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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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whoo-hoo! ha ha! she's whoo-hooing, you know we're in for a long night. [laughing] we need some more water. we should get other round. [laughing] you're insane. [indistinct chatter] [laughing] play date tomorrow? meet me at the park? can't. soccer game and bihday party. sunday? ok. sure. you all right to drive? that drink was what, two hours and a big dinner ago. i'm fine. go. are you sure? bye, sweetie. bye, girls. i'll talk to you soon, ok? ok. s. good night. hey, honey.i'm on the way home. how are the boys? [chuckles] oh, it was fun. everyone says hi. ok. love you, too. bye. [car alarm beeps]
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he's been moving south this whole time. he could have gone east or bounced back up north, but no, always south. almost like he's runningfrom something. well, he's running from us. but why go back home now, after all these years? something brought him back. rochelle jenkins was in her 40s, so we can assume he is, too. ok, so why do people come home at that age? family, ecial occasions, funeral. wait a minute. you guys have your own jet? yes, zimmerman, as a matter of fact, we do. [murmuring] show them, penelope. one second... ok. there you go. students: ooh... pretty sweet, huh? yeah. [laughter] hey, guys, a missing persons report just came in. 42 years old, grace powell, mother of two, went out for girls night, never came home. that's gotta be him. garcia, where did he take her from? um...
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it was hard to forget. this is where he took tina dyson from in '92. this restaurant was a dive bar. a dive bar? in this neigorhood? things were different then. he didn't just come back home. he returned to the exact same spot. but why here? what is it about this place? it's where he grabbed one of his first kills. the first ones are always significant. and this is where my particular skill set comes in handy. see, i am like one of those wonderful people in prison movies that can get you anything you need. and we needed to know everything there was to know about this particular part of the city. so i went honey badger. i dug up police reports, news articles, parking tickets, even. if anything went down in that area in the last 40 years, i knew about it. and i found zip. zero. stingy with dinero. couple of fender-benders. a bar fight. there was a homeless guy who was into mooning people, but no life-changers. so i extended my search another 10 years
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this is a police report from 1966, where a 16-year-old girl was found raped in a parked car on that street. but she was a minor, so her name wasn't listed on the report. well, what's this girl got to do with a serial killer? pump your brakes, sweetcakes, 'cause i'm bringing it home. it turns out that jane doe, instead of given a name, she was given a patient number. so iracked that number, and it turned out that she went back to that hospital several times after... for prenatal care. and she eventually brought that babto term. [screaming] aah! rossi: she hemorrhaged badly during childbirth, and during her emergency hysterectomy she died. it was at that point that i was able to find the corresponding death certificate and get her name. georgina yates.
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he was put io the custody of his grandparents trudy and roy yates, georgina's parents. when we started looking at thomas... we knew. garcia: growing up, he got kicked out of two schools, both times for starting fires. fire-starting is the first part of what we used to call the homicidal triad. the other two parts are bedwetting and cruelty to animals. he was also in the emergency room a lot as a kid. he had a broken arm, burns, he broke a rib once. so he was either very clumsy or he was being beaten. then when he was 15, he committed his first murder. he was a skinny kid who snapped and stabbed a bully at school. [grunting] he was convicted, served 3 years in juvey, another 7 in prison, and then he was released on parole. but when he was on the inside, he spilled his guts to the prison shrink. he talked about how his grandmother wod starve him
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how she would beat him senseless... i wish you were never born! and sit on him until he couldn't breathe. you're a curse! i hate you! and you actually believed this guy? the prison psychiatrist concluded that thomas [cell phone vibrates] was telling the truth. his childhood medical records also corroborated this story. and at that point we realized it wasn't the mother but the grandmother who was the object of his rage. woman: i have senator hendricks on the lin then i find out his grandfather had just died, and his grandmother had lung cancer and she had just been admitted into hospice care. and that is what brought thomas home. excuse me, uh, mrs. trudy yates? who are you? i'm agent prentiss. this is agent jareau. we're with the fbi. fbi? you got the right trudy yates? yes, i'm pretty sure we do, ma'am. you're thomas' grandmother, right?
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we're looking for him. tommy? he in trouble? what'd he do this time? do you know where he is? no idea. wh was the last time you saw him? the day he put me in this damn place. my daughter's womb was cursed. that boy was aastard born in sin. nothing good comes out of sin. this is all we have. thank you so much. please give us a call if you think of anything else. will do. thank you. [ring] baby, what can i do you for? hey, mama, i need you to run a number. 206-555-0112. okey-dokey. it is a prepaid cell phone, hasn't been used in days. and what about this address? 2334 dawson street, unit k. hold yourself, please.
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it was a storage container. the same storage container where his grandmother's stuff was being held. you smell that? it's coffee. fbi! drop it. thomas yates, you're under arrest. she's still got a pulse. calling an ambulance. agent rossi.
