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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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he's at a bachelor partyin vegas. if they only wake up with a tiger in their bathroom, they've failed at life. what happened? i thought the girls were right behind us. i think amber lee had to close out. you want me to go get them? yeah, right. i'll never see you again. you wait here. i'll go get them. fine. have another drink while you're at it. next stop is the pole vault, and they have a strict "no prudes" policy. and get us some wine. hey there, cowboy. you got a light? [music playing] whatever you want, boys come and get it...
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my friends are probably looking for me. i can't help it. you're so beautiful. uh...houston, i think we have a problem. [sighs] must've had too much to drink. of course you did. [sighs] hey. get off of me. hey. come on, just give me a damn second. no. it's not working. we're through. [gasps] i'll say when we're through. aah! the theory of variation. time to prove who did the reading. susan.
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you're quoting the text. give me an example. french. uh, spoken worldwide, but the same phrase in paris might have a completely different inference in montreal. that's right. this theory looks at the cultural stages a particular language undergoes in order to understand its evolution. who can tell me the first stage? anton. pidgin. pidgin is correct, mr. slavsky. this is when non-native speakers use phrases from the mainstream language in a broken manner, often sulting in an overly literal... [text message tone] translation of the meaning. i thought cell phones weren't allowed in class, dr. blake. [laughter] it would appear that i'm a variation to my own rule. jeffrey. last night michelle bradley
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in austin, texas. austin p.d. say that she is the third in a series of abductions in a week. right. the first victim, craig pickett, he was a student at t.u. he disappeared from a fraternity party. he was discovered at the visitor parking lot just after sunrise. he had been beaten with a blunt object. and then heather wilson, she was a veterinarian living in the old west district. she disappeared from a speed-dating function thing and she was found in a nearby alley the next morning. she had been stripped and she had been stabbed. each of the victims was at a social gathering the night that they were abducted. witness reports say that they were there one minute and gone the next. ok, so this guy doesn't waste any time. he knows whoe wants and how to get them. that shows organization and sophistication. he had craig and heather for less that 12 hours before he killed tm. we may already be out of time to save michelle. no apparent link in victimology. what troubles me is the variation in m.o. the speed and efficiency of the abduction suggests one unsub. so is he using weapons of opportunity or specifically catering his murder ritual to each victim? jj: there's clear evidence of overkill on both.
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he's angry, but about what? well, the motive on heather appears sexual. she was stripped down to nothing more than a watch, while craig was left fully clothed. his wallet was missing. there might be some kind of financial motivation. or it's plain old-fashioned jealousy. he kills craig in a rage and the beast is unleashed. that's when he starts targeting women. his area of control appears to be quite large. what's interesting is he dumps the bodies in the same district they're abducted from. so he doesn't go far, yet he'd need privacy. maybe he uses his vehicle for the assaults.
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blake: "the world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are stronger at the broken places." ernest hemingway. [train whistle blowing] [indistinct chatter] [indistinct police radio] gentlemen. detective sanchez. agent morgan. agent rossi. appreciate the help. i ven't seen anything like this before. consider yourself fortunate. she was stabbed? it's a lot of blood. it looks like michelle was still bleeding out
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he was probably with her the whole night. a large pickup truck or an suv would go unnoticed in these parts. give him room to work. a bachelorette party and a speed-dating function. both female victims were in situations that would have drawn the attention of the men around them. so maybe the unsub was on the prowl. the women could have enraged him by rejecting his advances. well, they didn't reject him right away, though. he was able to lure both into isolation, which tells me he's got game. well, what about craig pickett? he disappeared from a f ft party. well, pickett was the first victim. and the unsub's use of a blunt object rather than a knife suggests that the kill was impulsive. it's probable that craig and the unsub are connected. you should take a closer look at his classmates and professors. excuse me for a minute. what's up? michelle bradley's crime scene photos
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he took off everything but the watch, just like with heather wilson. no clothes, no earrings, not so much as a hair tie left. but he leaves a watch. it's a compulsion. it could be his signature. shanice, do you happen to remember if michelle was wearing this watch last night? i don't think so. i don't know. do you happen to have any pictures on your phone i could take a look at oh...yeah, we took a couple. here you go. thank you. i counted 40 stab wounds of various depths of penetration. he's targeting her femininity. this type of anger stems from a deep-seated hatred of women. or a woman. so you think they're surrogates for someone who emasculated him? the time and effort it takes to stab someone 40 times
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of someone affected by a past trauma. well, if his work here is any iication, he's unraveling quickly. we should take a look at craig. he triggered the unsub's violence. he certainly put up the biggest fight. here. let me show you. craig was harder to control. how did he get the bruising on his chest and back? he was fully clothed when he was found. there'no tears in his shirt. he must not have been wearing it when he was attacked. the unsub dressed him postmortem. he's showing remorse. craig was closer to his attacker than we thought. how long have you and craig been roommates? since freshman year. you two seem very close. he was like my brother. well, that's rare.
