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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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based on the dresses and makeup the victims were found in, we're looking for an unsub who is living in an elaborate fantasy world. he believes he is special, perhaps acting on behalf of the devil. this unsub tortured his victims by submerging them in water for days before killing them. which means he's deliberate and patient. rgan: this guy has a vivid imagination. the costumes and makeup suggest that he's a history buff, or he may be a fan of shakespeare. reid: using nicotine as a poison is highly unusual, so he's either very well-read or under the guidance of another. his interests and delusions have caused him to become isolated socially. he can appear normal to his potential targets, and his crimes are not driven by sex or greed, but instead by his delusional belief system. although the bodies of only two victims have been recovered, there's likely a third, specifically christine torres, who disappeared in february. morgan: this unsub's exact age is difficult to determine, but he's probably in his 20s to 30s. jj: the fact that he travels so far to abduct his victims
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reid: this unsub has a female or underage accomplice to sew the dresses the victims were found in, but she may not be a partner in the traditional sense. it's quite possible she was coerced into helping and may actually be a victim rself. most importantly, this unsub is working according to a specific timetable that corresponds with the satanic calendar, and he has plans to kidnap another victim before the end of today. thank you. ok. thanks. so, garcia checked out everyone associated with that theater production of "the merry wives of windsor." they're all in the clear. well, the gowns have to be connected to the theater somehow. it can't just be a coincidee. there's something else that's been bothering me. why is he putting white face makeup on his victims after they're dead? isn't that what they wore in the elizabethan era? yes, but only upper-class women wore white face makeup. it was a symbol of virginity and purity. but he's dressing them like characters out of "the merry wives of windsor,"
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so it's inconsistent. the makeup could mean that he believes death is purifying them. what if this is like the salem witch trials, where they test the girls by trying to drown them? if they died, it meant they were obviously innocent. if they somehow survived, they were considered witches and therefore hanged. wonderful. a lose-lose situation. but the unsub didn't submerge the victims in water to torture them. it was some sort of a test? with death being the only possible outcome. if he believes he's killing witches, he probably thinks that he's a vigilante or a protector against evil of some sort. laying the victims out the way he did could be a message to the devil. a symbol of victory and a warning, like putting a head on a spike. he's not worshiping the devil. he's trying to fight him. [music playing] can i get a heineken?
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the missing woman is sarah gammon, 27-year-old graphic artist. her father drove to her apartment this morning to pick her up for their weekly breakfast together. she wasn't there. where was she last seen? at a night club in portland, the, uh, mirage room. she went with a girlfriend who had to lve early. morgan and i will check it out.
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ok, i did some varsity-level sleuthing, and it turns out the costumes were donated to the theater by a young actress named cate harris. she was in their production of "the merry wives of windsor" 16 years ago, which was the only other time that play was produced there. where is she now? oh, i was hoping you would ask, because i have the answer. she died in 1998 in the fire at st. baldwin's psychiatric hospital. was she a patient there? oh, most definitely. and some say that she set that fire. garcia, can you get her medical records? yeah, i tried to do that, but it turns out the new director of st. baldwin's was a technophobe hyper-luddite like our dr. reid, and he only wanted the psych records to be on paper to protect confidentiality. ok. detective, we need you to get a copy of those records. you got it.
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they asked me how i knew my true love was true oh... what is this? something here inside... your prom. i didn't want you to miss it. i spoke to mother again. she said that the end is near. she did? you see, there's only... one more of the devil's brides ftle and we have her. when she's dead, we'll be safe. i can go to scho again? the family will be free,
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smoke gets in your eyes i love this song. i know. i...i remember. who think they could doubt my love dance with me. yet today my love has gone away i am without my love without my love now laughing friends deride tears i cannohide oh oh
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when the lovely flame dies smoke gets in your eyes in your eyes smoke gets in your eyes so, did she like this guy that was hitng on her? oh, yeah. no offense to her, but she wouldn't normally get that sort of attention. i mean, this was a handsome, rich dude. he could have had his pick of the lot, but he was fixated on her. how so? i saw him. a couple of knockouts tried talking to him, but he blew them off. here, take a look. she's the blonde and that's him. morgan: he's following her. how long before he talked to her? [cell phone rings] i think it was about an hour. excuse me. hey, what's up?
