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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. syd? syd? this isn't going to work. syd? oh, what...? what the hell are you doing? if you want me to stay, this is not... syd? oh, my god... where's dr. warner? melinda's at an m.e. conference so you're stuck with me until the end of the wee so what's on the menu for today, justin? looks like autoerotic asphyxiation.
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husband found her. stabler: and he is where? justin: he was flipping out so the unis drove him to your precinct. who cut her down? husband did. said he tued off the music, too. dead how long? rigor was just setting so three, four hours tops. okay. any fluids? none apparent, but i don't expect to find any. autoerotics like to fly solo. is that why you're leaning toward accidental death? the skin pics plus the sex toys and the mirror? it's a gimme. but it's not official till i cut her open. well, until then, let's work it as a sexual homicide. justin: female asphyxial deaths are on the rise across the country. if that's what this one was. i'll let you know. no sign of a break-in or a struggle. but candles and music... that strikes me as a seductive scene. maybe she wanted to treat herself. most women don't go this far but they do like to self-serve. stabler: i guess you want something done right
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she's not that kind of person. and how long were you married? six mohs. we were having problems. we decided to separate. how long were you together before you got married? just a few months. that's quick. that's why we separated. look, i... it's only been a couple weeks. i just went over to get a few things and that's... when i found her like that. where were you before that? working. i'm an artist. i have a loft over in alphabet city. and how come you two weren't getting along? irreconcilable differences. stabler: what does that mean? cheating? no. look, just because two people love eachther doesn't mean they can live together. why? why are you asking me these questions? i mean, somebody killed my wife. who wanted the divorce? we hn't decided to file but i wanted the separation.
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so then it is possible that your wife hid her sexual practices from you. our sex life wasn't the problem. when...can i... do you know when you'll release my wife's body? we'll let you know. any alarm bells going off on the husband? several. he's hiding something. getting off while choking isn't something you share with frids and family. people are always shocked when they get that kind of news. i still think the victim was entertaining. she had a new man or hubby got there earlier than he said. well, if s had a partner it's manslaughter whether the m.e. rules it an accident or not. victim have any visitorsbesides the husband? the visitors' log listed a pam adler and amelia chase arrived around lunchtime. pam adler,the criminal attorney? yeah, rose adler and klein. fin: she cross-examined me on a drug bust where a cop got killed. accused me of police brutality. don't tell me the perp went to the hospital?
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we'll take the lawyer since fin's got history. go. woman: it's terrible. did she suffer? stabler: we really can't answer that. were you two close friends? yes. we met at vassar. we had our whole les ahead of us and now she's dead. oh, i just can't stop thinking about her. first the divorce and now this. we heard it was a trial separation. adler: six-month-old marriage and nothing but fights. sydney couldn't take it anymore so she called an attorney i know. have you seen sydney recently? she was supposed to meet amelia and me for lunch. when she didn't show, we went over to her apartment. sydney said that she wanted to be alone but i think she had company. what made you think that? adler: she had on a robe, candles were burning music was playing and the bedroom door was closed. benson: do you have any idea
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no. the divorce was hitting her hard. she was depressed. andrew was no prize. stabler: you don't like him. he's an artist with questionable talent who married a meal ticket. they met on a caribbean vacation. although where the little bastard got the ney i'll never know. i at least convinced syd to sign a pre-nup. is there anything else that you can tell us about her husband? is there something i should know? are you thinking foul play? cause of dth is still pending so the law says we treat it as a homicide. what you know about the law i could fit in the palm of my hand. how much was mrs. green worth? i don't have a clue. but call her divorce attorney. he should have a complete list of her assets. thanks for waiting. this was sudden... just a tragedy. what was sydney green's financial status? she made a killing in junk bonds but lost her shirt in the tech market. there's nothing left? well, apartment's mortgaged...
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the husband might clear 50 grand. that's still a lot of money. in manhattan? don't kid me. would he have walked away empty-handed had your client lived? absolutely. there was a pre-nup and tax returns show a loss after they married. was andrew green aware of his wife's finances? she handled the money, so i don't see how. fin: her secretary said she should be done by now. these day traders live pretty good. short hours, spa days. what the hell is she doing in there? beauty treatments take time. a mud bath, cellulite dissipation an exfoliating facial. time and money... some women learn early how to waste both. your ex-wives made you bitter. not bitter, just resigned. the receptionist said the police were looking for me. you the detectives? yeah, we'd like to talk to you about sydney green. i still have some errands to run. do you mind if we walk? how well did you know her? i met sydney at goldman. she made a fortune in junk and got out early. kept her toe in trading for herself. we remained friends although she was a little too risqu\ for my taste. can you get more specific? i'm not interested in titillating you, detective.
