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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 16, 2016 1:32am-2:32am EST

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wait a minute, that's it. the real code is in the words. "china weekly post," page f-4. the spam had to be converted from matrix code to binary code, then switched to base 8 before being translated back into letters. i can go into more detail if you want. uh, no. how smart would a person have to be to write code like that? beyond smart. profoundly gifted. an i.q. of at least 160. that changes the profile, then. the unsub could still hold a menial or low-level job. many believe that beyond an i.q. of 120, success is determined by other factors. this is a bilingual paper. the english version should be somewhere. garcia, i need you to compile a list of people with i.q.s of 160 or above in the region. checking with the bay area mensa society. which is kind of slumming it, 'cause folks can get in with a measly i.q. of 130.
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yeah. hit you back when i got something. all right. all right, this is it. "you could do some much better.' i'll talk to the manager, see if they know who placed the ad. who's this message for? the writer's a genius, but the recipient would have to be, too, in order to decode it. [cell phone rings] yeah, dave. all right. a cabdriver's just been murdered. in broad daylight, with no witnesses. the engine was still running. what, was he dropping the unsub off? in '69, zodiac killed the cabdriver from the backseat. but this driver was shot from outside. look at this. it's another souvenir. it's digital quality. can't be that old.
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it's a blowback shadow. somebody else was there.
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in life there are things you wanna touch and some you just don't. the kohler touchless toilet.
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all ads have to be placed in person at the "china weekly post." this ad was placed a week ago by a white male in his 20s or early 30s. a week ago? this was highly premeditated. the unsub kidnapped someone from the back of the cab.
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check with the cab dispatcher. find out where the driver's last fare was picked up. morgan, see if there are any missing persons in that neighborhood. jj and i can look for atm and other surveillance cameras near the newspaper. [cell phone rings] what do you have, garcia? precious informaon. the little boy in the photo, his name is robbie shaw, he disappeared from mill valley in 2000 and no suspects were ever identified. ready for a wild time? i can't believe you're taking me to vegas. i'm unavoidable for 48 hours. i told you i was sorry. i'm kidding. hey, you're a big shot now. you could be, too, you know. i'm not like you. marisa thinks you're great. but clearly she prefers you. where are you going? the airport's the other way.
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got it. the cabdriver's last fare was in the marina district, the 500 block of chestnut. lots of bars, restaurants, shops there. garcia says nobody's been reported missing in the area. passengers from the marina, they'd be young, educated, well-to-do. what's he doing? we've been thinking about this case too linearly. based on the complexity of the code, it's obvious this uub is operating on several different levels, so we need to start thinking in multiple dimensions. where are we? this is our old zodiac book. he's back. he murdered two berkeley students over there the other night. i know. did you look for ciphers? you still read the "chronicle," don't you?
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what are we doing here? we thought we could catch the zodiac? we were obsessed with the idea. we were 12. exactly. we were kids. but we can catch him now. you know the police won't find him. come on, caleb. give it a try. for old times' sake. so, you're the zodiac. maybe you stalked this couple or you waited at the bottom of the hill for the right victims to come by. can we make this quick?
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i'd be wearing a regular jacket, covering up my zodiac hoodie. no one who saw you would think twice. i'd sneak up on them through the trees... drop the jacket... and pull out my gun. [screaming] hey. we nt through all the surveillance footage near the newspaper. there's nothing. spence, you ok? nothing is accidental. nothing this unsub does is accidenl. the message in the "china weekly post" was on page f-4. why f-4? that's where the classifieds were. it's more th that. i stab him, then i go to her.
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no! please! i get off on her terror. i want to see her face as i destroy her. admit it. you're having fun. i'm being a good sport. what do you think marisa would think of this? she'd find it strange, but so would anyone. you think you two are really right for each other? i'd park there under the trees so i could leave quickly. can you rotate that? see, f-4 is a chess square. he murdered people according to a chess game? specifically game 6 of fischer versus spassky in 1972, one of the greatest chess matches ever played. the murder locations correspond with the final 3 moves of the game. [cell phone being dialed]
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garcia, you have the list of zodiac case experts? yes. standing by for you. i have everyone who's ever written or blogged about it. fyi, there are way too many people obsessed with this sicko. all right, cross-reference that with professional chess players. oh, that totally helps. yeah. ok. list is getting smaller and smaller... down to nothing. all right, open it up to high-level amateurs as well. ok. i'm feeling dissatisfied now. i need something more than another couple to kill. the opening moves are done it's time for the middle game. exactly. i'm hungry for a capture. the cabdriver is just a sacrifice. to throw off the opponent? i kill him because what i really want... is his passenger. brilliant. so where is the passenger?
