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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 20, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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(sirens wail in the distance) (laptop chirps) got it! ed: okay, good. do you know where they are? spike: yeah. uh, they're... not south. ed: spike, you gotta do better than that. spike: if we move towards the signal, it might resolve itself. what do you mean, "might"? spike: yeah, might. you got another direction you wanna go in? north! let's move! (sirens wail) tell me what's going on here, jason. i have no idea.
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(sighs) he's an acquaintance from a long time ago. listen to me, jason, no matter how bad this morning's was, things could get a whole lot worse if brendan's pals turn up. 'kay, we need to get through to him, so you need to start talking right now. um, uh... there's... (clears throat) i met him during a uh... it was a rough, rough time in my life, okay? he was a courier. he brought me drugs. what kind of drugs? (sighs) aspirin. look, i would make a call, he'd show up at my door with a package; that was it. i never gave the guy a second thought. until one night, i was at a club... (cart rattles) jason: and, um, i got pulled away from my party, into a back room, and there's... there's brendan. his arm's sliced open. it was a knife wound, radial artery.
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and his boss was there. his boss? jason: uh, guy named hastings. and he tells me to stitch him up, keep my mouth shut... and he threatened to expose my habit. i did what i was told. you saved his life. yeah. yeah, i did. so after that night, i'd see brendan everywhere - deliveries, the club. it's like the guy was watching my back, you know? but he was the closest thing that i had to a frie. sometimes when he'd drop stuff off, he'd... he'd stick around for a drink. we'd talk about all kinds of things: history, tv, medicine, books... life. help yourself. seriously, take one. take three. ah, it wouldn't go with my decor. you know you're a smart guy, brendan.
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that's not how it works. (brendan's pager goes off) jason: okay. brendan: sorry. i gotta leave. thanks. sam: if you guys were close, you should be able to get through to him now. i don't know. it's complicated. one time - i was still using - abby and i happened to go out after work just when he happened to show up on a delivery, and he saw her and that was it. jason: hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! not herenot now, okay? she's pregnant. good eye, man, good eye. what're you doing? come on! it's not right, man. it's not right? no. excuse me? yeah. no more, jason. you gotta stop this. oh really? really? yeah. you're in no bloody posi-position!
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get out. not everyone gets to. (exhales) (clears throat) jason: i was throwing my life away. i was too weak to change. i was so selfish. brendan woke me up. (engine starts up) okay, start easing east.
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spike, east? no? what? spike: i don't know! there's too much noise: every power line we pass, every reflective surface. are we close? spike: it could be, i just can't grab it. we could be circling around it all day. (parker dials his cell) detective hartley, it's sergeant parker. tell me you've got good news, sergeant. parker: wish i could. tell me, did brendan frequent any spots in the northeast side of the city? yeah, yeah. dozens. spike: we're looking for north of 401, east of highway 27. there's a warehouse in brampton. parker: no, too far. the georgian downs racetrack! they used to run product through there. it's a big space, easyo hide. vet facilities too. thanks, detective! all right, team, georgian downs racetrack, let's go! (truck screeches to a halt) (gunshot blast) brendan: ungh! (volley of bullets)
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sam: brendan, we heard shots! what's going on? how many? (heavy pounding on door) sam: brendon, how many are there? brendon: curtis?! sam: brendon, you're wounded; sam: let me help! curis: daddy! brendon: let's go, buddy! come on, up we go! sam: brendan, the keys! please, we can help! don't leave us here! brendon: up we go! (heavy pounding) jason: come on! (heavy pounding) (keys clank on the floor) come on! (banging) sam: get down! down! (door bursts open) police! stand down! (gunfire) (unloads a burst of counter-fire) (sirens wail)
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sam: running out of ammo, doc. get me out of these cuffs! (firing shots) ed: shots fired! direct to threat, let's move! (gunfire blasts, loud explosion) (volley of bullets) (air hisses) (sam fires a few rounds, then trigger clicks) (intermittent gunfire) get ready to move! m gonna cover you! go! (unloads a wave of suppression-fire) go, go, go, go, go, go, go! (rapid discharge of gunfire) ed: that's an mp5. it's gotta be sam. jules: yeah, that's a lot of rounds and he can't keep that up. (spraying the area with suppression fire) (trigger clicks, out of ammo) (attackers surge forward, guns blazing) (flash-bang grenade tumbles down corridor)
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team one: down on the ground now! hands behind your head! ed: get down! spike: get down! sam, status? no harm. the kid! ed: let's go! let's go! sam, jules, cover the stables. spike, with me to the grandstand! let's move. (brend breathes hard, curtis whimpers) brendan: hold on tight, buddy. it's okay, we're almost there. i got you. (brendan grunts) (spike and ed move swiftly and silently) (curtis whimpers) sam: brendan! stop! curtis: (whimpers)
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hehehe. lay's. one taste and you're in love. (curtis whimpers in pain) lower your weapon! (breathing hard) we just want out! don't make this worse! come on! subject engaged, east stables. copy. keep him contained. sam: (over headset) brendan, this has to end now!
