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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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i'm gonna be as good as new. [turns engine and radio off] are we home? not yet, buddy. go back to sleep, ok? [humming] [laughing] he's a goofball. [growling] aah... grrr! [chuckling] hmm. he fainted. [rolls down window] matt. dad! aah! ya-hah! ohh! whoo, i got you. my heart is racing. ha! whoo...
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what is it? [clicking] car just stopped. [click] must be the battery. stop fooling around. no, i'm serious. the car will not start. at least turn the lights on. mom's afraid of the dark. no, i'm not. [click] rrr... [engine starts] whew! [sighs] [laughing] i got you. i got you. ohh! hi, hi, hi. sorry for the cryptic late-night text, but i promised i'd fill you in on the way here, and i am a girl who keeps her promises, so, this boy was found two hours ago in the middle of nowhere. technically he was found outside of crockett, arizona. my point is, hhas clearly been to super hell and escaped some sort of captivity. how do we know he wasn't just dropped off there? well, he has fresh cuts on the bottom of his feet
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and his skin is rubbed raw around his ankles from chains. he must've had a chance to escape and he took it. or the unsub could have had him in transit. my god, you guys, look at his eyes. yeah, he's jaundiced. probably hasn't seenda ylig in a whil yeah, and there's a lot of scars here. and those are the ones we can see. it's hard to tell for certain, but he's maybe 13. are there any missing children in the area, garcia? none until now, but, sir, you may have more information than i do. i do. earlier tonight another boy was reported missing in flagstaff. that's not that far. it can't be a coincidence. technically it could, but arizona has the lowest abduction rate in the country, so the chances of these cases not being related are ridiculously slim. yeah. that's why child abduction rapid deployment will meet you on the ground. the flagstaff abduction is billy henderson, 13. his parents say he was coming back from a friend's house after dinner. he never made it. ok, they set up roadblocks, but the unsub has a head start. right now our best chance of finding billy henderson is to figure out what the first victim knows. exactly. so, morgan, you and jj go to the hospital, see if you can get through to him. the rest of us will set up at the police station.
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no telling what he'll do to billy. [muffled] no! please! please... please, no!
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prentiss: "memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin." barbara kingsolver. rossi: apparently billy was riding his bike home from his friend's house last night. prentiss: they find the bike? no, the unsub was smart enough to cover his tracks. and he has the guts to take a good kid from a decent neighborhood. billy left his friend's house at 8:20 p.m. the ride home was less than a half a mile. [cell phone rings] you're on speaker, garcia. ok, i got the whole gang on. it looks like the first victim was definitely held in captivity in crawford, arizona. why is that? because a woman walked in to crawford p.d. this morning, says she remembers a boy in chains, in crawford, 30 years ago, just like the boy found last night. is she still at the station? no. she dropped that bomb of information and then she took off. rossi: what's her name? her name's samantha allen. most documents have her listed as sam allen. 36, never married, born and raised and lived her whole life in crawford, owns and operates a nursery, the plant kind, not the baby kind.
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prentiss: there security footage? yes. i'm sending that to you. it's on your tablets right now. prentiss: what's she looking at? rossi: i can't tell. what happened? it looks like she was spooked. dave, you and prentiss see if you can find samantha allen. reid and i will get set up at the station. rossi: all we can hope is that morgan and jj get through to the survivor. you can't examine the scars? i can't get close enough. he has the most severe case of c.e.r. i've ever seen. conditioned otional response. i've only seen it in vets. that's worse than ptsd. he had an adrenaline rush when he escaped, but coming down from that will be just as extreme. and i'm sure he's sensitive to lht and sound. incredibly. we're keeping it as quiet and dark as possible. it's probably what he's used to. he's also been somewhere cramped. his legs show signs of advanced arthritis. any idea how old he is? it's hard to tell. his growth has been stunted. he's got major tooth and skin decay, clearly from a massive vitamin d deficiency. best guess.
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hey. my name's derek. i'm one of the good guys. and this is my friend. i'm jennifer. you're safe now. doctor says you haven't been eating much. food looks pretty good. you must be thirsty. here you go. it's ok. it's ok. it's ok.
