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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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why do you live in our country if you hate our way of life?! [muffled whimpers] you think we're scared of your jihad? after today, be scared of us. this is our jihad. [muffled cries] god bless america! [scream echoing] the victim had his wallet and his cell phone. his name is eric khalaby. he's 26. he's from bay ridge. i'm gonna run him through ncic, and i'm gonna give the phone to taru. they cut his head off? yeah, just about. an arab, a banner-- somebody was definitely trying to send a message. "united americans for one america." what is this place? an old fleet garage. you can't see the entrance, so they obviously had privacy. security guard started his shift at 6:00, found the body as sn as he got here. all these bloody footprints, they're smeared, so we're not gonna get a good impression. knife went through the carotid. when? no rigor-- three hours ago, tops. your victim struggled. i got some hair samples-- not his.
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how do you tell this to the wife? you all right? yeah, fine. (van buren) captain? franks, public information. van buren. this is really bad. you have no idea. seen a tv yet? (van buren) no. (reporter) what follows is a tape delivered to news organizations in the early hours this morning. a home-grown version of terrorist videos we've seen with increasing frequency. the effect of this one, as you'll see, is the same. it's to create fear. (masked man) lolli-gops, towel heads, camel jockeys, you are not americans. you're parasites living off our citizens. you cheer when our gis die in iraq. why do you live in our country if you hate our way of life?! (masked man #2) you think we're scared of your jihad? after today, be scared of us. this is our jihad. [muffled cries] god bless america! (reporter) the rest, of course, is too graphic for us to air.
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the world doesn't need to see this. especially in front of our flag. (reporter) ...terrorists, presumably, americans.
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we tried to feel safe. eric always said people were basically decent. they wouldn't take it out on us. i think of how they had him, how scared he must have been. how--[crying] mrs. khalaby, i know this is difficult for you, but we do have a few questions. yes, yes. okay. did eric ever receive any threats? you know, just insults on the street. my mosque has 600 members, detective. for lots of them, threats are a simple fact of life. this 10:00 call, did it come in on your land line or his cell phone? i don't remember.
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united americans for one america! who are these people? who do they think we are? we're americans. i was born here. and they hate us. it'll never get better. as her imam, i want her, and everyone in our mosque to believe that you care about a dead muslim. help me do that. this community doesn't exactly trust the police. sir, we can imagine people thinking otherwise, but we don't tolerate hate crimes. no matter who the victim is. nina cassady, ed green, this is henry paulsen, from the joint terrorism task force, and brian griggs, fbi. we're keeping them informed every step of the way. well, mrs. khalaby said her husband received a call
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but taru said it didn't come in onis cell phone. the luds from the khalaby apartment don't show a call after 9:00 pm. could the wife be involved? she was grieving. i didn't read her as faking it. and that's not our only problem. yeah, the banner from the video-- united americans for one america. detective paulsen here says they haven't been active since the '90s. as far as we know, there no longer is a united americans for one america. all right, this 10:00 pm call-- jttf is at khalaby's office, clearing it out. let's find out if he was really there last night. (woman) no, he wasn't. and the name on the door is hoffman, gold & birnbaum. if that makes you assume we had problems with the muslim lawyer, you're wrong. other muslims might have had a problem. did eric actually say that? day before yesterday, a friend of his came in. ben something.
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they were arguing to the point that eric closed it. did you hear anything? something about traditions, and acting false. eric sounded pretty rattled. i'll help any way i can. diane, eric's wife, she said you were doing a really great job. we appreciate that. listen, we heard that you went to eric's office two days ago. on my day off, i stopped by to say hi. we heard it was a little louder than hi. it was nothing, you know. it was personal. between friends. well, mr. faoud, when one of the friends ends up with his head cut off, personal piques our curiosity. there was talk of eric being out late. i asked him if he was having an affair. diane's my cousin. i told him it had to stop, or we'd have to go to the imam. who is this woman he was seeing? he wouldn't tell me. he got defensive. i never saw him like that before. someone you knew? i wouldn't know her.
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she wasn't muslim. look, eric's dead. it won't help diane to know he might have been cheating. (man) ben! excuse me, i've got to get to work. so, khalaby steps outside the faith. i want to put nas to the numbers on the apartment luds. maybe he called this woman from home. i want to check his e-mails from his home computer. let's get a search warrant. why are you doing this? what could you find in eric's things? we're ing our best to find out who killed your husband. you're not telling me the truth about everything. are you telling us everything, mrs. khalaby? do you have a warrant for this search? of course we do. could you stop for a second, and think about the message you are sending? when you search the victim's house, that makes him look guilty. that isn't our intention, sir. you're not naive. what does this say to every muslim in the city? ed. excuse me. back of the closet, buried under clothes, pre-paid cell, untraceable. the koran.
