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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  February 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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can i get that back on the way out? if you're good, mr. cabella. rules are rules. listen, honey. our condolences. your father was a kind host. it's hard to see his empty chair there. he was the best of us. yes. to john mcrory! john mcrory! john mcrory! john mcrory! [ sighs ] [ irish accent ] is that mistress cora mcrory? i don't believe we've met, mister -- mark doyle. this is liam. this is liam's brother. my sympathies, by the by. aye. forgive me for conducting such dirty business on your day of mourning, but himself owed me a debt, and i've come by to collect. my father owed you money? he took out a loan 12 months ago -- $5,000. with interes it's $15,000 and come due today. $15,000? i don't have that -- unlike yankee banks, i don't give unsecured loans.
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the bar is all he had. in this life, some are given to need, some provision. my boys tell me you're the sole heiress. so...$15,000. pay up. or, if it's easier for you, i'll take the pub. ugh! thank you, liam. go on, love. collect yourself. check your assets. we'll wait for exactly two hours. [ whimpers ] [ breathing heavily ] so, this is paying respects, hmm? oh, absolutely, yeah. i mean, it's an irish wake. you know there's a poker game going on in the back room? yeah, hey, at one time or another, every man inhis neighborhood played in john mcrory's friday-night game. it's an honor.
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then this was your father's local? oh, hey, this -- this was my father's office, right here. and he held court right there on that stool. and he would just... i mean, i grew up in this place. that must have been an interesting education. man: we can work something out. [ bones cracking ] [ groaning ] now, what have we learned, nathan? don't gamble with another man's money. good lad. yeah, better than prep school. what kind of crook was your dad? parker, you just -- he ran numbers. let me get this straight -- so you stop stealing, you stop drinking, and you moved upstairs from a thief bar? he did. i-i get that. you don't get that? why does nobody else get that? no, the thing about it is, i mean, noit's just a neighborhood bar. i mean, back in the day, you know, you never knew who you were drinking next to. you had the mob on one side, the law on the other. times have changed.
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cora here -- i remember the day she was born. she grew up here, too, and she turned out all right. huh, cora? [ cash drawer slams ] ooh. redheads burn the hottest, don't they? easy. she's like my niece. she's not like your daughter, though. yeah, no, like my niece. so i don't want you to like my niece 'cause she's like my niece. i don't like your niece. no, but you know what i mean. [ bills rustle ] there. that's all we have. let's see, now. $210. noted. well... that's only $14,790 to go.
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the rich and powerful, they take what they want. we steal it back for you. and sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. we provide... his name is mark doyle. he's irish. [ sniffles ] you know, he says dad took out a loan from him a year ago. i didn't believe him at first. thank you. but i realize... that it was just before the cancer took mom. you know, i tried to help him with the bills. he swore he had under control. [ sniffles ] i could have opped this! well, no, no, listen. this guy doyle -- he's a -- he's a loan shark. i don't think you could have held. but maybe we can.
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nate, or he's taking the bar. i mean, i can't get that kind of money. in two hours? why don't you do this, okay? why don't you go back downstairs and tend to the guests and everything? and we'll try to figure out something here. okay? okay. thank you. why don't we just send her to the police? i mean, i don't use them, but this is what they're for, right? no, if cora says to the police that she owes doyle money, doyle denies it. six months later, he comes and burns down the bar. and that's assuming that he doesn't have a couple of local police on the arm. hardison: that's what sucks about the credit crunch. honest people can't get loans, sharks move in. 12 points on the interest every month -- there's no way to get out from under that. i don't care. you don't collect debts at a wake. you just don't do it. want me to go downstairs, break this guy's knees? no, we need some reconnaissance, like, you know, why is this irish loan shark here?
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why don't you call tara? tell her we got a job. [ groans ] what's the game? 20 questions. i'll do it in 10. that one? right there. ooh. i'm trish, and i'm lonely. shot of jamie, rocks. that's only a bit of irish. how'd you like a whole lot of irish? [ laughs ] [ chuckles ] and what do you do? typical. only americans ask for your occupation before your name.