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have garcia go back to000 for missing kids. yeah. detective, i'm agent hotchner. detective perez. this is dr. reid. i thought your team was bigger. the rest are following other leads. is card retracing the escape route that the boy in chains took? they have been canvassing all night. there's another team in flagstaff retracing billy henderson's bike ride. in the chief's office. where are billy's parents? thank you. detective, you talked to sam allen over here and it looked like one of these photos upset her. do you have any idea why? why is tt? yeah, well, it's weird. because most of these people have passed away. that's our old chief. that one there. he built the station and some of the houses around here. it's j.b. allen,
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hi there. can i help you? we're with the fbi. we heard you were at the police station earlier. oh. i told the other detectives, that was a mistake. why did you leave the station when you saw your father's photo? i didn't. we saw the security footage. you told them you saw a boy in chains when you were a kid. why do you think your father had somethingto do with this? he doesn't. i never said that. my father is a good man. this isn't about him, ok? i told the other detective, i made a mistake. you know what i think? i think you saw the news coverage of that little boy they found last night and it triggered something. if you know anything that can help us and you're keeping it to yourself, that's as horrendous as what's happening to those children. look, i'm sorry. i really, really am.
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come on, randy. listen, i know how scared you are. i know you think he can still hurt you, that he's just outside that door. but i promise you he's not. even if he was, he'd have to get through me to get to you,
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so it sounds like billy's always been cautious. he's our oldest. and he follows the rules. it drives his little sister crazy because she's the opposite. and he res his bike a lot? all the time. even at night? he's got lights and reflectors. he even has a head lamp on his helmet. we used to ride with him, but he's 13. he was only two streets over. and you feel pretty certain that he wouldn't go anywhere with a stranger? no. no way. never. if someone asked for help, would he stop? hold on. are you saying that billy was taken because he's polite? i'm not saying that it's his fault or yours. billy is a cautious child,
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[lock opening] [creaking] she left after seeing a photo of her father? did she accuse him? no, the opposite. she protected him. garcia ran her mental health history. she had some grief counseling after her mother died, but other than that, no therapy. we can talk to her, but we can't force her to help. no, but something in her gut brought her in here. if there's any truth to her instincts, there's gonna be some kind of a record of a missing boy from 30 years ago. well, have garcia check unsolved cases and also check into j.b. allen's history. we can't rule anybody out. ok. how are morgan and jj doing with the boy? he's so traumatized, he can't even speak. give me everything you have on j.b. allealso, all of the unsolved missings. you know what? go back to 1980just to cover bases.
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it's ok. it's ok. what did garcia find out? she broadened her search, but nothing that matches his description. somebody's gotta be missing this kid. [alarm beeping] no, hey, hey, no. no, no. that's not for us. that's not for us. it's for the doctors outside. it's for the doctors, not for us. it's all right. it's ok. it's not for us. there you go. come on back. here. just take it. there you go.
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i, um, i got him to nod, but...not much more than that. and you asked him his name? yeah. what about in spanish? it doesn't matter the language if he won't talk. mi nombre es jennifer. como te llamas? what's your name, sweetheart? can i see what you have there? ah. do you like eagles? yeah, the wings are-- are beautiful, aren't they? your back? wings?
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angel? is your name angel?
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ok. let's start with today. what brought you in here? i saw that... that boy on the news. and i saw, um... i can't really explain it. i s-- it was like a movie in fast-forward. it was dark. so dark. and that-- that little boy, he had the same chains on his ankles. [clears throat] and then it was over. those flashes that i saw. that boy... was he real? that's what we need to find out. thanks, jj.
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no, but they figured out that his name is angel. garcia sent a list of all missing kids since 1980 with a concentration in the southwest u.s. most are runaways. all right, let's eliminate the runaways and focus on lower-risk victims. whoever's doing this likes the challenge. here's the thing. this unsub is too controlled to let his victims escape. i think angel must have gotten away because he was being transferred somewhere. perez: i'm running out of options here. the state troopers are eliminating roadblocks, and card is coming up empty. if j.b. allen is a suspect, why aren't we just kicking down his door? because it's too risky. if allen is who we're looking for, he has a psychiatric disorder that drives everything he does. he'll do whatever it takes to hide billy, but he'll sacrifice him if it meanprotecting his own freedom. everything that this unsub does is methodical. he had a secure placeto keep angel for years, but when angel escaped, he didn't mourn his loss. he drove straight to flagstaff. the questions is, why did he choose flagstaff? he'd only drive 60 miles out of his way if he knew someone was there to make him feel better. we don't think that billy was a victim of opportunity. we think he was the target. so this isn't a stranger abduction. chances are he'd seen angel before, too.
