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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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it's a leadership reward. you gotta have at least 20 points to go. but josh only had 16. points? they're posted more points, more rewards. how many do you have? negative 5. good luck. than for the help. no one told us about a point system. so tucker calhoun has the most points. massey. who approves them? well, maybe tucker was his little pet. leader of everything. that comes with an attitude. steamroller types like that, don't don't let anybody get in their way. nothing was nice about that kid. it sounds like he strong-armed everybody. well, then the points are for bad behavior, only they're not calling it that. we should look at the points of everyone who died in those woods. my guess is they were all bullies. except for josh. hotch, is something going on with strauss? why?
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she's got pressure from above. you sure it's nothing else? she doesn't like the field. really. any word from josh? no. [knock on door] colonel, we need to speak to bailey shelton's parents. well, his mother died years ag i could get hold of his father. do that, please. what's going on? josh had contact with bailey's father the day he died. and you think he could give you behavioral clues about josh? it's all we have right now, strauss. the man just lost his son. do you really think he's going to remember how josh acted? by all means, i'm open to other suggestions. massey knows his students better than anyone. why not trust him? because all massey wants right now is for this to go away.
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what the hell was he doing way out here? it isn't exactly the kind of place he'd stumble upon. do you think josh built this trap? right out of the somerville handbook. he even used his poncho to cover it.
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the body was still warm. probably died just a few hours ago. so josh couldn't be far away. tawes already took off. thinks he can find him. a little help? so why would josh want bailey's father dead? the duffel's from somerville. it's got bailey's stuff in it-- and these. bed sheets. he's the one who hung those boys. ok, so he blamed them for bullying his son, and joshscaped. josh wasn't supposed to be out here in the first place. this trap was to protect himself. but this place isn't on any map. how did bailey's dad find it?
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i make a promise to watch after these boys. in many ways they're my own. then something like this happens. colonel, so you're saying josh was in his room the night that bailey hung himself? what is it with you people? i've already told agent morgan. was josh in his room? yes. 23 cadets sleep in that building. they're saying he wasn't there. they're lying. but that's against your code.
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did josh find bailey in the laundry room after that check? bailey was his responsibility. and who else was there? no one. are we finished? tucker calhoun liked to pick on bailey. was he there? no. josh didn't have enough points to go on the trip. why did you send him? he needed the challenge. tell me this-- d josh kill chris shelton in the woods? he was being chased, in which case it was self-defense. josh killed a man. any advice on how to tell his parents? prentiss said mr. shelton had a cell phone. i'm gonna need to see that. doesn't the school have a cell phone? mm-mmm. goes againsttheir policy, remember?
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sets rules but is the first to break them. he's been left alone to run these kids' lives and nobody questions him. oh, man, that sounds so sad and scary when you put it like that. his policies are a combination of many other philosophies. i'm not sure where his actual leadership lies. only that it does...lie, that is. it's a joke. oh. good joke. yeah. oh, my gosh. the school does have a cell phone. only it's not listed under massey. the account was opened... by tawes. if massey's lying about something as simple as a cell phone, what else is he hiding? i met chris shelton when he claimed his son's body. this is the last thing i expected. multiple points of entry from the spears. he still wears his wedding ring. bailey was all he had left. he'd do anything to protect him. i'm not sure about that. bailey's trachea showed signs of scarring. he'd attempted suicide before? no. it was internal damage.
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that isn't typical in someone his age. it's not in your report. it wasn't related to the c.o.d. how old are the injuries? it's hard to say. then you aume his father was abusive? someone was. i didn't think much of it till i saw similar scars on the other boys. including blisters and burns on their hands, on all of them? eir scars were much older, but yes. identical. sir, may i? when did you decide where the boys would be camping? the day tawes dropped them off. no one else knew? no need. you didn't write it down anywhere? we don't use maps of that terrain. you're expected to know it. mr. shelton must have en quite upset when you saw him.
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who did he blame? what? for his son's suicide. who did he blame? i have no idea. well, the guilt must have manifested itself elsewhere. was it you? excuse me? he was aesperate widower who put his son in your hands. he trusted you, and look what happened what? ma'am... we're trying to help him and he's keeping things from us. i have cooperated fully. did you blame someone? josh redding? tucker calhoun? this is ridiculous. oh, for god sakes, colonel! he didn't just find that campsite all by himself. [hits desk] it's time you leave. i'm sorry. i just don't have the patience for this. he's clearly hiding something. all due respect, ma'am, have you been drinking? what? what are you talking about? strauss, we have one shot at this. you think i don't know that?
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on your breath right now, the credibility of this investigation would be compromised. jj: the organ damage is severe, like theoys have been suffocated, but what about the blisters? the youngest cadets probably have the freshest scars. all right, well, we're gonna need one of them to admit it. hotch, she's drinking. strauss? yeah. she needs help, man. she could blow this case. what happened? she laid into massey. she actually said the kind of things i would have said. and for a minute i was like, ok, good. she's finally on our side. but then i smelled it, hotch. i asked you if something was going on. you partnered me with her. morgan, she was getting help. i'm gonna have to call e.a.p. but this is not-- what? this is not about me? is that what you were gonna say? you know how many times i've heard that, hotch? well, i am tired of it.