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you're a bit short for a bank. very clever. it's a family business, mine -- based back in belfast. i'm the v.p. in charge of overseas expansion. [ laughs ] slow down. i love it. i love it. [ beeps ] nothing but cash and an i.d. [ beeping ] i'm running it, but we got next to nothing on this guy. no bank accounts, no credit cards. h-he's totally off the grid. [ both laugh ] mark doyle, loan shark. [ chuckles ] if i were ashamed, i couldn't do my job, could i? i provide a service for people with no recourse, help those with nowhere else to tur society needs me. right. but isn't it, um... illegal? as me da says, we pick up where the law leaves off. [ both laugh ]
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got something on dear old da -- tim doyle. he not only runs the family loan-sharking business buused to kill people with nail bombs for the ira. you see, i convinced me da to let me open a branch over here in boston. grow the business, as it were. for 200 years, america took ireland's best and brightest. i'm just here to collect the interest. you are so smart. so, um... why is it that everyone else is broke and you're not? cash only, love. that's the secret. numbers on a screen can be manipulated, but a cash business endures. it was good enough for my da and his da before him. it's good enough for me. i got plane tickets. doyle's headed for belfast in a couple of hours. okay, well, that explains the deadline. but why take the bag of cash? tara, i need you to ask something. how long are you in town? leaving tonight. annual review, sort of. show my new branchof the business is profitable. how profitable?
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[ laughs ] [ clears throat ] that's not all of it, mind. just enough to repay me da for his investment and prove that this branch is very, very profitable indeed. well, then... you can buy a girl a drink. i'll be right back. hmm. same again. we can't just steal the note. it's only gonna tick this guy off. can we con him in two hours? more like an hour and a half. we can't pull something together this fast. 50 bucks. all right, i got 50 bucks. hardison, i need you ttell me what live sports are being broadcast right now. tara, set the hook. you guys, i need cash. no. it's impossible. you want to run the wire... in two hours.
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wire's three weeks, minimum. look at it as the wire in a bottle, okay? and just because no one's ever done it before doesn't mean it's impossible. yeah, it does. what are we supposed to do, steal the wake? whoa, have some respect -- borrow the wake to save the bar. right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast.
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it's called a skimmer. but thank you for trying. and, no, i don't have that thing anymore. look, we're the good guys now. i haven't used that thing in months. months? yeah. we've been the good guys longer than that. well, we had a break. mm-hmm. can we please focus? emergency fund. [ fabric ripping ] whoa! what are you doing? what, you thought i kept old nate around for sentimental reasons? yes!
7:15 pm
just a little over nine grand. that enough? yeah, i don't need enough to win, just enough to lose. it's perfect. i'll take care of the muscle. all right. hardison, let me know when you got control of the feeds. [ indistinct conversations ] here, this is the cable to the television in the bar downstairs. nate, we're ready down here. i'm about to splice... well, everything. [ indistinct conversation ] ugh, perfect.
7:16 pm
it was nice meeting you, mark. hey. thanks a lot, you goby. i was making headway there. sorry. i'll make it up to you. get this guy a drink -- whatever he wants. give me an empty glass and a bottle of the most expensive scotch you've got. oh, well, well-played. oof. what's the story with the blonde? the blonde, yeah -- um, well, i used to go out with her until i broke her brother's kneecaps. that's all -- gambling debt. you don't pay, you don't walk, in my book. i don't care who you are. all right. i'll drink to that. have a seat. get him a glass, will you? oh, well, that's very kind of you. what's your name? name's, uh, jimmy. yeah, jimmy ford. good to meet you, jimmy. yeah. sl*inte!
7:17 pm
now, i've set the tv in the bar on a 20-second delay. oh! sisko just hit a jumper from the baseline. all right, we need info from the bodyguards, but i'm burned. on it. [ announcer speaking indistinctly ] [ announcer speaking indistinctly ] you make book on this game? nate: no. how about a little actio without the juice, of course. ...inside for boston. [ sighing ] all right. [ mumbs ] $100 that sisko misses. i'll take that. sisko. he's picked up by wanzer. sisko from 20! bomb! ah. for a bookie, jimmy, you're not much of a gambler. [ laughs ] what's your problem?
7:18 pm
uh -- yeah. it's all in the wrist. hey, how are you? good to see you. can i buy a couple of beers for my boys and one for me, if you don't mind? we're gonna play a little darts here. do that again. all right. [ laughter ] i'll show you how to do that. yeah! i'll take this one. okay. take these. right. oh! there it is. look at that -- some ale. [ laughs ] let me get these for the boys here. one for you. cheers. [ smack ] huh? good game. [ laughter ] [ smack ] whoo! you like that? come on, love, give us a whack, yeah? [ smack ] there you go, right? feisty little thing. i got their cellphones and their wallets. [ sighs ]
7:19 pm
it's written in code. here comes boston the other way. all right. another $500... ...that he, uh, misses. done. he puts it up again and drains it! i almost feel bad taking your money. what, you too good to drink with me? no, no -- i'm not betting again if you have the advantage of me, jimmy boy. ah, yeah, well, you're right. i mean, i might as well. you know, i mean, i'm getting my ass handed to me. you know, drowning my own sorrows here, right?