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[crying] who should we be looking at? friends, neighbors, coaches,ther parents. we believe that this man has met billy before. what? you're saying this son of a bitch watched my son? i'm say he talked to him long enough to earn his trust. ohh! but the other little boy, the one that you just found, i mean, why don't you ask him who's doing this? he's not talking to us yet. oh, my god. well, what happened to him? oh, my god! that's right. that's right. bring it over. angel, that's pretty good, my man. you got it. keep going. ok, please tell me you found something. i want to tell you that. jj, there's not a single kid in the tri-state area who's gone missing whose name is angel. i did a nationwide search. still zilch. why wouldn't he be reported missing? you tell me.
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yes, i know. i've pulled harvest schedules already. but what about school registrations? there are more angels than you think. we think he's been held for a long time. did any of them drop out dung grade school? go back to at least 2004. 2004. 2004... second-grader angel suarez. yes. you got a picture? and if i run my simulation software to age him 8 years... he'd be the boy that's in the room with you right now. it's him, jj. you are amazing. thank you. can you send-- yes. send his mother's information to you right now. you're the best. bye. that sounded like good news. i'm about to call angel's mom. he's responding to morgan. it won't be long before he's talking. ok, angel, the doc's here. you want me to stay? all right, i'll be right outside. ok. hey, angel.
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your mom will be so happy to see you. [sighs] ok. it's ok. we can start again. i'd like you to close your eyes. please. close your eyes. concentrate on your breathing. ok. you said it was dark. you were in your pajamas. yes. i was burning up. you probably had a fever. what did you do? i called out for my mom, but she wasn't strong enough, so i got into bed with her. was your dad there? no. did you hear anything? my mom's breathing. was she having trouble?
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it's a strange sound. was there another noise in the house? [faint clanging] there's something else, but i can't see anything. i followed it. my feet are so cold. because you wereutside? no. the basement. [clang] i see him. no, i was too scared. no, no. i'd go back up to my parents' bedroom. mommy. mommy. but i peeked out the window. and there's the boy. what is he doing? he's trying to get out of that truck. he trying to get out of... is your dad driving the truck? ok. no, no, no. he couldn't have done this. you don't understand. he raised me in that house. he couldn't have been doing that all these years. ok. ok. no! j.b.'s friends with the whole town.
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raised sam by himself. that's why this is so painful for her. she doesn't want to believe that he's capable of it, but her memory's telling her differently. so you believe her? it's very hard to fake visceral reactions like that. yeah, but she's talking about a time of serious trauma, on a night she climbed into bed with her dying mother. thatlus her age, it's the perfect storm for a recovered memory. wasn't that a huge therapy trend in the eighties? a lot of women manufactured memories of their fathers doing horrific things. and misguided therapists convinced them that their nightmares were real. it was a huge waste of our resources. i'm, uh, just not sure about this. i think she's credible enough to warrant discreet rolling surveillance. you'll have to use your own team, 'cause he'd recognize members of this force. if he has billy, he won't hesitate to get rid of him. i'll get a card team member to join reid.
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you know, if j.b. allen is our unsub, he certainly doesn't seem unhinged. he went to the market today, and he stopped by his daughter's nursery, and right now i'm watching him landscaping. at his house? yeah. is it isolated? incredibly isolated. there's a lot of land. you remember what garcia sent us on j.b. allen? he started his contracting business in 1975, married sam's mom that same year. she died when sam was 5, as we know. he never remarried, and despite the newer subdivisions he built, he stayed in the house he shared with his wife. so he's either sentimental, or he didn't sel because he's customized the house to hide his victims. you think angel blames himself? i know i did. you know, seeing his mom for the first time may not go well. well, right now it's just about the shame he's feeling. she's gonna have to realize that he may not want to see her for a while. aah! angel? angel! angel, no, no! angel, no, no!
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it's ok. jj, get a towel. it's ok. angel, listen to me. you're safe. you're safe. it's ok. angel, you're safe. it's all right. ah, a classic case of who dunnit? luckily, jay chews trident to help clean and protect his teeth, so he can claim hiinnocence with a convincing grin. that's it jay, they'll never know.


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