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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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and he walked right over there... he said...! [explosion] and like that, 10 kids were gone. those reporters always asked me about that. why did he detonate so early? i still don't know. now, let's go back for a second. randy was pointing the gun at you. did you see the cell phone in his hand? yeah. what was on it? i--i don't know. it was the detonator. all i saw was the black casing.
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are you sure? yeah. why? the gray cell phone was the detonator. the black cell was the one he'd talked to his mother on. uh, that's what i meant. the--the gray one. it's just a mistake. sorry. i'm telling you, i didn't kill her. then how do you explain your fingerprints in her room? ok, i saw her last night, but i wouldn't... she's my friend. you're very convincing, lewis. but you were convincing 10 years ago, too. so what was your excuse for not being in the cafeteria? oh, yeah. you were blazing up in the back parking lot, right? that wasn't an excuse. it was the truth. yeah, of course it was. it also allowed you to pose as a loser. the very type you wanted to kill. you know how we know? you wrote it down.
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i didn't write that one. but you did type up the rest of the list. yes. lewis, we know how guys like randy make friends. they build up rapport through secrecy. only the two of you are smart enough to see through the bs of high school, right? d it felt so good doing whatever randy said and not have to tell anybody about it. make me a list of kids we shod kill. sure, randy. get me a pound of semtex from your dad's construction site. whatever you say, randy. but i never thought that he would-- he would use you? you were mad that he actually did it. but you were also mad that he left you behind. that's not true. then why come back? what does a loser like you have to gain by seeing all the kids that he hated so much? i came this close to flushing two years of sobriety
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not just because chelsea died, but because i knew that they were gonna cancel that ceremony. see, tomorrow night i was gonna tell people what i did. and i knew that i would be arrested as an accomplice. i knew it, but... i had to. this is my final amends. prentiss: you buy it? he fits the profile, and the evidence points to m, but he seems sincere. he's not the unsub. he was the partner, but look at how slade added "all the losers in this godforsaken school." this capitalization isn't an accident. look. l-s-r-- lewis stuart ramsey. so slade named his own partner. ironically, lewis' marijuana conviction saved his life.
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if the unsub isn't the partner, how did he get his hands on a list that slade and lewis kept to themselves? the only answer is thapart of the profile is wrong. the unsub's vendetta has nothing to do with the list. did you get anything from jerry holtz? only that he mixed up the cell phones that slade used. it felt like he was making the story up, but i only had a hunch. we need to find him now. there's a conntion to the victimology that we're missing. whatever he's holding back might be the key. i'm so sorry. [crying] i'm so sorry. boo. ohh! oh! ohh! can you look me in the eye, jerry? huh?! look at me! look at me! look at me! look at me! i didn't know! i didn't know. that's the point. they're gonna find out.
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jerry holtz? how long? less than an hour. security guard heard the commotion, but the unsub was already gone. the only people who knew we were doing the cognitive interviews were the other survivors. the unsub must be part of that group. well, we don't know that for a fact. he could have been lying in wait. look, hotch wants me to go through the victims' lives and find the overlap. we can compare their histories with the unsub's. well, what else do we have to go on? spence said the unsub would have broken his hand beating chelsea to death. did you notice anyone with a cast on their hand, someone who seemed hurt? no. reid: i might ow why. this unsub doesn't feel pain. there's a medical condition called pain asymbolia, where patients register harmful stimuli without being bothered by it. they've been documented holding their hand over an open flame because their brain doesn't send paisignals to the central nervous system. sounds pretty rare. you sure the unsub has it? the crime scenes prove it.
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of savagery towards his victims. and consider this-- he smashed through a glass display case, but there were not cuts on jerry. that means he most likely punched through it as a show of force. now, the only way the human body could withstand that lev of pain is if he couldn't feel it at all. it must take a major toll on someone'smotional development. [cell phone ringing] a significant contributor to our sense of empathy is the way we personally experience pain. and the unsub didn't develop his sense of empathy because it was cut off. does every person with asymbolia have this? actually, most feel empathy just fine, which makes me think the rest of our profile is still accurate. loner, iisible, [cell phone ringing] outcast, boiling rage-- son of a bitch! hi! this is dr. spencer reid. i actually can come to the phone right now with a very special message that your mother is-- reid. sorry. i'm really sorry. i don't know what got into me. where were we? hotch: i'm going to have garcia check medical records. what causes asymbolia? s-s-severe trauma produces sions in the insular cortex, usually after a stroke. but this unsub's so young, it's most likely caused by an external factor. like a bomb going off next to him?
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i will crush you. what? what? it's so weird seeing yearbooks again. a friend of mine who teaches said that facebook is making them obsole. i'm having serious flashbacks going through these senior bios. four years of accompshments boiled down to one paragraph. hey, did your school have anything called "top 10"? mm, no. is it an academic thing? no, i don't think so. only 10 of the survivors listed it, including jey and chelsea, and neither one of them were valedictorian material. ok, so...what are we looking at here? well, maybe it's a clique inside a clique. yeah, but it's jocks, nerds, theater geeks. nothing that would bring these kids together. except... what?
