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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. woman: you're being ridiculous. you're being ridiculous. excuse me. you practically got into a fistfight with the parking guys. so, i'm just supposed to let them rip us off. suvs cost more to park. didn't you read the sign? it didn't say 45 bucks. that's an entire dinner in fort lee including parking. now there's going to be traffic on the gw. i hope you had fun tonight. you obviously didn't. kevin! what? the door is all wet. damn it. i just had it washed. what did you get on my car? i don't know. i-i got a leaky pipe up there. i don't know. what is this? oh, god! that was quick from queens. i stayed in the city tonight. what do we know? parking attendant found her on the second level nakefrom the waist down.
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it's no robbery-- 60 bucksash left in her wallet. how's she doing? she's alive, but it's a real mess. is she conscious? in and out. she got bashed in the head pretty go. we got a description on the perp? nothing yet. better get one quick. i'll ride. okay. csu says the condition of the blood at the scene looks like she was attacked minutes before she was found. how many stab wounds? she wasn't stabbed, deteive. man: pressure's dropped. come on, nicole. stay with us. two large-bore ivs, o2 15 liters, non-rebreather mask. she's c-spined, sinus-tach at 150. nicole, did you get a look at him? she's seizing. two of ativan. trauma to the head. pupils equal, round and reactive. patient sustained massive abdominal trauma. it looks like emergency c-section to me. this woman was pregnant? no pulse. start cpr. any sign of the baby? not yet.
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trident. cherish your teeth. cut was made with a dull or serrated blade. head trauma, multiple contusions around the abdomen like she'd been kicked. anything from the rape kit? sitive for fluids. what are her chances? not good-- developed an amniotic embolism. clots in her lungs cut off oxygen to the brain. any word on the baby? not yet. guy could have dumped that body anywhere. or kidnapped it. kidnapped? at this age, it's viable. mother's at 28 weeks, baby was normal weight, no apparent complications. you think it's possible this baby could be out there somewhere alive? it's possible, but not for long. she was by herself. i didn't even think to go with her. this is a safe neighborhood. who else was up there? usually nobody but me. then why was she? well, mrs. manning, she's a monthly. she always gets her own car. okay, did you hear anything, maybe hear a woman screaming? no, no, i would have checked on that. what about someone leaving the building? maybe carrying a bag or something wrapped up in a coat? uh-uh, no, no, no.
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the-the stairs-- they lead down to the back alley. hey. what's the latest? still waiting to talk to the husband. any leads on the baby? got every available cop out canvassing the neighborhood. that's him. whoever did this, it was personal. can't rule him out. we were supposed to meet for dinner at 7:00. i waited at the restaurant. she's usually late, so i didn't worry right away. cragen: what about before th? i was in a session with a patient. u're a doctor? psychiatrist-- my practice is in midtown. dr. manning, there's no easy way to ask you this. were you intimate with your wife during the past 24 hours? no. why? we think that your wife may have been assaulted.
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of course, anything you need. what did you do when your wife didn't show up at the restaurant? i tried calling her and after an hour i went home. benson: can you think of any reason that somebody would want to hurt nicole? no. nicole was a good person... she is... nicole is a good person. the doctor said there's still a chance she'll recover. man: plenty of prints off her car. after we rule out the parking staff the victim's friends and family and every valet in the city... who knows? we just might get lucky. this car's for sale. we're not going to get too lucky if she had people test-driving it. what about signs of the baby? a lot of blo. don't know whose yet. no placenta or cord. took everything with him. looks like he got in and out through there. cleaned up before left. with those slimy antibacterial hand-wipes.
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he gets rid of the blood leaves out of that door... it's like nothing ever happened. but why take the baby? maybe that was the reason for the attack. he didn't want the woman dead. he wanted her to suffer. benson: husband's credit card records confirm he was at the restaurant. cell phone records coincide with the calls he made looking for his wife. preliminary on the rape kit rules him out anyway. husband's ab-positive; perp's o-negative. what did layton turn up in the victim's car? just got a solid hit from pris-- interior and exterior. kyle novacek. not a complete lunatic but d time for assault three and heroin possession. don't see that kind of violence with heroin users unless somebody slipped him a hotshot and mixed in some pcp. guy could've gone psycho. cragen: well, get on him. that baby might still be alive. the victim is an rn at a methadone clinic. that can't be a coincidence. might be the connection between them. hey, maureen. hey. maureen: dad? sweetheart, what's wrong? can i talk to you, please?
