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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 15, 2016 2:05am-3:05am EST

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(tight, frantic breaths) (soft metallic clanking) (switchblade snaps open) (sirens wail) winnie: "shang-hai imports" is ahuron and dundas. i've dialed back that 911 caller, he says he saw two men in the store, one had a gun. his first name's terrence. he's not giving me a last ne. i'm putting him through to you now. terrence, my name is sergeant greg parker. i'm with the police strategic response unit.
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we're on our way. where are you? i'm across the street from the shop. ed: we're minutes away, terrence. how many assailants are there? terrence: uh, two, and one of them's got a gun. i have to go they might see me. okay, you go to a safer place, but stay on the line with me, please. i need more information. just hurry, please. gunman: hey! agh! (gun clatters) phu! ruby: don't move! (two gunshots pop) terrence? you still with me? they shot her. you hee?ard gunfir how many shots? terrence: two, i think. have to go. terrence, don't go. terrencestay on the line with me, please. parker: winnie, he knows her. see if you can track him down. he hung up. and get ems on scene, there may be wounded. ed: guys, let's set up a perimeter. raf, jules, with me at front. sam: spike and i will stage in the alley, wait for your go. ed: copy.
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sam? m: door's open okay, let's move. (gate clanks open) (door opens, door chimes jingle) ed, jules and raf: police! sru! sru! police! jules. police! come out with your hands up. police! (beads clatter) jules and ed: clear! (door clunkspen) sam: all clear. okay, spike, raf, check the perimeter. boss, there's no sign of the victim or the subjects. copy that. according to the corporate records, this shop is owned by a zhen ma 50, and a ruby mai, 22. parker: 911 caller said ruby's our victim. jules: their home address is 423 belleview.
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parker: winnie, let's send a ciser to that address. winnie: on its way. the hard drive is missing. parker: jules. surveillance camera. it's definitely not a deterrent. shop owner didn't want anyone knowing they were being photographed. jules: well, the images were being recorded right into this computer. parker: well, maybe our guys realized they were being monitored during the robbery? (register dings) not a robbery. well, then what were they after? jules: boss, i've got something. (kettle whistles) (water sloshes, loud bang nearby) ruby? get out. zhen: but we have business to discuss. zhen: aggghhhh! sam: makeshift tripwire. let me see.
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why wouldn't they just run out the back door? winnie: squad car's taking fire at the family home - 423 belleview.
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don't wait, call today. officer mccabe: heading north on belleview. grey sedanno plates. mccabe: we're clear? ed: you okay? mccabe: yeah. they shot out the tires, took off with a hostage. ed: how'd it go down? two asian guys - gang members, we think - came out of the house th an older guy, started firing. how'd you know he was a hostage? they were using him as a shield. chinese, 50's. uh, nobody's left in that house, we checked. it's clear. okay, thank you. boss, the father, zhen mai, was taken hostage. there's no sign of ruby. we're looking at a double kidnapping here. parker: copy that, eddie. detective lee? hey. sergeant parker? yeah. thanks for coming down. my pleasure. call me vivian. greg. double kidnapping, officers taking fire... hell of a monday morning. yeah, no kidding, right? hoping you can give us a leg up. well, this area of chinatown is under the control of the golden dragons. this sound like their kind of action? vivian: honestly, no. they're more into protection rackets, heroin trafficking, gambling. it's unusual for them
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they don't like to draw attention. well, if they're trying shake this shop down and the owners refused to cooperate... it's possible, but why go to the trouble of kidnapping them? why not just damage the shop or beat someone up? sends a simpler message: comply or else. jules: boss, i think i can answer that. parker: okay, we'll be ght there, jules. follow me. (keys clack, computer beeps) parker: jules callaghan. detective vivian lee, asian crime squad. thanks for helping us out. vivien: sure. all right, the hard drive on the shop computer was taken, but i found a jump drive in the back of the cash drawer with these images on it. parker: some tough customers. can i see that one? jules: mm-hm. vivian: that's the dragons' boss, wei chua. and next to him, jimmy ying. he's chua's right-hand man. no. you see here? can you zoom in? those cigarette burns are the mark of the dragons. looks like the dragons are collecting payoffs. there's images on here from at least four different stores. parker: well, this is some sort of resistance.