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at all. you told police you went to the game the night after craig disappeared? what happened after that? uh, came back to the campus. hit a couple of frat parties. which ones? uh--uh--i don't really remember. i was drunk. this must be tough, having to pack up all his things on your own. didn't his family want to help? well, we've been living togeth a long time. i told them i'd sort through what was his and what was mine. yeah. that reminds me another roommate i had at the academy. she used to make me promise her that if something ever happened to her,
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what didn't craig want his parents to see, will? was it this? you may want to put that with the other things. please, you can't tell them. i've scoured the victims' social feeds, and i can confirm michelle is the on one who turned up wearing a watch that didn't belong to her. morgan: well, she's also the only one not wearing a watch when abducted. time is somehow important to this unsub. but not the right time. none of the watches were accurate. that has to mean something. well, it's a message, but for whom? the watch he put on michelle was broken. could that be his way of saying her time was up? maybe they were taunts, telling ushat we're out of time. could it be like time of death? you know, like only the unsub understands it notification kind of thing?
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it happens. not about the notifications. the times don't add up. but what if it's a warning? what if he's setting the watches to the time of the next abduction? 6:22. i really hope you're wrong, spence. listen, i will take a shot if you'll ride the bull. i'll ride the bull. i'll ride the bull. let's go. 3, 2, 1. ohh! oh, come on. that was disgusting. [indistinct] what is that? oh, come on, don't tell me you've reached the shot stage already? you're late. where you been? and you brought a stray. who's your friend, mitch? this is doug. he just trsferred in from the boston office, and he is in desperate need of friends and beverages. and not necessarily in that order. ah, you came to the right place. sit down. have a drink. yeah, you come sit by me, doug. h. after you. you're stuck with me, i guess. you're stuck with me, pal. how's it going? i'm paige. doug. nice to meet you. i'm paul. hi. you mind?
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thank you. how was work? i need a drink. oh. here. have at it. thank you so much. so... what kind of trouble are we getting into tonight? oh, you like trouble. who doesn't? [telephones ringing] michelle was a smoker. if the unsub saw her on his own, he could have asked to bum a cigarette or offered her a light. it's an easy in. yeah. but according to the m.e.'s report, neither heather nor craig were smokers. they don't need to be. this guy's socially proficient. he can adapt his ruse to whomever he targets. well, does that include sexual orientation? craig pickett was at a gay bar the night he went missing. well, that fitswith the other abductions. but why would the roommate lie? craig hadn't come out to his parents. will was trying to protect his friend's secret. or intentionally obstructing the investigation. no, i don't think so. because of the physical brutality he suffered,
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and didn't want his death becoming a media spectacle. so we're back to square one. not necessarily. craig was the only victim that the unsub felt remorse for. their connection could have been an intimate one. [shower running] [faucet creaks, shower turns off] you know, i gotta say... that was one hell of a welcome to austin. i guess we got a little carried away. need some help? got it. ok. you all right? paul? what's wng? we shouldn't have done that. i thought you were into it.
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i was. just i... you shouldo. no, not until you talk to me. here. have a seat. [clears throat] what is going through your head right now? ys are not sup-- guys are supposed to be with girls. oh, man. someone really did a number on you, didn't they? parent or pastor? [breathing deeply] how do you do this? i mean, how are you ok with this? [clears throat] i wasn't. not for real long time.
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how much longer are you willing to pretend to be someone that you aren't. who says i'm pretending? who says i'm... hey. this room, for one. yeah. yeah, it is a mess. yeah, it's... i don't know what i'm doing. then i guess it's a good thing you met me, then. i'm a great teacher. relax, baby. i'm a great teacher. get out. just--don't touch me. paul, what the hell?
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can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. there's been another victim? doug warn. an accountant from boston. hotch and rossi are still at the crime scene. body was dumped near a park. was he wearing a watch? 6:59. was the watch still working? if you mean by working, still ticking, yeah, but it was at least 2 1/2 hours off, though. now that we have a few working watches, though, we might be able to see a pattern in how or why the unsub changes the times. let's see. 6...
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i don't know. an hour ago, maybe. why? you know the exact time? a jogger called it in... at...9:04. he was running laps, so the body couldn't have been laying there more than a few minutes. i... think i know what the messages say. well, reid, spit it out already. 6:22. ok, are you talking about michelle'satch or doug's watch? i'm talking about all the watches. if you take the times the bodies were discovered, subtract the variance the corresponding watches are off by, you land within plus or minus 6 minutes of 6:22 every single time. which, taking into consideration the time between dump and discovery and all the public areas and the fact that the only broken watch we found was already stuck at 6:22, it's reasonable to deduce the unsub sets the watches to the exact same time just before disposing of the bods. so stupid. it was literally staring me in the face the whole time. i don't know how i missed it. come on, reid, stop. you're the only person who can realize all of this. so what does 6:22 mean?
