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tv   News Channel 3 News at 4  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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there's a car in the road. what's going on? did he run out of gas? that sucks. should i call for help? uh, probably just a flat. i need you all to remain in your seats. [all groaning] driver: everybody quiet down! you all right? [screaming and shouting] come on. [elevator bell dings] kevin. i need you. hey, i got your text. i've been meaning to call you back about dinner the other night. look, i had a really great time. oh, uh, what are you talking--
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no. why? what's going on? we need all hands on deck. what we have is a school bus abduction which occurred at approximately 1 p.m. this afternoon. what we do know is there were 24 students on board, along with the driver and a monitor. gps appears to have been disabled. last known ping was a little over two hours ago. highway patrol has traced the route it was last traveling but found no signs of any accidents. we have helicopters and ground units in the d.c. area working local search and rescue. which means we're likely dealing with more than one unsub. we've attempted to contact everyone on board, but so far all calls have gone unanswered. but we can confirm that the students dropped off at the first two stops have been accounted for. the average school bus holds approximately 80 gallons of diesel fuel, making it possible for them to travel up to 550 miles on a single tank. whicis why we believe they're still within a 200-mile radius. it could be a kidnapping, but we can't rule out anything fm a terrorist act to a child traffickinging. how does a busful of kids just vanish into thin air?
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we're treating this as a mass abduction. the suvs are outside and we'll set up our command post at central high. [driver groaning] [groaning] [gunshot] [screaming and shouting]
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hotch: french novelist jean giraudoux said, "i'm not afraid of death. "it'the stake one puts up in order to play the game of life." ok, thanks. local p.d. says they just found a backpack full of the kids' cell phones half a mile from the second bus stop. disarming the gps, disposing of cell phones feels less random and more premeditated. there were 7 other buses from different schools on their route. why target this particular bus? maybe a group of kids got together to pull it off? waited for their friends to get off at an earlier stop, then made their move. ok, i'm checking school disciplinary records seeing if i can find any recent suspensions. it could be about a specific target and the other kids just got in the way. [cell phone rings] alex, you're on speaker. uh, i've been looking over the personnel files of the bus driver, roy webster. something isn't adding up. what did you find? over the past 3 years, webster had several altercations with students but was never formally reprimanded. it sounds like t school hasn't told us the whole story. we know how disrespectful some teenagers can be. maybe he snapped.
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what about the woman who was on the bus? that would be carol roberts, retired teacher, assigned to monitor webster's bus 6 months ago. what's that about? i took a bus all through high school. we never had a monitor. makes you wonder who she was there to keep an eye on-- the kids or webster? please, it's too tight. just let us go. we won't tell anyone. [beeping] hey, hey, wait, wait. wait! morgan: addyson transferred to central high last year. did she mention any enemies? so sean's been riding the bus since he was a freshman? did he have any run-ins with mr. webster? i know this is difficult for both of you. i just have a couple of questions.
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can you tell me a little bit about him? he's a good kid. he stays out of trouble for the mo part. been just the two of us for a while. his dad passed when he was 10. please, find my baby. he's all i've got. i compiled background info on every kid on that bus. their cell phone records, their texts, twitter feeds, facebook activity, everything. great. can you help me go through these sim cards? thanks, by the way. of course. uh, that's, uh, sean parker. he never posts a status update without being witty or sarcastic. that's trent walker, your classic high school jock.
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that's addyson jones. look at the time. that was taken while they were still on the bus. that's right before they went missing. [indistinct chatter] in the chowchilla case, the unsub used car trouble as a ruse to get the bus driver's attention. yeah, i remember. the driver became a hero overnight. the most isolated part of the highway. it's surrounded by nothing. no witnesses. nobody to interrupt. making them the perfect target. mm. mr. webster has worked with the school for 15 years. according to his file, he was never reprimanded for the altercations he had with the students. why is that? he agreed to complete mandated classes. in exchange, the incidents wouldn't go on his record. were the parents made aware of the school's disciplinary actions? look, being a bus driver can be stressful. you're responsible for getting these kids to and from school. add a few unruly teens and someone's bound to bump heads. is that why carol roberts was assigned to monitor the bus? agent hotchner.
