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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00am-1:02am EST

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he felt sick, tony. so i took him to the hospital, you know? people, they started screaming at me. they started yelling at me, tony. about ryan? are they doing tests? yeah, i think so. but, see, when i went outside, the, uh, screaming, it didn't stop. who was screaming? these crazy guys, man. they were crazy. and i told them to leave me alone and they wouldn't listen. they just wouldn't listen. and then i saw all sorts oftuff. stuff? what kind of stuff? like i saw my ma, then i saw my old man. and then... and then i saw the dude at the fight. but when i looked up, you see, the lights, they started spinning. tony, it was like-- it was like god was reaching his hand down and he was trying to take ryan. look, look, jimmy, you're punchy, j., you know?
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you had a tough fight tonight. you gotta sleep it off. you sure? in the morning everything will be ok. yeah, you're probably right. i'm gonna be fine. everything's gonna be fine. thanks, tony. all right. [panting] [laughs] jeez, i hope you're training for something.
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no, i'm, uh... i'm trying to do this triathlon in february, so... oh, yeah. the fbi one. you're an agent. yeah, it is the fbi e. i'm not supposed to ask if you're an agent. i work for the justice department. yeah. oh. i've seen you doing laps at the y, too. and you're training for surveillance? [laughs] i am doing an ms triathlon. it's in january, but i'm not in as big a rush as you. well, i just have about 45 minutes a day, so, you know, between work and home and--it's hard. how's your biking going? oh, i don't know. my tires are inflated, i think. wellyou know, i am not the best cyclist, so i was gonna ride this weekend, and i could use some tips, if you're not busy. i...just don't know my schedule. yeah. or we could just see each other out here or at the pool sometime. but i should find out in the next couple of days and i could call you. that'd be great.
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here. um, yeah. if something changes. it could be fun. or at the least, an adventure. [chuckles] so, uh, what made you think i was an agent? i saw the suit. what else could you be? [laughs] bye. so, you're going, right? i don't know. well, is she cute? yes, she is, but i need to focus on my training. i don't need to be distracted. yes, you should be distracted. distracted is good. what's her name? beth. i like it. and you know what they say about riding a bicycle. nobody. who's getting a bicycle? let's get started. uh, yeah, ok. um, so, two men were beaten with a metal pipe in philadelphia last night. sam eeks, 58, he was in town on business. and then bruce thomas, 32. he worked--oh, god-- he worked at a suit shop nearby. it looks personal.
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he sat them up on crates. demonstrating remorse. in 1976, george geshwendt cleaned up the crime scene and covered all 6 victims' faces. well, this guy dithe same thing. he even cleaned the blood off their necks. whichever it is, this type of aggression, coupled with his loose grip on reality, usually leads to more. then we can't take a chance that this guy's a one-hit wonder. exactly. which is why we're headed to philadelphia. wheelsp in 20.
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(ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. hotch: "everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die." joe louis. ok, rossi, out with it is hotch dating? i don't know. you know, statistically, widowed men start dating much faster than females, but hotch is refuting the data. it's been 2 years and 19 days. venus has aligned with mars, which means love is in the air and maybe we will get weekends off. ahem. garcia: what? is he standing there? he's standing there, isn't he? hello, garcia.
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you know, if you look at the severity of the crime, this guy have have been experiencing a significant break from reality. but he'd have to be pretty cognizant to undo the crime. that can happen with killing anxiety. at first the person feels the rage that caused them to commit the violent act, and then they feel remorse. for some, that remorse turns into desire to do it again. soldiers recovering from battle often experience both emotions in rapid succession, if not simultaneously. garcia, make sure that the m.e.'s reports are waiting for us when we get there. yes, sir, i've already sent her an email. what was the relationship of the victims? local p.d. believes they knew each other. that area is pretty desolate at night, and sam was carrying takeout for two. they also died within minutes of each other and they both had defensive wounds. usually two random guys don't fight the same person to the death. which means the unsub is that much more skilled. how do you subdue two men at once? maybe he had a gun. so why not use it? he released more rage with a pipe. so he hit one and then quickly blitzed the other. well, however he did it, our unsub has to be pretty fit. these guys put up a fight.
