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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cole: hey, hey, it's gonna be okay, alright? noah: (signing) i don't want to go. i don't want you to go either, but you know i'm going away for a while. (sighs heavily) hey! hey! look at me, look at my lips. (emotional breaths) you're gonna learn how to sign better, you're gonna meet new friends, and we'll be together again. do you understand? sheila: you're gonna love living at the school with us, noah. he doesn't know sign language that well. we taught ourselves our own. don't worry, we'll get him up to speed in no time. hey... hey, buddy. you have to go. please. do it for me. i love you.
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(car door bangs shut) (engine starts up) i love you. you're doing the right thing here, cole. he'll understand tt soon. (vehicle honks as it drives away) let me show you something. (sighs) you think that'll get their attention? cole: let's do this.
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cornell. come on, buddy, they don't send rejection letters in a package like that. and i was just getting used to having you around, too. (glib) hey... maybe i won't go then. parker: well, if you're gonna be a lawyer, you're gonna nd an undergraduate degree. (getting emotional) pfft. come here. (sighs) congratulations. thanks, dad. okay, tell your mom. (pats his back) uh... you know what, maybe later. parker: buddy, it's only an hour time difference, she's gonna want to know right away. dean: dad, not now. i just... i'm just way late. i really gotta get going. okay. congratulations.
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adam: so the brunch es to 12, the budget committee meets at 12:30. this afternoon, we have the ymca coming in, and the redistricting report to look over. drury: is breathing on the schedule, adam? adam: sunday's open. everything okay? she just applied for sole custody of the boys. i'm sorry to hear that, adam. marion. marion: senator drury. drury: marion, would you do me a favour. this woman has been following me all morning. could you please make sure that she is thoroughly checked. marion: good morning, mrs. dru. the senator putting you to work today? charlotte: yes, he's roped me into another charity brunch, but he promised he'd have me back in my office by noon. adam: which is gonna be tough if we don't get a move on, senator. see now, don't be fooled, marion, because these two, they are the real bosses.
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(into radio) i'm looking at a code 400, main hall. winnie: hot call. suspicious bag, unattended, brookstone place. we've got a threat called in at 9:05, anonymous. they call it in, it could be a hoax. or maybe they don't wanna take any lives, just destroy pperty, make a statement. hell of a publicity stunt. so what's beintargeted? brookstone place is a private building. yeah, but several senators have their regional offices in a secured wing. and the bag was left just outside security check. winnie: i've got brookstone's security supervisor on the line, ron whiteside. patch him through. mr. whiteside, it's sergeant parker with the strategic response unit. how far are you with your emergency response plan? whiteside: we're evacuating the building as fast as possible. parker: that's good, we'll meet you out front. (sirens wail, trucks screech to a stop) sam: i'll sweep with leah, look for stragglers. ed spike and i have got the hot zone. spike, let's move! parker: mr. whiteside? whiteside: yeah, that's right.
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i'm assuming you've got security cameras in there? whiteside: we sure do. jules: come with me, we're gonna patch 'em through to the truck. whiteside: gotcha. (breathing hard) (babycakes rolls down the hall) ed: no bigger than a carry-on. spike: pack enough tnt in there, u could make the whole building disappear. sam and leah: this way, people! move! let's go! leah: please evacuate the building! this way! sam: 'kay, let's secure the exits. ammonium nitrate? spike: and nitromethane. prime ingredients for a fertilizer bomb. oklahoma city. spike: yeah, but set-ups wrong; should be 60-40 ammonium nitrate to nitromethane. that a new compound? that's what i'm trying to figure out. (video whirs as it fastforwards) jules: he knew the cameras were up high; he must have cased the place.
