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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 18, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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david, no. you don't have to do this.
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david: almost there... they're just outside the door. wait for it. ed: let's go. please, david, no. david: almost... spike: no. guys, let's go. spike: david, stop. david: one more second. spike: david... spike: no! david: almost... ed: let's go. ed, ed... ed: tar! sam: c4! move, move, move! spike: no! david: do it! do it now! spike: no! no! (explosion booms) eddie! anyone? status? teamne, somedy talk to me! (muffled cries)
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hey, hey, hey! why did you do that? i did everything that you wanted! it's not over yet. it is for me. get them out. why should i? you already killed fourops, what else can you do?! go ahead, threaten me, it's done. (muffled screams) spike: no! albin: david! spike: leave her alone! natalie: (muffled scream) no! let her go! albin: david! spike: leave her alone! david, let's get outta here. finish what you started. finish what you started! (breathing heavily, seething) (irate) agh! aggghhhhh! team one, talk to me! come on. ed: (coughs) boss, no harm. sam got us out in time, he got the door closed. it's good to hear. there's debris, but we can get through. okay, you got an exit east wing hall...
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okay, sam, jules, circle around from the outside. raf, you and me. okay, me and you here. slow and careful. (keys clack, computer beeps) they're on the move. what? albin: they're closing in. we're done. we're done. it's time to cut our losses, david. david: no-no-no-no-no-no. we're almost there. we just, we gotta see this through! what? no... (stammers) no, david, we're not almost there, this is a mess. no, it's not a mess. we can't be here, david. we're out of time. you know, they're probably already tracking us. listen to me, okay? we can still do this. albin: no, i said we're done! you are not calling the shots here, okay! oh yeah? it's time to call it a day. david: hey! hey! we still need him! albin: shut up! spike: you don't wanna do this! david: we're not through, albin! albin: him first, then her. put the gun down!put the gun down! no! we're doing this my way!
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this doesn't change anything. i bought you five minutes. get them out. get them out! team one, i've got spike's last phone conversation from the auto-transcripter. give it to us, winnie! winnie: okay, i was only able to get his half, so i'm not sure how much sense this is gonna make. it starts, "hey, it still isn't yo" then, "i can come by after shift." then, "who's david?" then, "get you? are you in trouble? i'm gonna tell sam." sam: natalie... jules: who's david? sam: i know him. he's trouble. what else did natalie say? winnie: spike was getting directions. he said, "that's near witchwood, right?" well, it narrows it down to a neighbourhood. okay, it's a place to start. i'm on my way. winnie, you get me some more by the time i get there. sam: ss, i'm coming with you. sam, can you do this with me? she's my sister. okay, sam, you'reith the boss. jules, command post in case we get our eyes back. raf, it's you and me. they're armed to the teeth. so are we.
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why's that door locked? the locks must've reset. unset them. it's no use, it's manual. we shoot this, the unis know we're here. kenton: we need another it. scarlatti, this exit'no good. they need something different. i'm looking. (computer trills) (computer beeps) sam: natalie was traveling for three years. she had her freedom, she was happy, you know? and the day she's cong home we get a call from bogota: she's in jail. apparently she's unaware that this guy she met, david, had packed her suitcase with heroin. luckily for her, his fingerprints were all over the place. so my dad pull evy string he had. as long as she testified against him, the charges would be dropped. there's no love lost between this david sam: i'm guessing hd be happy to see her out of the picture. and natalie then. hey, eddie, we have to stall for time. we need them to need spike alive. copy that. let's move.
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they can backtrack the way they came in. that doesn't work. that's the best i got. david: find something else. everything else is a dead end. find another way. okay, looks like we're going in heavy. how's this work? they said the perimeter's wod be thin. these are hollow point - more effective. we're gonna bust right through. boss, i think i got something. figured it had to be somebody who knew what to look for. vince albin, mid-level soldier working for- parker: ka morse. sam: so he knew about the dope. there's gotta be dozen guys whdid. jules: yeah, but according to customs, when david fleming flew back into the country last month, he flew back in with albin. they have a history? that doesn't tell us where they are. jules: well, maybe it does. 'cause after morse got busted, all his assets were seized, went into foreclosure, including a bunch of houses. any near witchwood? sending you the number right now. ed: police! stay where you are! end of the line. time to put the guns down.
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sorry about this. (gunshot pops) hollings: agghhh! you shot me! what're you dng?! kenton: now, i have a hostage. kenton, what the hell just happened? what's goinon? you have a hostage? kenton: i shot hollings. the cop was getting too close; i had to improvise. david: (exasperated sigh) sru caught up. kenton took hollings hostage. this was n the plan. this was quick and clean, in and out. no one even knows. (cocks gun) david, this could still work. your guy is right; the team has to negotiate now - that's the protocol - and i can do it for you. gimme the mic. raf, that gate... raf: t flank 'em? go, now. hollings: (quick, tight breaths) give me the mic, i can get them out.
