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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 17, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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(sirens wail) winnie: boss, 911 call from the baines house. charlie was there. officer's on his way. and i got suzanne baines on the line. suzanne, hi. my name is sergeant greg parker. suzanne: he took kevin. he has a gun. a police officer is heading to you now, ma'am. you're safe. his name's charlie alanak. kevin knows him from school. parker: okay, okay. do you know where they were going? suzanne: no. well, yes... to see someone... someone named robbie. parker: do you know who that is? no idea. why did he come here? parker: i'm trying to figure tt out, ma'am. but help's on its way, okay? you just stay inside. suzanne: okay. mrs. alanak, does charlie know somebody named robbie? robbie's not a person. ed: boss, tom robbarts field. kempton university. the scene of the crime. let's move. mr. lane? please. maam, we're gonna do everything we can. i promise you that. (sirens wail)
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maybe he wants to face his ghosts. some kind of atonement. parker: charlie's assault - he snapped, pushed that kid to his death - it was an impulse. charlie talked about making a choice that day... there's something we're missing here. sam: hey, boss, i'm here with raf now. thpolice report said that don witnessed it. okay, bring him, sam. we need to get inside this thing. need all the help we can get. okay, copyhat. don, we're gonna need your help on this, okay? oh man. kevin: not sure you thought this through, buddy. i mean... what're we doing here, charlie? this is not a good plan. charlie: i had to. you broke out, charlie. okay? the cops are chasing you. i had to! okay, listen to me, listen to me. you're only making this worse for yourself. okay? it's gotta be easier... team one, just got a 911 call from kevin baines' phone. the line's open, but i can bare hear anything. covert call. kevin's in trouble. you gotta heare on this, you're being rash. talk... to you. okay, okay.
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don, charlie's assault, did he intend to hurt that kid? look, am i being arrested here or what? answer the question. no. he barely knew him. it was... it was just some kid who didn't know when to shut his mouth. sam: he provoked charlie. yeah, that's right. take me through it, don. through what? i gave my statement a thousand times. yoshould have no problem getting up for one more. it was late. we, uh... we'd lost a game that day. (mumbled chatter) don: we were just trying to forget about it, blow off steam. charlie'd come back from rehab maybe a month before. hey!
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don: he was totally different. it was hard to see him like that. tough game. yeah, it was a tough loss. we really missed you out there. don: kevin was good. he tried to keep charlie in the fold. but i'll be honest, i never knew how to ac around him. but you, um... you, um... guy: (snickers) you... you, you, you, you... you... (laughs) ignore him, charlie. guy: yeah, listen to your quarterback. kevin: hey, why don't you do us a favour, columbine, and shut your mouth. we're gonna go, kev. call you tonight? kevin: yeah. guy: nice job, freak dog. real smooth. uh, wait up.
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you're such a loser! freak. guy: freak! look at you! learn to talk! kevin: hey, just stop. look at me! hey! let it go! guy: get your freak ass back to rehab, dogface... kevin: just let it go. next thing i know we hear shting. i ran back but it was already over. (shrill shriek) cracked the kid's skull wide open. spike: there they are. ed: let's use the stands for cover. (siren wails) so you didn't actually see charlie beat that kid. like i said, by the time i ran back...
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so, in fact, the whole thing could've gone down some other way. you wouldn't know. don: charlie confessed. kevin agreed! the cops, the judges - they all agreed, man. and you? don, two of your friends are in a world of trouble right now. if you know anything that might help, now is the time. okay, look, i std by everything i said, all right? but yostep into a thing like that, you get a feeling, like... like a flash. there was something in their eyes, a look. something between them. a secret. i don't know. sam: don, are you saying kevin could've been the one? those are your words. but it's crossed your mind. i don't know. it... it was a feeling. (stammers) it was a feeling, that's all.