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sam: let's talk about that. brendan: there's nothing to talk about! brendan, you gotta think real hard about where this goes from here. brendan: you're not gonna shoot. no... no, you're not gonna risk it. nowe're just gonna go now, okay? and everyone's gonna forget all about this. (brendan breathes hard, curtis winces in pain) ed: it's over, nick! put the gun down. you ow how this goes. go! down, now! runner: ungh! (chairs clatter) (tackling grunts) ed: now! turn around, hands behind your back! let's take 'em to the trucks. copy! ed: all right, team, we got hastings. sam, i'm coming to you. brendan, we got hastings; he can't hurt you now. he's dead? he's in custody. (brendan sighs, curtis whimpers) parker: are you hurt? jason: no, i'm fine. i-it's not mine. parker: 'kay, sit down. just sit down, doctor. jason: i'm fine. i'm fine.
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he saved my life. sam, if he clears the doorway, i'll have a shot. we can't shoot this boy's father out from under him. ed: sam, you got another way, i am all es. bring jason here. the man he kidnapped? sam, are you sure that's such a good idea? sam: jason can handle this, boss. trust me just bring him. (curtis moans) okay, we're coming. sam: brendan, listen to me. everything you did today was for curtis. i see that, okay? but he doesn't need you to be a protector, he needs you to be a father. (lashing out) i am his father!
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you know that! even if it costs you, even if it breaks your heart. brendan, it means doing what's best for him. (curtis whimpers) go, daddy. let's go! jason: brendan! it's gone far enough. he's my life, jason! i know. brendan: all those years... (curtis cries) all those years, feeling sorapped. and then when he was born, i knew what i had to do, i knew who i was. so i can't just... i can't let him go! i can't!
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daddy, please, you promised. stay with us here, brendan. jason: i wanna help you! what can i do to help you, brendan? (curtis cries) i need to know he's gonna be okay. okay. if you let me, i'm gonna bring curtis into my home, like one of my own. yod do that? jason: yeah. and when you get through this, we're gonna be waiting for you.
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thank you. (curtis cries) lay your life on mine i love you. and i'll carry you through make good use of time and i'll stand with you 'cause i've got ally life to love you and so do you so there's no home for doubt if you're scared, we'll work it out
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for as long as you're mine we can stand the test of time for the cost is too high not to love pour your cares on mine and we'll carry them through walk the foreign lines with the power... you didn't miss a beat. what do you mean? you had that man in your sights, you were looking at another tough shot... right. and you were fine.
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i'm rry. felt good. if you're scared, we'll work it out and the lives that we share could be anywhere for as long as you're mine we can stand the test of time for the cost is too high not to love so there's no home for doubt if you're scared... parker: good work today, sam. now go home. and the lives that we share could be anywhere
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we can stand the test of time hey! you all right? yeah. he really loved his son. i mean, he thought he was doing the right thing. yeah, but bringing a child into that world... it doesn't seem right. simple as that? isn't it? (sighs) yeah, i suppose. then what's the matter? it's our world too. la, la, la, la... la, la, la...
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la, la, la jules: stay tuned for scenes from our next episode. (taxi rumbles) parker: spike, how close are we to the girl? spike: halfway across town, like fifteen minutes, tops. but, guys, if she starts moving again- leah: she's heading south, down to the lake. spike: highway's right there, island airport's across the way.
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spike long term parking lot's anonymous. jules: by the time we get there... sam: it could be too late. (trucks speed up, tires squealing) man: oh, there you are. (vehicle putters down alleyway) man: i'm feeling good. it's a beautiful morning, the family's all together, everything in its right place. what about you? everything set? cards? bike? bag? and a positive attitude, that's key. you know, looking back, i was right about all of this, wasn't i? so maybe next time you'll think twice
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(pete laughs, safety clicks) all right. control, commitment, courage. luck is for losers. i will see you after work. (door slams) teller: thank you. next please. girl: if you could hold both backpacks and the canteens, that'd be great. you'll still be op around five? okay. sweet. no, i'll pay cash. yeah, it's a- i'm pretty stoked. it's our first big road trip ever. we're just gonna head south, and keep going till we see the desert. i can't wait. okay, thanks. bye. (sighs pensively) frat guy: whoa! hey! watch it! do you even know what you're doing?