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[indistinct police radio] it's roy webster. he suffered two bullet wounds. the first was a clean shot to his left leg. the second in his chest. why not go for the kill first? they probably still needed him to drive. if they dumped webster this quickly, i'm sure carol roberts isn't far behind. there's no way somebody pulled this off alone. one unsub probably ntrolled the adults and one controlled the kids. well, why get rid of them before they reached their destination? [cell phone rings] you're on speaker, garcia. hey, i reran the last gps signal of the bus through a proxy server, retracing the route, and it turns out that the signal was never disabled, it was just masked. so i sent the coordinates to your phones.
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bus is all clear! morgan. all clea grab that pack. [dog barking] northeast corner clear. [overadio] south corner clear. barn was registered to a violet burgin.
4:13 pm
it's been abandoned every since. making this a perfect transfer point. [barking] they found something. please don't hurt us. it's ok. you guys are safe now. there's only 14 here. we need to find the other 10. move! are you ok? oh! uhh!
4:14 pm
why only take some of the kids? smaller numbers. easier to control. if this was a child trafficking ring, they wouldn't have left any of them behind regardless of the risk. whatever the reason, they only needed 10. [rattling] what do you want witus?! i don't hear anything. do you? no. mine is dead, too. what is this thing? where are we? what happened to mrs. roberts? they probably killed her like they did mr. webster. [crying] they're gonna kill us, too. cut it out. sean. why do you think they took their masks off? [static] welcome to hell, people.
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number 2 and nber 5 step forward. who's number 5? wait, am i number 2? it's you, man. addy... let's go. it's time. the rules are simple. you follow our instructions, you live. you don't... [click] [screaming, electricity zapping] that's enough. they got the message. you ready? may the best man win. [gasping, crying] you ok, addyson? i'm fine. you all right? yeah. what was that? players, the game will commence in 3... 2...
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[indistinct chatter] well, whenever i'm tryingo remember important details, i find it really helps if i close my eyes and try to relax. mm. yeah, that's great. u guys were on your way home from school. can you tell me what happened next? the bus had stopped. think he ran out of gas? that sucks. are you all right? is everything-- [gunshot] [screaming] he shot mr. webster in the...[gasping] ok. all right. all right. slow down. all right. let's go back. let's go back.
4:22 pm
no. he wore a mask. what type of mask? like a gas mas what happened next? they both had guns. one walked up and down the aisle while the other one just stood there. so there were two of them? ok. then what happened when you arrived at the barn? th lined us up. our hands were tied. i was so scared. i wanted to run, but they had guns. they put collars around our necks. that's when they started taking turns. taking turns doing what? [crying] picking.
4:23 pm
where's billy? they said you found the bus. there's still a number of students unaccounted for. but we're still looking. oh, my god. stop it! i can't open it.
4:24 pm
no matter what, we stick together, ok? ok? ok. how about we get the adrenaline going, huh? it's all about endurance. training is as important as the battle itself. there's a table at the end of the hallway with a box on it. open it. what's in it? it's a flashlight. what's this for? look to your left.
4:25 pm
you think that was to maintain control? mm, could be, but how do you explain the shk collars? torture. still, there doesn't seem to be any method to how or why they were chosen. ok, so f we have two white males, early 20s, and wore gas masks, of all things. abducting a bus, a form of transportation, gas masks, shock collars. dividing people into teams. this sounds a lot like "gods of combat." this is a video game. [hissing] oh! it's ok. it's just a little steam.
4:26 pm
now what? i'm gonna get you out of here safely. to do that, i'm gonna need you to follow my orders. it's important that you listen to each command. take the one on the right. he's telling me to take a right. addyson, i know what you're thinking. don't follow him. it's not worth it. take the path to the left. why? just trust me. i'm not leaving you behind. aah! [electrical zapping] you see what you made me do? aah! trent, just go. just do what they say. don't make me do it again. these guys are replicating a video game? in the game, you take over a form of public transportation. subway, train, bus.