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unbelievable. crack team of investigators missed something. what, did i drop this? of course not. i planted it. because that's the game i play. [beep] go ahead, garcia. get ready to love me more. i did a search of chess players rated 2,200 or higher, which would make themasters but not necessarily professionals. i cross-referenced that search with zodiac experts and came up with two former chess prodigies and best friends who used to write about the zodiac in their junior high school newspaper. and i get bonus points because they both have i.q.s over 160. in san francisco. where are they? caleb rossmore is a city parks employee. harvey morell is an engineer at a chinese computer firm. he's about to get married, and, yes, i just emailed you all this information right now.
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they were surrogates for her. caleb could be jealous of his friend. or what if he's afraid of losing harvey? if he was a child prodigy, he may no longer feel special as an adult. he could be trying to hold on to him. harvey's engagement could have been a trigger. reid, i know spassky conceded the match, but what would the next move have been? spassky would have been checkmated or he would have lost his queen. lock's broken.
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over here.
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so that would land us in richmond. garcia, is there a connection between that location and the two men? checking now. uh... bingo. harvey's dad worked there as a chemistry teacher in the sixties. and...oh, uh, caleb lived there in 2008. he worked at the powerlinks gym on second and hill and the dragon temple restaurant at 636 mason. all right. jj, you go to the gym. we'll check out the restaurant. copy that. zablonsky's wife recognized the photos of caleb and harvey. they interviewed the tective for an article they were writing about the zodiac when they were kids. they wrote a crime beat column in the newspaper. one of them stole the photo left at the first crime scene. it had to be caleb. the message, "you could do so much better" in the chinese paper was meant for harvey. that means the original spam message was for him, too. but how did caleb know that harvey wouldn't rn him in? caleb has something on him or he's holding the fiancee hostage. shut the front door. they were interviewed by police in 2000 about a crime in their hometown.
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no. are you hurt? we don't need her. are you insane? i love her! aah! [gunshot] do you even know her? she doesn't know you. she's an inferior being, harv. she's a good person. she is an imbecile! how you ended up with her has confounded me from day one. she'll never understand you like i do. you've lost your mind. why do things have to change? gr up, caleb! we couldn't keep doing the same things forever. why not? i know you had fun tonight. almost as much fun as what we did when we were 15. he didn't tell you, did he?
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[muted voices] they're in the back. if it's a hostage situation, caleb's not going to be easily talked down. shut up, caleb. we murdered little robbie shaw. how old was he, harvey, 7? he's lying. it was such a thrill. harv? remember? don't listen to him. forget about her. i did all this to save you, from a life of misy, of pretending to be somebody you're not. you murdered all those people to save me?! stop being so sanctimonious! it doesn't suit you. you want to kill her or should i? you know that's how the game has to end. this isn't a game. if we get rid of her now, we'll be long gone before she's found. and the police won't catch us because the murders were perfect.
1:55 am
not really. if they were perfect, i probably wouldn't be here right now. i had nothing to do with this. you really went out of your way to impress harvey, caleb. the murders, the chess game, all designed to entice him. yes. he is pathological. i don't know if harvey's the best friend in the world to be selling you out like that. i mean, you killed robbie shaw together, you probably thought that you guys had an unbreakable bond. he murdered robbie by himself. when we took him into the woods and strangled him... i've never seen you so exhilarated. the look on your face, you can't deny that, harvey. but afterwards, something changed. you two grew apart. i wasn't there. you pulled away from me. do you know how much that hurt?
1:56 am
i looked up to you. you know what i think, harvey? i think killing robbie shaw was your idea. no. you chose him because his brother us to pick on you in school. you're successful, you're charismatic, you're dominant, which means that you most likely made the plans and caleb followed them. let me ask you this-- where did you hide the body? listen to me-- if i was gonna kill somebody and hide a body, i think i would probably use sulfuric acid. especially if my father was a chemistry teher. right, caleb? caleb... don't listen to him. he's trying to trick us. do you trust h, caleb? caleb! hey, caleb! whatever happens, we'll protect each other. oh, i'm sure that he'll protect you if he's around. i mean, he is moving to shanghai in a couple of months. he put the transfer in about a year ago. did you--did your good friend harvey not tell you about that?
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l you. robbie's bones are buried in his backyard. [drops gun] let's go. reid: "there is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy." dante. hey, reid. um, hotch wants to talk to you. [groans] what's wrong? he probably wants to talk to me about why i've been kind of weird lately. you are making a difference, you know, one person at a time. thank you. you know, i've been thinking a lot lately about why i stayed after gideon left, why i didn't take any of those other offers.