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uh, go ahead. use my office. so, we'll hit the methadone clinic. novacek could've been a client. we talk to area hospitals? no premature newborns admitted yet but... the hospitals on alert. well, what did the search turn up? the neighborhood canvass was a complete bust. nothing at the airports, bus terminals-- still waiting to hear on the path trains. we'll have to widen the search. i'll uh... use another phone. how's school going, mreen? it's fine. you get your college applications out? pretty much. you're going to be late. okay. bye, olivia. everything okay? yeah. you ready?
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what? i'm on every cop's list now? it's the third time this year with you guys. want to be left alone don't stab your smack dealer in the forearm. hey, i'm working steady now. i'm clean, i got nothing to do with that life anymore. that all you want to know? not even close. where were you last night? i take a class at brooklyn college. a man of intellect. what time does the class start? 7:00. before that, here till 6:00. what kind of car you drive? i don't. car died last week. oh, it's a shame. you looking for a new one? gold ford, parked in a garage a few blocks away some interesting fingerprints? that's the car i looked at. i saw a sign in the window. the woman let me take it for a drive last week. what, somebody steal it? how's the program going? what program? methadone. they don't give you enough-- need a little more to make it through the day? what's this all about? she get hurt? do you remember last night, or were you too loaded? look, i already told you, i saw the car once. i haven't been back since. where is it?! what?! the baby. what the hell you talking about?
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without a broken neck. somebody hurt that baby? take the dna test-- you didn't touch her, we leave you alone. i don't have to do that. you sod like a guilty man to me, novacek. i just know the way you guys operate. if you had anything on me, my ass would be in t back of your car already, right? anything else? count on it. woman: you know methadone client lists are confidential. we give their names out to police they never come in for treatment. how about i show you the er photos they took of nicole manning. would that change your mind? her baby might still be alive, buwe are running out of time. i wish i could help. well, you do have armed guards and surveillance videos. i'm sure not all of your clients are perfect angels. have any of your employees ever been harassed? on a daily basis, but nothing overtly violent. benson: what about in the neighborhood? i'd imagine this place attracts some real winners. actually, the only person we've had a problem with is another nurse, erin sena.
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diverting methadone for herself. what happened to erin? i'm required to report all incidents to the police. e was arrested. she lost her job and her nursing license. benson: nice place. i cleaned up especially of you. your boyfriend doesn't mind the mess? who says i've got a boyfriend? come on, a girl like you? i'm sure you have a few. you coming on to me? i'm into that. your friend can tch. all right. why don't we start by having you sit down and answer a few of my questions. okay? nicole manning... you seen her lately? yeah, we hang out tiall the me and have tea. she screwed you over, didn't she? got arrested, lost your job. she's the reason that your life sucks, right? so? this is what i'm thinking. you and your boyfriend follow nicole manning into the parking garage. you have a fight. it gets a little out of hand.
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i don't have a boyfriend. you have to leave now. stabler: what's that? none of your business. you have a son, erin? they took him away from me. "they" who? two cops and some bitch from social services think they know how to take care of my own son better than me. must've been jealous of nicole. the woman who took everything from you and now she's having her own baby. get out. you still using? yeah, we are. look, i got to tell you that no agency is going to give a junkie back her kid. yeah, screw you. that baby needs to be in a hospital, erin. now, we can help you. no, you can't. nicole pissed off the wrong person. look what happened to her. who'd she piss off? i don't know. yeah, i think you do. only thing i know is, nicole asked for it and she got what she deserved. i had nothing to do with it.
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someone scared the hell out of her to shut her up. partner in crime. ( phone ringing ) we need to get back in there and search for signs of that baby right. stabler. we're on it. cragen: take him down to the shelter, get him something to eat. homeless guy reported it. says he didn't see anybody around. where? dumpster. we positive it's the manning baby? right size-- decomposition fits the time frame. sorry, detectives. what was it?