4:27 pm
wait a minute. you've played this game before? well, i may have played it once or twice. as i remember, the game consists of 5 players. captain, lieutenant, a pair of soldiers, and the pawn. maybe the unsubs picked them based on their personality type. well, sage and trent are both athletic. so they probably would have been considered lieutenants. wendy would most likely have been considered the pawn. they preselected these kids. probably got details about their lives from social media sites. most teens don't use privacy settings. anyone can gain access. they planned their attacks and struck the bus when it was most vulnerable. that explains why the unsubs only needed 10 of these kids and left the rest behind. so how do the collars fit into all this? they're used to keep your player from straying from their mission. the object of the game is to destroy as many of your opponents as possible.
4:28 pm
[gasps] [squeaking] it's just a rat. don't worry, you'll get used to those. [squeaking] oh! [clatter] what? it's only blood. you haven't even gotten to the best part. [gasps] oh, my god! ohh! [overlapping chatter, police radio communications] my captain's asking for an update. he wants to release a statement. we're just concerned if we release certain details
4:29 pm
can you at least give me something? what kind of people are we dealing with? well, based on the unsubs' behavior at this point, we believe they suffer from an extreme gaming addiction. they're avid gamers, involved in the multi-user online first-person shooter game, "gods of combat." hotch: and like any addiction, this took over their lives and became an obsession. morgan: we think that this video game aggravated a pre-existing affinity for violence. hotch: then something blurred the lines between fantasy violence and real violence. they've managed to depersonalize these kids as a way of rationalizing the body count. and playing this game taught them to be methodical and dangerously strategic. the fact that they're mimicking specific and unique elements of this particular game will help us predict their behavior. they probably met online. we think these unsubs chose these particular kids because they displayed certain traits that matched the characters from the game. these kids are motivated and positive when the game goes the way that they want it to. on the other hand, if the game doesn't go as well, they will be the opposite--
4:30 pm
[scoffs] snap out of it. all right? let's focus. there's a key in her sweater pocket. go grab it. move! ok. now t it on. see? that wasn't so bad, now, was it? so these guys just got together and decided to pull this thing off? you know, something this elaborate, it's likely they've knn each other for years, actually. hey, i just got off the phone with the people who produce "gods of combat." turns out they have 6 million players worldwide, 40,000 of which are d.c. residents. garcia, if they're capable of this type of violence in real life, do you think we'd see some sort of evidence of it
4:31 pm
what type of evidence? yeah, he's talking about the universal online gaming code of conduct. sure. it prevents against stuff like harassing, threatening other players, cyber-bullying, that kind of thing. how's this supposed to help us find these kids? instead of looking for people who play the game, we need to look for people who were kicked out. what do you think is happening to them? i don't know, wendy. you think they're dead? i said i don't know. come on. let's stick together, ok? yeah? hey, guys, i think i found something. when i downloaded the tpf le, i was able to extract the source code and generate an outpost based on blacklisted hell mod players. english, please? oh, yeah.
4:32 pm
to the game. they were not a part of the original game design. they're secret levels. the only ones who could find them are those that know they even exist. and the hell mod in this game was like a battle royale. i mean, literally, anything goes. there are no rules. if you get killed of playing hell mod, your entire gaming profile is deleted. a profile that would have taken years for them to build. their sudden loss of access to their game could be whaspun them out of control. let me get this straight. instead of starting over, they decided to build their own game? it's more than that. this is a competition. trent, she's catching up. hurry up! come on, man. come on! come on! damn it! you blew the lead. what happened to you? don't listen to her. keep going! unlock the box, then blow his brains out. what?