1:58 am
and i realized, i don't know, there's just something incredibly right about being here, with you guys. well, i'm glad to hear that. otherwise this would have been really awkward. what would have been really awkward? happy birthday! surprise! surprise! [cheering] happy birthday! happy birthday! do you feel like 30? ohh! happy birthday, old man. happy birthday. i'm getting close. almost 40 now. there's no one else to say my name the way that you have to make it all seem better [cheering] captioning made possible by abc studios,lc and cbs, inc.
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[alarm beeping]
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[retching] [vomiting] oh, my god, no! [sobbing] aah! aah!
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[screaming and sobbing] [loud music plays] [sobbing] you know our love was meant to be the kind of love to last forever emily. huh? i said, this is our last session. it doesn't have to be good-bye. my door is always open. thank you. but, um, i--i feel good.
2:02 am
how are your nails? 3 days, no biting. are you sleeping i am. uh, it's been two weeks, i think, since the last dream. they may not have gone away completely. correct me if i'm wrong. you never had a chance to mourn your own death, did you? i'm sorry, i don't understand the question. as part of protecting your identity, your team had to bury you. they lost someone they loved. maybe you did, too. ink about it. i will. so houston p.d. needs our boots on the ground for the piano man case. serial rapist? a case we consulted on about 8 months ago. 12 victims over 5 years. he crosses racial and social lines, ages, too. power assertive? knocks them out with a date rape drug and binds them with piano wire. they wake up with no memory of the assault or how they got the permanent scar the wire leaves.
2:03 am
hoton p.d. still isn't sure, 'cause, you know, date rape drugs metabolize quickly, and he's keeping them for 12 hours. so why are they calling us in now? because of these most recent attacks. this piece of work has elevated sick and twisted to a whole new dimension. cases in point-- brittany anderson filed a report after she woke up outside the restaurant she was abducted from, and vanessa campbell was just reported missing. wait, those were victims 2 and 5, weren't they? yes. he's going back and attacking survivors a second time. vanessa was grabbed from her house? he's changing him m.o. from what we studied. he's upping his game. well, we know he stalks them. but public venue abduction, he has the power. home invasion, he's on their turf. so he's betting he can gain control before they get to a phone or a gun. they question is why. what is he getting from revisiting old victims? it seems careless for someone who's been so controlled up to now. what is this on the floor? uh, that--oh, god-- that is the contents of vanessa campbell's stomach, which she ralphed up. and in the glass? according to the police report,
2:04 am
homemade emetic. e-what what? quick and dirty cocktail, meant to induce vomiting. vanessa campbell and her husband moved to a new address. they've put locks on the doors. they took precautions. she even knew what to do if she was dosed again, and it still wasn't enough. that's what he gets out of it. eir fear. he wants them to know that no matter what, he can stillet to them.
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hotch: "we do not suffer from the shock of our trauma, but we make out of it just what suits our purposes." alfred adler. hey. hey. i'm sorry. i thought you said 10:30. i did. for y. have a seat. i received dr. merill's evaluation. i just wanted to review it with you. here? i get tired of being profiled through my office window. well, what is there to discuss? she gave me a clean bill of health. "patient shows no hesitation tackling difficult goals "as part of reintegrating into her life. she has reached out to her mother." i'm going to. and has started a romantic relationship with a man named sergio. mm-hmm. now, i don't care if you lie to your therapist.
2:09 am
i don't think it has. you've been overcompensating. how have i... you rushed to repair your relationship with morgan. you've become an emotional sounding board for reid and rossi. that's being a good friend. you offered me parenting advice. ok, so maybe i have been working a little bit harder to regain people's trust. is that such a bad thing? no. it only is if you use it avoid dealing with what you went through. but i'm not. i chose to come back here. why? because i care about the people i work with? yes. but also because it's clean. i know who the good guys and the bad guys are. i don't have to worry about screwing someone over to make a case. ok. i want you to make a deal with me. you're gonna go weeks, months even, feeling fine.