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oh, come on, man, what are you swinging at? come in behind his jab. jimmy, stop brawling. you want to brawl, brawl with a target. come on, go to the body. all right, time, time, time. what are you doing? what you swingin' at, huh? let you hands go. you had the shot. what's the matter?come on. let's call it a day. i'm sorry, tony. i keep thinking about my kid. your kid's been sick since he was crawling. what do the doctors say? they're running some tests. they've done that before. they come up clean. yeah. hey, look, are you gonnabe ready tomorrow night? i mean, the cannon is gonna be gunning for you.
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look, tony, i talked to billie. she's got an mma fight where she thinks i can make 1,000 bucks. you know how i feel about that knuckle-dragging crap. we haven't spent 9 years together for nothing. come on, tony. look, jimmy, you are a fighter. a real fighter. and when you're lowering the boo on the cannon tomorrow night, remember what i told you-- great fighters are made, not born. come on. damn. check this out. the unsub blitz-attacked sam over in this area and then dgged him back over there. that would explain why he was able to subdue them both.
12:12 am
well, it makes sen. there's no way he could attack both of them and then drag them back to that spot. this--this is rational and organized. our unsub di't have a psychotic break. he knew what he was doing. he had rage toward both these victims. and remorse. yeah, but how are the two connected? i mean, it's a crappy alley. nothing around here is open at night. how about that? hospital. jimmy. jimmy, wake up. jimmy, get up. we gotta get him to eat something.
12:13 am
i can't. you haven't eaten anything since we brought you in here last night. you remember what i told you. this one is a right cross. pshhh! and this one an uppercut. pshhh! and if we need to, we'll knock it out again. how's it going, ryan? my stomach hurts. i know. the medicine will be kicking in anytime now. and so will the food. as soon as you eat i ok, baby? can i have a moment with the two of you? jimmy: yeah. hey. when we get back in here, i want to see that plat empty, all right, buddy? what's up? you run the tests?
12:14 am
i'm afraid that ryan's leukemia is back. well, uh, we'll give him some chemo, try some radiation. he didn't respond to that before. it just made him throw up. then we'll give him a diffent kind. what kind? there isn't another kind. look, i know you two just divorced. but you need to be on the same page for ryan. what about a bone marrow transplant? my neighbor's uncle got one. he's swimming in puerto rico now. that's a possibility, but there are factors that we have to consider. factors like what? the insurance covers it, right? let's not get ahead of ourselves. we'll run some more lab work and then we'll discuss other options. ok? this is about money, pammy. he's playing us. he's a doctor. why would he do that? because he thinks that we can't afford it. but we're getting ryan that transplant.
12:15 am
what do you got? volunteered here, went to get a snack around 11:00 last night. that's the same time as the killings. he always went to the same sub shop across the street. he'd cut through the alley to get there. anything on sam? garcia just spoke with a co-worker. turns out they come to philly one week a month and stay at a nearby hotel. that's who sam was getting dinner for. so these victims weren't together. no. and if bruce is a volunteer here, then he's a good samarin type and probablylyame upon the scene and tried to intervene. ok, so if it wasn't personal, then the anger was weighing on the unsub prior to the altercation. then the question is, what does that stem from? hey. hey, jimmy. whoa, jimmy. now, that's $1,500, everything i got to my name. i need you to put it on me for tomorrow night's fight. i can't do that.
