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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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i think you're excited but afraid. seeing her will only make the relationship better. trust me. when does she nt to meet? right when we get back. do it. don't psych yourself out. we'll see. sir, i have a mom and dad. they're looking for me. shh, shh, shh. hold still, steph. this is gonna be great. my name is connie. what are you doing? this is the only way that i can make it stick. what are you talking about? wow. she's perfect. i know. i know. [whimpers]
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shh, shh, shh, shh. hold still. almost done. tucker? this is a surprise. hey, adam. um...the fbi came by today. the fbi? what for? remember those clothes i sold you last month? some guy who was wearing them, he ended up dead. are you serious? he was killed, as in murdered, adam. have you hurt someone? no. no. there must be some misunderstanding. you ught all 8 sets, adam. look, ever since your car accident... you've been acting kind of funny. what's going on with you? look, why dot you come in and have some tea. yoneed to take the edge off.
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everything is gonna be ok. promise. right. i'll get a warrant over there as soon as possible. the owner of the vintage shop bolted from the store. well, i've got something strange, too. the m.e. just called. not only were there ligature marks on victim 3's arms, buhis jaw was dislocated as well. his jaw? why would you hang someone, dislocate their joints and their jaw, and then crucify them? i can see your wheels turning. don't hold back. maybe he's dislocating their body parts so he can manipulate them himself. for what purpose? think about it for a second. if you add the dislocation, the holes in the hands, the strange clothing and the odd makeup,
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turning his victims into human marionettes?
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anyone can give you a bag of food for four bucks. but only colonel can give you a real delicious
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and you're in luck cause... i'm a colonel.
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the greeks translated "puppets" as "neurospasta," which literally means string-pulling. and throughout time they've been used as a method to tell kings a story so the subjects didn't have to speak directly to him. it was a way to hear the truth. it seems like this unsub's doing something similar, using his puppets to tell his story. he can't be controlling them by hand. no, he probably built some sort of contraption. reid: and he trying to lift his victims. that could explain why they discarded the men. what do you see? ey were too heavy. well, i'm checking the licenses of our victims, and each one weighed less than the previous one. you know, if he's making human marionettes, that also explains why he's stuffing his victims into boxes. it's like a sick toy chest. so he is dehumanizing them, but he's just not killing them. he's turning them into his playthings. a father and son were just abducted from a parking lot at gunpoint. a witness saw a man force them into a car. dave, you and blake go check it out.
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and puppeteers in the area. ok. let's to it again. should we break their jaws? no. no. i need to hear them. please, adam, let us down. no. you guys have to do it right this time. you have to save them. from what? from the robber. i told you. and... again. ok, there are 5 puppeteers/ marionetters in the area. any of them recently released from prison? no. they're working kids' parties and at hospitals. what about someone who had a traumatic incident with a brunette girl? that's kind of specific. hold on, let me patch in morgan and jj. hey, we're at the clothing store. we got the names of 5 people who left numerous messages for tucker this week. give them to me. all right, we got sam holby,
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vincent lang, matt parker, and a jill olger. and no, and i'm cross-checking those with hotch's list of puppeteers. and no. so i've got 8 more names, some written on pads in the back, others are frequent customers. penelope, we need you to trace the phone lines here, too, see if this guy tucker called the unsub today. give me your money. give it now. that's your cue. what's my cue? you're supposed to say... "i don't have any money," after he says, "give it to me now." say it again, mr. conrad. give me your money. give it now. i don't have any money. you're lying. i saw you with it. dad, just give him the money.
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[grunting] mitch, mitch, what are you doing? you're supposed to save my father. my name is not mitch, and i'm not gonna say these lines. ohh! now... if you don't save him, then he is gonna die. is that what you want? aah! people, it's going to be a full house. so, push through it. we just came from the parking lot where the father and son were abducted. it looks like the unsub might be on the surveillance camera.
