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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. he took my husband. boyd was bleeding and he dragged him out. is someone from the army helping? mrs. milgram-- ma'am, listen to me. the fbi is in charge of looking for your husband, but i need you to try to remember what luke dolan said. i can't. it was gibberish. i can't. yes, you can. just close your eyes. ma'am, i believe that you can. just listen to the sound of my voice and you'll be fine. just try. close your eyes. there you go. just relax and breathe. very good. now, what were you doing
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i was in the kitchen. i was pouring a drink for my husband. he takes me to the living room and ties me up. morgan: what ds he say? where are my real parents? he asks where his real parents are. how the hell should i kn? i don't even know you. don't play dumb. you replaced them. does he think your husband did something to them? he says, "you replaced them." luke and mrs. milgram: the replacements are dead. does he mention dorado falls? yes. this is about dorado falls, isn't it? and gaslighting. dorado falls? you're gaslighting me 'cause of the mission. the mission? who's your commanding officer? you won't get away with this. where are you keeping jenna and ally? where's my family? he was calm until he asked about his family. then he hits boyd with the gun. all of the milgrams' cars are still here,
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he talked abougaslighting. he thinks someone's trying to purposely distort his reality. he said his parents had been replaced. he just sounds delusional. you know, he might have capgras syndrome. it's a delusional disorder in which one believes that their friends and loved ones have been replaced by imposters. sort of like "invasion of the body snatchers." it typically involves only one sense, such as sight. basically, the neural connection between the visual cortex and the emotional center of the brain becomes severed, so that looking at a loved one doesn't elicit the same emotional response one would expect. hotch: so you think they're an imposter. and the interesting thing is that the auditory connection remains tact, so that if they were to hear a loved one speak and not see them, they'd think that they were real. what causes this syndrome? it's unknown in 60% of the cases, but the rest have an organic cause, such as tumor or head trauma. was in a car accident friday. people with delusional disorders don't all become killers, though. ue, but dolan's background as a navy seal, his knowledge of secret missions, plus capgras syndrome, could result in exeme paranoia. it's the perfect storm. prentiss: is there a cure for this?
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so this guy's stuck with it. he's not killing for the thrill of it, he does it because he believes he has no other choice. he murdered his best frien and his parents because he believed they were imposters. so if heere to see his wife and daughter, the results would be deadly. dolan kidnapped the general and didn't kill his wife because he had never met them before. there might be another reason. he wants contact. i don't know what you think you're gonna gain by your actions, but i do know this-- you swore an oath to defend this country and behave with moral rectitude. were you thinking of morals when you gave the go-ahead on dorado falls? i told you, that wasn't me. you're a liar. this country's at war, and dorado falls is nothing but a speck on the radar. no one even remembers. i remember. what are you gonna do with me? i'll trade you for my wife and child. and if that doesn't work?
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how close are you to getting dolan? our primary goal right now is the safe recovery of the general. this is highly classified information, agent jareau. can't the bau do this on their own? we could. but your help would speed things up. you're smart enough to see the upside, i'm sure you help and it goes well, you get your ticket punched. you don't and it goes south, well, the weather's not too bad outside the beltway. it's all in there. you know why dolan's so worried about this mission? i have no idea. were there complications? every mission has complications. but there's no blowback on this one, i can assure you of that. ok.
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what's happening to him? we think his car accident triggered a delusional disorder. oh, my god. we need to know who luke was closest to. his father. [classical music playing] [cell phone rings] [ring] [ring] hello. is this lieutenant luke dolan? who is this? sergeant major david rossi, united states marine corps, retired. who told you to call me?
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i knew your dad, mark. we were in boot camp together at parris island. he's a good man. still triangulating a location. hold on. hold on. now, we can talk, but first i need to know that general milgram is safe. he's alive, if that's what you mean. what's up with the music? i have no idea. why did you kidnap the general? for leverage to get my family back. do you think we're holding them? i saw you take myife and child. what have you got, garcia? getting closer. we're in the warehouse districtstand by. please, stand by. got it! 3352 spring street. let's go. release the general and then we can talk about your family. he's innocent. so you think. luke, do you think your father would approve of what you're doing? i just want my family back. besides, i didn't start this. start what? dorado falls.
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you first. all right. dorado falls was the name of a boat off the coast of cape town. it was owned by a south african diplomat who was selling nuear secrets to iran. so what's the big secret? there isn't one. don't get me wrong, lives were lost, but there's been far worse missions. his mind chose dorado falls to build a conspiracy around. this can't be it. garcia, it's an empty lot with a cell phone repeater. give me a rundown on the buildings in the area and the years that they were built. all over it like cat hair on a sofa. btw, i can usually locate a cell phone within 3 mers, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond my control, like physical barriers blocking a signal, not being in the satellite's direct line of sight, which bounces the signal to a repeater. garcia, tell me you've got something. oh, sorry. yes, i have something.
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and there is a warehouse scheduled for loft conversion that was built in 1928. all right, walls were thicker in the twenties. what's the address of the building? more gps signal interference. exact address is... 291 hope street. 291 hope. intel failed tidentify... two children aboard the boat. there was a chance to abort, but we were given orders to go ahead. someone in the d.i.a. made that final call. i never knew it was milgram until now. rossi: sometimes collateral damage can't be avoided. you know, people that sit in offices always think that. this is red echo. we have unwanted targets. permission to abort. negative, red echo. the operation is a go. i repeat, the operation is a go. [gunots] rossi: you had to shoot those kids, didn't you? they saw us. they would have blown the mission.