12:16 am
ryan needs a bone marrow transplant. pam's insurance ain't gonna cut it. where'd you get this from? i hocked some stuff. i can beat the cannon. you said it yourself. jimmy. jimmy, i don't know-- if you're not gonna do it, i'll go over there and do it myself. fine. but this isn't for you. it's for ryan. there's that punching bag drinking. what did you just say? hey. don't waste it on him. yeah, you need lots of rest if you're gonna get knocked out tomorrow. do what i ask, please. i talked to the m.e. it turns out sam was hit with a pipe about 10 times. bruce was beaten over 30. that's either adrenaline or an extremely high endurance level. he had the remorse one experiences from killing anxiety for both victims, but the increase in hits on the second victim
12:17 am
but overkill usually means a personal relationship. if the victims didn't know each other, it's unlikely the unsub knew them. so what would account for this level of blood-letting? the primal rage could be about the blood itself. if he's enjoying the killing, then he's getting aroused by it and developing a kind of blood lust. then why hasn't he done it again? maybe he hasn't had the chance. hey, i'll see you, frankie. so i'm the punching bag, huh? hey! uhh! you called me a punching bag? [grunting] aah! clorox knows a family of 5 can do a number on the toilet. clorox toilet wa comes pre-loaded with cleaner, so you click, swish, and toss. no more icky toilet brush. i love it. of course you do, mom. disinfecting. for your real life. mmmm mmmmm
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12:22 am
for some it could also result in cvulsive episodes. epilepsy? sort of. oftentimes after you you kill, neurons in your brain misfire and you become overstimulated, which causes you to start seeing things. hey, hey, jimmy! daddy! jimmy. you all right? yeah, i'm good. whoa, maybe you ought to sit down here. whoa, whoa, jeez, jimmy, easy. ho, ho. hey, hey.
12:23 am
you know what? i'm gonna get monty to step in for you. no, i put everything on this. i gotta win. yeah, but if you're not feeling well, jimmy, then you can't-- i'm fine. all right. we're looking for a physically fit white male in his 20s to early 30s. he's killing these men, but he's not robbing or sexually assaulting them. initially we saw that he was experiencing killing anxiety, which led him to clean up the bodies postmortem out of remorse. now his remorse has subsided,
12:24 am
rossi: blood lust means the killer's aroused by theight of blood. upon seeing it, his body releases adrenaline and dopamine, which is causing the violence to escalate. prentiss: the urge to become violent is so overwhelming that he's pulverizing his victims to a point way beyond what's needed to kill them. the force with which he's doing this makes us think he's in shape. after killing, our unsub is probably lying dormant, either recuperating from physical exertion or possibly developing aphasia and convulsive attacks. jj: based upon the rage involved in these kills, we believe our unsub is probably depressed or feels like life is working against him. [crowd shouting whistling, chring, booing] tony: ...jimmy!
12:25 am
reid: consequently, he'll put himself in situations where he can feel the high from drawing blood, which he views as power and control over his life. [crowd shouting] 4...5... 6...7... 8...9... 10!
12:26 am
[booing, cheering, shouting] we did it! we did it we did it! [cheering] yeah, yodid it! you did it! we did it! was the violence inflicted with a pipe? no. this was hand-made. and you know what's interesting? there was severe damage to the liver and kidneys. i mean, look at the bloating. so he changed his m.o. and increased his rage. he did more damage with his hands than he did with a pipe. what about the orbital bones? shattered. both victims' eye sockets were broken. this guy's got a hell of a left. where's the money? i forgot to bet it.
12:27 am
between training you and getting ready for the fight, it slipped my mind. well, then i want it back. i don't have it on me. well, then write me a check. do i look like a bank? don't tell me this. don't tell me this. jimmy, i... don't tell me this, you son of a bitch! you bet against me, didn'tou? i thought i was doing you a favor. you said that i could beat him! you n, but i knew you weren't feeling well. oh, no. how many times, tony? how many times you scalp me? this was the first, jimmy. i swear. yeah? prove that. come on, kid, we're--we're family. jimmy?
12:28 am
we saw the bodies. all of the victims have stress breaks in exactly the same places. that's consistent with the kind of accuracy you get from years of fight training. fight training? you think he's a boxer? it makes sense a fighter would have the endurance it takes to commit this kind of overkill on this many people with a pipe or with his hands. it would explain why at the first crime scene he lined the bodies up in the corner. it's like a ring. it makes sense about the blood lust, but what triggered the killings? garcia, i need all the information you can find me on the philadelphia boxing scene. well, let's see. there's "rocky" i through v. and let's not forget about that last one. penelope... sorry. kidding. here we go. real stuff. uh, let's see. the city produced such greats as tyrone everett and the late joe frazier, who developed the philly style of punching people. and then... the sport took off to atlantic city and vegas, which put a dent in the philadelphia scene,
12:29 am
i gotta speak to lou, please. come on. i gotta talk to him. [door buzzes] what's up? a lot of people gotta talk to me. you make it quick. how many times has my scumbag trainer bet against me, huh? once? twice? oh, come on, jimmy. just tell me. been your whole career. wise up, kid. how do you think he got that cadillac? you can't be that punchy, jimmy. you knew that. everybody knew that.
