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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for the class 5 rapids this summer. it's the middle of winter. hasn't stopped anyone from using the hudson as a garbage can. ( horn blowing, bells clanging ) must have fallen off a boat. maybe they left us a couple of brews. oh, my god! stabler: we got a call for child abuse. hope you haven't had lunch yet. there's a special place in hell for whoever did this. stabler: how old? haven't seen it, but i heard neorn. benson: anyone touch anything? the guy who found it closed the lid. i know it's evidence, but... thank god for small favors. you cabuy this cooler anywhere in town. oh, look at this. perp must have put something heavy in the bag to weight it down. bag breaks, cooler floats up. we got a partial logo. probably be able to find the store from this. please tell me this isn't what i think. sorry. give me a minute. cooler could have been dropped off the dock
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one-month-old white female, eight pounds, two ounces, dead about a day. she appears well cared for. body scan shows no signs of abuse or neglect. then what was the cause of death?
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mother could have been taking those for postpartum depression. except that tricyclics aren't prescribed to nursing mothers. there was breast milk in the baby's stomach. so, she breast-fed and bonded with this child. that doesn't sound like a woman who would do this. you got anything that can lead us to the perp? the cooler can help. no damage, so it wasn't dropped from a great height, like a bridge. and take a look at this. what is that, algae? or some other plant matter. i also found this on the corpse. sodium hypochlorite. an industrial-strength cleanser. benson: so, where do we find that with algae? no place i know of. well, if we find the source, maybe we find the dumpsite. woman: iding this was a no-brainer. it's enteromorpha, a common type of algae. very nutritious. you can get it at sushi restaurants. i'll stick with burgers and fries, thanks. seaweed's healthier. come, take a look at this. it's a map of the lower hudson.
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benson: so, the cooler had to float through one of these places to pick it up. stabler: and the sodium hypochlorite. any idea how it got in the water? it's used by sewage treatment plants to disinct waste before it's put into the river. well, there's a treatment plant on the hudson, right under the riverbank state park. yeah, west 137. now... the cooler was fou all the way down here in battery park. could it have traveled that far? without a doubt. these are the current patterns the day the cooler was found. i'll bet the cooler was dropped into the water somewhere along this stretch of the river, and floated along this current to battery park. cragen: we're talking a mile or two stretch with direct access to the river. people come from all over to picnic there. well, the bag on the cooler narrows it down. it came from the bountiful earth health food store about ten blocks away. perp probably stopped there. maybe lives nearby. people who murder their children usually report them missing. deect suspicion off themselves. any chance it's a kidnap? the infant was wrapped in a blanket with the weights
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to keep them from crushing the baby. this perp is definitely someone with an emotional connection. newborn murders are usually the mother. a one-month-old could just as easily be the father. huang: if he had some reason to conceal the pregnancy-- say, because of incest-- i doubt he would have taken so long to commit the crime. i'm leaning towards the mother. where would she have kept the baby hidden for a month? student away from home fits the profile. hudson university. it's just down the roa from the health food store. well, we know roughly when the baby was conceived. college is the best lead we got. woman: well, i'm very sorry but our students have a right to their privacy. uh, who administers the pregnancy tests here? it doesn't matter because you're not going to talk to them. you really want us trolling your hallways, asking everyone until we find who we're looking for? our patients are usually referred to the share desk. share? sexual health and reproductive education. it's staffed by student volunteers. they collect urine samples,
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for a pregnancy test. so, they would have all the names. no. they'll have the numbers. it's anonymous. okay, who has the names? i do. so, come back with a court order, or don't come back at all. cabot: we don't even have any proothe victim's mother went to health services. we understand that, alex, but this is our best shot. well, i need more evidence before i can get a subpoena. sounds like you're stonewalling us. yeah, what is this really about? olivia, would you want somebody digging through your medical records? look, i had a pregnancy scare in college. that was bad enough. i can't imagine the police knocking at my door, but this is our best lead. look, health services at hudson has students giving the pregnancy tests. so? judge in iowa ruled confidentiality does not apply when the tests aren't performed by doctors and nurses. and planned parenthood fought the case so hard in the courts that the county finally had to drop it. still worth giving it a try. all right. i'll run it by my boss, but i can tell you right now what she's going to say. someone killed a child.