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this lines up, sam. i think this is what chaie was trying to say. it was kevin who pushed that kid and he made a choice to take the fall for kevin. sam: don, you think charlie would've taken the fall for kevin - wear that for him all these years? i mean, kevin was your leader, your best friend. you looked up to him. and charlie? charlie just wanted to be on the team again. okay, team, we gotta treat this as a real possibility. charlie might've confessed to protect his friend... until he can't take it anymore. he tls kevin to come clean. that's when kevin tells him "sorry, buddy, i can't help you, i'm moving on." then he busts out to make one last appeal. charlie? charlie: no! parker: i need you to stay calm. don't come near! charlie, listen to m! charlie! okay... okay, okay. whoa. just let me go! (gunshot pops) charlie: keep away!
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talk... to them! or what, charlie? i do... what i have to. eddie, he points that gun... ed: i know. i got the solution. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go!
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i'm gonna cut to the chase, buddy, 'cause i know you deserve the truth and you're smart enough to handle it. but if you point that gun, my team will have no choice but to shoot you. sam, they move, i lose my line of fire. cross me, north angle. sam: copy. parker: spike, i need ears in there. : raf, cover him. copy. you here with me, buddy? charlie, i need to see you put that gun down. i'm... not going back! charlie, they will shoot you, okay? they will shoot you where you stand. parker: kevin, please, i just need toalk to charlie right now. will you let me do that? kevin: so talk! make him understand! he threatened myamily! he waved a gun in front of my son! kevin, please. kevin: look, charlie, what you want from me, i can't give you.
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kevin: look, it's too late. it's to late, okay? i wish that weren't the case. (sighs, frustrated) spike, status. spike: here it comes. (device beeps) charlie: (breathing hard) no... we... my son, my wife, you're asking me to throw that away. it's time! time to what? to throw away three healthy lives for one broken one? no! stop! you... you... i... the... it's time! you promised! kevin: okay, okay, okay, just calm down. eddie, charlie doesn't wanna hear us right now, but he needs a voice. you want me to take this? yeah, i want you to talk to kevin, leader to leader. he was their quarterback, so tap into that. copy. sam? i have the solution. charlie: (pants) ed: charlie alanak, my name's ed lane. i need to speak to kevin. is that all right?
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just get me outta here! ed: kevin, we all want that. we just gotta work together here, okay? kevin: all that i've done for him and he... he threatens my family, drags me here at gunpoint. i stood byim like a brother! ed: i know that, kevin. you've been good to charlie. kevin: everyone wrote him off, but not me. kevin: our own coach turned against him. tell him! told me he was a distraction, told me to move on. you know what i told him? you remember, charlie? i told him i'd quit the team if your name came off your locker. didn't i? didn't i? tell him. yes. tell him. ed: okay, kevin, i get it. you stood up for charlie. that's what happened in the stands that night; somebody came at him, you defended him. you were the team leader, kevin, you had his back, he was your friend. only this time something went wrong, and suddenly your whole world is in the balance - your career, yourcholarship, all of it.
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charlie saw that, he knew what was at stake. he saw your future, his... and he made a choice and he took the hit. kevin: no, look, if he's saying that, hes lying. mm-mm! it's your word against mine! i didn't! ed: kevin, listen to me. listen to me. charlie never said anything. all these years, he kept quiet. think about what that cost h. charlie, tell him why you did it. you're my friend. ed: he's your friend. it's as simple as that; he's your friend. kevin, you know charlie better than anybody else.
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you grew up together. charlie knows what it is to be a friend. he proved it. for five years, kevin, he proved it. it's your turn. he deserves to live a life. he deserves to be able to have the same hopes and dreams as the rest of us, kevin. to be able to hold his head up to the world. now you gotta give him that chance. please. i... wasn't supposed to be like this, charlie. so many times i wanted to ke it right and then i... i look at my wife, my son, and i... (sighs) i'm sorry, charlie. i'm so, so sorry.
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but that's not what i need. i did it. i pushed that kid. i killed him.
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hey. oh... thank you. for the words. you're welcome, charlie. everybody says they're sorry i love you. i love you. 'cause nobody knows the story the recipe of life today's not gonna win him any points with t autrities. no, no. but he was innocent, and he showed a strong moral code and that counts for a lot. ll talk to lavery. maybe a criminal institution isn't the best place for him. change of environment? it's gonna make a world of difference.
