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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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some time between 8:00 and 11:00 last night. name's charles dillon, livingston, new jersey. he's got a wedding ring. if there was any cash in here, it's gone now. so what is this, like a sex romp gone bad? if it was, it went bad prettyast. there's no fluids on his underwear or the sheets. thanks. hi, detectives cassady and green. adrienne harding. was mr. dillon staying here? he wasn't supposed to be. who has access to this suite? um, anyone from halligan-webb's executive offices could get a key. and does that include mr. dillon? he was our general counsel. what can you tell us about him? i didn't know him personally. just what i read in papers. he was in the news? you must've heard about the eavesdropping scandal in my company. yeah, halligan-webb bigwigs spying on their employees. it's a huge federal investigation now, and mr. dillon is in the middle of it.
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(lynda) i was here with our children. charles, uh, said he had to work late to prepare for his trip to washington. he was going to stay in the city at the company apartment. do you know who your husband was supposed to be working with? the ceo, samantha weaver. do you know if your husband received any threats? no, not that i'm aware of. he was just trying to get through this whole scandal thing with some dignity. [sobs] how am i supposed to tell my children? we brought charles over from cravath in '02. he was an excellent lawyer. i'm sure his family is devastated. can i get flowers for the dillons? now, erica. his wife said that he was working late with you. yes, we had a meeting at around 5:00. about what? as i'm sure you know,
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so that's what the meeting was about? i admire your persistence. but how is what we talked about relevant to what happened? why don't you let us decide what's relevant, ms. weaver? you know, i am happy to cooperate with you, but i am not prepared to give nypd an agenda of our discussion. his wife told us that he was involved in this scandal. i would call it an issue more than a scandal. congress is obviously a little bit bored right now. look, if this is what you're here to a me about, then i am going to have to insist on having attorney present. i'm sure you can understand that. okay, okay. if you could just tell us when and where you last saw mr. diln. he left my office at 5:35. he said that he was going to meet with his attorney. great. thank you. charles got here a little bit before 6:00. we discussed his testimony for about half an hour. when he left, did he say where he was going? yeah, to have a drink. where, i don't know. he looked like he needed one. why do you say that? he was the fall guy
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right. can you walk us through that? i can give you the basics, but i'm skirting with some privilege issues here. well, that's understandable, counselor, but your client was murdered last night. so you think charles was killed over this? someone inside hw was leaking information to the press, questioning management's competence. there were articles suggesting that the company's newly-designed database management software was already obsolete. samantha weaver wanted to plug the leak. and knowing samantha, destroy whoever was betraying her. well, if samantha weaver ordered the surveillance, how did general counsel get blamed for it? weaver tasked charles to find the leak. he hired a corporate securityirm, and unfortunately they went a little crazy. what's the name of the security firm he was using? i can tell you this. they ponied up 150k to wire up the corporate offices. i had taps out on everybody except the ceo and the gc. how did that go down exactly?
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let's my tech guys into the executive suite. they're out by dawn. did they ever find the leak? all i did was collect the data and send it to dillon. are you saying you don't know if they found the leak? you're gonna have to talk to the company. you think they're talking to us? they're neck deep in a congressional investigation. not to mention a homicide. understood. i was on the job 20 years. but i'm neck deep in this crap myself. all right. how about you point us in the right direction? if this were my case, i'd be looking a who's not showing up for work these days at halligan-webb. (caldwell) yeah, i'm pissed off. those bastards tapped my phones. they put spyware on my computers. they pre-texted into my personal accounts. they were even spying on the report i was talking to. well, why did you go to the press in the first place, mr. caldwell? halligan-webb's a public company. if management's making questionable decisions, the stockholders have a right to know. management being samantha weaver. yeah, the one and only. sounds like you two don't get along.
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so you blame her for losing your job? yeah, her and dillon. so where were you tuesday night around 8:00? (boy) daddy, can we go? yeah, we're going. uh, oh, that was parent-teacher night at my daughter's school. i was looking at fetal pigs in the biology lab with mr. johnson, okay? (green) dillon was the point man for this halligan-webb eavesdropping scandal. and the guy taking the fall. and we looked at all the usual suspects, but none of those executives are talking. because of the congressional investigation. and the head of the company. she seems like kind of a bitch. kind of a bitch? i just mean that i think some of her employees are a little intimidated. yeah, that's possible. (green) anyway, ballistics says the slug they pulled from dillon was from a .38 smith & wesson which they can't trace so far. and csu didn't recover any forensic evidence from the apartment? nothing. but latent lifted about 200 prints they need to sift through.