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just speak up and we're gone. i don't understand. i mean, when pam gave me the news i just naturally thought it was an accident. why would you assume that? i mean, she lived on the edge. it's how she worked, how she lived-- a big risk-taker. was she an adrenaline junkie? nothing that extre. but you know, she got a rush from gambling, risky stocks, kinky sex. what kind of kinky sex? like looping ropes around the neck, sick stuff like that. she even tried to sell me but i wasn't buying. doesn't sound like you had much in common. you know, in some ways we were kindred spirits. how so? there aren't too many wome in our business. and we both liked to make lots of money and show up the entitled men while we were doing it. amelia chase said our victim was ahoker. were they close enough for such an intimate confidence? supposed to be kindred sisters fighting male dominance in the market. yeah, they were so close she seemed real broken up by her friend's death. you think she or the lawyer had anything to do with it? last people to see her alive, but what's the motive?
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stabler: pretty strong. he's got a negative bank balance and his credit report shows lots of bad debt write-off. the wife cut the purse strings? she may not have had a choice; she was broke, too. then why kill her? benson: 50 grand's better than nothing. would that cover his debt? benson: and then some. have we heard from the m.e.'s office yet? fin: not yet. all right well, let's get to the morgue and lean on the assistant m.e. check with green's neighbors, all right? find out how he's living. if he still looks good bring him in for a hard interview. you were drowning in bills. did you kill her for the money? money? there was no money. we were broke. but you stand to inherit 50 grand from her death. that's plenty. benson: you said she never choked that she wasn't that kind of person. but somebody else tells a completely different story that sheid it all the time. stabler: okay, which is it, murder or accident? now if she choked thenou either knew about it or you killed her outright. in that case, you're going to do some time yourself. andrew, the system will go a lot easier on you if it was an accident.
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we told eryone we met on the islands but we really met in rehab. we just didn't want anybody to know. which rehab facility? narcanon. addiction to pain killers. we already knew the worst about each other. would've stood by her side through anything. if she had only come clean maybe she'd still be alive. came clean about what? sydney was using drugs again losing control. she had a bachelor party and she and her friends... attacked a male stripper. was it reported to the police? yeah. they were waiting for us on our doorstep when we returned from our honeymoon. how badly was this guy hurt? they raped him. that's why we were fighting. if somebody
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have you seen her since the alleged rape? alleged... no, i haven't seen her or talked to her since she and her friends attacked me. you sure about that? i mean, i show your photo around and somebody from her building i.d.'s you i'm not going to be so pleasant. listen, you're not here to help me so what's this about? sydney green is dead. and you think i killed her? benson: you had a reason. cops treated me like dirt made fun of me, brought me to the hospital told the nurse it was a scam. i've got reason to be angry. but i didn't kill anyone. we need an account of your vements two days ago. i was at the animal shelter until late evening. check with my supervisor. sydney green's building had security. if he did it, how'd he get in? munch: so what's the verdict? autoerotic asphyxiation. she tightened the rope around her neck like so. using an arm to support her weight on the bed she leaned at a slight angle. but she miscalculated lost control, and passed out.
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call it gentle strangulation. that's comforting. stabler: we surthis is an accidental death? the assistant m.e.'s convinced. he played it out and it looked good to me. we don't have a suspect. peter's alibi panned out. no sign of a struggle, no sign of a break-in. you want this to be a homicide? i... hmm... i don't know, but something's off. you can always take it up with warner when she gets back from her conference since you've got so much free time. fine, officially it's closed. not quite. we still have an open rape case. no. i already talked to cragen who already spoke with cabot and she'd like to see usn her office. so, yeah. was he drugged? benson: he doesn't need to be. was there even a weapon? none listed. happened at the bachelorette party. mob attack isn't unheard of. cabot: did the uniforms follow up on the suspect's complaint? they asked a few questions and then they dropd it. because they didn't buy it and neither do i and more importantly, neither will a jury. if the attack took place
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first male rape victim with female perps-- that adds up to a lot of attention doesn't it, counselor? i am not interested in that. he is the first man to come forward. the statute for rape one was changed in january, detective. what about his inability to complete the act against his will? an erection is a physical response, elliot. if he was aroused, he consented. the law disagrs with you. interview the victim and get his statement. well, it was your predecessor who declined to prosecute. so maybe you should find out why before we chase our tails. the alleged victim, peter smith, works as a male stripper. his schtick is dressing as a motorcycle cop with a badge covering the family jewels. one of the party guests took photos. check the file. so you decided not to prosecute because you disapprove of the victim's profession? get off the soap box, alex. the guy claimed three women cuffed him to the bed and had a party. the bride claimed he was a pro looking to score. did peter smith have a solicitation history? no. well, then why didn't you pursue it? i'm not wasting taayer money on a no-win. he just wasn't believable. even his live-in girlfriend wasn't buying it.