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hey. hey, that was good work. and, uh, thanks for letting me know about spike. i'm gonna talk to him. no, you're not. you're gonna go home, you're gonna put youreet up. buddy, you got too much on your plate. let me hp you out here. eddie, you're worrying about me. you don't need to worry. you know why? you used to say that when you had a date with a bottle of scotch. so go home. i'llile ththreport. i'll take that as a yes. go on. okay. thanks, eddie. they say oh-oh whose side are you on? hey, yeah, this is mike scarlatti. yeah, i'm calling about the wine kit. i got it right here, so i just gotta- what're you doing? hey, sorry to inteupt. this is edward lane.
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i'm sorry to tell you that we got a better offer, so, uh, thk you, and you have a great day. done. just like that. we were thinking maybe you shouldn't sell this stuff, raf: you don't wanna waste it on a guy who won't appreciate it. spike. ed: buddy, come on, we can figure out how to make a couple bottles of this stuff. it's gonna be great. are you serious? i'm more of a beer guy, myself. christmas presents, sam. mm-hm. right? i'll catch up with you guys. sam: all right. marina: it can be the strangest things sometimes. like... i see red roses, and i see the rose and i see his face again. triggers. triggers can be anything. it could take a long time, but that is normal. thanks. yeah. i've asked for forgiveness i try being right
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under the weightof the night my heartache grows harder till you decide it's time marina: parmesan. there you e. if anybody says they're sorry could you easy up their way nobody wants their story
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,, guys, i got a signal. lower lever, north quadrant. ed: 'kay, listen up. this guy knows the terrain. we go in hard and fast. boss, get him on the phone, keep him occupied. copy that. man: what're you thinking, parker? i had it under control. parker: it looked ragged. i made a call. why don't you come on in and we'll debrief. ed: in position. man: well, you know what? i'll bring my sidearm, you bring your inkblots, we'll see who makes a better case. ed, raf and sam: police! freeze! sru! boss, signal relay. he's not here.
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greg, come in. boss, make some noise. he's got greg. raf: i know this hasn't been an easy day for you, tim. tim: no it hasn't, and it's her fault! raf: okay, but i don't think you wanna harm your wife. i don't think that's how you want this to go. tim: don't you tell me what to do! raf: she's afraid, tim. this can't be easy for her. you're scaring her. i don't wanna scare her. raf: 'course not. 'course not, tim. so how 'bout you let her go, and you and i, we can sit down and talk this through, okay? just the two of us. i'm worthless. i don't wanna scare her. i'm with you on that, tim. we're gonna work through this.
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see the suicide cues, raf? calmness. introspection. doesn't always mean cooperation, sometimes it means he's given up. come on, buddy. the first day on the job. the bridge jumper, remember? yeah. parker: what else did you see? raf: he was tidying himself. parker: and you kept pushing him. again. (sighs) again. hey! decklan: we're just having a cigarette, gil. who's covering? would you relax? we're just giving these lighting dudes some poinrs. you should be on your route. decklan: seriously, dude. your job's not to patrol around looking for other security guards. you do know that, right? yeah, i know my job. i'm not the one who takes unscheduled breaks everyday.
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either you want to join us? or do you can back right off and let us finish our smokes? (laughs) (panting) raf: i appreciate that, tim. now, i'm gonna holster my gun. and maybe we can talk about what's going on here, okay? i've said my piece. raf: i'd just like to hear some more, if that's okay? just talk to me. just tell me what happened here today. (gunshot pops twice, raf groans, agitated) parker: and... you're dead. spike: really dead. raf: you said he just had the 9-mil! parker: yeah, i got it wrong. raf: are you serious?! parker: that'll happen. (incredulo laughter) parker: let's go again. raf: come on! ed: zero for nine, raf.