7:20 pm
so, this is -- not good. you know, i'm grabbing all i can off of liam one and two's cellphones. we may be able to use any common gps coordinates to triangulate the location of doyle's office. and i'm close to decoding this ledger. names? and alphanumeric substitutions. you know how to read that? yeah, i trained in cryptog-- [ sighs ] never mind. [ istles ] archer just got robbed. layup at the other end. okay, $1,000 says archer gets schooled. no way. he looks. now he drives the lane. ball stripped by arnie risen! now the pass to myers...
7:21 pm
no, turnover. you're good. you're good. inbound by archer. he throws it away! who are you throwing it to? there's no one there! huh. ah, what the hell? i'm playing with your money anyway. well, for a loan shark, you're not very good with money, are you? [ snorts, laughs ] so i got mike duffy, 78 oak street. mm-hmm. borrowed money to put his mom in a nursing home. okay, alison mccoy. i got her. special-needs child. school bills. you know, nate, we just cracked this ledger, and doyle is way, way deeper into this neighborhood than we thought. okay, uh, nate, boston wins with a three-pointer. nate? nate?! that pile of cash in front of you looks mighty inviting. i got a plane to catch. one last bet? well, i mean, there's almost $10,000 here.
7:22 pm
nah, my cash has... other obligations. oh, no, no. i'm not gonna take a marker. you don't have to take my marker. take hers. no. how do i know she's good for it? you don't. that's why it's called "gambling." how's it going? [ chuckles ] you boys doing good? [ sighs ] what's nate thinking? he's not. nate, y-you got 10 seconds. place the damn bet! don't be cocky, nate. shot clock has been turned off. [ sighs ] hmm. all right. let it ride. boston wins, hmm? done. whoa! yeah, baby! yeah! that's what i'm lking about right there! yeah! i didn't realize you were quite that into basketball. ba-- basketball?
7:23 pm
in the time it takes to get a pizza delivered. this is a big win -- big! they're gonna talk about this one. three pointer -- he got it! he got it! boston wins! no hard feelings, right? ha! you know what? good riddance. that bitch is your problem now. it was a fine way to kill some time. i come back, maybe we can do some real business, jimmy ford. you're on. [ television turns off ] we got lucky on that one. we're not letting him go. but we saved the bar. we're not letting him go.
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from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. [attendant over pa system] welcome aboard folks... just go ahead and take any empty seat you see. [coughing and sneezing] i hope it's not contagious. [playing flute] so i do have it. [music stops abruptly] when your mom wakes up, can you tell her about me? nate: he goes back to ireland and flashes that money at his father, he'll be back here within a week with more muscle, heat, and protection. and then he'll be in every corner of this neighborhood. we won't be able to pry him loose. how can you be sure? because that's what my father did. no, i know this guy. i know what he's about. right now, right here -- this is the time to put a spike in him for good.
7:29 pm
final sh-- nate... do you have another con up your sleeve? uh, no. y-yeah. well, this one's maybe a little bit more... impossible. guys, let's go to the storage room. tara, stall him. stall him. hey, beautiful. don't "beautiful" me. sorry. men's business. money's money, love. lo, i'm heading out. give you a ring when i'm back? [ scoffs ] you're not going anywhere. it's turning into a blizzard out there. doesn't look too bad. i couldn't get to the corner shop for smokes. but, hey, you want to sit in the tunnel for three hours, be my guest. can't have that. liam's brother here is claustrophobic. fair enough. let's check the weather on the telly. yeah, let's check the weather on telly. c-c-check the weather on wh-- woman, you did not. [ grumbling ] okay, so we're gonna lure him into a high-stakes poker game. except we have no high stakes. and no poker game.