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the victim reports the crime and you just leave him twisting. if you want to jeopardize your standing on a flimsy trial, be my guest. okay. i need your notes. done. you clear this with villani? i don't have to. sex crimes is my purview. see you. peter and i broke up a long time ago and i wasn't at the party, so what can i tell you? we're just looking for some background. you don't believe peter was raped, do you? well, join the club. what makes you think that he wasn't? he's a guy. men don't get raped by women. men can be victimized. sure. when i first met peter he was being kept by some woman 12 years older than him. she was paying for his tuition at nyu drama. his parents are well off. why wouldn't they support him? because his father said he wasn't going to shell out 25 grand a year for a drama degree. can't say i blame him. what do you think your ex's motive is for coming forward? attention. peter cheated on me with a casting director to get a part in a play. he'll do whatever it takes to get ahead. making an accusation of rape is pretty drastic don't you think? it's not going to be easy for him.
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interviews on talk shows, pundit commentary on the evening news. he probably thinks it's worth it. that doesn't prove anything, elliot. except maybe we should keep digging. why? because she told you what you wanted to hear? it's not our job to judge the victims. that's up to the jury. i can give you an assessment of your rape victim but bear in mind i haven't examined him yet. how did peter smith let three women get the better of him? guy works out, he takes care of himself. and yet you tell women not to fight back. that's different. why? because he's a man because he's stronger, he could overpower them. men are taught differently. you know, oh, it hurts but don't cry, be a man, internalize the pain. does the victim have any siblings? three sisters. there you go. a lifetime of instruction on how to treat women. never hit a female, no manhandling if you're angry, walk away. yeah, but if he felt trapped
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why not just fight back? because he had no control over the situation. his self-esteem and his pride were violated. i wouldn't be surprised if there were more male victims out there. female rage is a growth industry. the price of equality. are you still a stripper? no, not since the rape. i used to book birthdays and private parties. it left me free to audition during the day. benson: so you're an actor? i gave it up. okay, so you show up in your cop outfit... why don't you just run us through what happened. i got there late. there were about 30 women or so pretty sauced and hungry for entertainment. i danced for them. did you have anything to eat or drink? soda. i asked the bride-to-be for my payment
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did you feel different after that drink you know, like you'd been drugged? should i have been? do you need a reason why this happened to me? why i wasn't man enoug to protect myself? would that make you feel better? benson: peter. what happened then? well, we get to the room but it was dark. she made her way to the desk and turned the lamp on. it was a spare bedroom and two other women were waiting. did they call each other by name? no. one of them had a letter opener. she tried to stab me. the other two were pulling me back. they cuffed me to the bedpost. i started yelling but sydney turned the stereo on loud. then what? they, uh...
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underwear, too. i didn't want to, but... my body... i can't explain it. arousal does not mean consent. and rapists use the body's response against the victims to mess with their head. to make them believe that they were asking for it. does this type of thing happen to women, too? yeah, it happens a lot. what about the other guests, where were they? still partying... until sydney left the room i guess she eared the place. did you ever say no? i yelled it. i screamed it. i even threatened to go to the police. one cold bitch said that what i knew about the law wouldn't fit in the palm of her hand.
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which means amelia chase was probably the third member of this rape troika. i'm not so sure he's being entirelyandid. he was raped, elliot. he's an actor, he's trying to make us believe. three women at the same time-- most guys would call that lucky. so we're saying that men are sex hounds and only women can feel violated? that's gender bias. most women don't report rapes. what's his angle? we can't ask that question. we wouldn't ask a female victim. munch: we question them all the time. cragen: this pans out, the press is going to feed on this guy like carrion. maybe that's the point. front page splash, this guy's an instant star. you think he's doing this for fame? some people will do anything for it. cragen: doesn't matter, he'sa complaining witness. so bring in adler and chase and do a line-up. you can't come in here. fin: consider the market closed. i can't talk now, detectives but if you'd like to wait in reception... no, no, no, no... not you, klaus. deutsche marks are up three points. will it hold? we need you down at the precinct, ms. chase. i'll call you back, klaus. when?
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for what reason? fin: a line-up. am i under arrest? munch: depends on at happens. then i'm not coming with you. munch: that's fine but when we come back to get you it's going to be midday on the trading room floor. remember, let me do all the talking. don't react to anything that's being said about you. put your poker face on, you got it? counselor. afternoon. i'm due in court so whatever it is is just going to have to wait. i don't think so. what's this about? rape in the first degree. you're not serious. ask for a continuance. if not, get bob down here to sit first chair. shall we? carolyn maddox. alexandra cabot for the people. so i've read. people vs. hightower. you lost due to shaky evidence and the inexperience of a rookie. defense counsel of record was pamela adler.
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your main concern should be the line-up, ms. maddox. good. you didn't jump for the bait. i think you'll make a formidable opponent. let's do it. number three. benson: are you sure? take your time. what i know about the law, remember? i'm positive, number three. that's two for two. read ms. adler her rights. looks like we're going to be famous.
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