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you have a gun. if i don't get themut, you can use it. hey, can you hear me? mm-hm. that was a smart thing you did there, grabbing a hostage; it changes the game. now, i can get you outta there, but you have to say exactly what i tell you to say. do you understand? uh-huh. start with, "i just want to talk." kenton: i just wanna talk. okay. yomind telling me your name? trying to make a personal connection. tell him, "i'll tell you my name, if you tell me yours." kenton: you tell me yours, i'll tell you mine. ed: no problem. ed lane, strategic response unit. spike: ask him how long he's been on the force. how long you been in uniform, ed? come on now, you're not here to talk about that, are you? spike: hey, ed, let's not rush things. we got all the time in the world. no need to rush things, ed. we got all the time in the world.
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i'm just saying, you got an injured colleague here. i need to know he's okay. nton: he's okay. he's fine. right, buddy? ed: okay, good. now, listen. my team can hear what's going on. they know your friend's gonna need medical attention asap. kenton: one paramedic - send in just one. and everyone else keep their distanc parker: spike... ed: no problem. ed: we just wanna stop the bleeding. we'll take it from there. kenton: okay. 'kay, boss, you go through here. i'm going high;fire escape then down. copy that. ed: can you tell me your name again? kenton: i didn't tell you my name. okay. you mind telling me what you're doing here? kenton: i don't wanna talk about that. want you to not do anything rash, or people could get hurt. this guy's talking like a negotiator. m: it might be spike in his headset, boss. it's gotta be. he's dragging it out. ed, do not take this guy down. repeat, do everything you can to keep this going. we do that, that hostage is gonna bleed out, boss.
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yeah! we gotta go yeah (sfx:car starts, car door closes) for all those times you stood by me for all the joy you brought to my life for every dream you made come true for every dream you made come true i...i loveou. for all the love i found in you for all the love i found in you i ve you too daddy. you're the one who saw me through through it all and thanks...for, everything. you were my strength when i was weak you were my hopes when i couldn't speak because you loved me okay... how's your buddy doing there? kenton: hes gonna just fine as long as you do everything i ask you to do, ed.
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sam? almost there. now, calmly state your demands. (muffled sobs) stay back. stay back! ed: all right. kent: we need a way outta here, ed, me and my friend. well, i think your friend needs medical assistance. raf: in position, just give me a signal. what we need is a car. in position. ed: all right, raf, on my mark. kenton: stay back. don't come any closer! ed: now. kenton: my friend, ed- raf: freeze! ed: put the gun down! turn around!
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we need an ems to the rear loading bay immediately. (device beeps) cops. what did you do? i didn't do anything. nalie: (muffled screams) spike: no! no! police strategic response unit. let her go! david: back off! parker: i can't do that, sir. now, you put the gun down and step away from the girl. do it now, please. david: we are walking out of here. you're not going anywhere. how're you doing, spike? spike: could use a set of handcuff keys. copy that. (keys jingle) parker: sir, i need you to put that gun down, and step away from the girl. yore not going anywhere. please, i need you to listen to me. spike: no! don't listen to him! (chair clatters) (riled up) listen to me! maybe you get past us. maybe by some miracle you geoutta the country. you know what? doesn't matter.
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i don't care what third-world jungle you hide out in, i will find you. whatever i have to do, i will do. device is set, ready for entry. i will never forget you. not after what you did my friend's sister, and not after what you did to my team. back off! spike: why? why, you wanna shoot me? go ahead. go ahead. go ahead! shoot me! parker: sam! (blast pops, glass shatters) spike: you're okay. natalie, it's okay. sam: you're done, dirtbag! on the ground! natalie: (crying) spike: okay, it's okay now. you're safe now. natalie: (frantic breaths)
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you're okay. (sobbing) is this a mystic's deep dark spell or a joke to make us come undone and yell another blackness tries again to bend our will behind our backs and hold us down till we say when... will this be over?
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will we be free in the end? raf: (laughs) my man. jules: "whatever third-world ngle you may hide out in?" "i'll fd you. i will never forget you?" you good? i'm good. how's nat? i think she'll be fine. that was a lot for her today. you sure she should be alone? sam: as soon as we're done here, i'm gonna go home, make her a nice dinner. guys, i just wanna say... i'm sorry. i made some choices today, i pulled you guys into trouble. yeah, but you didn't choose that trouble. i didn't know what else to do, so i turned to you. jules: someone needed you and you reached out. where's the part where you made the wrong choice? this is gonna sound crazy, but i think of lou... and my dad, and today i nearly lose you guys.