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all i know is what it says. i don't know what it means. well, he used a blunt object again. this kill was just as impulsive as the first. were there any defensive wounds under his clothes? no, but you should take a look. that's combining murder rituals. is he unraveling or evolving his m.o.? it could be both. did he inflict the stab wounds pre- or postmortem? it was all postmortem after the first blow. back of his head. killed him instantly. next was theace? actually, no. based on the blood loss, i'd say the stabbing was first. that doesn't add up. why would he switch to a knife, then go back to the blunt object after? we, he must be attacking the face for a specific reason. it could be a manifestation of his guilt, like the re-dressing. or of his self-worth. maybe he didn't want the men to see him. his self-esteem would have been at an all-time low.
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not the women. dr. aylesworth, did the victim have sex before he died? i believso. i found traces of lubricant consistent with that used on latex condoms. thank you. we believe we're looking for a white homosexual male in his mid- to late 20s who is suffering from an identity crisis. this man can't accept his same-sex desires, but he can't fight them either. he's most likely been repressing all sexual urges for quite some time. the first victim, craig pickett, represents a fall from the wagon, if you will. intercourse between the two men was most likely the unsub's trigger. immediately after copulation, the male's serotonin levels drop. the high is achieved during sex. that rapid change can manifest itself in extreme depssion and low self-esteem. blake: combined with an apparent belief that acting on his attraction towards other men is wrong, this state causes the unsub to lash out violently at those he's with. rossi: as his levels normalize,
11:28 pm
and he tries to correct his course. this is where heather and michelle come in. after killing craig, the unsub sought out women that he was desperate to be attracted to. but he's trapped in a scenario with an impossible outcome. he can't force himself to like women, so when he's unable to get aroused, he becomes depressed again and lashes out in anger to the people he blames for his impotence. the circular logic dictating his never-ending cycle was not formed overnight. it most likely came about due to years of serious abuse, either emotional, physical, or both. we're more than friends. what are you talking about? i like him. like like him. the hell you do. don't even think like that, son. it's how i feel. no, it isn't. it can't be. he's taken advantage of you somehow. he hasn't. it's the truth. truth? the truth? i'll show you the truth.
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is the need to be accepted by the parent or loved one who has rejected the individual because of their homosexuality. so focus on men who grew u in a broken home and suffered under the guardianship of a domineering parent, as well as those who fell victim to bigotry or bullying. tell her she's beautiful. i am, aren't i? you're an abomination! i'm a great teacher. you're doing it wrong. i'm gonna make you a real man. an abomination! the bottom line is this unsub will not stop killing. with each failed attempt to become aroused by women or to avoid giving in to his same-sex urges, he becomes more desperate anmore dangerous. thank you. [knock on door]
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and i thought something had happened to you, too. what are you talking about? doug was murdered last night. what? yeah, it must have happened after you dropped him off. he didn't show up to work and so i-- i went by his apartment and there were cops everywhere. what'd you tell them? nothing. i came straight here to make sure you were ok. i'm fine. fine, i promise. getting the 4-1-1 on a 6-2-2 is not easy. i am looking up that date, and june 22 is quite eventful in recent history. it sounds like miss thing's got something good. well, uh, let's see. on this date in 1990, florida banned the wearing of thong bikinis. i said good, baby girl. right, right. ok. let'see. june 22, 1992, supreme court ruled minnesota hate crime laws
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the defendant burned a cross on the front yard of an african-american family's house who lived next door. nothing in the unsub's profile suggests racial motivation, though. no, but the cross has me thinking. many religions suggest that following through on homosexual desires invites condemnation. what if the unsub is struggling with his faith? garcia, are there any 6:22 bible passages that are relevant? yeah, i thought of that, but the most popular one is matthew 6:22 and it has to do with lights and eyes. i don't see how that fits. all right, well, let's look at this another way. what are the passages that specifically relate to homosexuality? that's it. he's not saying 6:22. he's saying 18:22. as in leviticus 18:22. "thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, for it is an abomination." he converted 18:22 to 6:22 p.m. like military time. maybe the unsub suffered abuse at the hands of someone citing god's will that he should change.
11:32 pm
ok, but if you wanted to change someone's sexual orientation, how could you do it? i mean, you're not gonna guilt somebody into that. uh, i'm seeing some stuff about an ex-gay movement. it looks like some kind of a 12-step program. a 12-step program usually doesn't traumatize the participant. but conversion therapy might. several conversion camps have been shut down recently 'cause their methods border on torture. yeah, but why would any faith condone the torture of children? none of them would. even a religion that frowns on homosexuality. none of them would cross that line. garcia, are there conversion camps in the area? uh... i got a hit. camp willing operates just outside of austin. their motto is, "it's time tchange." and guess which biblical passage is on their home page.
11:33 pm
what are you doing in here? i had to use the bathroom. is this doug's blood? it's not my fault. not your fault. whose fault was it, paul? theirs. yeah. theirs? how could it be their fault? they haven't laid a hand on you in years. you know what they did to me? of course i do. they did the same thing to me, too. woman: there we go. no forgetting what time it is now. best hurry off. you don't want to be late for class, do you? i can't let you leave yet, mitch.
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