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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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it's ok. jj, get a towel. it's ok. angel, listen to me. you're safe. you're safe. it's ok. angel, you're safe. it's all right. ah, a classic case of who dunnit? luckily, jay chews trident to help clean and protect his teeth, so he can claim hiinnocence with a convincing grin. that's it jay, they'll never know.
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woman: please. he's right there. i have to. i have to see him. i thought he was gone all these years. my sweet boy.
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ok. listen. angel hasn't been held in a very long time. things happened to him. he's going to have a hard time at first. come on. i know this isn't easy for you. if i accuse him and he's done nothing... then i've betrayed him. but if he has, you'll save a young boy. the best way for you to recover more of your memory is to return to the source of the initial sensory trigger. that was the basement. how do i explain going down there? did he have anything of yours dowthere? yeah. see if you can get it back.
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help! help! please help me! i have to help my boy. and you will. but first, we need your help. someone else's little boy is missing. we're trying to find out how this man knew both your son and billy, and to do that, i need to know everything that happened the day angel disappeared. it was a tuesday, after school. the children were in the front yard. [crying] it started raining, but angel never came back in. did you see anyone talking to them? no. no cars. nothing. the neighbors-- the neighbors helped me look. i wanted to tell the authorities. i really did. but--but we'd have to leave the country
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dios mio. you just have to talk to him, sam. you can do this. right. dad? [knocking] you home? back here! hey. hey. the yard looks good. oh, thanks. the kids at the store said you were going to phoenix, but i saw your truck down at the police station. oh, yeah. their order for potted palms came in, so i just--i dropped it off at the station. mm. chili. you want a bowl?
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since when? it's my chili. he's not trying to get her out of there. not yet. hey, is my old catcher's mit still down in the basement? yeah. why? i was thinking about coaching softball down at the rec. yeah? that's great. you still got the homerun record, you know. yeah, i know. that practice paid off, huh? mm-hmm. is it, uh, it's still in the bin? yeah. let me get it. no, no, no, that's ok. i got it. uh--uh, i don't think so. i got boxes everywhere. i've been trying to sort through some things. i'm thinking of having a yard sale next week. you want in? sounds good, but come on. i can get it.
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he let her go down there. yeah, but he hesitated. he's not acting like he's got something to hide, emily. that's how he's gotten away with it. we don't know that. you find it? 'cause it's right over here. [chuckles] oh. thanks. told you it was a mess down here. yeah. yeah. you sure you can't stay? yeah. i'm not feeling great, and i gotta get up early tomorrow. you going to phoenix? uh, pickups, deliveries. it'll be a long one. uh-huh. ok, then. see you later, peanut.
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i'm so sorry. it's ok. you did everything we asked. there was nothing in the basement. i'm sorry. now all we've got is the kid. it's called a challenge coin, angel. legend says an american pilot in world war i
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and he crawled, across no-man's-land into french territory. he was desperate to survive. and he should have been safe, except that the french thought he was a german. and he was almost executed. but he showed them a coin. it had his squadron's insignia on it. it was given to him by a fellow pilot so that they would never forget what they shared. what hapned to him? a french soldier recognized the insignia. and they set him free. angel, the man who took you took another boy
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can you help us do that? angel... i want you to have this. it's kept me safe. listen... carl buford. that's the name of the man who hurt me. i was just a young boy like you, angel. and i thought about doing that very same thing to myself. i did. because the shame was too much.
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and it tore me apart. but, angel, i never let that son of a bitch beat me. i never gave him that. i want to make this man pay for what he's done to you. but i need your help. i promise you that whoever hurt you will not win. you and me together can take away what he kept from you and what he values the most, and that's freedom. anl, please. will you help me do that? can you tell us if any of these men look familiar? no.
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i'm so sorry. how do you feel? like i failed. you didn't. i failed him. i actually thought he could have done all of this. [groans] i think it took more than a buried memory come in here. there is something about your father's behavior, things he has said and done that have bothered you for a long time. you buried those. just like the memory. look... you lost your mother when you were very young. it would have been too devastating to lose your father as well. repressing those memories is a defense mechanism. so, um--[clears throat]-- what else did i bury?
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do you remember when he was happy one day, angry the next? yeah. and when his moods were extreme, did he give you gifts? how do you know that? what did he give you? a bike, once. was that one that you d asked for? no. it was a-- it was a bmx. any others? my catcher's mitt from today. what did he do? you can tell me.
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he used to bite me he hasn't for a while. but he did... he did other things. will you let the doctor take a look? maybe we can match dental records. ok. what about a few years ago? in 2004, did he give you anything? that's the year he gave me randy. randy? my--my dog. he was just a puppy then. guys, sam's father gave her gifts, tropes, from each abduction. that's significant. i didn't know that's what they were. we need to find out if angel had a puppy the day he was taken. a puppy? yeah. ohh...that's right.
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they had a whole box. but i wouldn't let the boys keep one. hotch, you hear that? yes. thanks, jj. uh, wait, hotch. um...we're trying to get a dental match. he's got old bite marks on him. [gasps] what is it? oh, my... my dad has his teeth recapped a few years ago. he said something like, that's what happens when you get older or whatever. he made a joke about it. you better not give me any trouble.
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we'll search every inch of the property. will do. keep us posted. jj. what's going on? they're going to find j.b. allen. morgan. angel said it was always dark. he must have had him underground somewhere.
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perez: oh, god. it's clear. his truck's still here. he may be, too. he wouldn't risk it. he's gotta have another vehicle. i'll get the roadblocks back up. any idea where he would go? someplace that feels like home. let's go. you're on speaker, garcia. so i tracked j.b. allen's property developments over the last 30 years. they're all over the map-- well, of arizona, anyway. sending it to you now. hope you can make more sense of it than i can. thanks, garcia. the one thing that your memory and angel's escape have in common is he was getting rid of both boys.
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that means he met his victims before. how? i mean, they're hours apart. look at the towns. he had subdivisions in all of them. construction sites are a magnet for 10- to 12-year-old boys. he... he gave kids a ride on the backhoe all the time. they would just line up for it. oh, my god. i-- i--i didn't know. we found his target-rich environment. the construction sites? yeah. see if sam remembers a particular one that he took her to frequently. just one place? he keeps his victims for years. the burial sites would be someplace special, and he'd need a reason to revisit. is there a favorite place your dad likes to go? you mean like the lake or something? no. most likely having to do with his work. somewhere he's proud of? his first delopment. where is that? in mesa. every few years he adds on to it. he adds another house?
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it set the foundation for everything. did you he that? loud and clear. please! somebody! help me! help! help! no! no! no--
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[sobbing] come on. it's ok. you're all right. you're ok.
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are you ready, angel? yeah. nino mio, mi nino. mi nino. [speaking spanish] mi nino. do you always keep them with you? yeah.
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you know angel's never gonna let at go. what you shared, i know that wasn't easy. none of this is easy. i can't help but picture little morgan. you were so alone. i'm here right now because of what that man did to me. i know. i'm just...sorry. morgan: "nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it." michel de montaigne. captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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[rain, wind blowing] woman: "and so, the white night opened the door "and saw more gold andewels than he could ever imagine. "the wizard said, 'give me the princess "and you shall have all the riches in the world. "the white knight gazed upon the wizard and saw it was the devil, who had already banished the villagers' wives."
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'never, he cried,' and slayed the devil with his spear." [knock on door] [door opens] look after your sister. [humming] no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! help! aah! help me! help!


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