7:30 pm
hey, hardison, have you found doyle's address yet? i'm a little busy. hey, nate, this green blanket have any special memories? uh, no. why? uh, no reason. okay, the computer's still grinding out the cellphone information. i will hit you as soon as i get an address. tsk. i think this thing needs batteries. here. i got it. okay, you guys hit the roa hardison's gonna text you the address. now, doyle -- he deals in cash. the rest of it will be at his office, so bring it to me. his money? you want to play against doyle with his own money? if we pull this off, doyle is gonna leave every dime he owns on that table. now, i assure you, his father will never forgive him for that. what if i can't crack his safe? seriously? come on.
7:31 pm
would you even consider trying this if you we sober? uh...i'd consider it. mm-hmm. [ television turns on ] there you go. oh, thank you, chet. so, uh, whew! we are really snowed in here, up in -- wrong side, hardison. ...uh, seattle, but it's way worse here in boston. i meanthe highways are jam-packed. the turnpike is shut down at the 495 interchange. nolights in or out of logan for a couple of hours. hey, you know what? if you are a stay-at-home mom, you break out the wine and the xanax, because we are having snow days here, people. back at --
7:32 pm
all clear. is that my jacket? you know what, man? you're lucky i'm not wearing your underwear. and the next time y'all call me, it better be for something easy, like faking a moon landing. okay, tara... here's what i need you to tell him. all right, give me a few minutes. wait here. huh? looks like we have some time to talk after all, macushla. should have played with me instead of jim the first time. fair enough. you wouldn't have got cheated that way. can i get a rum and coke? wait, what? he cheated you. he does it to all the tourists who come in the bar. rum and diet coke, actually. oi! explain. [ scoffs ] the crappy cable tv in this bar -- the sports channels are all on a local 5-minute delay, so jimmy spots a mark, calls a friend who's watching on satelle, and he gets the action texted to him on his phone. you didn't see him looking his phone? [ chuckles ] he ran you right up. y didn't you tell me this the first time?
7:33 pm
you hurt my feelings. stay here. i'm gonna kick his arse... then i'll be back -- hurt your feelings a bit more. hmm. all right. aye. nate, did you find the money? i need y. uh, uh, tara? look, here-- here's the trick. we're not gonna cheat him. he's gonna cheat us. who's tara? wait, wait, wait, wait. you can't go back there. wait. he's playing cards. so? so, it's a protected game. all right, you've heard about mcrory's, right? everybody in the neighborhood comes here. well, everybody back in that room is a heavy hitter. how heavy? local families -- irish, some italians from the north shore, um, sometimes a guy comes up from providence. but you start something in there, it... look, come back to the bar. buy trishie a drink. ford's back there playing? i'm not a bad cardplayer myself. i don't know about this. my brother's not so sure, either.
7:34 pm
he's already shown he can beat you. cheat me, and nobody cheats a doe. well, it's not like you can go in and cheat him back, okay? he's the best at this. this is how he makes a living. listen, your father never has to know that you got burned. your dad never has to find out. he was sweet on you, right? yeah. he dn't see you with me just now, right? i don't think so. what would he do if you went in there and sat on his lap? [ chuckles ] what would you do? [ exhales deeply ] i think this'll wo. [ laughs ] this'll never work. of course it will.
7:35 pm
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bam bam ba bam. oh, i'm not. we take time for our cheese to mature
7:39 pm
gentlemen, i have a proposal for you. who the hell are you? mickey, this is jimmy ford's son, nate. you anything like your father? with the guys he's playing with, pulling something's too risky. you help me clean out ford, you earn 5%. 10%. [ chuckles ] thatagirl. 10% it is. okay, let's keep it simple -- you cozy up to him and give me either "tom" or "george." tom is bad for me. george is good for me. so if ford has, say, pocket aces, you will... [ sighs ] good girl. [ chuckles ]
7:40 pm
listen, i'll take the heat if anything goes wrong. alyou guys got to do is just keep playing. please... for dad. buy-in's 20 bucks. okay. all right. okay. blues are ones. whites are five. okay, now, listen, he may want to buy in for slightly higher. are you okay with making him think there's more in the pot? the less i know about this, the better. all right, he's in. i'm supposed to be softening you up. all right. could i borrow him for one sec? what? these locals don't look anything like mob guys. no, they're mcrory's friends. they're all i got. you actually think doyle's gonna buy their act? they'll be fine, okay? everything's fine. hardison, you find out where doyle keeps the rest of his money? hardison: using the liams' cellphone, i've been able to map the gps fingerprints of their recent calls and analyze their patterns of movements throughout the city. eliot: he led us to a warehouse. we're in now. i'm sorry -- "led you"? "led you to the warehouse"? i had two cellphones and two minutes. do you know who else can do what i do? cia, mi6, and me.