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against the extortion racket. not unless someone's willing to testify and explain what's happening. jules: motive for a kidnapping, or worse. parker: any idea where the dragons might've taken their hostages vivian: i can have my people try and narrow it down to a list of known dragon locations. but we might have another way in: drug squad has wires on the cell phones of two active dragon soldiers. we can piggyback on those. let's do it. those merchants are at risk too. i'm gonna see if i can identify any of the shops in these images. winnie: boss? parker: yeah, winnie? the 911 call was made by a terrence lau. he owns the po chi lau herbal medicine shop, 1612 nassau reet. jules: boss, that description matches one of the shops on video. herbs, mushrooms, teas. paer: gentlemen, i need you to check out that medicine shop. our 911 caller might be part of this resistance. ed: will do. i'll let you know as soon as i have something. parker: thanks, vivian. winnie: and, boss, one more thing. yeah, winnie, go ahead. winnie: your son's here. dean's at hq? i put him on a bus headed home. is he okay? yeah, he's fine.
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but he said he'd talk to you later. winnie: it's okay, boss. i'll take care of him. winnie, i... (sighs) okay, thank you, winnie. terrence lau? sir? terrence: yes? sir, i'm officer lane, this is officer rousseau. strategic response unit. you called 911, right? is ruby okay? we think she's been abducted, along with her father. ed: sir, you did the right thing calling 911, but we still need your help here. now, do you have any idea where the dragons may have taken ruby and her dad? i don't, honestly. may i? mr. lau, we know that you're a victim here too, and we know that you've been working against the dragons.
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of any of the gang members? i do that and they find out, my family is next. sounds to me like a good reason for you to step up. what happened to you, little man? oh. my son, eugene. he's been fighting with other boys again in the neiborhood. raf: you see anything, eugene? anything at all? no. raf: really? sure about that? i told you no, okay? raf: okay. okay. if you care about ruby, you need to tell us what you know here. okay. raf. man: look, i told you, i know these people. just tell me what hapned. parker: officer? it's all right. come here, son. jules: you have some id? dixon green. now what the hell happened? is ruby okay? how do you know ruby? i'm her sensei. i work at a martial arts studio on bloor. ruby's my student. you always check on your students
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ruby's more than a student, okay? i care about her. we believe ruby's been kidnapped, as well as her father. oh, no, no, no, no, no... why wouldn't she listen? okay, look, i know who did this. it's a gang. they're called the golden dragons. they've been squeezing ruby and her dad for years. is that why she takes martial arts? to protect herself? ruby? no. she wants to fight back. she's been gathering evidence - with all the other shop owners - against the dragons. someone must've ratted her out. do you know who she's working with? i don't know. she knew i was against the whole thing. made me swear not to tell the bit that i did know. i don't even think her dad knows. what about her mother? her mother died last year in a fire in that warehouse right here ruby's pretty torn up about it, and her dad... he's still not over it. okay. just stay close, will you? we may need to ask you some more questions. officer? just keep an eye on him. ruby's ruing the resistance, but they take her father too. might not have known she was acting alone.
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vivien: hey. so, my team has just recorded a call between a golden dragon soldier - name of phu wan - and an unknown female. i'm sending you the audio file. vivian, i'm loading the audio file now. female: i got your message. male: you did the right thing calling. no reason for all of this. everything's okay, right? female: i don't know, you tell me. male: everything's okay. stop the tape. you thinking what i'm thinking? maybe it's ruby. parker: let's get dixon in here. vivien, thing is, no one actually saw ruby get abducted. maybe she got away. maybe she's the shooter, not the other way around. but why wouldn't she go to the police? she may not trust us. the dragons had an officer on the payroll in the past. there's more you need to hear. xon, you recognize any of these voices? (key clacks, computer beeps) female: you really think i'm that stupid? give me one reason why i should believe you. that's ruby. male: we need to know who you've been talking to. you tell us, everybody goes home, okay? ruby: augusta street cafe.