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but inside, there are some folded papers. extremist literature. guys. 32 cookies. all sites in arabic. i checked the urls against jttfists. a lot of these are anti-american sites. anti-american web sites, extremist literature. you know where this is going. don't put him in a suicide vest just yet. jttf doesn't have eric khalaby on a single terrorist watch list. well, neither were most of the guys from 9/11. oh, so you're just gonna judge on color. you know what? just forget i said anything. all right, i'll forget i'm black, and i'll forget you're white. what, i defend racial profiling, i'm a racist? you viously have something to say, so just say it. okay. you get pulled over by a cop just because you're black, that's wrong, and it sucks. [cell phone rings] but if i'm alone at 1:00 in the morning, and three black teenagers are walking towards me, i'm gonna cross the street. hold on, i got a text. "the victim made five calls to other pre-paids. called 911 day he was killed." let's go to one-pp and listen to that switchboard tape.
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(khalaby on tape, frantic) 's happening in 36 hours. you've got to stop them. i'm a good american. i didn't mean to get involved. look, i can't talk right now, okay. (detective on tape) look, we need you tonight. (khalaby) no, not today. tomorrow? (dective) 10:00 in the morning, union square, by the w hotel. i'll be in a blue suit. you can-- (khalaby) okay, i gotta go. [phone hangs up, recorder switched off] khalaby didn't give his name. not to the 911 operator, and not to the detective it was routed to. the detective made the meet. no one showed. he was already dead. i was wrong. this g wasn't a terrorist.
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(green) khalaby said that something was gonna happen in 36 hours. that means tonight. (cassady)you have any ideas? web chatter, but basically, no, nothing. most of these calls don't pan out. but this one, the second you heard his voice, you knew it was real. marie, as soon as agent griggs gets here, can you send him in, please? it takes four minutes to trace a trunk line call. we didn't get it. khalaby's second-generation american. good job, good marriage-- how's he end up anywhere near a terrorist cell? ordinary young men, here, canada, europe, they see recruiting tapes from pakistan, saudi: "join us. your country commits war crimes." you're telling me a recruiting tape turns normal american kids into bomb throwers? i'm guessing khalaby put one foot in the door, then realized he'd made a mistake. so, he talks to a detective, the terrorists find out, and they kill him for being an informant. using the white supremacist group as cover. sorry i'm late. i'm running 117 actives. the point of origin on khalaby's call to one-pp-- araway security.
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araway's on the client lis of khalaby's law firm. we called the firm. they didn't send him out there. well, then, why was he there? we have 16 hours. let's go. (aldridge) we do work for the port authority. subways, bridges. we manufacture and install cameras. build network interfaces. city said we missed a couple. so they came to check the contracts. what's this about? wait a minute. you said they came to check? yeah, eric and one of the associates. you remember this lawyer's name? i wasn't paying attention. i got video on the outside doo if you want to take a look. we make cameras. they're everywhere. (aldridge) here we go. front lobby. (cassady) pause it. can you blow that up? sure. (green) that's our friend from the restaurant. the one that had the argument with eric. ben faoud. (paulsen) you ha audio? uh, yeah, sure. (woman at front desk) you sure you have an appointment for today? yes. and where did you say you were from? we're from hoffman, gold. let me call mr. aldridge.
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our appointment is for today. okay, stop it. can you get us a copy of that audio? sure. not a problem. we should try to match this audio the voices on that beheading tape. (man from beheading video) you cheer when our gis die in iraq. why live in our country if you hate our way of life? from the arawaysecurity lobby. (faoud, on tape) our appointment is for today. [cell phone rings] (morales) we get the word "our" in similar context. (man in beheading video) why live in our country if you hate our way of life? (faoud) our appointment is for today. [both sound bites played simultaneously] (morales) not even close to the frequency patterns. it's not this guy. try the seco guy. (second man in beheading video) you think we're scared of your jihad? after today-- (faoud) our appointment is for today. [sound bites played simultaneously] "today's" nearly identical. if the context wasetter, they would be identical. good enough for probable cause. the fbi staked out the restaurant. ben didn't show up for work,
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(paulsen) nothing personal here. no family photos, travel souvenirs, nothing. he travels light. look, found his passport. your boy gets around. "afghanistan, syria, pakistan." i mean, these ain't your basic vacation spots. geraldo would be proud. these were all under the floor boards. dozens of cell phone sim cards. and schematics for a stinger missile shoulder launcher. (paulsen) the schematics are real. not some how-to off the internet. but i don't know where he got 'em. he's not on any watch lists. look, i'm still at one-pp. uld you call me on my cell phone? anti-crime, fbi, jttf-- we've got ey all over this city. he's bound to show up somewhere. homeland security turned these up while tracking other people. ben, chicago. lecture on the oppression of arab peoples. heathrow, on his way to damascus. but basically, he's n.o.r.a. n.o.r.a.-- nothing on record against? yeah, if he's turned active, it's a cell of two or three at most. we have five hours. araway has 20,000 cameras surveillin2,000 sites.