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uh, we talk to the outsiders. like dillon's secretary. good. i've been with mr. dillon for five years. he brought me with him from cravath when he took this job. i know they're gonna fire me now. they'd let you go because your boss died? have you heard of samantha weaver? it's only a matter of time before we get a memo saying how many squares of toilet paper we can use. listen, do you have any ideas about who mr. dillon might've been meeting with the night he died? his last appointment was with his lawyer. we already talked to him. any unusual phone calls that day? well, a man named mike owens called several times that day. about what? he wouldn't say. and mr. dillon wouldn't take his calls. i think he was still angry about an argument they had. (cassady) an argument? mr. owens showed up here last week without an appointment. barged into mr. dillon's office, slammed the door behind him, and they were yelling at each other.
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not really. it only lasted two or three minutes. owens stormed out, mr. dillon said if ever came back here to call security. i come down here to help you guys out, and you treat me like a perp? well, maybe you should've told us you had bad blood with dillon. maybe you should've asked. okay, where the hell were you tuesday night? i gotta take this from little miss beauty queen here? litt miss beauty queen might just kick your ass. so about you have a seat and answer the question? i was at home watching the nets-pistons. vince carter dropped 36. come on, man, you know better. that ain't no alibi. anybody can read the back of a paper. what was this argument with you and dillon about? what do you think? the job i did for him at halligan-webb. you found the leak. the dude got fired. thank you! look, dillon says to me to do whatever i gotta do. i give 'em what they're lookingor on a silver platter, and then he complains about how i got it.
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i'm sure that's not the first time you had an unhappy customer. tells me he's gonna call the da because what i did up there was illegal. can you believe that? he gets caught with his pants down, and now he's gonna try to make it like it's my fault. typical lawyer. i told him to go screw himself, that's all. [knock on door] something you should see. charles dillon's cell phone records. [door closes] four calls the night he was murdered. the first one's from his boss, then he calls his wife. but the next one is from a high-end escort service.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghastan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit any financial remuneration that i receive from my clients is for companionship, not sex. right, we read the disclaimer on your agency's web site. you know, it'd be too bad if your negative attitude brought down the whole operation. you're not gonna bust me, are you? it depends. tell me what you know about charles dillon. he's a regular client. he dates three or four girls at the agency. busy man. so besides variety, what's he into? nothing too kinky. a little light b&d if he's feeling frisky.
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you were the last person to see charles alive on tuesday night. but i didn't see him. he called your agency and then called your cell phone. charles booked me. i was on my over, but he called to cancel. really? my driver was with me when he called. weurned around and he drove me home. okay, well, we're gonna need your driver's coact information. where were you supposed to meet up with charles? the bar at the atlantique hotel. he liked to hang out there. did he say why he was canceling? he said that he didn't need my services. said he was with somebody that's gonna rock his world. yeah, charlie. some kind of a big shot lawyer. he's here a lot. grey goose up with a twist. was he here this tuesday? that's right. came in by hself. [chuckles] i couldn't believe who he left with. a woman? gorgeous. tall, well-dressed. maybe a model. orders a glass of our primo cab. she's got an accent. what kind of accent? is sexy a country? from her coloring i'm guessing south american or something.
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throws down his rap but gets nowhere. this guy's good too. does regular have a name? brent sullivan. so after five or ten minutes of fending him off, charlie boy walks in. she goes and sits down with him. half an hour later, they're leaving together. so they knew each other? hard to say. did this woman charge her drink? trust me. it's been a long time since this lady paid for her own drink. all right, where can we find this brent sullivan? (sullivan) miss brazil. let's see. i bought her a $28 glass of wine. i told h about my job here as creative director of the hottest advertising boutique in the city. my ski house in aspen-- okay, that's great, but what did she tell you? she was from rio. she said she lived in the west village. had some kind of home design business. or maybe it was clothes. she spent a lot of time doing yoga. she told you that? i'm observant.
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so... how long you been a cop? okay, drop it. did she give you her name? well, i got a number. [woman on speaker phone] what's up, player? the woman who gave you this phone number thought you were a total dork. if you approach her again, she'll call the police and report you as a stalker. have a nice day. and buy some mouthwash, loser. that's nice. a buck ninety-nine a month, you get your very own number. you're kidding. hey, this brazilian woman who left the atlantique with dillon, she charged that service on her amex. her name is julia veloso. what's her sheet say? she's got two priors for solicitation. so allhis high-level corporate intrigue and our best suspect is a prostitute? sounds about right to me. we'll let you know. all right. i was just getting ready to go out. do worry. this won't take long. don't you recognize this man?