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. always be real. don't be artificial, but always be sweet. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. manning:i should probably make some arrangements. i don't know... am i supposed to get a birth certificate issued first before... you don't have to do anything right now. actually, the medical examiner's going to need a little time to investigate. well, i'd like to take care of thing before she wakes up. we know this is a very difficult time for you but we need to ask you about another nurse
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oh, yeah, i know the name. she tried to get nicole to testify on her behalf at some hearing. i think the state was trying to take away her son. did she testify? no. nicole thought it was ludicrous of the girl to even ask. so, what happened? well, she screamed at our answering machine a few times. and i-i wanted to call the police but... nicole wouldn't hear of it. she thought it was unnecessary. she doing any better? they performed a hysterectomy. how do i tell her that we'll never have a family? warner: depressed skull fractures along the right temporal lobe, extensive contusions. cause of death was a subdural hematoma resulting from blows to the head. whoever did it did not want this baby to live. perp kicked the mother before removing the baby. could the head trauma be from the beating?
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were sustained in- or ex-utero. but once the fetus was aborted no apparent effort was made to save it. how long did he live? still trying to determine that. if there's a god, it wasn't long. kyle novacek's alibi cleared him. that leaves erin sena as our only suspect, assuming we can find the man who was her partner in crime. i want options. now, how else can we get to her? probation violation. she was higher than a kite when we talked to her. we haul her in here for a drug test. judge made random testing a requirement for her probation. she fails the test, we got leverage to make her talk. now all we have to do is find her. she in methadone treatment? the po says she's a client at tenth avenue, where she used to work. well, that's one appointment a heroin addict's always going keep. you think we missed her? she needs her fix. ( sighs ): could have gotten it this morning. no, she's coming. you want to leave, go ahead. or you could just stop being a jerk
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this about maureen? i screwed up. i didn't send in a check for the columbia application. is it too late? i don't know. elliot, what is this? i've been distracted. that's her. where are you off to? just let me go in. right after your drug test. ( grunts ): please, just let me... let me just go in! ( groans ) you tested positive for heroin. fine. arrest me. there's no rush, really. we got, what, 24 hours? give or take. i really, really need to get out of here, okay? yeah, what happened to your face? i got hit.
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can-can i have a soda? mm-hmm. can you do that? as soon as you tell us who you've been hiding from, sure. no, no. no way. then you're going down for everything, erin. cutting nicole and killing her baby. trained nurse-- you knew exactly what you were doing. it all points to you. i told you iidn't have anything to do with it! but you're a liar, erin, and everybody knows it nicole knew it. she has everything and she comes after me? exactly. she has everything you want and you made her pay for it. i didn't. yeah, but someone did. who was it? come on, your boyfriend? some junkie you met on the street? you're afraid that he's going to hurt you just like he did nicole. who are you hiding fro who is he, erin? kyle. kyle novacek's your boyfriend? hers. nicole's. ( knocking ) we got a communications problem, kyle!
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and you keep lying! i didn't lie. i told you where i was that night. half the guys in sing sing got an alibi. ( grunts ): come on, look... wait a second! i'll tell you the truth. we don't care about the truth. we're going to take you in for a little dna test, prove you raped her. that's all the truth we need. the test is going to be positive. nile and i made love that afternoon! you raped her. you cut her open. then you beat up another woman to keep her mouth shut. i knew you'd think i was guilty. that's 'cause you are, you sick bastard. you killed the baby. it was mine. the baby was mine! why would i do that to my own child? stabler: where is novacek? munch: crying his eyes out in one. csu's looking for the weapon at his place. waiting on the semen match. and we threw in a paternity test on the baby. doesn't prove he's innocent. she was seeing novacek on the side gets pregnant, won't leave r husband. novacek decides to punish her. or maybe the husband did.
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he never mentioned anything about it. which means he didn't know or didn't want us to know. ask the wife. she just woke up. i remember something hitting me in the back of the head, that's all. i didn't even see who did it. i woke up here and... they told me what happened. tell us about kyle novacek. ( sighs ) i suppose you know already. i've been seeing him almost a year. did you see him the night of your attack? no. i saw him earlier that afternoon. it's really the only time we can be together. i know how bad this sounds. had you two argued recently? you can't think he did this. kyle wanted to get married.
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i told him i would, but... everything changes when you're having a baby. it's about what's safest not what's going to make you happy. and you felt it was safest to stay with your husband. did he know about you and kyle? i told him... that i was leaving him... and that the baby wasn't his. how did he react to that? i thought he would be angry, but... at the time he was really calm. your husband said that you were meeting for dinner at 7:00. did he know that you were running late? no, i was meeting him at 7:30.
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