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male: come alone. you talk to the police, you know what happens. ruby's okay? yeah, she is for now, but we're running out of time. we need your help. you mind coming with us? jules, let's go. vivian... vivian: i'll meet you there. (car horn honks) parker: she gets away from two armed gangsters and now she's trying to negotiate her own father's release. the kid's got brass. jules: that brass is gonna get her into trouble. ed: there's no chance the dragons will honor that deal. jules: no, they need ruby alive so that she can give the names of her resisnce. parker: intimidate anybody who might wanna testify. might try to abduct her again. ed: we gotta be in position to protect her without letting the dragons know we're there. okay, guys, looks like we'll need some civvies here. (door clks shut) where we at, guys? spike: almost there with the rabolic. thank you. copy that, spike. m? sam: a lot of civilians, including ruby. i'm going less lethal.
2:22 am
raf? jules? in position. jules: six o'clock, ed. you clean up well. you too. spike, you hear me? in full stereophonic sound. parker: all right, no one gets made, you understand? dragons think by's working with us, they could have her father killed. spike: got it. sam: copy. vivian: my team's just narrowed down the possible locations to five. parker: that's good work. we'll give 'em as much time as we can. ed: two, please. parker: dark blazer, spiky hair. vivian: that's lak tang, senior guy. reports directly to chua. you hear that, eddie? he's headed toward a table. we got eyes. tang: just give me a minute and then we'll order. sidewalk next to the patio, on a motorcycle.
2:23 am
confirmed. parker: okay, i think that's her. where's my father? don't worry. if you do your part, we'll do ours. ruby: i wanna see him, first. tang: don't be stupid. all i have to do is make one quick call and that's it. he dies. you write down the names of your friends and we check it out. if you're telling the truth, we'll let him go. brave girl. your father doesn't deserve your loyalty. what're you talking about? last chance to change your mind. ed: okay, he's making a call. put the phone down.
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do it now. (cks gun)
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possible gang member across the street. vivien, can you confirm at? i can't be sure. parker: he's making a phone call. parker: hold your fire, sam. we need to make sure. boss... confirmed. (gunshot pops) raf: on the ground. now! i need you to come with me. you don't understand. as soon as they find out police are involved, they'll kill my father. that's why we need to find him fast. lots of witnesses, ed. don't want word getting back to the dragons that the police are involved. ed: copy that, spike. let's get him off the street, get some answers. you talked to them? you promised me... dixon: i was worried about you, okay? you can't take them on by yourself, ruby. parker: it's okay. ruby, my name is sergeant greg parker. i'm with the strategic response unit. what you did was very brave, but you put yourself and your dad in a lot of danger. jules: ruby, somebody told the dragons that you were coordinating a resistance; somedy who knew what you were doing.
2:30 am
if we can find the leak, maybe they could lead us to your father. i'll tell you, but it won't do any good. if someone told the dragons about me, they're not gonna believe you can protect them. ed: raf, give me a second. buddy, you tell me where zhen mai is, and i'm gonna help you out. (scoffs) you're 25-years-old, you are gonna do 10 years in prison. you're okay with that? fair enough. raf? raf: let's go. vivian: hey. anything? ed: ice in his veins. the gangs recruit these kids when they're really young. i mean, how're they doing it? is it drugs? status? what? they target a newcomer, pay a couple of other kids to bully him, th a gang meer miraculously shows up, scares the bullies. kid's so grateful, next thing younow... that easy. (vivian's cell rings) excuse me. yeah. gotta take this.
2:31 am
boss. go ahead, eddie. ed i think i have an angle on our leak. parker: someone we know? yeah, that 911 call, terrence lau. parker: yeah? well, when we were at his the shop, his son eugene was all bad attude and bruises. parker: okay, eddie, let's look into it. copy that. raf, let's gear up. raf: copy. now, we need to move fast, before anything happens to yr dad. you gotta tell us what's going on here, and i mean everything. the dragons, they've been extorting us for money for years. last year, chua asked for even more money. well, i like the color assortment there. (door chimes jingle) zhen: if you want it, take it. my boys tell me you refuse to comply with the new arrangements. zhen: we're already running at a loss.
2:32 am
hmm? we protect you. zhen i can't afford any more. jimmy: (charging yell) (glass shatters) stop! stop! okay! ok! zhen: okay! (chuckles slyly) you are smart man. you think of your family. xixie. (door chimes jingle) (grunts forcefully, decoration snaps) (door imes jingle) my father was so angry. he wanted to fight back. but my mother begged him not to do anything. she wanted to sell the store so we could move away to start over. whatever my father did next made chua very angry,
2:33 am
(sirens wail) after my mother died, my father just gave up. he hardly eats or sleeps. never comes to the store. police investigate the fire? ruby: they said it was arson, but they couldn't link it to the dragons. the golden dragons destroyed my family. (door creaks open) i told you, i can't help you. ed: with all due respect, we're here to talk to your son, sir. come here foa sec.