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so, now we're the pregnancy police? we're violating a woman's rights for what amounts to a hail mary. this isn't about abortion rights, alex. we are talking about a one-month-old infant. okay, so, what if that doesn't work? what are we supposed to do? question every single woman who bought an ept kit at the drugstore? i'm afraid you're missing the point. we all worked very hard to pass the baby safe han law. that mother could have dropped her child off at any fire station,any hospital without fear of prosecution. instead, she chose to murder. so, you're going to make an example of her by taking away women's privacy? i'm not painting her with a scarlet letter. i'm just trying to find this child's killer. well, a judge might not see it that way. most still place a pretty high value on privacy rights. we'll keep our scope narrow. limit it to test results from a two-month period. stipulate we'll rule out women who already have documented births on file. alex...
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munch: i don't like it. the only reason we got this list is because judge hill is slightly to the right of attila the hun. why don't you give it a rest? how many you got? 24 pregnant college girls. and excuse me if i'm alarmed by the total disregard for human rights in this country. if you got a problem with it, why don't you get your bony ass out of here? okay. out of two dozen women with positive pregnancy tests, 16 were issued birth certificates. that leaves eight suspects with no reported baby. let's go invade their privacy. can i help you? detectives tutuola and munch. is angela savvas here? angie's my wife. what's this about? we really should be talking to both of you. she's not feeling well, so you'll have to speak with me. is your wife a student at hudson university? a grad student, yeah. we understand she found out she was pregnant nine months ago. unless that's a crime, i don't see how it's any of your business.
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we have reason to believe that the mother attended hudson. so, now your interrogating every woman on campus? just thoseith positive pregnancy tests and no child. you're right. we don't have a child. my wife had a miscarriage. sorry. she went to presbyterian hospital. you want to see the discharge papers? that won't be necessar then get the hell out of here. cheer up. only three more to go. ( cash register beeping ) hi. hi. find what you're looking for? actually, we were looking for you. ellen swanson? y-yes. i'm detective benson. this is my partner, detective stabler. uh, we'd like to talk to you for a moment. sure. uh... how did you find me? stabler: the registrar said this is where you do your work-study. it would probably be best if went somewhere more private. this is a mistake. i've never been pregnant.
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you tested positive eight months ago. well, they're wrong. i was in paris for a study abroad eight months ago. i just got back. could somebody in your dorm have borrowed your id, and then returned it without your knowing i live in an apartment alone. i-i really have to get back to work. just one more thing. um... we'd like a dna swab to rule you out. no way! you know, y-you can't just go prying into my private life, and then expect me to cooperate. ins confirms. ellen was in paris eighmonths ago. another necessary invasion of privacy. well, not exactly. she flew back here for two wks shortly after she got there. stabler: let me guess. she had a pregnancy test as soon as she got home. day after. probably realized she was pregnant, and came home to deal with it. boyfriend says all the right things, she goes back to paris, thinking they're one big, happy family. when she returns, he's changed his mind. too late to get an abortion. afraid to tell her parents. so, she has the kid at home. she spends a month trying to figure out how to get rid of it. does that play? enough to get a warrant. ellen: u're wrong about this.