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we got grace powell to the hospital in time and they saved her life. though i'm not sure her psychological wounds will ever heal. how come i've never heard of this guy? have you ever heard of efren saldivar? no. david parker ray. how about john edward robinson? see, at any given time, we have at least 25 open cases. every year we're able to close around 15, yet new ones still seem to pop up. there are more serial killers out there than you may think. but we finally had yates in custody, and we questioned him for two weeks straight. we all took turns. he didn't say a word. neveasked for a bathroom break, glass of water, nothing. i thought given his m.o., being female, i might be able to strike a nerve, get him to open up, but he just sat there, for hours. staying absolutely silent under that kind of pressure was a skill he undoubtedly learned as a child.
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it became a conditioned response. but we had him safely in custody. and we had other cases to solve. eventually yates was tried and he received the death penalty. and life went on. then two years ago today... i got a call. [cell phone rings] rossi. recording: you have a call from an inmate in a correctional facility. inmate, state your name. it's tommy yates. this call may be monitored and recorded. press 2 if you accept the charges. if not, hang up. he called you personally? how'd he get your number? probably from his attorney. what did he want? he wanted to make a deal, and i was the only one he would make it with.
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[door closes] what do you want? nice to see you, too. why am i here, yates? i told you. i want to make a deal. you're on death row, not exactly a strong negotiating position. i've got something for you. it's a present. open it. what is it? open it and see. you shouldn't have. surprise. those are some of the girls i took.
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there's 40 there. why should i believe you? i thought you might ask that. it's all part of the deal. look, let's get something straight. there is no deal. not yet. not ever. there's actually 101 names. and i remember all of them. and i'll tell you where i put them. here's what i want. one--no death penalty. i don't care if i rot in here. but no chair and no injections. 2--i want a ansfer to the east coast. grandma's dead. nothing holding me here. plus, i like the idea of snow in the winter. never really had that growing up. i didn't come all this way to get smoke blown up my ass.
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and my transfer, i'll give you more names. but only one each year. to keep you honest. you understand. anything else? yes. i get to decide when you get the name. it'll be on a special day of my choosing. and you have to come and get it from me personally. what do you say, agent? hmm? deal? we checked the list he gave us, and then we went out to the locations where he said he'd dumped the bodies, and we found all 40. did you actually make a deal with that maniac? we did. not to bend to his will, but to bring the families of the victims some peace.
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to contact each of the families personally. mrs. ruth thomas? i'm agent david rossi from the fbi. i have some information about your daughter sarah. i'afraid i've got bad news about jessica... we found chloe two days ago in griffith park. [sobs] i can't tell you how sorry i am for your loss. if i can do anything, anythingt all,
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does it ever get hard dealing with all that tragedy? you know, it's funny. some cases, they end well, so you canorget them. and some, like this one... they become a part of you. dead kids. mutilated bodies. it's all so horrible. how do you do it? irish statesman and author edmund burke once wrote, "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothin" this job isn't just what i do, it's who i am. is it worth it?
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damn right it is. absolutely it's worth it. i can't imagine doing anything else. yes, mr. zimmerman. so, you have to go visit this guy every year to get the name of another victim. that's right. so what was the special day of his choosing? you really don't want us to go with you? it's no trouble at all. no, it's ok. rossi, it's like 2 hours away. come on, i can drive. i'll get us there in less than an hour. i'm good, really. we could stop for dinner on the way home. stop. all of you. i'll be fine. we'll see you tomorrow. you bet. ohh, is he gonna be ok? of course he is.
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agent rossi. i can't believe it's been a year already. time flies. man, you must have some serious juice. thought for sure we were gonna have to cancel. riot in the yard, tight-ass warden.
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any plans for the big day? come on. you should get out and do something. never know how many of these you got left. what's her name? i used to hate birthdays when i was a kid. that's why i like celebrating yours. her name. took her in eureka. drove her out to the headwaters forest preserve up on elk river road. 100 yards south of the trailhead,
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[knocking] open gate 241. [yates humming "happy birthday"] happy birthday to you [door closes and locks] happy birthday to you happy birthday, agent rossi happy birthday to you
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captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc. captioned by the national captioning institute [alarm beeping] [groans] 5 more minutes, please. whoop, there we go.
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ohh! denied. mommy, wake up. it's time to play. [laughs] oh, henry. i'm late for work and you promised. ok, buddy, go get your shoes. go on. yay! [groans] when will a day off ever actually be a day off? in about 14 years. [chuckles] come on. oh, uh, so, remember, have the play date with cameron.'re on your own for dinner. oh, i'll manage somehow. mm. i love you, too. i love you. i love you three. jump! come on. ohh! i love you four. you have to go to your mama, ok? ok. yeah! are you ready to play soccer? let's play soccer. ready? all right, kick it to mommy. kick it. whoa! score! say, bye, daddy!


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