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i agree. his choice wasn't random. it's like he knew she was gonna be there and he went there looking for her. but why these particular women? they have nothing in common. what if each victim has to look a certain way? he'd want to find a real-life match, and he'd be willing to travel to get to her. [grate creaking] lara: why isn't she moving? is she dead? no. no, no, no. she can't be. oh, my god, she was innocent.
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it's a trick. she's dead, james. you were wrong. i'm calling the police. no! no! i'm sorry. ok? i'm sorry, but we have to find the last of the devil's wives. there's never gonna be a last one, is there? this'll go on forever and ever. apparently the state would have to pay for a new storage facility if they moved the records. someone decided, why bother if the old place works? ladies. no electricity, i take it.
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hey. i think i found it. yeah. oh. first of all, cate harris was a stage name for catherine heathridge, a textile heiress. her family kept the pseudonym for her medical admission to protect their privacy. according to the intake report, catherine was an aspiring actress who went off her psychiatric medications when she was pregnant with her daughter. she had a minor part in "the merry wives of windsor" years ago when she became floridly psychotic. she was convinced the other actresses were the devil's wives, so she stabbed one of them. jj: is that when she was admitted here?
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after fleeing the theater, she chopped off the left arm of her infant daughter. gassman: why would she do that? to make e child less appealing to the devil. she believed that killing the devil's wives was her mission on earth, which is what our unsub is doing now. but she died in the asylum fire. someone else must be carrying out her mission. i murdered an innocent. even white knights have their dark days. you're a vanishing breed, james. my son, a hero from a different time. only one wife remains. i'm sure of it. if you don't kill her, who will? no one.
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as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. if someone's carrying on in catherine'sission, then it's quite possible they both suffer from folie a deux, a shared psychotic disorder between two people who are extremely close, and that would mean it's most likely a family member. maybe one or both of her kids. garcia, i need you to find everything you can on the heathridge family, specifically catherine's son and daughter. ok, finding it as we speak. bingo. catherine, a wealthy textile heiress, had a son james, now 26, and a daughter lara, now 16. father died in a speedboat accident right before lara was born. they were raised by their grandfather in a mansion outside portland after mom was committed. is the grandfather still alive? no. he died last year. that could have been the stressor. garcia, where are the kids living now? james was kicked out of a seminary in colorado 3 years ago, but that's still listed as his address. lara dropped out of school 6 weeks ago, incidentally on her birthday.
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and i'm sending you pictures that could be him. the man at the night club who left with sarah gammon. all right, contact the seminary. garcia, i'm gonna need an address. what's wrong? i swear i'm not one of them. please don't do this. i'm going to save you. i'll die, james. you know i will. not if i murder the devil first. let's go. [siren] he'll see you and he'll come for you. and when he does, i'll strike.
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then we'll die together. morgan, you and jj take the back. we'll take the front. did you see that? there's a girl up in that window.
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damn. it looks like we just found our first victim. [gasps] [door opens] ok. ok.
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[gasping] uh! uhh! [grunting] [fabric tearing] ok. ok. where is james? aah!
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hotch: "all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." edgar allan poe. so, lara is gonna be ok. she confirmed that the bodies were left out as messages to the devil. well, her brother's dead. what happens to her now? there's always foster care. for an heiress? i don't think so. i'm sure guardians and trustees will be coming out of the woodwork. so she'll end up back here, in a house that breeds delusions. hopefully not. [doorbell rings]
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i've waited so long for you, lara. it's time to come with me now. ["smoke gets in your eyes" plays] they asked me how i knew my true love was true... captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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hotch; previously on "criminal minds"... is my baby girl on that beach? one of the victims that we found fits cindi's general description. morgan's cousin fled a stalker. so whenever unidentified female remains turn up, he gets that call. i know you, derek. there is something, isn't there? my auntie spent years obsessing over cindi's last few hours. it's killing her, rossi. i'm never gonna know, am i? he picked out her picture. she's dead. [sobbing] [telephone rings]
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hey, mom, it's me. they're all out of the 2%, so i got 1% instead. and let me know if an extra 1% makes that much of a difference and i'll stop at jewel or something. all right. bye. what-- hey! hey! [honking] cindi? oh, my god. [horn honks, crash, brakes screeching] orn honking] [shouting]
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