2:34 am
ed: what's that? your son's been recruited. ed: you talked to the dragons about ruby, didn't you? eugene, you need to tell us where they are right now. do you understand me? you're already in a lot of trouble, don't make this any worse. they said they were just gonna scare them. ed: boss, the kids says they're at the yonge building on spadina. that's a big place, spike, plenty of places to hide. any ideas? spike: well, we have the most recent plans, but they might not be accurate. filed with the city years ago. these old chinatown buildings are often renovated without plans and permits. that's good to know. ed: building's fully attached on both sides. we got a secured loading dr on black wall. we're gonna need the halligan. ruby: why are you looking at pictures of the roof? spike: 'cause often they can tell us what's underneath.
2:35 am
they're at the back wall, so that means that the sweat shop offices and bathrooms on red wall. spike: east wall.ed: copy that,pike. parker: let's get uniforms setting up a perimeter. ed: copy. drug squad just intercepted a call between two dragons from within the building. they kw that ruby's working with the police. parker:time's up, let's move. raf and jules: police! poce! sru! raf: on the table now! down! parker: everyone stay where they are! vivien: jimmy's on the line now. go ahead. jimmy's talking to chua. he's asking for instructions. (sewing machines whirr) i'm gonna check upstairs. (speaking in mandarin) raf: police! vivien:wei chua! put the gun down now! now! parker: put your hands up now! chua: (chuckles slyly) i thought this was a civilized country. parker: wei chua, you're looking at kidnapping,
2:36 am
you order the death of zhen mai, you'll add murder to the list. and why would i do such a thing? (speaks in mandarin) parker: what did he say? vian: it's time. parker: wei chuayou're under arrest. put your hands on the table. do it now! zhen: agh! aggghhhh! (coughs and gasps)
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what are you waiting for? just do it. jimmy: the decision is yours. chua says he's gonna tell your daughter the truth. said he wants her to know. third floor clear. copy, sam. that's it. building's clear. sam: they knew we were coming. they probably escaped. how? the perimeter's secured. the roof. (door squeaks open
2:42 am
spike: go, i got this. ed: you sure? spike: go. i'm officer mike scarlatti, sru. you're zhen mai, right? zhen, you wanna tell me what's happeninright now? sam, they're coming down the fire escape. sam: copy. sru! stop right there! lower your weapons on the stairs, now! now! spike: i'm here to help you, zhen. officers have arrested the dragons. everything's gonna be okay. stay back! spike: okay. leave me be. boss, found the hostage. he's alive, but he's doused in gasoline. he's threatening to setimself on fire. parker: yeah, copy that, eddie. why, what's going on?
2:43 am
minimal cognitive response, tunnel vision. sam: he's not bluffing. tac options? ed: rushing him is not aafe play. we need a fire extinguisher up here now. go for it. (breathes shakily) okay, fast as possible, sam. jules and raf, let's go over everything we know so far. let's dig into his psychology here. let's identify any triggers. we need to know why this is happening, why it's happening now. copy. on it. ruby? we found your father, my people are with him. but i need to ask you a few questions. why, did something happen to him? he's threatening to take his own life. what? i-i don't understa. yeah, we don't either. we need to figure this out so we can stop him from harming himself. ruby: (screaming) what'd you do to him?! parker: ruby, i need you to ay calm, all right?
2:44 am
she's out front and she's waiting for you. ruby... she's so brave. when she finds out what i've done... parker: well he's done something that he can't come to terms with. in chinese culture, suicide can be an honorable way to alleviate shame. parker: ruby? can you think of any reason why your father would be in this state? he's still mourning the death of my mother, but... that can't be why. all right, ruby's mother died in a warehouse fire about a year ago, right? the fire was determined to be arson. investigators didn't have enough evidence to lay charges. ruby said that the dragons set the fire as retribution. retribution for what? she didn't know. she said her father provoked them. so he feels responsie. is that enough to make him suicidal? i just lost my father, zhen. we didn't always see eye-to-eye, but i'd give anying to have him back in my life. your daughter loves you.