12:30 am
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both of them were beaten to death. looks as if he used his hands again. he took valuables this time. gold jewelry, watches, and some cash from the safe. apparently this guy's a bookie, too. a guy named tony cole lost $3,000 in a fight last night. what was the amount of his usual bet? no more than $500. i'm gonna call garcia. penelope, how's the greatest computer tech this side of the mississippi? floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, garcia's gonna find what only her screens can see. what do you need, baby?
12:35 am
ok, let's see. tony was a middleweight star back in the eighties. and then he was in a really bad lawn-mowing accident. and that laid him up for a few months and he had to throw in the towel. what's he doing now? he is a trainer at a local south philly boxing gym. fits the profile. he probably has embedded anger for not succeeding in the sport. yeah, but why change his m.o. and start stealing stuff? the theft feels like an afterthought. something changed in his life and he's desperate for money. jimmy, i've been trying to call you. where's his doctor? i haven't seen him, but we've got to talk. jimmy, wait. hey, dr. surna. dr. surna, here it is. what is this for? ryan's bone marrow transplant. what are you talking about? you id he could get one but we needed the money. i never said that, mr. hall. yeah, you did. . hall, i said we needed to wait. not because of the money but because i needed to do more tests. i was trying. didn't pam tell you? trying to tell me what? ryan's not strong enough to get the chemo.
12:36 am
he needs the chemo to get him ready for the transplant, but his body's too weak to handle it. no, no. he's a tough kid. i know he's a tough kid. mr. hall, the cancer cells are multiplying too rapidly. your son'sot gonna make it. i know that he is a tough kid, so when is he gonna get out of here? jimmy, are you listening? ryan's dying. ok? he's gonna die. if tony is the unsub, why would he ransack his own place? it was someone else, but he knew him. there's no signs of forced entry. maybe someone knew he robbed bookie, so they came here and robbed him. it doesn't look like anything's been taken. the tv's still here. except maybe tony himself. look at this damage.
12:37 am
as if someone was holding on. if it was for retaliation, they would have killed tony right here. maybe we got it wrong. maybe tony didn't kill the bookie. lou was a small-time thug and he would have had lots of enemies. who would have had a motive to kill lou and abduct tony. the unsub could be one of tony's fighters. he'd definitely have the strength to do both. hey, dad. how you feeling? i'm ok. you fighting tonight? i'm not sure.
12:38 am
well, there might not be another one for a while, buddy. what's going on? everybody's whispering today. ma even came in here crying. you know how she is. am i gonna die? no. don't even say it. don't even say that. remember what i told you? right in the sickness' face. that's right. and that's why you're getting the blood transfusion. dad, i'm scared.
12:39 am
ok? i don't care what anybody tells you. you're a fighter. dad, you all right? yeah. it's gonna be ok. it's gonna be ok. you're gonna be fine. where are you going? tony's car broke down. i gotta drop him off somewhere. tony'll work with anyone, those coming up, those going down. we'll need a list of names. tony train any tomato cans? professional opponents. guys who lose all the time. he trained some cat named jimmy hall. guy's got the heart of a fighter, but his technique's all over the place. jimmy hall? didn't he win a fight last night? hey, there's a first time for everything. why would tony bet against his own fighter? isn't that illegal?
12:40 am
thank you. all right, so maybe tony assumed jimmy was gonna lose and then he was stunned when he actually won. baby girl, i need a little information on a local fighter. guy named jimmy hall. jimmy hall. ok. oh, he h been hit with some hard knocks. grew up in the kensington section of philadelphia in foster homes. kicked out of 3 middle schools, one time for beating a kid into a coma. so he's had a violent streak. he dropped out of high school,found his way to the ring, and doesn't have much of a record, though. that's 'cause he was never really a fighter. do you think this is sublimation? that's what it looks like. i've heard of killers sublimating the need to hurt by becoming cops and soldiers, but never boxers. this guy's no different. he had a subconscious desire to kill, so he got himself into boxing where he could do it legally. yeah, but it still doesn't explain the blood lust. if he's been a fighter, he's been around blood his whole career. well, it didn't affect him until something triggered it 3 days ago. the guy snapped and then became a serial killer. garcia, send me jimmy's address. thanks, mama.