2:10 am
just let me know when you do. and that's it? that's it. deal. sergio? he is the perfect man. he doesn't hog the covers, and he poops in a box. i just got the breakdown of vanessa campbell's vomit, and there's no trace of rohypnol of ghb. date rape drugs are fast, but not that fast. however he's dosing them, it's not through their stomachs. chief, have you been able to contact all the victims? the ones that we could find. some moved. and some wouldn't take our call. but then the press got ahold of it, and the women started to contact us. 3 more victims admitted they'd bn re-assaulted. 80% of women who are raped never report it. understandable they didn't want to report it a second time. still no dna. but what we do have is a partial fingerprint from victim number one's glasses, regina lampert. but we can't match it to the second assaults
2:11 am
due to delayed disclosure. that's how he's getting away with it. he's banking on their silence. so, then what did you do after the attack? i changed everything about myself. my hair color, my clothes, my apartment. i took self-defense classes. i'm an orange belt. and i carry pepper spray and a whistle. and that's why i didn't call the police. who's gonna buy that is happened to me twice? we do. yeah, 'cause you're nice. nobody believes a slut who cries wolf. we want to gback to the second attack. it sounds like you were trying to restore some normalcy to your life. my husband told me that i was at the mall. i don't remember much. i completely blacked out. both times. just... gone. diane. are we almost done?
2:12 am
i'm dying here. you can't smoke in here, but there's an area outside. [sighs] thank god. do you guys have a light? did you start smoking before the assaults or after? before. why? yes, vanessa smokes. what does it matter? it might explain how the unsub is drugging these women. the media has done a very good job of warning people to watch their drinks so that bars are no longer a fertile hunting ground, but cigarette smokers aren't as careful. they might ask to have a cigarette from a stranger or have their pack swapped out of their purse when they put it down and then unknowingly inhale pcp or scopolamine, both of which mimic the effects of date rape drugs. she hid them in her purse. she didn't think i knew. she cracked the windows so i wouldn't smell it when i got home. if the unsub stalked her om the backyard, he'd have a good view when she lit up. he also took out the window with something like a center punch. what's that? it's a spring-loaded device used to punch divots into metal.
2:13 am
no cigarettes. he must have taken them with him to hide the evidence. you know, it might not be all he's trying to hide. mr. campbell, was this on when you came home? the police told me not to touch anything. you sure got a lot of mp-3s on here. was it playing one of them? no. why? well, the media center keeps a story of the last 20 songs played, but it looks like somebody erased it. it wn't me. ok, i can't tell you who deleted that playback list, but i can tell you exactly when the log was cleared. 7:43 p.m. why erase a history of someone else's music? because he didn't erase someone else's music. at 7:36 he loaded an mp-3 via usb drive, played it, and promptly deleted it. cleared the history so he could cor up his tracks. the unsub brought his own music to an abduction? yes, he did, and that is creepy. fortunately, whatever is imported onto this computer is downloaded to the home network,
2:14 am
[music plays] that's specific. that's another reason to call him the piano man. turn it off. please. does this song mean something to you or your wife? vanessa hates it. i don't know. how come? she doesn't know. but every time it came on the radio, she'd but into tears. so the unsub just happened to play it the night he came after her. [playing song] can i play? hey, you got table 4 ready for me? great. yeah? 12 is generous. looks like somebody's making a car payment.
2:15 am
not tonight, ok? oh, come on. who doesn't love this song? me. i don't. ok. sorry. a song? i know it's kind of a strange question, but are there any that trigger an emotional outburst? a song that didn'tother you before the assault. "maybe i'm amazed." i used to love that song. ok, great. good. we done? not quite. um,
2:16 am
it made us wonder if there was something else you wanted to tell us. did you lose consciousness? i blacked out. i-- diana, you're safe here. whatever it is-- i just don't remember anything. "lady in red," "up where we belong," "glory of love." each victim has her own piano ballad. you know, considering the survivors lose consciousness during the rape, we think this functions as the unsub's signature. he most likely plays the songs repeatedly during the assault, resulting in a pavlovian response when they hear it later, sort of a subconscious rape trigger. the night of vanessa campbell's abduction, that signature became part of his torture. why these songs? what do they say about him? [cell phone rings] go ahead, morgan? we just found vanessa campbell's body. he didn't even bother hiding it. how long has she been dead maybe 5 hours. he's never killed before. are we sure it's our unsub? he used a piano wire as a garrote. i'm not seeing my keys.
2:17 am
normally the waitress has to pour me into a cab, not the other way around. oh, really? well, this is me. i'm, um, i'm the suv. i'm sorry. uh... [laughing] listen, i know we just met. i can't, uh, i can't let you drive like this. i'm sleeping in thisitch. [car alarm beeps] don't be silly um... uh, lock your doors. a lot of--a lot of creeps out there. ok? ok. well...good night. good night. hey. you have a cigarette? uh...heh heh. yes, i do. just, uh, don't tell my wife. i promised her i'd quit. ok. yeah. it'll be our little secret. ok.