2:45 am
she can't help me. ed: he's unstable here, boss. he's on the edge. parker: copy that, eddie. maybe it's time to bring ruby in. jules: are you sure, boss? zhen's shame is focused on what ruby thinks of him. parker: not a lot of options, jules. maybe the emotional connection could de-escalate the situation. (ruby weeps quietly) ruby? are you up to talking to your dad? can you do that? yes. come on. ed: zhen, 's okay. it's okay, my name's ed. i just need you to listen to me for sec. stay back! ed: zhen, what you're thinking about doing here, it doesn't always kill you. it can leave you badly burned, and in terrible pain. now you don't want that. that's what i deserve - to burn like my poor lin. parker: your father's in pretty bad shape. so the last thing we want is for him to think that he's upsetting you.
2:46 am
just let him do the talkin just put that in your ear, all right? just remember that you won't be alone. okay. zhen received a full payout from the insurance company after the fire. ruby said that he used that money to pay off the dragons. so just when he needed the money... he gets it. boss. i hear ya, jules. but there's no hard evidence. jules: according to the incident report, thwife ran inside and tried to put out the blaze. no insurance policy on the wife. he didn't intend to hurt anne. and this is hitting him now because? jules: chua and jimmy threatened to tell ruby knowing it will make zhen suicidal. they figure his suicide will be devastating to ruby and that she'll have nothing left to fight for. they clean up their mess, sending a message to the rest of chinatown, all without risking a murder charge. and if it's not true, it's a hell of an accusation. jules: well, she has to know 'cause she's our only shot at talking him down.
2:47 am
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parker: look, ruby, there's no easy way to say this. there's a possibility that it was your father who set fire to the warehouse. what're you talking about? he might've done it for the insurance money to pay the dragons. if he did set that fire, i'm sure he never intended to hurt yone. certainly not your mother. no way. he would never do at. i'm saying we don't know for sure. but it might explain why he's in this state of mind. you're the best chance we have at getting through to him. but if he did set that fire and you can't forgive him, then you can't help him. (door squeaks open) ruby: ba? ba... why're you doing this? i'm so sorry, ruby it's true, isn't it?
2:53 am
i did. (sobs) i know it hurts. i know it hurts, but your father just tried to protect your mother and you to the best of his ability. why, ba?! we could've just ved, like ma wanted. i didn't know what else to do. we could have fought back. i didn't want to see you get hurt. (cries) parker: this isn't your father's fault, ruby. no, he can't shoulder the blame. not now. not like this. zhen: at least now you know. ruby: ba, wait! parker: that's it. just think about what he went through. you wanted to prect us. ma didn't want you to fight back. i was too weak.
2:54 am
parker: now you need to forgive him. he needs to hear that, ruby. ba... remember when we first moved here? i was so little. i was so scared, i missed home. you know what ma told me? she said you were a tiger. she said you'd always protect me. but i'm not. you're the strong one. ruby: because of you, ba. always because of you. ruby: (cries softly) i miss ma. i miss her so much. but i still need you. we still need each other. please, ba. i forgive you.
2:55 am
ruby: it's okay. it's okay. if you go i will fall if you go i will fall into... the deep
2:56 am
everything i need to live forget the smoke and mirrors you can't go back if you leave i will drown take your keys burn this town
2:57 am
you knew... hey. you keep the peace today? yeah, actually. it was a good day. yeah. i, uh... i dn't get on the bus. i can see that. what's going on? well, i, uh... i just wanted to ask you a question. i thought... if it was all right with you, i could come live with you for a while. you and your mom not getting along or something? no. no, it's not that. i wanna be here, you know, with you. does she know about this? yeah. i just... i just told her i wanted to bring it up with you first.
2:58 am
i am. i'very happy. listen. this last year, getting to know each other again, it's been awesome. i'm proud that you get to see what i do and that you've changed your mind about me. it's what i've always hoped for. but... you and i just haven't spent a whole lot of time together. i just don't want you to be disappointed. i won't be. so? it ok then? (half laughs) yeah. yeah, it's okay. it's absolutely okay. you can go back
2:59 am
spike: stay tuned for s >> male announcer: the following program is a commercial presentation of total gym fitness. >> what happens when people want to get results? well, we're putting total gym to the test. >> 14 people, all with different goals. what can total gym do to your body in only 14 workouts? >> cardio, strength, stretching. one machine does it all. >> hi. i'm chuck norris.