12:41 am
[knocking] jimmy. we need to talk. come on, jimmy, open up. this is our kid. ma'am, step away from the door. what's going on? step away. jimmy hall! jim and i used to be married. what is happening? do you know where your ex-husband is? what is going on? he may have been involved in a killing. jimmy? no way. there are two beds in there. does someone else stay here? my son, on weekends. but he's sick now. is your son in county hospital? yes. he was admitted 3 days ago. his leukemia's back. did jimmy get into a fight after that happened? yeah. he got into an argument with some guys outside. how do you know that? it's probay what triggered the killings. have you seen jimmy today? at the hospital. he tried to pay for our son's bone marrow transplant in cash,
12:42 am
do you know where jimmy went after that? sometimes when ryan's not feeling well, jimmy gets in the ring. it helps ryan feel better. oh, wait. what is it? he did say that tony's car broke down and he neededto take him somewhere. [cell phone rings] excuse me. it's the hospital. hello? jimmy's at his end game. he's probably alrey abducted tony. his desire for blood is most likely increasing. what do you think he'll do? he'll put himself into a position to see more. i'm solad you called. what do you mean, he's worse? [grunting] [groaning] you son of a bitch. no, jimmy. you're like a son. you lied to me! jimmy...
12:43 am
i always knew you were a boxer. you remember what i said? boxers are made, they're not born. uhh! i got a kid! i got a kid, too, jimmy! what about my family? what about my family, jimmy? jimmy, please. jimmy, i was gonna give it back.
12:44 am
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12:48 am
is who you're sharing it with. marie callender's. it's time to savor. we have cops canvassing the area, checking every place jimmy and tony ever went. we also put uniforms outside the hospital, just in case jimmy goes back to see his son. should we check the boxing matches? garcia, i need a list of every middleweight fight in the philadelphia area tonight. nothing on the docket, friend. what about underground fights or smokers? i'll see. only one. the othe3 are mmas. did jimmy ever fight mma? nothing that's been documented, no. most old-school trainers won't let you cross over. well, if he got his trainer out of the picture and he needs to see more blood, he might try that tonight. it's just about the most violent sport there is. hey, i just sent you the addresses. all right, let's go. [crowd shouting and cheering] jimmy. you ready? yeah, i'm almost there. you finally convinced tony to let you do this? i didn't give him much of a choice. about time.
12:49 am
ndistinct announcer] hey, we're looking for a fighter, jimmy hall. he might have just signed up, you know, last-minute thing. unless he's got two boobs he plans to tape down, he ain't fighting tonight. and in this corner, weighing in at 185 pounds, the new jersey nightmare, the punishing pete dunkle! and in this corner, weighing in at 175 pounds, the south philly cyclone, jimmy hall! [cheering] hotch, we just left the gym on second street. no sign of jimmy. you? morgan and jj struck out, too. he must be at moody's. we're almost there.
12:50 am
[crowd cheering and shouting] yes! yes, dad, that's it! that's it! yes, go! i think that's it! go, dad! go, dad, that's it! [crowd sounds distorting]
12:51 am
you all right? ryan? ryan?! fight! he's here. reid: what's he doing? why isn't he tapping the floor to end it? becae he wants to be taken to the hospital so he can see his son. bp's 50 over 30. i need to see ryan, please.
12:52 am
let's get him to trauma. [monitor beeping] [moaning] where's dad? he'll be here, sweetie. you rest. how is he? he suffered severe blows to the head and he lost a lot of blood. n cahe talk? yeah, but he's weak. i will. so make it quick. jimmy. i'm agent hotchner with the fbi. i know what happened tonight. my son is here. i gotta see him. we know that's why you threw the fight. and we know you know what's happening. yeah, he's a fighter and he's gonna make it. jimmy, they've stopped the transfusions. that doesn't mean anything.