4:33 pm
the next... what--what is this? make me proud. i did whatou wanted already! trent, what's happening? focus, dude. say something! trent! you know, i wonder what your family would say. what, you didn't think i did my research? i can't believe you're blowing it! damn it, trent! you still live on deep wood lane? maybe i should go get your little brother dylan to come and take your place. he takes the bus, too, right? no. please don't hurt them. hurry up, trent! use the key to open the box on the table. you'll thank me later. that's the barrel. it doesn't fit there. hurry up. hurry up, addyson, he's almost there. load it. load it! you got it. you got it! go on, shoot him.
4:34 pm
yes! ohh! oh...
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ok, a month ago two players were kked out at the same time for hacking into hell mod. previous to that, they both logged thousands of hours playing the game, dating back to early 2000. you got any names, garcia?
4:39 pm
you know what's weird? they were both playing from the same ip address. so they live together. they're roommates, maybe? or siblings. did you see that? she just walked up to him and boom! it's just the first round. trent. oh, my god. oh, you felt tharush, didn't you? i knew you would. no. i didn't feel anything. trent, i'm sorry. he made me do it. oh, yeah. not knowing whether it was gonna be you or him lying in that pool of blood. [vomiting] hey, you gotta pull yourself together. it's time to meet your next opponent. girl.
4:40 pm
i get it. let me show you again. boom! [gunshot] [laughs] [sighs] let's go. come on. round 2. all right. let's go, number 4. you're up. [electricity zapping] [gasping and choking] i can't. i can't. i can't. maybe you didn't understand me the first time. i'm going. ok. it's ok. [buzzer] i'll take her place! i'll take her place.
4:41 pm
it's ok. wait! no! [screaming] wendy! oh, wendy, god! why are you doing this?! you guys are crazy! hey, what the hell was that? what? he volunteered. you don't need her anymore. she was my player. oh, come on. she was your pawn. she was gonna die anyway. you don't know that. can we please get back to the game? take the corridor to your left. there's a box with a gun near the end. take it. you're gonna need it. [sighs] it doesn't make any sense. it they are siblings, how do you explain the gaps in time when they weren't logged in at the same location? yeah, it looks like it happened several times a year,
4:42 pm
maybe their parents got divorced. maybe the parents got divorced. maybe the parents got divorced. leave it to the genius to come up with the obvious. here we go. here we go. joshua and matthew moore. they both went to central high. their parents worked two jobs each to make ends meet. led to a messy divorce. joshua went to live with his dad in arizona. matthew stayed with his mom in d.c. that's how they knew when to strike. they probably rode the same bus route. long hours, different schedus. they were latchkey kids. video games became their sitters. reid: as they got older, they got more competitive and it became more about bragging rights. jj: this game became the core of their sibling rivalry. only it wasn't just a game. "gods of combat" was their one constant connection to one anotr. oh, come on, addyson, get over it. there's casualties in everyar. let's go. your enemy's closing in. are u all right? what happened? don't come near me. oh. what's going on? where's trent? take out your gun and shoot her. she already killed trent. trent--trent's dead? i had no choice. you're going to be next.
4:43 pm
no. they said they'd hurt my family. shoot her! now! i'm sorry, billy. shoot him. shoot her! clear! clear! if they're in he together, why are they using these? it's what they're using to communicate with their players. uhhh! [beep] i recognize that "uhh." i have gone through every frequency and wavelength and i haven't been able to pick up on anything. all right, well, just slow down. i'm frustrated. i get that. all right, let's go back. you've checked audix? yes. all right. nady systems? akg? electrovoice? voco pro? yes, yes, and yes. i've gone through every frequency in the frickin' northern hemisphere and nothing. i don't know. i mean, these are the only frequencies that i know
4:44 pm
wait. underground. no, i said aboveground. you'd need to have extremely low frequency. it's the only one that can penetrate underground! [beep] got a hit. you have lipstick on your face. picked up a ping on the e.l.f. it's emanating from somewhere in this 25-mile radius, west of bolivar. what fits? well, there's a few old factories and a couple of bunkers from the seventies. what is this? the old paper mill. you know, given the size and location, that could be the perfect spot.
