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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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at least we got the make and model of the car. yeah. excuse us. detective reagan. this is detective baez. you need to find jenna. you need to bring her back to us. we're gonna do everything we can. we'd like for you two to come down to the squad room so we can ask you some questions. the more information we get, the better chances are we can get your daughter back. (crying): please, you need to find my baby. we'll do all we can, all right? get them down to squad, all right? yes, sir. (crying) start plastering this neighborhood with "information wanted" posters. i'll let gormley know we need the whole squad on this. we got about 72 hours to find this girl or chances are we never will. ms. del rio ran down the superintendent in the parking garage of her building. i understand the allegations against ms. del rio. we have an eyewitness. elderly lady and the lighting was not great, i know that. i'm so sorry i hurt mr. romanelli. i-- i'm sorry. you put mr. romanelli in the morgue, ma'am that said, in the absence of concrete proof that you intended to kill the victim, i am prepared to offer a plea of manslaughter.
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in the normal course of events. but not in this case, no, thank you. i think you should confer with your client first. the evidence is overwhelming. ms. del rio suffers from, uh, severe bipolar illness. and she was in a manic state at the time of the accident... you're pleading not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. that is very difficult to prove. exactly... but that's why they pay me the big bucks. frank: i understand. thanks for the call. that was scotland yard. please don't tell me we're going on another goodwill trip to london. that rain's murder on my sciatica. there is not a lot of goodwill flowing at the moment. they've detained one of our intelligence officers, detective paul hailey. on what charge? there was a terrorist bombing at a west end tube station. i know that. hailey is being accused
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without authorization. he's doing his job. yeah! he found the cause of the blast and reported his findings. what'd he find? (sighs) that's all i can tell you. that's all you can tell me or all you will tell me? (sighs) i can't handle this i don't know what's going on! there's nothing to handle. you know there will be. garrett, you are my deputy commissioner of public information. this is private information. so, what do we got on your end? we're canvassing the neighborhood, checking all the surveillance cameras near the school, running all vehicles matching the description registered in the area. good. i'll get taru to download their content from theast few days... sounds like a plan. i'm running all recent parolees. here you go, reagan. thank you. checking the sex offender registry... see if there's any twists living in the neighborhood. hey, detective. mr. scott... um...
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joseph. good to meet you. so, you heard, it's happened again. yeah, i heard. uh... we caught the case in fact. that's great. it's the same school it's the same time of day. am i missing something? joseph's daughter allie was abducted from the same school seven years ago. seven years, two months, 14 days. danny worked 'round the clock to find allie. he puts up with me... coming by, chewing his ear, giving him updates. yeah, unfortunately, i wasn't able to bring allie back to you. but this is a big break, right? i mean, whoever took this girl, maybe they know something about my allie. (danny sighs) you know, we kind of went over this before. the odds of finding somebody after all this time... i know the statistics. i also know in my heart that allie's out there somewhere. she has to be. don't give up on her, danny.
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and in the eyes of real cheese people, never, ever a crowd. sargento balanced breaks. we're real cheese people. (siren chirps) danny: this recent picture of jenna? it's her school photo. they took it last month. do you know if she's had any, uh, incidents lately, fights, arguments with anyone? no... she's a sweet girl. the crossing guard said it looked like jenna might have known the driver who picked her up. that's not possible. all right. we need you to write down any adults your daughter might have come in contact with, okay? coaches, crossing guards, teachers, counselors, whatever you can think of, okay? (scoffs) nobody we know would do something like that.
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there's a lot of bad people out there. (sighs) (door opens) hey, you should go easy with these people. i told them the truth. they are scared enough without hearing about what people are capable of, danny. i'm not gonna lie to them. there's a good chance this is gonna go bad, okay? so they should be prepared for that. and if that happens we'll deal with it, but for now, hope is all these people have. right, like joseph scott? that case was seven years ago and you did everything that you could. i told that guy to have hope. now look at him. he can't move on with his life. it's like he walks around with that look on his face like he's in a bad movie. i'm not gonna do that to these people. erin: so, in addition to your private practice, you lecture at columbia?