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raf: ed, i was getting through to you? i was getting through to him. really? i see a shot cop. raf: okay, so what's next? someone gonna bust through the window with an uzi? parker: hey! every one of these scenarios come from case files. every outcomes has happened. this is real life. now the moment you start thinking that you've got all the angles covered, you have failed, do you hear me? yes, sir. parker: we've been at this for three hours, you must be tired. no, no, i'm fine. parker: good, 'cause we're going again. (keypad lock beeps) (door clunks shut) (keypad beeps and trills)
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get back! get back! don't make... don't make noise. just get back! what was that about? oh come on, eddie. he needed to hear it. remember how long it took me to get that drill? yeah. remember i had to get into your face too? spike: hey, chin up. that's why we do the exercises. you passed it? spike: we all passed it. you're really used to getting a's on the report card, aren't you? don't sweat it, raf. takes time. (call bell rings) armed robbery at fletcher stadium. subject has a knife, possible hostage situation. 911 caller is decklan pownell, he works security athe stadium. (sirens wail) parker: mr. pownell? deckn: yeah. you guys gotta get up there, the guy's crazy - he's got roger. roger a colleague of yours? yeah, he walked in on him in the money room; the guy pulled a knife. we tried to intervene, but...
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me and gil. another guard. we tried to calm him down, but he flipped out. okay, it's all right. where are they now? a luxury suite. he dragged roger in there. ed: okay, decklan, how many people in the building? small lighting crew. six security staff. okay, have 'em drop what they're doing, and exit immediately. do you understand me? yes. parker: one subject, one hostage, one knife. let's fill in some blanks. ed: okay, guys, here we go. sam, raf, take the suite. spike, cctv. jules, money room. jules: copy. ed: boos, i'm gonna try to get a sierra shot. parker: good. go. i need to get through to that suite. yeah, yeah, follow me, there's a phone in the security room. just... just think, danny, just think. (phone rings, danny gasps) are you gonna get that? shut up! shut up while i think! (phone rings in the distance) sam, he's not answering. give him a nudge. (sam knocks at the door) sir, this is sam braddock from the police strategic response unit. we need to talk to you, please answer the phone.
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he's not so keen to talk, boss. parker: copy that. spike, let me know when you got eyes. spike: yeah, 220 of them, but none where we want 'em. there's no camera in there? uh, they're executive suites. you know, these guys like their privacy. eddie? what do you see? ed: not good, boss - glare and shadow. hang on. boss, we got a bogey. we got aecurity guard on the balcony. your guys are still out there? decklan: it's gotta be gil, i mean, everyone else is accounted for. he must've took cover on the balcony. sir, it's him. gil calling. parker: gil. this is sergeant greg parker, i'm with the police strategic response unit. gil: hello, greg parker. parker: are you safe? gil: yeah, i'm hidden. hey, buddy, can you get out of there? no, they're between me and the door. parker: okay, gil, can you tell me if the hostage is hurt? gil: no, no, no, he looks fine. he's just scared. subject is caucasian, 5' 10", dark hair. i heard him call himself "danny." he's got a 7-inch blade - i think it's a bowie knife. gil, that's very helpful. thank you. spike, see what you can do with that.
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parker: okay, gil, i need you to stay low stay quiet, all right? we're gonna get you outta there. hey, sarge, i think i should talk to this guy. no, i don't want you to do that. danny: it wasn't supposed to go like this. gil: no, no, no, i hear remorse. i think i can get through him. parker: gil, that is a negative. one wrong word and he could escalate. you gotta trust me on this here, buddy. all right. parker: thank you. okay, team, listen up. good news is we've got eyes inside and, ah, things seem calm for the moment. so talk to me, who're we dealing with here? it's gotta be a smash angrab, right? parker: so he gets interrupted, panics. eddie? fits the bill. he's volatile, he's got no demands... yeah. i hear a "but". i don'know, i mean, the place isn't exactly a liquor store, right? jules: boss? parker: yeah, jules? money room's three floors up behind an unmarked door. cameras, keycard entry, regenerating password, and that's all before you even reach the safe. raf: so much for smasand grab. parker: so he's high-tech on the way in, hunting knife on the way out? boss, got a partial off cctv and matched it to the description.


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