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mm. [ring] garcia. yes, sir. were there any incidents involving a father and son in the puppeteers' histories that you found? father and son. ok. no, it's coming up empty. what about 20 or 30 years ago? well, there was a pretty famous puppeteer in the late fifties named alex rain. he died in a robbery. his son witnessed it. what was the son's name? adam rain. mom died 10 years ago. cross-check adam's name with the names of the patrons in the clothing store. oh, i got a big old hit. ok, mr. rain called tucker, the owner, 40 times in the last month. and check this. his father was most well-known for a pair of puppets named mitch and steph. the male one had dark black hair, the female was a redhead. you have an address? last known was a building on pine street, used to be his father's theater. come on, dave. garcia: and guess what he drives.
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two minutes until curtain. you ready? it's gonna be right this time. let's hope so. break a leg. ladies and gentlemen, truth is what the storyteller brings you. he holds up a mirror to your soul and reflects back the truth of what happened,
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and so without further ado, the rain theater proudly continues that gre tradition in this very special matinee performance of "the robbery." a family tale of love... and redemption. somebody... help us.
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like a peter pan syndrome. and if there was damage to the prefrontal cortex, he might lack rational thought and empathy. so he's a psychopath who thinks he's a kid again and wants to avenge his father's death. if the robbery that killed the father happened in the theater... he's reenacting that moment. give me your money. give it now. [snaps fingers] i don't have any money. you're lying. i saw you with it. [snaps fingers] dad, just give him the money. i won't. [echoing] i won't. dad, just give him the money. i won't. come on, do something! do something! please, mitch, steph! come on, do something!
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come on, do something. do something. adam rain, this is the fbi! i need to see your hands. what--what are you doing? somebody call security. you can't ruin this. adam, put down the gun. we're in the middle of a performance. this is not a performance. yes, it is a performance and this is not how it ends! we need to get these people to a hospital. after they save my father from the robber. what robber, adam? from him! he did it! we have to stop him! mr. rain, it's only a puppet. there's no one there. when you were young,
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he never told you that the puppets weren't real. that's not true. it is. and that's why steph and mitch couldn't save him that day. they only moved when he made them. you're lying. adam, don't do to these people what the robber did to your father. you can save them. [scattered applause] [applause increases] thank you. thank you. thank you.
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thank you. thank you. well, i think after this long, hard week we just had, we should all head over to rossi's and pop open some old, expensive wine. that's a plan. could we maybe play some mes, too? oh, what kind of games? you tell me, sweet cheeks. hoh, we're heading to rossi's. you in? uh, jack's got a sleepover this weekend, so i was gonna go to new york and see beth. hubba hubba. wow... ah... wa a second. where's reid? he said he had something important to do.
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hi. um, spencer reid for two. you are the first to arrive. would you like to be seated? yes, i'd like that.
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[cell phone rings] [ring] [ring] hello. maeve, it's me. listen, don't come to the restaurant. what are you talking about? i'm outside. go home. spencer, if you don't want to meet me, you can just say it. no, that's nott. look, i think your stalker's here. what? please just go. ok. hey, dick. hey.
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so what's up? [exhales] excuse me, sir. a woman just left this for you. reid: thomas merton once wrote, "love is our true destiny. "we do not find the meaning of life "by ourselves alone. we find it with another." captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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blessed are the leaves of the forest and the air that we breathe. each day help me realize the oneness that nurtures, strengthens, and invigorates. allow me to honor you each morning as you honor all of your creatures.
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and give me the strength to-- [gasping] who are you? where did you come from? it's been a long time, patty. i bet you didn't think i'd track you down. my name isn't p-- what are you talking about? no. no. wait. what are you doing? lay down on your stomach. please. i'm only-- your stomach. don't do this. i'm just a humble servant. shh... what is it you call yourse now? floressa? no, you're making a mistake. yes, ok, i changed my name to floressa when i came here. but before then i wasn't patty. i was nina. i was nina skinner from joplin-- bite that. bite down. there.


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