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what is it, remote controlled? it's gotta be. sam: then why's he waited this long to detonate? the building's clear. spike: i hear you, sam. (buzz of excited chatter) okay, move back from the building, please! spike: babycakes says... one lame duck detonator; not sure it was properly connected to the booster. so how does the bomb go off? spike: it doesn't. i don't think it was meant to. so they faked the bomb and the bomb threat? what's the play here? keep us busy? sam: they force an evacuation, it puts a lot of bodies in one place. it creates confusion. okay, team, let's check the crowd. our guy might still be in the area. (senator drury talks on phone) franklin: move back from the building! drury: yeah. we're fine franklin: sir, i'm gonna need you to move back. move further from the building, please. keep moving, let's go! move back fr the building! cole: (hushed) walk! come with me, don't turn back. franklin: keep moving! let's go!
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charlotte: mark?! ungh mark?! mark! mark! back off! charlotte: let him go!drury: charlotte! back off! drury: charlotte, do as he- cole: stay back! drury: do as he says! cole: let's go! charlotte: help! help! somebody help me! my husband's been kidnapped!
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charlotte: i-i saw him take my husband. he had a gun. ma'am, you got a description? charlotte: h-he had a dark jacket on, he was just about 6 foot tall, brown hair, about 30, 35. no joy! nothing here either! they must've had a car ready; an escape plan. parker: winnie, put out an apb on senator drury. right away. adam: what's going on? s-s-somebody took mark. this is my husband's aide, adam. adam, can we g access to the senator's office? adam: yeah, anything i can do. parker: charlotte, we have surveillance tapes we'd like you to look at. of course. find his phone and toss it, so they can't track his gps - and careful, he mht have another one. i got it. drury:why don't you just tell me what this is all about and then maybe we can reach an agreement. he doesn't even know. drury: i'm sorry, what do you mean? (emotional) i'm the one who wrote you letters, okay, personally, for over a year, about this. i sent you a video. i even tried to come and meet you. i didn't wanna do this, but you left me no choice.
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senator, i'm gonna ask you, nicely, to keep your mouth shut until we get where we're going, okay? drury: all right, all right. (vehicle rumbles along) (signing and talking) you're hungry? we'll stop and eat on the way. (low hum of chatter) (computer keys clack) charlotte: i'm not sure. that could be him. can you think of any idea why someone would target your husband? he's a politician, sergeant. every issue has its enemies. ed: sir, any direct threats made against the senator? adam: no, nothing like that.
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this is what the senator's been working on recently? and about a hundred other things. ed: what's getting the most heat? the airport in gresham - that land's being expropriated by the government, right? lot of protests. adam: the farmland for the airport is being purchased by the government at fair market value. spike: yeah, but the sales are mandator some of those farmers are pretty upset about losing their land. so they kidnap a senator? rmers have easy access to ammonium nitrate. spike: jules, i'm gonna send you a list of names. gresham landowners soon-to-be displaced by the new airport. i'll pull up photo id's, see if we can find our suspect. (fork scrapes the plate) hmm. how are your eggs? taste good? noah, why don't you try to use youvoice? sure. go ahead. (mug clatters)
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uh... uh... just stay here, i'll be right back. (beeping) jules: all right, these are all gresham residents losing their land. we think one of these men might be involved. i can narrow the search. (computers beep) out of this group, these are the ones that have permits to purchase ammonium nitrate. that's him! all right, team, we've got a subject. cole berkley. 2335 mccormick's side road, gresham. jules, you stay here with charlotte and adam. got it. ed: jules, what do we got on this guy? jules: no priors. legal guardian to a noah berkley, age 15. sam: we're 20 minutes from gresham, even with lights and sirens. winnie, put me through to the gresham pd. winnie: right away. sheila: did you see the boy that was just sitting here? has anybody seen a boy?