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well, amanda harris speaks very highly of you. i've testified for her many times over the years. never lost a case. obviously the case against ms. del o hinges on her mental state at the time of the incident. bipolar illness is a serious disorder, but in my experience defense attorneys tend to exaggerate the severity of their clients' symptoms to keep them out of jail. well, in this case, defense counsel is particularly aggressive and he does his homework. i'm confident i can handle anything the defense throws my way. great. i'll have the file sent over to your office and arrange for you to ierview the defendant. don't worry, ms. reagan. i've never let thioffice down. i don't intend to start now. i think it's all just a misunderstanding, mr. mayor. nothing for you to worry about. nothing i can't handle. no, sir. yes, sir. i'm sorry, i have to go. i have a meeting. no, sir, it's not about this.
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you'll be the first to know. fbi assistandirector tomasetti's here. (sighs) let's have him. jason. we got a hell of a situation here, frank. oh, i don't know why. there's no evidence my officer did anything wrong. the brits are threatening to kick all u.s. intelligence personnel out ofhe country. well, we both know that's not gonna happen, jason. they're just pissed off. i can't say i blame them. we had agents on scene. you have officers on the joint terrorist task force. you would've been briefeon any relevant terrorist threat. i'm responsible for protecting the number one terrorist target in the world. so you'll understand if i choose to decide what is and isn't a relevant threat. no other u.s. city maintains its own independent intelligence force.
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homeland security has their hands full. a vast number of security priorities. i have one... ...keeping my city safe. end of discussion. you can expect a call from the director. happy to take it. (door opens) (door closes) (sighs) erin: nicky? i'm home. i got souvlaki from grammatico's. i thought you were stopping by grandpa's tonight. that's tomorrow. is everything okay? yeah, i was just studying. hey, i'm ben. hi, i'm nicky'mom.
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we've got a unit exam tomorrow, so... you usually study at the dining room table. i should go. don't. stay for dinner. it's okay. right, mom? yeah. great. let's eat. (phone rings) here you go. is jenna gonna be okay? uh, we're trying really hard to find her, stacy. so you two walk home together every day? we live in the same building. what happened today? why didn't you walk home today? we left school like we usually do, but she left her art project in school. i couldn't wait ause i had a violin lesson. okay. i should have waited. no. it's not your fault. i mean... i told her to just bring the art project home tomorrow, but she said her stepfather would be mad.
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mr. wallace is her stepfather? yeah. but they don't really get along. he has a really bad temper and he's always yelling at jenna and punishing her for no reason. okay. okay. well, thank you for bringing her in. if we need anything else, we'll be in touch, okay? and thank you for your help. i'll run a triple-i on mark wallace. check for any domestic incidents or complaints from their address, all right?
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when it's your time shineyou want beautiful nails. introducing the amop\ electronic nail care system. file, buff, and shine for effortless, shiny, wow nails. amop\. find it in the footcare aisle. turns out mark wallace was married once before. got arrested five years ago on a domestic for pushing around his first wife. he's got a history of violence? i spoke to the ex. she said, when he was slapping her around, they were fighting about kids. how many kids they have? none. wallace never wanted to have any.
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if he didn't want kids, why'd he go marry somebody else who had a kid? probably thought he could deal with it. guess he thought wrong. dr. raskin, in your expert opinion, was the defendant responsible for her actions on the day of the incident? after studying ms. del rio's medical history and examining her directly, it's my opinion that the effects of her bipolar illness were insufficient to cause such a violent outburst. thank you, doctor. may it please the court. dr. raskin, my client's medical history comprises more than 3,000 pages right here.