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hmm. ah, yes, of course. i had a drink with him the other night. why, did something happen? he's dead. dead. did you leave with him? i never met him before. i joined him to get away from an obnoxious guy at the other end of the bar. this gentleman was nice enough to walk me out and wait until i hailed a taxi. did he get in the cab with you? no. is there a dr. covington living here? that's my ex-husband. we're not together anymore. any idea how we can contact him? i haven't seen him in a while. i'm not sure where he is. all right, how about the last place he worked? i was married to julia for ten months. it was the biggest mistake of my life. you mind telling us about that? look, i'm trying to put this part of my lifebehind me. look, dr. covington, we would not be here if it wasn't important.
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all right. come over here. before i met julia, i was married for 11 years. jane and i have two wonderful kids. but i got bored, i guess. i started using call girls. that's how you met julia. right. don't laugh, okay, but i fell in love with her. she was beautiful, smart, exciting. heh. she had me convinced that she was only doing this temporari to make ends meet. let me guess. she was working her way through nyu. columbia. anyway, to make a long story short, i left my family for her. she said if i married her,
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well, i did. and she never stopped. pretty soon, she... met some other pathetic sucker who had a lot more money than i did. is there anything you can tell us about him? when i first started to suspect that julia was turning tricks again, i looked at her phone bills, which like an idiot i was still paying. she made a lot of calls to halligan-webb. (weaver) i knew that charles used our corporate suite from time to time, but i cannot believe he was taking prostitutes there. we were wondering if your company had surveillance placed in that apartment. is that pposed to be some kind of joke? no, and we were thinking that you removed it once this whole eavesdropping issue broke. believe it or not, detective, i had very little to do with the eavesdropping. except to order it. come back and talk to me when you've made captain. maybe then you'll have a better understanding of the world we live in. you still haven't said whether you had surveillance placed in that apartment building. i don't know, but i can't believe
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to bug his little love nest. (green) julia veloso started calling this company three years ago, and it just so happens the last time she calls was the week that dillon was murdered. so dillon was her new sugar daddy. and a big upgrade from the last dude she was wi. the townhouse she's in rents for $9,500 a month. she's got a state of the art kitchen. she's got expensive furniture. does this woman have any other source of income? let's just say i'm looking into her finances. well, did anyone at the corporate apartment building pick her out of an array? there was no doorman, but the bellman is positive that he saw her and dillon get into a taxi at 8:30, which she lied about. what about motive? why kill dillon when he's picking up the tab? maybe he was about to cut off that fancy lifestyle of hers. latent just matched prints from a lamp at the crime scene to julia velo. pick her up. (salesgirl) these are from our milan collection. oh, i want these. ms. veloso. what do you want? you need to come with us. excuse u this is very rude. can i please finish what i'm doing here?
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docket numbers 41506. people v. julia veloso. charge is murder in the second degree. how does the defendant plead? not guilty. bail? people request $1 million. the defendant is a citizen of brazil, has no direct ties to new york, and has a criminal record r prostitution. your honor, the people's case is purely circumstantial. the have no physical evidence connecting my client to the crime. the defendant's fingerprint was found at the crime scene. (tindell) as ms. rubirosa indicated, my client was formerly an escort. who knows how many lonely out of town businessmen stayed in this corporate apartment? she may very well have been there on a previous occasion. we have an eyewitness who puts the defendant and the victim in a cab together at 8:30 on the night of the murder. people's request is granted. bail is set at $1 million.
6:30 pm
$1 million. [pounds gavel] next case. you know, a hooker's fingerprint in the bedroom is not exactly a smoking gun. we're not saying it's a slam dunk, but it's a solid circumstantial case. what about the motive? kept woman, thinks the goose laying the golden egg is gonna cut her off. begs him to stay. he says no. she kills him. why not just find another goose? this city's full of rich men looking for trophies. who knows? maybe they were in love. it's possible. yeah, i saw pretty woman too, connie. so you're saying that a beautiful young woman can't fall in love with a pudgy, middle-aged man who is losing his hair? i'm just saying as much as i might regret it, it's highly unlikely. i don't like these circumstantial cases without obvious motive. feel out the defense. maybe they're willing to make a deal. (mccoy) if there's more to your client's story


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