12:53 am
ryan doesn't have a lot of time left. and he's scared. he's not scared of dying. 's scared of disappointing you. trust me, any chance he has of feeling some peace in this moment is gonna depend on what you say to him right now. so go in there and be his father. not a fighter, not a trainer. right now ryan needs his dad. [monitor beeping] is that you, dad? yeah, it's me, buddy. what happened? my fight didn't go too well.
12:54 am
no, i got knocked out, kiddo. i got knocked out. always win. well, i couldn't, you know? i just couldn't. and when i was in that ring getting punched over and over again, i figured out something. somemes, i want to fight, but my body, it keeps telling me to stop. and it doesn't matter how hard i punch, it just-- i can't do it. and, uh... and when that happens, you know what i do? i let go, ryan. and what i figured out is...
12:55 am
it doesn't mean that you lost. it just means that you realize in that moment that's it's time to let go and move on. so if it's time, ryan, it's all right. 'cause you fought a hell of a fight. your mother and i, we both love you. don't you ever forget that. i love you, too, daddy.
12:56 am
[crying] hotch: herman hesse wrote, "some of us think holding on makes us strong. but sometime it is letting go." right. all right, thank you. so jimmy didn't lie. philadelphia p.d. just found tony's body in a warehouse. great. so, is the doomsday bike ride happening? yes, it is. tomorrow morning, 9:00. but, uh, i don't know. i'm pretty sure haley wouldn't want you to avoid moving on.
12:57 am
i'm just not sure. not sure about what? going on a bike ride? aaron, i know you think it's too soon, but you're no good to anyone when you're miserable. i'm not miserable. ehh...maybe slightly uptight. all right, i'll give you slightly uptight. if there's one thing i learned from carolyn's death, it's that life is short. and you deserve to be happy. i know. then have a good time. thanks. so are your tires pumped? [laughs] i hope so. so you haven't done a lot of biking? no, not a ton. but you're gonna do a triathlon? go big or go home. that's what my dad always says. your dad sounds smart. he was. he passed away a few months ago.
12:58 am
is your mom still alive? yeah. she's doing a lot better. that's good. how are you doing? i'm hanging in there. so where are we going? uh, i usually go up connecticut and through rock creek park and then back down 16th, but we don't have to do all that if you don't want to. no, let's do this. if we lose each other, we will meet back at du pont circle for coffee. lose each other? i thought we were gonna dohis together. the chase is part of it. captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
12:59 am
radio: you feeling all right i'm not feeling too good myself someday you feeling all right... i don't like it here. it's scary. hey. let's get t of here. in a minute. seriously. i'm getting creeped out. will you relax.
1:00 am
oh, my god. what's he doing? who is that? maybe it's the park service. it was no one. or was it the iron claw killer? it's not funny. let's get out of here. [gunshot, horn stuck] [screaming] i'm not feeling too good myself someday you feeling all right?
1:01 am
oh, baby i'm going to show those people... radio dj: that takes us back to 1968. you're listening to your classic rock station in the bay. in the end, i just write about violent crime. the real heroes are the people here beside me. now give a warm welcome to our next speaker, dr. spencer reid of the bau. thank you. thanks. patricia cornwell, ladies and gentlemen. ms. cornwell will be signing books at the end of the session. [microphone feedback] sorry. um... hi. i am here today to talk to you about paraphilias and their relation to violent crime. does anybody know what dendrophilia is?
1:02 am
[murmuring] thank you so much for coming out, you guys, and as for your question earlier, the case that we were following at the time was the david parker ray case. we actually believed that the victim count in that case was close to 60. unfortunately, we were only able to unearth 45 bodies, but ssa buffalino, um, has been diligent... dr. reid? hey, you were fantasti up there. thank you. yeah. i love the names of those paraphilias. i have a new list to memorize. you like memorizing lists? i'm weird that way. that's not weird at all. i do it all the time. you know, we don't usually get people your age here. you're in school, i assume? yeah, i'm a senior at michigan. you know what? you might like the fbi's internship program. unfortunately, we're already past the deadline, but if you write me a letter, i might be able to pull some strings. uh...thanks.


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