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parker: spike. without you around... (chuckles warmly) buddy, we'd fall apart. you hear me? been a long day. what do you say we debrief tomorrow, go to the goose, grab a beer, call our loved ones? what do you think, boss? call my loved ones. clear water, clear
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spik the venting system must've been knocked off-line when xavier sabotaged the power generator. woman: my leg! i can't feel my leg! (pained cry) sam: the pathogen meter's 900 and rising. woman: anything over 2500's fatal. 2500... sam: she needs medical attention, okay? you all do. you need to let everybody out now. jules? jules! jules! jules! (bag rustles) (door beeps) that's a test subject?
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i did. i double bagged it. you double seal it, and then you put it in a container. the subject may be dead, but the pathogens that killed it are very much alive, understand? be careful. i'm sorry, sir. (keypad beeps, airlock hisses) (phone rings) greg parker. dr. toth, hello. very well, thank you. how are you? okay. you wanna tell me why? yes, i know what's in tre. ben, incident report last month, the 17th. no, that can't be right. hey. set it up in the briefing room. ben: you got it. yeah, i'll be here.
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(sealingechanism clatters) gunman: down on your knees! don't turn around! don't turn around! hands behind your back! (exhales) dammit! what's going ? parker: they forgot to turn their mics off. jules and sam. i thought they were done. well, they're not. that was the condition, when she rejoined the team. i know. priority of life. i gotta tell you, eddie, i knew it was happening. how long? two months. and i made the choice to lett go on. what happened to no more secrets, greg? this way, it's just on me. it's not your job, it's mine it's your job? what do you mean? when dr. toth put thiseam on probation i gave him my word that sam and jules wouldn't cross the line.
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greg? (keypad beeps) gunamn: on the ground! turn around! hands behind your back! all right, up! up! come on, move it! move it! ben: team one, hot call. gear up. go. what do you mean? what's going on? i got no a choice. greg! go. ju go. i don't want the team distracted by this. go! (hot call siren blares) (sirens wail) ed: what're we looking at, spike? all right, it's a level three biohazard research facility. meaning what? spike: well, meaning it's classified. but hold on. okay, here we go. private company, study biological agents and develop vaccines. terrorist target? spike: it'on the watch list. oh man... viruses, toxins, pathogens, all kinds of exotic bacterias. this stuff gets out, it's like biological wmd's with mass casualties. ed: okay, okay. ben? ben: go ahead.
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full community evac... uh, spike? spike: uh... two kilometers. ed: two kilometer radius. ems on scene, please. ben: got it. and i've got r.d.a.'s ceo, dr. henry bergan, on the line. ed: okay, ben, thank you. put him through. ben: patching him in now. doctor, it's ed lane, sru. bergan: officer, i just heard. i was on my way downtown. i'm at least 40 minutes away from the lab. ed: who's in charge of the facility now? rose gilvrey. she's our cfo. rose is extremely capable, she can give you everything you need. okay, thank you. appreciate it. officer, i don't know if you're aware, but our facility... if the wrong person were to get their hands on our materials... ed: we're aware. bergan: all it would take is a subway car, an office building, a vent. ed: doctor, best thing you can do right now is to let us handle it. keep your phone handy, we'll call you if we need you. thank you. (sirens wail) rose: officer. rose gilvrey. rose, is this building fully evacuated?
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we need everybody outta there now. tests are still in progress in the lab. samples of sensitive materials have to be properly contained. well, how many people we talking about here? two: our chief scientist and his second, and they'll be done as soon as possible. ed: okay, any word from the security guard? rose: no, but one of our workers was found tied up in the waste disposalockup. okay, did he get any descriptions? no, he was attacked from behind; he didn't see a thing. sam: can you confirm how many intruders we're dealing with? (gunshots pop) sam: shots fired! jules: all right, get back! you guys, back, back, back! ed: ben, we got shots fired. active shooter. ben: copy. ed: let's get ems down here immediately. we're gonna try to locate d extract any of the victims. rose? can you help us out with a staging area inside? rose: i've brought you passcards. keep them on your person. these give you access to the ente building. i would advise that you don't go into the clean room until they're done. ed: okay. spike, you rea? let's move. sam... let's do it. power's out. rose: this shouldn't be happening.
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sam: you have backup generators? rose: of course, but every second of downtime's dangerous. what's going on, ben? ben: active shooter. no confirmed victims yet. just keep me informed, all right? sure thing, boss. greg, i'm sorry to do this. do wt?
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