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just like you told us that health services never gave you a pregnancy test because you were in paris. why won't you believe me? because your story doesn't match the facts. benson: oh, look what we have here. she shops at the bountiful earth. very health-conscious. everyone on campus shops there. dumbbells usually come in pairs. where's the, uh, other 20-pounder? i-i lost it mov-moving in. elliot. from conception to delivery: a first-time mother's guide. this receipt shows that you bought that book
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she's only 15. so you gave her your college id to get tested so no one would find out. she panicked. she needed me. that's why i came back from paris. why didn't you go to your parents? you don't know my dad. so what'd she tell you? that she was going to have the baby. did she say who the father was? her ex-boyfriend, paul howley. he's older, works for some maintenance company. so you went back to paris and what happened when you came home? there was no baby. patty said that the test was wrong. that she never wanted to talk about it again. then wheni heard about the baby in the cooler... you have to understand, she was so scared and she's just a kid. patty could have kept her baby at her boyfriend's apartment.
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then she had to figure out what to do. she's a minor. bring her in with her parents. father's some cooperate big shot. he's flying in from dc. mother's a homemaker, still no answer. ellen says she runs errands this time of day. thank you. teacher at patty's school says she got an emergency page, left the classroom to answer it, never cameack. big sister ellen must have warned her. school's faxing over a yearbook photo maybe patty's boyfriend can help us find her. man: i haven't seen patty in eight months. she broke up with me. she dump you, or did you kick her the curb when you found out she was going to make you a daddy? she was pregnant? let me guess, you didn't always practice safe sex. we never had sex. she was too young. how old are you eight months ago? seventeen. well, that wasn't statutory rape, so spill it. did you have sex with patty? yes. you hit it raw? well, a couple of times we didn't use protection, but she never said anything about being pregnant.
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heard about that baby we found in the river? you think she was ne? we can find out if you let us run the dna test. no problem. i would have supported patty and the baby. i got a union job now, i make a good buck. well, if you would have stepped up, why you think she didn't tell you? her father. guy's a world-class jerk. he hates me 'cause i'm a dropout. any idea wre we could find patty? if she's not at home or at school, i really don't know. fin: how about paging her? you still got the number? yeah, i remember it. call it. tell her to meet you. ( bell ringing ) patty swanson? please don't tell my parents. please. you're pregnant?
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not anymore. you stupid slut. stabler: mr. swanson... you just spread your legs for the first dropout punk who comes sniffing around? sir, calm down. calm down. benson: we know that you didn't mean to hurt anyone. for , d's sakepatty, what happened? i killed my baby. god, i killed my baby. i'm so sorry, daddy. what did you do? what?! i went tthis place on 96th street. a clinic? yes. i'm so sorry. i just didn't know where else to go. you had an abortion without my permission? the law says that she doesn't need it. the hell she doesn't. stabler: i've asked you to calm down. now i'm telling you to sit down.
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benson: patty, we're going to need your "okay" to check the story with the clinic, all right? all right. how'd it go? only crime here is that her father's a prick. and a wife-beater. what'd you say? swanson has half a dozen domestic violence collars. his wife never pressed charges but the local precinct knows their address by heart. listen to me, detective. you ever speak to me that way again and i'll make damn sure the police commissioner hears abouit. we play golf together. does he know about your handicap? my handicap? the one that makes you slap your wife around. oh, good, i've got your attention. you raise your hand to her
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is thaa threat? yeah. roger. clinic confirmed patty's abortion. we turned her world upside down for nothing. another good day's work. heard what you said to the father. meant every word of that. benson: wow. you look like you left somebody alone at a very nice place. my husband will wait. this couldn't. it's about the baby. what's wrong? during the autopsy i noticed her retinas had a reddish discoloration so i ordered several genetic tests. one came back positive. what for? tay-sachs. not treatment or cure. she'd have died a horrible death by the a of five.
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so this changes the profile. huang: instead of looking for one parent we're probably looking for a couple. reasonably well off. responsible enough to get medical care for their baby. that explains why she's a month old. mother probably never thought about doing this till she fnd out the baby was sick. people like this, they wouldn't have kept their kid a secret. no, t they're probably covering up her disappearance. they might have relocated at the time of her death


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