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ran out the door. (truck rumbles) i'm going inside to check the police scanner. start talking to him. get over there! drury: okay. listen... this is about the airport development, isn't it? you're losing your land. yeah, we bh are. i am sorry. i am sorry it came to this. look at this place! look around! drury: okay! cole: take a look around! this is what you're destroying. thousands of years of wildlife and growth - gone. whatou're about to do here, nothing is gonna bring it back. (car rumbles to a stop) cole: this farm has been in my family forever. my grandpa left it to my mom, my mom left it to me,
11:17 pm
i've always told him when he's here, he's safe. nothing can touch you. when you're here, you're with family. you're home. you have kids, senator, huh? yeah, yeah. killing this, you want that to be your legacy? (sirens wail) winnie: ed, i have sergeant wes hornby on the line. sergeant hornby, it's ed lane, sru. hornby: got your apb. senator drury's been abducted? ed: that's correct, sir, the subject's name is cole berkley. hornby: cole berkley? i know cole. there must be a mistake. sir, every second counts. we don't have any time to second-guess here. hornby: all right. i'm five minutes from his farm, i'll meet you there. ed: sergeant, he's armed. if you find him, do not engage. we're right behind you. hornby: understood. whiteside: officer callaghan, there's something you need you to see. jules: what is it? whiteside: i took another look at the exterior surveillance footage, and i think there's an accomplice. wanna take a look? yeah. we'll be right inside. charlotte: okay. (cell phone rings) hello?
11:18 pm
there. that's the guy. you see how he gets in the way? and he's not one of your guys? whiteside: no, definitely not. what's wrong? nothing. um... i'm good. i just... i have to . well, the officer said we can't leave. charlotte... charlotte, what is it? come on, let me help. the man who called has mark. he says i have to wire him two million dollars by 11:30. we have to tell the police. no! he said if i dthat, they'd kill mark. if i leave, the officer will suspect something. you could go. look, um, this is my account and my branch number. these are the wire transfer details. two million dollars. are yosure? please! jules: charlotte, i need your help identifying a possible accomplice. okay. um... yes, of course, i just have a board meeting i can't go to, so i've asked adam to send some documents. i'll be quick. come right back. drury: i get it, i get it, i do. i understand how important this is to you.
11:19 pm
drury: that's true, in theory, but please, you have to understand, this city is expanding and the airport - i'm sorry - but it has to be built. the only other possible site was halton. there was far less environmental impact here. all we can do is just compensate you as fairly as we can- no! no! it's not about the money- franklin: what's he saying? he says he can't do anything. franklin: he can't or won't? drury: i was just explaining- franklin: hey! you're done. come here. cops are on their way, we're short on time. buddy, i told you this was not gonna be easy. we've made it this far... they're taking my land too, cole. yeah, okay, i'm with you. (sirens wail) jules: team, i got a positive id on our accomplice: franklin hess. he's another gresm landowner. priors: aggravated assault, possession of restricted firearms. sam: copy that. yeah, this is hornby.
11:20 pm
hornby: i'm at cole's property. there's three men heading toward the woods. i'm moving in to intercept. (into headset) sergeant, we're less than a minute away. i'm gonna ask you again, do not to engage. i appreciate that, ed, but if i could just talk to cole, i know that i can get through to him. ed: sergeant. sergeant! let's go, let's go! move! (sirens wail, truck rumbles) (siren chirps) (breathing hard) (vehicle rumbles away) what are you doing, cole? cole: he needs to see what he's destroying, wes. all right, we're not... we're not gonna hurt him. franklin: (quietly) let's go. comen, let's go, now! hornby: who's out there with you? does he have a weapon too? (heavy breathing) we just need a chance to explain... anthen we can all go home. i got no problem with you taking him for a walk, i'm just questioning the need for a weapon. why don't you just put it down, walk on over here with the senator...
11:21 pm
(franklin fires) (cole and drury gasp) (hornby and franklin exchange gunfire) go on, get down. (exchange of gunfire, glass shatters) (gunshots pop) ungh! h! (groans in pain) franklin: let's go! let's move! cole: what'd you just do?! you just shot him! we can't just leave him there! franklin: he gave me no choice. let's go! (murky distorted sound - what noah hears) (sirens wail, trucks rumble loudly) ed: winnie, we got an officer down.