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[cell phone rings] if he knows we're onto him, does he back down? (van buren, on phone) van buren. (paulsen) i wouldn't count on it. where? how good's t i.d.? thanks. anti-crime sitting on the crescent sun mosque in masbeth, just i.d.ed ben faoud going in. let's get a team out there. (cassady) they're locking the doors. all the lights are out. anti-crime says he went in. (van buren) and every set of eyes we have out there says he never came out. bring up the heat sensor. (male voice) activate the thermal image units, see what you got. (rawngs, over radio) i got water pipes, radiator. nothin'. wait, i got him. two bodies... going down the stairs. east corner. i still can't believe we're storming a mosque. if we were looking for any fugitive in any other place, we'd do the same thing. we need the warrant to go inside.
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thanks. we got the search warrant. hit it. police! search warrant! hold your fire! hold youfire! don't shoot! i'm coming out! freeze! hands in the air! don't move! don't shoot! turn around! i'm not armed. all clear! get down! get down on the ground now! put your face on the ground. you're under arrest for the murder of eric khalaby. you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. you have the right to an attorney. if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. eric was my friend. why on god's earth would i hurt him? because he warned the police about your plan to use stinger missiles. your voice matches the one on the video tape. you had the knife in your hand, and this is only going to make the i.d. clearer. what are you people talking about? eric was murdered by white racists. do white racists distribute dvds of beheadings to deter informants? 20 of 'em, ben,
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you put 'em on the street, the people get your message. you're insane. the dvds belonged to ray al-sini. you people shot him dead at the mosque. you saw him. he was a wack job. he was nuts. where are you hiding the stingers, ben? i swear, i don't know what you're talking about. [cell phone rings] taru broke mr. faoud's laptop encryption. snub drive in the computer itself. (cassady) pier 12. port of new york. someone wanted to get on those docks without being seen. that's what khalaby knew. that faoud was trying to bring something through the ports. hold on, guys. this steps on a bigger operation already in progress. griggs, what are you talking about? three days ago, the merchant ship sea angel docked from london. we've had it staked out since it arrived into port. somebody was supposed to pick up a package. what kind of package? i'll be moving mr. faoud to the federal facility on church street.
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unbook him. i'll call jack mccoy. (shenkler) we asked the nypd for custody of mr. faoud. we heard you advised against that. no, i said it wasn't resolved. we're taking jurisdiction. a package came in to pier 12, we believe for mr. faoud. what makes you think it's for him? two of his relatives helped ship the package. we heard it was stinger missiles. the attorney general gives you limited security clearance for today only. it was two pounds of u-235 uranium. most likely shipped from an arms factory just outside of london. put a pound of that in a suitcase with a couple of sticks of dynamite, explode the suitcase. you'll have radioactive dust spread for miles. do it in a subway, the tunnels will be radioactive for 20 or 30 years. british intel got in early and replaced the uranium with a dummyrop.
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you don't have a strong case? if i'm wrong, faoud's all yours. apparently i'm not, so let's be honest. we treat him fairly, or we turn him into a folk hero. jack, let's take a walk. well, you're not wrong. can faoud lead you to other terrorists? on the record... anything's possible. off the record, it's a two-man cell. he's number two. no one below them. and they never let 'em meet anyone above. he's a baby terrorist, warren. behind bars, he doesn't get to grow up. tell this to the fbi, he goes away 25 to life. that's enough leverage to find out anything he knows. one problem. you can't mention the uranium at trial. your security clearance was only good for today. uranium gives us motive. this one the fbi wins.
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you violate the national security act of 1947. then i'll have to prosecute you.
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