7:41 pm
i want every last penny of doyle's to end up on that table. we'll clean it out. yeah, if we can find it. [ hardison stammering ] seriouy, you want me to find the safe for you, too, now? look, i got you to the warehouse. go find someone to punch. [ growls ] now, what i need you to do is let him win slowly, you know, until the money gets here, then flip him. i want him walking out of here with nothing. you do realize this is insane? wow, you didn't say "impossible." you're -- you're softening. she warned me you were a drunk. yeah, well, it's different than before. before, i used to think i was okay when i was drunk. and now? now... [ liquid pours ] ...i know i'm not okay. 20 grand. good. stay right here. if ford walks out with any money left, follow him 'round the corner and take it back.
7:42 pm
uh, what do you think you're doing, doyle? this is an invite-only game. then invite me. well, it's not my call. listen. you know who these guys are? that's mickey donnelly, johnny "the fist" cabella, danny mccann. i mean, you know, i can't cross them. hmm. [ cards riffle ] cash plays? cash plays. nice. a lot more where that came from, boys. [ up-tempo irish music plays ] all right, ante up, gentlemen. the game's five-card draw. mickey? what do you do? ah, let's be interesting about it, shall we? [ grumbling ] mccann: i'll see that and add another five. donnelly: i'll call.
7:43 pm
just give me two. all right, we got it. you're done. cabella: too rich for me. i'll see you. call. well, not for me. i only got a small pair. ah, you're bluffing. don't bet your nancy. [ chuckles ] 1, 2, 3. yeah, i'll see you. i'll double it again. you'll see me the next hand. i'm out. who's it to? i believe it's on jimmy. are you out, big man? hang on. i'll see you. call you. ho ho! nicely done. whoa! nicely done. cabella: nice hand, mr. doyle. running a little low there, ford. ah, relax. my niece is coming with more cash. i'll buy back in. not a problem.
7:44 pm
all right, ante up. all right, what's the e.t.a. on the cash? eliot: we're at the safe. parker wants to take it out for dinner and drinks first. this is a glen-reeder prestige from the '20s. so many memories. all right, well, tell her to pick it up. come on, parker. [ sighs ] i would move a lot faster if you weren't stomping around. sh [ indistinct talking in distance ] it's not me stomping. i don't stomp. [ cards riffle ] now, we are gonna do some serious business in this town, my father and me. you gents are huge in this town. we should get to know each other. sure. we're already making our mark. like mickey. you remember that deal went down with the o' hares last autumn? mm, i remember it. you involved in that? [ laughs ] you could say that. [ chuckles ] that job would have been a mess without me.
7:45 pm
instead of orange cres. [ chuckles ] hey, ford, are you buggering off already? no, i'm -- i'm in. [ lauger ] eliot, parker, hurry up. ohh! ohh!
7:46 pm
hey, come here. [ panting ] [ clicking ] la, la-a-a [ door opens ] la, la [ grunting would you -- i can't hear a thing! [ grunting continues ] [ sighs ] [ groans ] [ breathes deeply ] i had it. i am trying to work here. well, hurry up. [ clicking ] [ hinges creak ] cabella: i'm out. you out of your leue, ford? [ chuckles ] uh... just in time.
7:47 pm
mm-hmm. cash plays. what's wrong there, doyle? cash plays, right? let's see, now. $210. noted. [ gun cocks ]
7:48 pm
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7:52 pm
hey, doyle, what are you getting so upset about? we're just playing a little game here. i know exactly the game you're playing. you're all playing it together -- with my money! this is my mark. i've just spent the last year running the only bank that would lend to any plank and neddy in this hole. and i marked every damn dollar i collected... like so. so you're a loan shark! aye. i'm a loan shark. and these are my teeth. [ thud ]
7:53 pm
whoa, whoa, whoa, i'd put that thing down, unless you want to get yourself killed. you don't know who these guys are. i know exactly who they are. a bunch of local thicks you recruited for this little game of yours. well, game's over, boys. start handing over your money. i'd put that gun down if i were you. what, this another prop for your wee game? yeah, and this is a prop i got from the boston police department. you point that gun at me again, and i'll be calling my friend in the coroner's office. you're a friggin' guard? i think he prefers "detective," don't you, mickey? sergeant detective, organized crime division. and these are my friends, lieutenant cabella and captain mccann. nice to meet you. what the hell is going on here? gentlemen, i have a proposal for you. who the hell are you? mickey, this is jimmy ford's son, nate. you anything like your father?