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let's move! it's mshoulder. agghhh! spike: careful... can you move your fingers? (grimacing in pain) uh... yeah. spike: okay, that's good, that's good. agghhhh! no exit wound, bullet must'veragmented. 'kay, you hang in there, sergeant. hornby: sergeant, it wasn't cole doing the shooting, all right? it was the other man- parker: that's franklin hess. do you know him? yeah, i know him. he had some run-ins with the law before he moved here. i don't know why cole would be mixed up with a guy like that. (grimacing in pain) how well do you know cole? we both grew up around here. he's a friend. he's a good man. he's not a criminal. (ambulance siren wails) parker: we understand cole has a nephew. yeah, noah. he's deaf. any idea where the nephew is? hornby: he supposed to be at a live-in school for the deaf, starting today. cole must've thought he could wind up in jail. yeah, he wanted to make sure his nephew was taken care of.
11:28 pm
we know where they are, charlotte. now it's just a matter of time. now they know the cops are involved. yeah. that's a good thing, right? unless somebody told you different. did you get a ransom demand? adam isn't sending documents to a board meeting right now, is he? is he?! he's transferring the money. (breaking down) they said if i tell anybody, that they would kill mark. jules: charlotte, you need to call adam right now. they cannot have the money go through. follow me! follow me now! boss! parker: yeah, i heard it all, jules. cole's motive is financial, not political. copy. i'm gonna check out his house, see what i can find out. spike: ed, leah and i are coming to you. we've got your location on gps. ed: copy that, spike. charlotte: adam's not answering. jules: how much was the ransom for? two million.
11:29 pm
i inherited a lot of money when my father passed away. cole: franklin. franklin! you just shot wes hornby. what are you thinking? wes hornby is just another person trying to take our land from us. we said no one was gonna get hurt. you're right, this isn't what we wanted, but this is where we are now, and we still have a chance. he's not gonna listen to us now. we gotta give ourselves up, we gotta... we gotta explain we made a mistake. we created a bomb scare, we kidnapped a senator. there's no backing out now. no. franklin: (menacing) cole. cole: i'm out. this wasn't the plan! well, now there's a new plan. what're you doing? your gun - hand it over. now! just let him go and i'll cooperate- oh! (groans in pain) franklin: yeah, i know you will.
11:30 pm
move! jules: do not transfer the money, adam. adam: there's a deadline. char said before 11:30 or he dies. and once they get the money, the senator becomes expendable. jules: now, we need to stall. i need your phone. (tting beeps) hey, jules, i'm inside the house and something isn't adding up. cole's motive is personal: he's trying to keep his family's land. maybe he's given up. maybe the money's his way out.
11:31 pm
(frustrated) the money should be in the account already. look, check it again! let me talk to your manager. cole: i had nothing to do with this ransom plan. i swear. i believe you. but you must've realized how dangerous this man was. he's my neighbour. he's losing his land too. i tried everything else. you were desperate. (sighs) my nephew noah... he lost his hearing in a car accident. it was the same accident that killed his parents. i'm the only family he has left. when he came to live with me, it seemed like he just wanted to die. the only way i could get him outta the house was to go see his parent's memorial.
11:32 pm
that first summer i made him come camping with me - man, did he put up a fight. but once he got used to this - you know, the land and the woods - it's like a light went on. the first time i saw him smile was out here in these woods. i tried to tell you all this before - i called, i wrote letters. i even sent a video i made. please, you can't take this away from us. he needs this place. franklin: excuse me! i just got a text, senator. hey, what're you doing?! i don't think your wife understands the situation here. drury: what? ungh! cole: no! you don't have to do this! hey, stay back! (drury groans in pain) (phone beeps) (breathing hard)
11:33 pm
(drury groans) boss, franklin already took the government's offer. his land is bought and paid for. so the ransom demand was probably franklin's idea. and if franklin knew how cole felt about losing his land, he might have used him. suggested the kidnapping, played on his ideals, knowing that cole would go along with it for his own reasons. eddie? ed: franklin saw an opportunity and took advantage. parker: yeah, so let's tread careful, buddy. our man cole might be in over his head here. copy that. (charlotte's cell chirps) (groaning in pain)
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