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hey, tiffany. where you going? uh, there's gonna be a get-together for the survivors. didn't you hear? they canceled the vigil. i know. that's why some of us are getting together at the seven stars restaurant later. great. i'll join you. i would love that, but it's kind of a top 10 thing. well, top 8 now. oh. you understand, right? totally. tell everyone i say hi. ok. no. recognize the top 10? they were the students that went in front of the cameras after the bombing. i thought all the surviving students were interviewed. after the initial aftermath, yes,
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traveled to other schools. my guess is that they didn't self-select who made the cut. principal givens did. that's why the unsub killed him first. he was an outcast who wanted to fit in. being a survivor should have been his golden ticket. but he was excluded again, and that's why he's killing them. yeah. the rules of high school never changed, not even after a tragedy. [cell phone rings] go ahead, garcia. hey, listen up. i cross-referenced student files with medical records. now, there were 6 kids that were knocked unconscious in that blast, but only one fits the outcast profile. his name is robert adams, and he just used his credit card at a local restaurant, the dress of which... i just sent you right now. i'm on my way. it was the most ridiculous thing i've ever done in my life. i didn't want to do it, but jerry said we can't-- well, we lost the bet. it was just very uncomfortable for everybody. [screaming] [coughing]
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oh, god. you ok? is everybody ok? [screaming] sit down! don't speak! sit down!
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is it that hard [sirens in distance] for you people to tell the truth about me? huh?! [sirens closer] to notice me?! like you. do you even know my name? ralph? ohh! [fires gun] guess again. [indistinct police radio] he's holding hostages in the restaurant. they're clearing the upper floors now we got this video feed from the security camera. two entrances-- the front, the kitchen. either way he can see us coming. he's nowhere near the window, so there's no line of sight.
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if this is a vendetta, why not kill them now? we profiled this would be like a reunion to him. he wants people to recognize who he is. i think i know what he wants to be recognized for. get up. get up! robert adams, we're with the fbi. we just want to talk to you. you better drop those guns if you just want to talk. we know why you're doing this, bob. it's pretty obvious, isn't it? before tonight, they didn't know my name! but now... no one will forget it. bob, you'll be in the news for a couple of days. but no one will know the real story. what story is that? tiffany... what did randy say to the kid who looked him in the eye?
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but he didn't say it to jerry, did he, bob? did he, bob? how about you? hmm? don't look. no. he said it to me. i was the only one brave enough to stare him down, but his bomb knocked me out, and when i woke up, there was jerry on the tv telling my story! my story! and nobody got to find out that bob adams was a good kid. a brave kid. the kind of kid you'd want to hang out with. hotch: we can give you back your story, bob,
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isn't it funny when your dream comes true... it's never the way you want. drop the gun. bob. morgan, he's heading to the south entrance. copy. i got the back covered. [door closes] he's going in the boiler room.
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prentiss, in here! hotch! we need medical in the boiler room. hold your fire. at...didn't...hurt! uhh! aah! [wrench clatters] hotch: "pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." kahlil gibran. [music playing] [needle scratches record] reid: we interrupt your regularly scheduled musical selection with an important announcement. never wage a practical joke war against an m.i.t. graduate, because we have a history of going nuclear.
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of me screaming in your ear. aaaah! ok, kid, that s cute. but that's all you got? [snoring] [cell phone rings] hey, baby gi-- aaaah! uh-uh. all right, reid, it's on. just know that paybacks are a bitch. [snoring] hey. hey. how's jack? i just had feeling. there's a kid that's being mean to him at school, and jack's solution is to invite him over and make friends with him. ohh... that is the sweetest and saddest thing i've heard. how did yofind out? his teacher told me. jack didn't tell you? oh, that must be hard.
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and you want to let him. but there's probably a part of you that wishes you could step in. well, there's a part of me that wants to protect him from everything that could hurt him, but i know i can't. no. but you can show him that he doesn't have to face it alone. how did you get by in paris? um, i, um... i played a lot of online scrabble... with some girl named cheeto breath. [chuckles] at this time, we'd like you to call out names of people who were hurt or died,
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jerrholtz. jay o'brien. steve tossell. tucker cranwell. allison humwald. janine bergen. natalie gallo. randy slade. why are we doing this? we haven't talked to mom in a while, so i thought it would be a good idea if we did it again. but i don't want to make you sad. buddy, you're not making me sad. it makes me happy, because it reminds me what a great job mom did with you. so maybe if we got in the habit of doing this again,
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like with what? you know, if you have a bad day. mrs. mckee said paul's been mean to you. he hasn't been mean to me. no? ok. well, mom, look out for jack anyway. dad, too. oh, dad, too. of course. good job. ok. time to settle down. good night, buddy. love you, dad. i love you, too. captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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[banng on door] mom! open the door, please. [banging on door] mom, open the door please don't, mom! please don't! [banging on door] please don't. please! open the door! please!
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mom? open the door. mom! [banging on door] mom, please. mom... come on. come on, bobby! let's go. let me stay with you. oh, don't cry, sweetheart. come on, please? i don't want to do this again. [sniffles] i know, and i'm so, so, so sorry.
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