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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 14, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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put down paradise alost are you blinded by rainbows watching the wind blow blind by rainbows do you dream at night do you sleep at night i doubt it summerall: welcome back to nextel stadium in our nation's capital. i'm pat summerall and with me as always is john madden. john, it appears that the strike is coming to a close. eddie martel will be resung the starting quarterback position tonight. madden: yeah, but i gotta admit, i was really looking forward to seeing
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because he made amazing progress the past few weeks under the tutelage of head coach jimmy mcginty. he really did, but tonight it'll be martel leading washington against dallas. we will, we will rock you sing it we will, we will rock you you know, pat, i never thought i'd say this, but i kind of miss those replacement games. bring back falco! announcer: ladies and gentlemen, leading the washington sentinels today, welcome back number 7, eddie martel! go, boys! jimmy: go! go! go! let's go! let's go! [thno music playing] martel: red 21! red 21! hut!
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maybe you should try scrambling. oh, yeah, that's brilliant. how about a quick kick? announcer: 2 minutes, 59 seconds left in the first quarter. martel: red 38! clifford: psst. hey, butler. hey. psst. butler. red 38! hey, man, if it ain't too much trouble, i would love to get your autograph after the game. you want it? you got it, scab! all right. martel: hut! yaah! aah! [moans] oh, man. men: yeah! [whistle blows] announcer: cochran fumbles the ball. dallas recovers. first down and goal on the 2 yard line.
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bateman! hawk 9 stay. hawk 9 stay. i'm back! aah! aw. announcer: touchdown, dallas. martel: ready! gold 41! man: whoo! gold 41! hut! [whistle blows] [crowd booing] announcer: pass intended r brian murphy incomplete. pro right. you're going left. right. right, right, right. right. no! right, right! 90 tiger right, you idiot! player: hey, hey, hey! easy!
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aah! announcer: brian murphy fumbles the ball. dallas recovers. whoo! martel: nice hands. banes: 3-2 magic... rack zero. what the hell was that about? cheerleaders: defense! defense! defense! [blows whistle] announcer: touchdown, dallas.
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player: i see him, i see him. gruff, wake up, ok? [whistle blows] come on! wellwhat the... announcer: pass incomplete by eddie martel. [booing] what the hell was that? hey, i'm talking to you! i call the plays out on the field, not you. that's not the way i coach. i don't really care. because that's the way i play. announcer: that's the end of the first half-- with the score dallas 17, washington 0. coach mcginty, what will washington need to get back into this ball game? heart. i'm--i'm sorry? you got to have heart.
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miles and miles of heart. well, there you have it in a word from coach mcginty. washington will need heart
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clifford: i ran it just like you said! you just under-threw me! martel: this isn't a track meet, franklin. you have to look for the ball! you better back up. hey, hey, hey! i'll pull you off the field, you spoiled little punk. and who do you think o'neil's going to side with? some burnt-out old coach or someone who puts fans in the stands? you son of a bitch. player: hey, come on! pilachowski: what the hell are you thinking about? we got a game to play. nobody could beat dallas with these losers. i can. hey, falco, it's great to see you. now get the hell out of my locker room! what the hell took you so long? traffic. suit up! let's get this party started! what?
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it won't be the first time! this is b.s. i'm going to put an end to this right now. nigel: come and get some! [spits] you big fatty. [martel laughs] this doesn change anything, falco. i'm an all-pro quarterback. i got 2 super bowl rings, and you'll never be more than a replacement player. yeah. yeah, i can live with that. player: all right. my brothers, will somebody please, please get this idiot out of here? ooh! see ya. martel: take your hands off me, you gorilla! hey! hey! come on, guys, what are you doing? leave me alone! jimmy mcginty is anything but a conventional guy, pat. pat: and mcginty says, with the playoffs on the line, "go for it. get to the playoffs." something that washington has not been able to do against dallas in over 7 years.
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falco? hey! what the hell is he up to? madden: look, pat, here comes falco. falco's back. pat: but what happened to martel? i don't know, but the way falco's running there and that look he has in his eye, he thinks he's going to play. i'm sorry. they're playing zone out there, and you can pick them apart if you keep your eyes open for your secondary-- madden: hey, he seems to be necking with that cheerleader. that's what he's doing. pat: players are not supposed to be fraternizing with the cheerleaders. you know that. yeah, but what are they going to do, pat? fire him? you give me strength. you're late for work. kick ass, fao! [players cheer] what's a the celebrating about here?
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falco, it's nasty out there. that's why girls don't play the game, coach. there you go. listen up. this time tomorrow, the strike will be officially over. now, dallas has made a big mistake out there tonight. they haven't been afraid of you. there is no tomorrow for you, and that makes you all very dangerous people! [cheering] [blows whistle] kick ass on one. ready? plers: break! ooh, yeah ready? clifford franklin is looking for a new home. are you ready for some pain, footsteps? bring it on. oh, yeah. it's coming. it's coming. that's going to be illegal. see him coming in motion? look at that. i've never seen anything like this. pat: that' unbelievable. there's at least 5, 6 flags out there. there's hats-- everything.