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3:01 am
i'm hoping to lose about 15 pounds, to gain a bunch of muscle, and to be bikini-body-ready. >> stay tuned to see the results of our first week of the total gym challenge. >> i started calling myself the fat guy. i weighed 360 pounds. i was unhealthy, i wasn't fit, because i was fat. i got to 360 pounds over 53 years of not really taking care of myself. i started noticing a difference almost right away with the total gym. >> the total gym has helped me so much because it's so easy to use. it's right there. i can do a hard workout, an easy workout. i can do an on-the-go workout. it works into my day. the people that don't know me do not believe that i was 360 pounds. this was me at 360 pounds. i keep this photo around to remind me of how heavy i was and how i felt. but i'm not that person anymore. i'm this person. thank you, total gym. >> you know, i've been doing the
3:02 am
the total gym for almost 40 yes. and you wonder, why have i been doing it that long? do i do it because i have to? no. i do it because i like it. i enjoy keeping myself in shape. i enjoy looking good. i enjoy being healthy. i enjoy being able to do the things that many men my age cannot do. this helps develop my power and my punch. when you hit here, that takes a lot of impact on your wrist and your forearms, so you have to develop that strength, and that's what the total gym does. now if i wanted to develop the power in my shoulders, triceps, my forearms, my wrists, here's the one that i use for that. notice, when i do this, how it's working my gut at the same time. i'm strengthening my abs as i'm doing the pullovers that are working on my shoulders, tris, forearms, and wrists. and that's what is so incredible
3:03 am
works the whole body at the same time, and that's why i can be able to throw these techniques with power, without causing injury. hyah! like that one. and that's why i can keep doing this -- my martial arts -- well into my 70s. >> hi. i'm rebecca joseph. after my pregnancy, i gained a lot ofeight. a trainer actually recommend the total gym to me and told me how easy it would be. and he said it was the only at-home gym that he recommende i just loved how easy it was. i could just jump on it and get started right away. seeing the pounds just come right off. people were like, "i cannot believe you just had a baby." i've lost 35 pounds the total gym, and i've kept it off for six years. so, it was definitely a testimony to me that this thing works and it's wonderful. >> i wanted to show how easy it is to work out with the total gym. and then as you come around,
3:04 am
>> i feel it on, like, just all right here. >> okay, ryan, can you tell me, where are you feeling this? >> the more i tighten abs, the more i can feel it isolating in my shoulders. >> i really feel it, actually. >> where are you feeling that one? >> in my chest, in my back. >> try this. this is the perfect one for blue jeans. >> i feel it a little bit on the inner thigh, too. >> oh, i can see you've got it now. you're in the groove. >> yeah. i feel it. >> i see your muscle really working there. you feel that? >> i do! it's getting -- whoo! -- my traps and my upper abs. >> changing the position of your hands gives you a different workout. it gets the back of your arm. >> yes. >> isn't that great? >> i love it. >> how do you think this compares to what you usually use? >> oh, this is great. the resistance is smooth. i also can change the direction of the machine. i also can change the range of motion. it's great. >> stay tuned to see the results of our first week of the total gym challenge. >> hi. my name's jimmy brown. and i've been working on the
3:05 am
and these pictures were made before i started working out with total gym. and this one was made after i had been working with total gym for one year. this is a typical workout that i'm doing. do some pullovers. working out on the total gym is more like having fun than it is working. i'm gonna switch over to the chest fly. i like it because it's compact and easy to use, and it makes me feel better about myself. my name's jimmy brown, and i'm 72 years old. i use the total gym because it works. >> here's what people were saying after the first week of the total gym challenge. >> so, here we are, combining strength and cardio, working the quadriceps, the front of those thighs, working your buttocks, getting into that nice, deep low squat. and because you're moving constantly, burning mega amounts of calories. >> well, i'm out of breath, sweating. felt really good. yeah, we'll see results after this kind of a workout, for sure. you have to. >> workouts like that can't help to get results.


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