7:54 pm
so, what's your proposal? okay, you let me and my friend doyle, uh, in on your game, and i guarantee you he will leave all his money on the table and confess to at least one felony, probably more. so you're telling me this doyle kid's gonna march right in here, confess to a crime, and give us all his money? if all goes to plan. i don't know what kind of schmuck would do that, but i'd sure as hell pay to see it. this is entrapment. entrapment, huh? you think so? what do you think, captain? as i recall it, i'm pretty sure he came in here, put his money on the table, and asked into our game. and if memory serves, he confessed to being party to that o'hare job down by the docks last year. we're already making our mark. like mickey. you remember that deal went down with the o'hares last autumn? i remember it. you involved in that? [ laughs ] you could say that. [ chuckles ]
7:55 pm
it was me who suggested they use cigar boxes instead of orange crates. first break we've had on that case in months. all right. all right. fair enough. how's about i walk away with what's mine, you walk away with what's yours? and for your understanding, i'll make a little contribution to your retirement fund. oh! all right, now listen to me. this is what you're gonna do. you're gonna leave this bar, you're gonna get out of town, you're gonna go home to daddy, and tell him that your business went bust. or i will call him and tell him that you gambled away all his profits to a roomful of cops. you will never set foot in this town again, or they will throw your ass in jail. understood? yeah. hmm? uh-huh! yeah, and one more thing. [ bones crunching ] aaaaaaah! get out of here.
7:56 pm
you're exactly like your father. so, i guess this is, uh... all evidence, huh? never make it back to the people it belongs to. i don't know what you're talking about. i've been at the movies all night long me and johnny here had tickets to the game today. [ chuckles ] great game. [ door closes ] the ledger? every name. i mean, i'm still gonna take my -- yeah. take your cut. i'd expect nothing less. take it. oh, my god! i can't believe you actually pulled this off in two hours. hour and a half. i'm softening. definitely softening. you guys get it squared away? yep. every last dollar. every last one. on the house. it's the least i can do. you guys saved me today.
7:57 pm
yeah, listen, i'm, uh, i'm kind of beat. i'm gonna head upstairs. uh, wait, i'm sorry. wait, where? upstairs, where -- where i live. okay. cool. that's cool. except how 'bout this? you stay down here a couple more hours, get an appetizer -- cora, what's good on the menu? calamari's really -- calamari? yeah, i-i don't really actually want calamari. i want to go to bed. cool. you can -- in a minute. y'all want to help me? i ain't. this is your mess. what do you mean it's my me no. you -- what mess? what are you talking about? i don't understand. what -- what mess? it's nothing. it's not a me-- it's nothing. just -- i don't clean. i'm going home. what you mean you don't clean? there's no maid service, sweetheart. bet if it was a bag of dirty money, you'd swing that. i bet that. i bet that much. i'm not doing it if she's not going! it was really nice meeting you, cora. you too. thanks for everything. well, he's the one you ought to thank. yeah. thanks. no. it was nothing. you remind me of your old man sometimes. [ chuckles ]
7:58 pm
to someone who has saved your ass today. come on. he has good qualities, nate. you've just never been able to see them. he uses people and takes advantage of them. come on, you know that. well, he takes care of his friends -- like you do. my dad would be really grateful for what you did here today. your dad was a good man. he was. but they all have their flaws. [ chuckles lightly ] [ sighs ] [ exhales sharply ] to fathers. to fathers. ahh.
7:59 pm
yeah, i'm still at work. well, it better than being alone in my hotel room. no, i am not. i am not obsessed. [ beeping ] i know what obsessed is. this is not obsessed. [ gasps ] [ taser crackles ] man: it's done. seal the exits. no one gets in or out. get this one up. you are under arrest. [ breathing heavily ] wait a minute. i-i think there's been some kind of mistake.
8:00 pm
the rich and powerful, they take what they want. we steal it back for you. and sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. we provide... two weeks in tokyo. we'd have a great time. what are we stealing? we don't steal anything. we'd be tourists. not following you. there you go. ahh. thank you, sweetheart. anytime. [ grunts ] what? really? what, i can't have a friend? join a softball team. okay, our next client -- two kids, no job, pension gone. state grabbed their land under eminent domain. so, these are all your little lost sheep? excuse me?


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