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well, from where i'm standing, you're the one who can't trust anyone with anything. any sign of josh? tawes is still looking. i need to find students who are having trouble with authority. ok, i can do that. but i gotta tell you, they post rewards faster than they do demerits. all right, well, look for kids who had disciplinary issues before they came here. ok. i got a few. all right, did any of them have class with bailey shelton? no, but each of the plebes have laundry duty. does that help? their dorm is the farthest point from the laundry room. why are they so isolated? the m.e. said bailey had blisters and burns, fingertips were raw, his trachea had internal scarring. that's awful. guys, that could be damage done inside an industrial-size dryer. oh, my god. jj: that's how massey's breaking these boys. hey, bailey. tucker. tucker, don't, please.
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please, tucker. please! please! stop it! please stop it! i can't breathe! let him out! please! [bailing screaming] [dryer turns on] go, bailey, run! [grunting] no. in all the materials it says they don't believe in corporal punishment. bailey writes abou each of those boys and how they bullied him. his father must have read it and wants revenge. not at all. does it mention josh?
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prentiss: what if massey lied to chris shelton? rossi: anset josh up. and he convinced shelton that josh was responsible for bailey's suicide. that still doesn't explain how he found the secluded woods. wait, where's mr. shelton's phone? it's right here. it's got a couple of contacts on it, somerville academy being one of them. any unknowns? tawes has a cell. no way. lieutenant no tech? there's one unknown. it's a text. it looks like, uh, phone numbers. what are they? 252-5727... and 802-8448. those aren't phone numbers. that's latitude and longitude. right where those boys were camping. massey's withheld information at every stealong the way. he's not to be trusted. what's your theory?
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in which children like bailey shelton and others are repeatedly abused. josh is a protector type. his power was taken away the night bailey killed himself. we believe that's when everything shifted. josh's parents said he's been withdrawn since bailey's suicide. there's a good chance that's because he was planning his escape. josh didn't have enough points to go into the woods, but massey sent him anyway. why would ssey give josh the opportunity to escape? he wouldn't. he had another agenda. massey texted chris shelton the coordinates for the campsite, not to hurt all the boys, but to take out josh. but he didn't count on josh fighting back. and he underestimated the power of chris shelton's revenge. staging the murders to look exactly like bailey's death was a message. strauss: to who? to massey. chris shelton wanted massey to lose his sons, too. josh knows massey has secrets, and he's the only person who can bring the school down. and now massey will do anything to destroy josh. [telephone rings] tawes: sir. have you found him yet?
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you finish this. understand? yes, sir.
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prentiss: he probably drove his own car. we didn't see any atvs. garcia: chris shelton drives a truck. morgan: did you see one on the road on the way in? no. where's the next closest road? well, it's a trek. it's at least a few miles north of where the body was just found. that leaves 3 likely areas where he would have parked. mm-mmm. you didn't find any keys, did you? because josh probably took them. all right, we need to divide up. [engine won't start] come o
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uhh! [groaning] i've waited 3 years for this. you little bitch. tawes, don't do it. uhh! it's over. [gasps, groaning] yes, mrs. jais. i understand your concerns, but we're all fine.
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call anytime. colonel ron massey, you're under arrest. i've done nothing. you texted chris shelton the coordinates of the campsite. that makes you an accessory to murder. texted? ok, fine. you had tawes do it. why would i do that? because you had now power or control over josh, and you couldn't handle that. the problem is, he wasn't gonna go away quietly. he wanted you to pay for all those years of abuse. no one will believe josh. he's a troubled boy. he's a grown man, colonel.
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morgan: "beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance." jean de la fontaine. [knocking]
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yeah. [knocking, door opens] do you have the after-action report? no. i need it on my desk by the morning. i'll give it to the director. pardon? it's time for you to admit that you need some help. i don't take orders from you, aaron. you put my team in jeopardy. is that what you told him, agent morgan? you compromised the integrity of the unit. i did no such thing. open the drawer, ma'am. this is absurd. aaron. aaron, what are you doing?
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one call to the e.p. and everything will be all right. in what world will this be all right? you have no idea what this is going to do to me. agent morgan will make sure that you get checked in privately. and for that you should be grateful. i'll wait outside. captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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[line ringing] [ring] [indistinct fight announcer] [ring] [ring] what time is it? [breathing hard] late. something happened. not good, tony. what? what's going on, jimmy? after the fight, ryan was bad.
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he felt sick, tony. so i took him to the hospital, you know? people, they started screaming at me. they started yelling at me, tony. about ryan? are they doing tests? yeah, i think so. but, see, when i went outside, the, uh, screaming, it didn't stop. who was screaming? these crazy guys, man. they were crazy. and i told them to leave me alone and they wouldn't listen. they just wouldn't listen. and then i saw all sorts oftuff. stuff? what kind of stuff? like i saw my ma, then i saw my old man. and then... and then i saw the dude at the fight. but when i looked up, you see, the lights, they started spinning. tony, it was like-- it was like god was reaching his hand down and he was trying to take ryan. look, look, jimmy, you're punchy, j., you know?


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