4:45 pm
find him. he's in there. if you miss this time, you'll be sorry. oh, come on. it froze! hello? can anyone hear me? if someone is there, please say something. my name is penelope and i'm with the fbi. they're listening to us. no, no, wait, listen. you're safe. i just-- i isolated the signal. they can't hear us right now. what is your name? i'm... i'm billy. you gotta help us. what the hell is he doing? why isn't it working? [loud static] what the hell was that? i don't know. it was working fine a second ago. damn it! lost the signal. i bet that bitch screwed up something with that last shot.
4:46 pm
you did this, didn't you? me? what the hell are you talking about? [cocks weapon] whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. matt, you gotta be kidding me. listen, billy, we are on our way rht now. you just need to hang tight a little while longer. i know you're wearing a collar. yeah. i'm gonna help you take it off. ok? i tried that already. it keeps shocking me. billy, listen to me. they can't hurt you anymore. got it? um... ok. there you you. ok. now, i want you to find me something sharp in there. all right. remember, when mom and dad split up, we made a promise...
4:47 pm
it's us against the world, dude. it's always been that way come on. put down the gun. [sirens] what? where is it? someone hacked into our signal. they know where we are. make sure that you-- billy? billy, can you hear me? what happened? they shut down the system. shh, shh, shh. listen to me, ok? the police are on the way. they can't hurt us anymore. ok, addyson?
4:48 pm
i had to reboot the whole system. it's gonna be a few hours. where are you going? i'm not waiting. what are you doing? there's only one way to finish this. [cocks weapon]
4:49 pm
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you can do it. ok. ok. uh-huh. uh-huh. you got it. ok. ok. ok. no! no! where do you think you're going, huh? uh-uh. now is not the time to play hero. let her go! unless you want her blood on your hands, literally, you'll put the gun down. billy. just put go ahead. listen to the girl. do it! you, come on. come on! let's go. that's it. that's it. billy... uhh! now, i'm gonna do what my players couldn't. hotch: drop the gun, matt.
4:55 pm
come on. fbi! drop your weapon! i'm agent morg. this is agent rossi. we're the good guys. but drop the gun. how do i know this isn't part of the game? kid, you gotta trust me, just like you trusted my friend penelope. come on, now. i know you're scared, but don't do anything stupid. rossi: drop the weapon!
4:56 pm
[indistinct chatter] mom... my baby boy! i'm so sorry, trent. where's josh? where's my brother? where's josh? you answer me. where's th b he's dead?
4:57 pm
morgan: frederick douglass said, "it is easier to build stronghildren than to repair broken men." [elevator bell dings] hey. thanks for everything today. i'm glad i could help. um, do you want to go and get a drink with me, right now, talk? , um... i, uh... i kind of already have plans. oh. it's just that we have reservations and stuff. yeah, i get it. you don't have to plain. i'll see you around. right. see you around. [footsteps approach] [sighs] how you doing? do you er have one of those days that you want to unplug from everything...
4:58 pm
give me your phone. and your tablet. and your other phone. ok. tonight you're coming to my house. we're going to listen to tony bennett on vinyl and drink 18-year-old scotch. i don't drink scotch. you'll learn. thanks. anytime. [cell phone rings] captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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will we experience real purpose, real fulfillment, and real joy. [cheering] let me tell you something about myself. i spent 12 years of my adult life absolutely miserable because i did not use my gift. how many of you are living false lives? maybe you're an accountant. but somewhere in the dark recesses of your mind, the's a tickle. and that tickle is a reminder of your gift. maybe it's a love for painting. a love that you have had since before you could even talk. isn't that right hia strobl? you could be the next picasso. why have you deprived the world of your gift? and what about you, ralph pritchard? do you really want to listen to your insufferable boss another day, or are you ready to start that business you've been dreaming of? isn't it time for you to unveil your gift and take action?! right here, right now, that's what we're gonna do.


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