated her. told her that, uh... she was going to tell. she said the beatings were not going to keep her quiet anymore. so my mother... beat her all... day... long.
4:52 pm
cragen: counselor. i got some more ammunition for you on the rudd case. warner says dorothy's cane matches the wound patterns and we found the rope in the apartment. good. jane just cut a deal. well, not too cherry, i hope. five to ten, conditional on her testimony against her mother. she's an accessory so her testimony needs to be corroborated. well, you got glenn. who's currently in a psyche ward. did your guys have any luck tracking down other foster kids? benson and stabler did find one defitely abused. he can't face dorothy. well, that's one down. dorothy's had a dozen over the years. who have scattered to the four corners of the earth. once they turn 18, the system doesn't want to know from them. good night. hey, honest opinion. can i put glenn on the stand? well, i talked to his doctors. he doesn't have any organic mental illness but i don't think he's strong enough. what if i prep the hell out of him?
4:53 pm
you'll be putting him at further risk. that's where the judge will be? yeah. you want to try it out? now, the courtroom will be full of people supporting you. there' be your law guardian and your friend captain cragen and i will be at that chair right there. will my mom be here? mm-hmm. dorothy will be at that table right there but she can't talk to you and she can't touch you. are you sure? do you remember what the court officers do? keep everybody safe. now the other attorney is allowed to ask you questions but yojust have to answer them honestly, okay? okay. you know, glenn...
4:54 pm
or you decide you don't want to do it, you don't have to. you understand? but it's to help cassie, right? yeah then i want to do it. cabot: when did your mom put cassie in the yellow chair? early in the morning. and why that chair in particular? it's for punishment. ( loud sigh ) what had cassie done wrong? glenn? what had cassie done wrong? she peed in her bed. what was her punishment? she had to drink lots and lots of water. until...? she wet her pants.
4:55 pm
no. what happened next? ( mumbling softly ) glenn, just take your time. cassie was hurt. ( loud bang ) your honor, object to the blatant ongoing intimidation tactics by the defendant. i didn't do anything. liar! you beater. you beat her the whole day. i took you in when no one else wanted you! cassie was crying and you kept hitting her. she tried to run away and you made aunt jane tie her down. she was so little. you were supposed to protect her
4:56 pm
you killed her. you killed her. who died? dorothy rudd. please tell me you're kidding. munch: just got a call from rikers. massive heart attack. bitch didn't even suffer. cragen: anybody else feel cheated? "prosecution abated by death." it sucks. stabler: that's it-- no vindication, nobody pays. jane'll do a couple of years. slap on the wrist. her deal is done. what about the foster agency? they signed cassie's death warrant the day they placed her there. no laws on the books will let me prosecute them even if they knew the house was unsafe. tashandra adams knew and you know what bites the most? she still doesn't have her kids back.
4:57 pm
but she hasn't met the criteria of her discharge plan yet. i checked. a family court judge ruled that these kids could be paroled to tashandra as soon as she obtained appropriate housing. which she has not done yet. part of your obligation is to help her do that. i know what my job is. and i know mine. enforcing criminal sanctions against agencies like yours that knowingly place their wards in unsafe homes. i had no idea. well, the good people at the bluebell agency will testify that you did. if miss adams does not get her children back immediately i will indict you for child endangerment. that's blackmail. and if you drag your feet manslaughter. ( door opens ) mama? don't cry. it's okay. why don't we give them a little privacy? yeah. can glenn come live here, too?
4:58 pm
what's going to happen to him? he's in good hands. bye. what is going to happen to glenn? emergency foster placement. right back in the system. captioned by the caption center wgbh educational foundation] narrator: in the criminal justice system
4:59 pm
in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. syd? syd? this isn't going to work. syd? oh, what...? what the hell are you doing? if you want me to stay, this is not... syd? oh, my god... where's dr. warner? melinda's at an m.e. conference so you're stuck with me until the end of the wee so what's on the menu for today, justin? looks like autoerotic asphyxiation.


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