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unnecessary roughness, number 16 and number 34, 15 yards. so, that's, uh--wait. 45--uh, no. 30--uh... uh, uh... how--how many yards so far? [whistle blows] cheerleaders: let's go, sentinels! let's go! come on, let's go! come on! [whistle blows] aah! oh, my knee! announcer: cochran is down in the end zone. it's my knee, man. i think i broke it. i think i broke it. oh, god! whoo! did i do it? did i score?
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ah, this hurts. ah, this hurts. i'm sorry. oh, don't be sorry, man. going out in front of 80,000 people ain't bad. you finish what you started, shane. yeah. white 24! hut! yes! yeah! all right! shane: blue 15! hut! hut! yeah!
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announcer: first down, washington. shane: good job. i got skills, baby. hey, danny, feel like running the ball? you better give it to wilkinson. he's going to jail. i'll clear the way. i'm right behind you. all right. weeed it. we need it. sweet!
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first down. crowd: falco! falco! falco! falco! i know you're tired, i know you're hurting, and i wish i could say something that was classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn't be our style. pain heals. chicks dig scars. gly lasts forever. right on, shane. right on, man. right on! shotgun, d.c. right, flip 90 dig on the center, on the center. ready? players: break! shane: ready! hut! pat: i'm telling you, john, we're looking at a different team here in the second half. madden: absolutely, pat. washington is playing like there's no tomorrow, because, hey, there isn't. touchdown, baby!
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ha ha ha! odd, bullets, blitz coverage. player: pick him up. i got him, i got him. [yells] that's the way to hit 'em! pat: and daniel bateman comes up with a big stop on third and one, and that forces a dallas punt. madden: you know, pat, with 28 seconds remaining now, washington needs a decent return here in order to give gruff a shot to tie the game. [blows whistle] madden: and with 12 seconds remaining... it's yours, nigel-- all the way. the sentinels will try a 32-yard field goal to send this game into overtime. ol\, ol\, ol\, ol\
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shane: nigel. nige are you all right? ol\, ol\, ol\ i'm sorry. i had the money, but i pissed it all away down at the track again. what? what are you lking about? they're going to take my pub away from me. it's all i got, shane. come on, shane! ol\, ol\, ol\, ol\ center! madden: hey, it's a fake. falco still has it. look at this, pat. he's running witit. aah! uhh! madden: touchdown, falco. jim: from shane falco. yeah! whoo! referee: holding, number 68 on the offense, 10-yard penalty. repeat-- terrible call! open your eyes! time out. time out...
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you ok? cheers, shane, you saved my ass. take care. someday you'll have to explain to me what the hell that was all about. what's it going to be, shane? i want the ball. winners always do. spread formation. pilachowski: all right, let's go! go. let's go, baby. damn! jumbo: sorry, shane. sorry, everybody. no problem, jumbo, just make sure you rip someone's head off on this one. consider it done. all right. so, besides me, who really wants the ball? yeah. you want it, brian. let's hook up. d.c. left, y motion, 88 warrior. gentlemen... it's been an honor to share the field of battle with you. it's on one, on one. ready?
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we ain't losing this game. [exhales] green 86! green 86!
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let's go, sentinels! let's go! let's go! yeah! announcer: touchdown, brian murphy. oh, i knew it! i knew it all along! oh, jimmy, you beautiful son of a bitch, i knew you could do it! announcer: final score-- washington, 20, dallas, 17. washington goes to the playoffs! i yeah! i wish you could swim yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! like the dolphins you did it! like dolphins can swim you did it! yeah! yeah! whoo!
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nothing will keep us together we can be better forever and ever we can be heroes just for one day well, i i will be king and you you will be queen for nothing nothing will drive them away we can be heroes
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for the washington sentinels left the stadium that day, there was no ticker-tape parade, no endorsement deals for sneakers or soda pop or breakfast cereal-- just a locker to be cleaned out and a ride home to catch. but what they didn't know was that their lives would be changed forever. you, too, shane. because they had been part of something great, and greatness-- no matter how brief-- stays with a man. every athlete dreams of a second chance. these men lived it. i will survive, i will survive go on, now, go walk out the door just turn around now 'cause you're not welcome anymore weren't you the one who tried to break me with good-bye?
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did you think i'd lay down and die? oh, no, not i... captioning made possible by ion media networks captioned by the national captioning institute
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captioning made possible by warner bros. whoo ha ha ha! whoo ha ha! whoo ha! god, i love this job! oh, man! can't you go any faster? floor this thing! i can't! it's my wife's brand-new car! d i'm not going any faster. you're doing 65 now. 65? oh, shoot! get your damn foot off the pedal and put it on my damn floor! yeah, yeah. we're eastbound on 4th. we're in the tunnel. we're in pursuit of red bmw. driver caucasian, blond hair. plate number: 24-adam-henry-174. dispatcher: use caution. you are westbound 2nd street. 20-william-12 on southbound figueroa approaching 2nd. you're heading straight towards each other. somebody back off. ok. roger. what did she say? she said we're about to have an accident. you're gonna get us killed! i know what i'm doin'! [horns blare]


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