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just like everyone at synalock. someone wants revenge. we've always known that our own government might disavow us. they tried to buy adam with the navy cross, but it didn't work, so they've replaced him with an imposter. and now they're taking my family one by one. listen, jenna and ally are safe. you expect me to believe that? i know they're coming after me. i'll make you an offer. you let milgram go and i'll take his place. i don't want you, i want my family. the people who have them wi not negotiate unless milgram is freed. but you need insurance. i get that. let me take his place. why would you do that? because i'm not just a guy behind a desk. i was a mane with boots on the ground, just like you.
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i want you to get your family back. all right. where's hotch and morgan? the spring street address didn't pan out. they're searching the warehouse right now. luke, i need your exact address. [classical music playing] all clear. clear. we got the general. he's still alive. guys, get him out of here. now, where the hell is dolan? yeah, he used the radio the mask the sound of his movements.
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this was a part of his plan to find out who was holding his wife and daughter. but you never said you were fbi. he saw the number i called from. he'd recognize an fbi prefix. so, what, he's on s way here to quantico? i know the head space he's in. he feels all alone right now. there is no risk he won't take. as a navy seal, he did training here. he knows this place. hotch: all right, alert the guard gates and secure the building. entry and exit through one door only. an fbi police officer was just found shot to death in the academy parking structure.
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i think we shod've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle.
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i don't see him. he knows how to be invisible. [beeping] i got him. he used the dead officer's i.d. to enter the 7th floor. al it off. nobody in or out. navy seals never start a mission without an exfiltration plan. check the exterior and elevator shafts for riggings. turning exterior cameras now. a member of the seal team said dolan's an expert in explosives, disabling and buildi them. also be on the lookout for explosives. [telephone rings] [ring] [ring]
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hello? is this sergeant major rossi? yes. i was hoping you'd call, luke. where are you? right behind you. ok, ok. easy, easy. oh, my god. oh, my god. all right. luke, you don't want to be aiming that around. snipers have the building covered. you're in the crosshairs right now, i can guarantee that. windows are bulletproof. high-density lexan, right? i'm the onyou want. you can let my team go. i'll trade you. give me my wife and daughter. you have 3 minutes to decide. is he for real? he'll blow us all up, himself included? start an evacuation. can we evacuate everyone in 3 minutes? prentiss, i need his wife in here. no one is seeking revenge here. you've created this conspiracy in your own mind. you took my family.
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they were imposters. you have my real parents. your real parents are dead. jj: spence-- you want to know what's really going on? you were in a car accident 3 nights ago and you suffered a head trauma. if i don't see jenna and ally now... we're all gonna die. jenna on p.a.: luke? can you hear me? i need you to stop what you're doing. we're fine. me and ally are safe. luke, you have to let those people go. the terms haven't changed. morgan: you don'tbelieve that's her? i've been through this before. you have one minute. daddy? why are you doing this? mommy says you don't feel good.
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[crying] i'm scared, daddy. i just want to go home. jenna, can you talk to him about something personal, something that only the two of you would know about? do you remember our honeymoon, when you woke me up at night and you took me up that mountain that you'd hiked years before? we watched the sun rise. it was magical. and you said that as much as you loved this spot, you loved me even more.
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your eyes and your mind are playing a trick on you. when you see your family, you think that they're imposters, but it's all caused by an illness. you're sick, luke. it's not your fault. i love you, daddy. we both do. come on, now, luke, you don't need that gun. none of us want to hurt you. you are a hero to this country. please let us help you. i want to see jenna. en you have to do as i ask. put your weapon down and close your eyes. luke, you have to close your eyes. why? because you need to know that your wife is real
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please, luke. close your eyes or we will never be together again. close your eyes. jenna: ok. they're afraid you might hurt me, so they're gonna handcuff you. and then i'm going to come out, but you have to keep your eyes closed. i'm right here, baby. promise me you'll keep your eyes closed. is that you? is that really you? everything's gonna be ok. but we have to go to the hospital now, ok? first jenna's gonna cover up your eyes. daddy! daddy, where are you going? no! no! jj, let me have him.
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get him out of here! no! no! get him out of here! no! no! [sobbing] rossi: "we're born alone, we live alone, "we die alone. "only through our love and friendship "can we create the illusion for a moment that we're not alone." orson welles. no, i didn't mandate it. uh, is everything all right? you ok? oh, yeah. i'm good. it's all in a day's work, right? i'll see you in the morning. good night. hey. uh, hotch didn't order my takedown recertification. do you want to tell me what's really going on? i just thought we both could use a refresher. you mean you thought i could use it. you're nervous about me being back. emily...
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i get it. but just come out and say it. morgan. ok, fine. yes, i am nervous. but not about you. about me. emily, i thought i lost you, and i blamed myself. now, you're back, but i don't want to be worried about losing you again and get distracted. so you wanted some reassurance. yeah, something like that. morgan, i cannot imagine what you went through. it was 7 months of hell. how can i make it up to you? i will do whatever it takes. just give me 10 hours of training. ok, you got it. shooting range on sundays. i'm there. and my morning coffee and a neck rub every day. oh, buddy, you are really pushing it. captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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woman reporter on tv: 10 years ago randy slade entered north valley high school th a gun and a bomb. this weekend, the school will try to memorialize those 13 students that were slain at slade's hands. the events will culminate with a candlelight vigil in memory of the north valley high massacre. principal doug givens will read a-- [beeping]


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