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he's on the board. ed: oh, he's on the board, you shouldave said so. frat guy: your asses are gonna be so sued. huh. boss, what do you think? i think a little less "entitled rich kid," a little more "i'll tell you whatever you wanna know about our suppliers." spike: lot of drugs, all product, no precursor traces - must be a lab offsite. frat guy: i've never seen that before in my life. parker: yeah. (panting) sam: heads up! parker: whoa... think he plays? ed: what, he a running back? spike: too big. defense. ungh! oof! that kid didn't have a chance. (cuffs snap into place) good to have you back, leah. good to be back, sarge. teller: thank you. next, please.
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sam: nice tackle. thought i'd be rusty after a year. jules: yeah, well, it's not like you've been slacking. how's your family? rebuilding, like the rest of haiti. you know, i always felt bad the way i had to leave, but when i got the call from port au prince... hey, none of us would've done any different. jules: hey, listen, we're going to a game tonight - it's the playoffs - you wanna come? sam: yeah, you, me, jules and spike, just off centre ice, game of the year. jules: it's not like he's excited or anything. i'd love to. winnie: team one, hot call. (alarm blares) we got a bank robber in progress. city central, college and bathurst. parker: winnie, we're two blocks away. winnie: could be the business card bandit. that's the fifth bank in two weeks. let's move! jules: all right, let's go! (bills rustle)
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but you can't get away from... teller: you want another till? 'cause everywhere you turn there she is just can't stand in the way, no- robber: erybody get out! this is a robert! right now! move it! move! out! out! you! out of the back! out of the back now! move it! you, down! down on the floor! (sirens wail) spike, leah, take the front of the bank; boss, jules, take the west side; sam and i have the east. jules: copy that! (sirens wail, trucks race along) (sru trucks screech to a halt) leah: no eyes from outside. winnie: after the last robbery, every bank in the downtown core gave us remote access to their security cams. yeah? how much was the service charge? (groans) sam: sir?
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that's a match on the business card bandit. hostage is a tnage female, hooded jacket. parker: business card bandit's been at large a month. mo is he walks in at opening, hands over a business card, and takes one till. ed: he knows they're gonna hit the alarm, but he's always gone within the three minutes it takes to respond. so what happened this time? ed: let's just get the hostages safe. we'll figure it out later. spike, what's the layout? rear fire doors, no windows. i'll work on the security lock. sam, leah, with me; boss, jules, spike, take the front. let's ve! that's weird. business card bandit's never taken a hostage or pulled a gun before. jules: yeah, that's because he's never been cornered before. (gunfire erupts) active shooter. we're losing our eyes. (gunshot pops) ed: spike, the lock. spike: working on it. parker: i'll approach the front. stay on my six,
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jules: copy that. team one, i got a 911 from inside the bank. i'll take it. sarah: (breathing hard) hello? is anybody there? jules: this is julianna callaghan with the strategic response unit. who am i speaking with? sarah: i-it's sarah. he's got a gun, and he says if you don't do what he says, that he's gonna kill us. oh my god... jules: (soothingly) okay, i want you to calm down, all right? calm down. no joy. jules: okay, i know you're scared, but we're here, all right? sarah: (calmer) okay. jule all right, that's good. spike: ed, i keep trying to override the lock using the phone line, but the alarm relay keeps scrambling everything; you need to open it from the inside. there's gotta be another way in here. or we just knock a little louder. ed: strip charges, all right. good thinking, leah. jules: okay, we can try and get him a car, sarah, but that's gonna take time. listen, can you ask him again if we can talk with him directly? sarah: i'll try. ed: boss, it'd be good to know where this guy is before we get in. sarah: he won't. he says if you don't get the car here in ten minutes, that he's gonna kills us. oh my god! (panting heavily)
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i know he's near you, but i'm gonna start listing off areas in the bank and i want you to tell me when i get to the one that he's at, all right? i want you to say, "that's right." and if he asks you what we're talking about, you just say, "we're going over the demands." can you do that for me, sarah? okay. jules: good. front of the bank, behind the teller, main office- that's right. main office, west wall. robber: let's go! let's go! sarah: oh god. jules: sarah, what's going on? oh my god, he has a man! what does he want? he has a man and he's gonna kill him! he's taking him to the back room. jules: sarah, stay with me. (gunshot pops) sarah! i lo her. he's escalating. ed: we're going in. (charges explode) parker: eddie, we're coming through the front. ed: hold your ground; he might run to the door. let's move! direct to threat. parker: they're rushing the door. spike, jules and parker: it's okay! come on, let's go! come on! this way!


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