2:18 am
you know, i never knewwhy i hated that song so much. but tonight... you helped me figure it out. i--i did, huh? yeah, you did. [laughs] that's the song you played when you raped me. what? [taser zaps]
2:19 am
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tissue inflammation is consistent with inhalation of some sort of drug. i can't tell what yet. and the ligature marks? same as before. new wounds on top of old scares. no sexual assault, though. possibly because she regaed consciousness at some point and fought back. she doesn't show any signs of defensive wounds. no, but i did fish this out of her trachea. neoprene. from a glove. my best guess is she bit him. not enough to break the skin, unfortunately. an exam glove? most likely. actually, it's a surgical glove. a little bit thicker than an exam glove. if he was weing neoprene, it means he has an allergy to latex.
2:24 am
what the hell? uh--ah-- he-help! somebody help me! [song plays] hello?! hello?! is there somebody there? turn around every now and then i get a little bit lonely and you never come around turn around every now and then i get a little bit lonely... do you recognize this outfit?
2:25 am
i don't remember exactly, but friends heard me say i was going outside for a smoke. who are you? you really don't remember? . uh, l-last night, we met last night. [sighs] that's ok. because i remember you. pieces of you, anyway. i guess because i was your first, you didn't know how to drug me right, and i kept coming to. what are you talking about? i remember how you were panting behind your mask, and how your sweat dripped on my skin. but most of all... ok, this is a misunderstanding. aah! [gasping]
2:26 am
so first he evolves to revictimizing these women. then he evolves again to killing them. the story's in the press. he knows we're hunting him. the murders, like the gloves, are a countermeasure. right. he's a pist first and foremost. that's his primary motivation. so then why not rape vanessa campbell for the second time? he lost control when she fought back. he couldn't risk her identifying him. ok, maybe that's his new primary motivation. he wants to stay hidden. but look at all the details we've learned about him already. the victims could have more clues to his identity locked away in their subconscis. so he kills them before we can unlock it. [cell phone rings] go ahead, garcia. sir, i have struck out on surgeons. in fact, none of e survivors saw the same two healthcare professionals or went to the same hospitals. but then, i asked myself, what would ssa hotchner do? and i imagined myself in a really good suit, what did you find out? and i widened my search.
2:27 am
who rotates shifts at 3 different hospitals. the same hospitals the victims go to? yes, indeed they are. and according to the hospital nworks, accessed their insurance months after the attacks. prentiss: that's how he finds the victims a second time. we should talk to him. diana. he killed vanessa? yes. he could be after any one of us now, right? is this because of what i played lt night? wait, stop! no! wait. it's a stupid, cheesy song. i only learned it so i could serenade my wife when i asked her to marry me. you can't even lie convincingly. it's not a lie. you sang "total eclipse of the heart" to your wife? it's kind of a crap song to propose to. but it wasn't. [breathing hard] that--that's not what i played last night. u're confused. ok?
2:28 am
there are certain things that you notice when you're a lifelong smoker. i could tell that it tasted funny, so i crushed it. i guess i got enough, because i was out, but... i wasn't out out, you know? because you didn't inhale as much as the other victims. [playing melody on piano] all right? ok. this is what i played last night. [plays melody] it's the same song. no, it's not. listen. listen. [plays same melody] it is the same song. it's the same. what, do you think i can't hear that? no! no! it's the same song! wait, stop. it was--it was written by the same guy. that's why it sounds like it's the same song.
2:29 am
i woke up... in his van. he wore a mask. i never saw his face. but there were other things, things that were different from what you described. things he did? things he didn't do. he didn't tie me up. and there wasn't a song. he talked to me, but there wasn't a song. do you remember what he said? no. when he was done, he bashed my hd into the floor of his van. fbi! out the back!
2:30 am
what are you doing? what is--[coughs]-- what is this? sometimes in my dreams... i can still hear his voice. ok. ok. okok. this one goes... [plays] and i know just how to whisper right? and the other one goes... turn around bright eyes you see? thank you. morgan: why you running? why do you come to my house waving guns around? because we're looking for a rapist and a killer. you know anyone like that? not me. morgan. neoprene. that is you. i know you're him.
2:31 am
when you ravaged me 5 years ago. you sang it. the same way you sang it right now. that--that's your proof? it's all i need. you got the wrong guy. you're making a mistake. oh! for god's sake! it's not me! i'm not the guy! yeah. it's you. [gunshot] oh, my god!


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