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how mu of it did you actually read? enough to draw a reasoned opinion. so you read the section about her time at the rowe psychiatric hospital? no. that's over half the file, doctor. and was the 12-minute session that you had with my client enough for you to draw a reasoned conclusion? that's not a lot of time, dr. raskin, 12 minutes? i've been in clinical practice for 26 years. i've treated scores of bipolar patients. then you must know that no two cases of bipolar illness are the same. yes. i also know that your client's statement to police exhibited little sign of delusional thinking, which one would expecthad she been delusional during the incident. do you think mental illness can
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yes, just not in this case. and that's based on your so-called thorough examination of my client and your partial perusal of her medic history, right, sir? no further questions, your honor. inspector general peterson, the commissioner is expecting you. thank you. kelly. angela merkel's cell phone. what? the nsa pped the german chancellor's private cell phone. i'm sure they had their good reasons for it, but i'm also sure you can't find anyone outside the nsa who thinks it's a good policy. this is not that. then tell me what this is. a detective from our international liaison program was accused of tampering with a crime scene,
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he was just doing his very important job. says you. that's right. we need to know what's out there before it comes here and who besides you knows the full inner workings of the program? i consult with the mayor and my deputy commissioners when it is appropriate. which, i'm guessing, is never. it is not on our published schedules, but it is not never. even the fbi and the cia are subject to congressional oversight. that's their problem. frank, it's my job to make sure the public understands what the nypd is doing in its name. not in this instance. you're gonna have to do better than that. the ilp works because the informatio is tightly controlled. there are no leaks. and it's gonnatay that way. but i can assure you we do not have a wire up
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you think that i kidnapped jenna? that's not what i said. i'm just covering all my bases here. want you to tell me about you and jenna's relationship, okay? i'm sure it's got to be hard being a stepparent and all. tell me about it. i mean, you have no real power over them, and believe me, they know it. right. so you two probably got into it. sure. but it was nothing out of the ordinary. look, i would never hurt jenna, okay? never. or course not. though you did have an incident with your ex-wife a few years ago. all right, that was a misunderstanding. okay. incident report says you shoved her against a wall causing bodily harm. she says it's 'cause you didn't want kids. it was a little more complicated than that, all right? look, ellen had a drinking problem, okay? i was halfway out the door when it happened. it's okay.
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that's what you do for work? yes. i was, uh, picking up some samples in connecticut. i was on my way home when i heard about jenna. right, the warehouse said you signed for a package at 12:40 p.m. and you headed straight back to the city? no, no. i did some errands. didn't get back till after 4:00. got it. we ran a check on your company rental car. a white sedan. just like the one that picked up jenna from school. you never said anything to me about a white sedan, mark. i didn't do anything! okay, for jenna's sake, i think we're gonna have to go over this one more time from the top just to be se. i told you there's nothing to worry about. defense did score points when they showed that you had not read the entire psychiatric history. i've testified dozens of times. jurs don't expect you to memorize a 3,000-page document. they may expect you to spend more than 12 minutes with the defendant in order
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i can assure you my clinical assessment is perfectly valid. i did read ms. del rio's fe. she has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. she assaulted a nurse two years ago. you know what? i'm sorry. are you a prosecutor or a psychiaist? i'm just saying, isn't it...? no, whatever you're saying, ms. reagan, has zero scientific value. i wrote the book on these disorders, literally. you hired me to render my professional opinion. if you wish to undermine my conclusions and your case... go with god. i checked wallace's ez pass. and? he went through the whitestone bridge toll plaza at 1537 hours, 20 minutes after jenna was abducted. great, so unless he's driving a rocket ship, he's not our guy. i'm gonna go grab us some coffee.
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what's this? my file on allie. all my notes, personal investigat reports. i thought it might help. i guess, at this point, it can't hurt. i gather the investigation isn't going well? we're looking into every angle. we're just coming up empty so far. on the day allie was taken, you told me, "the best weapon in a case like this is never lose hope." i said that, didn't i? you did your best for me. and for allie. and now these parents need you to do the same for them. w do you do it, joseph? you never lose hope. no matter how many years pass, you keep hoping everything's gonna be okay. how do you do it? because i don't have a choice.
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that i've lost the one thing i love most in this world. there's noise out there the inspector general may call for hearings on the liaison program. i know that. i'd love to help you out, but i've got one hand tied behind my back. one will have to be sufficient. she's got to be bluffing. don't bet on it. she can't dictate department policy to the pc. that's the beauty of it. she's not dictating policy, she's simply calling for transparency in an existing program. oh. one that has to be as transparent as a rock to work. so let's counter. let's not. you don't want to make your case? to make a case you have to offer details, strategies, viability. not gonna. well, you're not gonna pretend it doesn't exist either. that ship sailed. i will not discuss the program, garrett! not in a press release and not before a committee.
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