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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you have no fresh leads. he wants the replicator classified inactive. erin, he's stalking this team. no one's going to give it up. i know that. and neither will i. you could drop out oh, wow, say shout made many girls cry she'll still run lies... [laughter] don't need no reason why... hey, hotch, i need an override. hotch! i told you not to call me that. i need an override. i can't help you. thane's got the card. you know where he is? i'll give you one guess. [heavy breathing] you're too hot. oh, god. mmm... i'm thirsty.
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is it hot in here? oh, yeah, its. you're too hot. who's that? shh. thane? what do you want, hotchner? i need the override card. yeah, i get that. i'm a little busy. it's a 5g tab. we don't want 'em to walk. uh, just... thought i told you not to bug me. i'm not the only one with a card. jim's in a meeting what meeting? i don't know. a meeting. you got the card or what? i need some water. yeah, yeah, just a second. bloody hell! i don't feel so good. [coughing] sean! sean, get in here!
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call 911! she's not breathing. what the hell are you doing? call for help! beth, laughing: i do not. hotch: ok, you don't. do i, really? well, just a little. and i'm used to it, 'cause jack can babble all night long in his sep. usually he's talking about superheroes, though. what do i talk about? mm, you don't want to know. aaron! shh. he just got to sleep. [giggles] i'm so glad we're finally doing this. me, too. i cannot wait to show him the city. he's so excited. mm. what did you think of my itinerary? um, which page? oh...i went all overboard, didn't i? it's a little ambitious. that's ok. [groans] we'll take it easy and play it by ear, ok? mm. we'll play it by this ear. oh. this one? mm-hmm. i just--i really want this weekend to be memorable for both of you.
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it's hard not living in the same city. i know. but i think we're making it work. right? [cell phone rings] i think we are. did you forget to tell dave that you were on vacation? [ring] it's sean. your brother sean? jim peters. i own the place. aaron, uh, thank god. uh... i got mixed up in something. i need your help. what happened? this girl, she died right in my arms. look, i need to see you. sean, if you're a witnessto something, you need to stay put. i'm in manhattan. i'll come to you. what, you're here? since when? where are you? club called the edinburgh. 8th and 54th. all right, i'm on my way. i'll text you when i'm close. that sounded serious. yeah, with sean it usually is. what's going on? i don't know. i'll keep you posted. will you keep an eye on jack?
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i'm sorry. don't be. he's your brother. yeah. that's why i'm worried. i didn't think you could still smoke in new york. you're not even gonna warm up to the big brother act? i figured it'd save us time. how long you been in the city? jack and i got here today. jack. wow. i haven't seen him since he was... 3. right. and now he's, uh... 7. so this is where you work now? what happened to the restaurant? that was a long time ago.
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what happened tonight? the girl who died, anna, cops think she o.d.'d on ecstasy. and you think they're wrg? she--she was bleeding, out of everything. my manager wouldn't let me call 911 until we got her outside, and by that time she was already dead. cops ask you why you waited to call them? they'd already written anna off. cops said they see people overdose in clubs all the time. then there are probably other cases like this one. i'll talk to them. there was. linda heying. she died last week. how well did you know her? we worked together. she probably got her supply from the same place. there's enough of it around here. and everybody looks the otheway. yeah. if we want to keep our jobs. linda wasn't using. how do you know?
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and the m.e. reports showed 3 other victims bleeding out over the last week. yeah. one in harlem, two in the village, all 5 of them categorized as ecstasy overdoses. and one of the victims may have been drugged without her knowledge. ecstasy is frequently used as a date rape drug, but i've never seen it cause bleeding like this. could it be a bad batch? well, uh, according to the m.e., the victims had so much mdma in their systems that it caused their internal body temperature to go out of control. they boiled from the inside out. that's not typical of overdose victims either. we could be looking at product tampering, similar to the tylenol cyanide poisoning in '86. and the working theory in that case was that the unsub targeted a specific victim but dosed mass quantities to cover his tracks. so you're telling me these deaths could just be the start. yes, ma'am. i'd like the team to join me in new york as soon as possible. we're on our way, aaron. thanks. you're coming, aren't you?
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this team tends to go rogue when loved ones are involved. light 'em up, light 'em up light 'em up i'm on fire light 'em up, light 'em up light 'em up i'm on fire oh oh oh oh oh... [song continues]
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mbers of the same family grow up under the same roof." richard bach. morgan: this is more than product tampering. this is mass murder. overdosing certainly seems like a hard sell now. how is he taking out experienced partiers and non-drug users at the same time? he has to be dosing his victims without their knowledge somehow. ecstasy can be made in pill, powder, and liquid form. it wouldn't be that hard to slip something into someone's drink or to convince them the pill they're taking is safe. so even regular users might not know they're being dosed until it's too late. why kill in such a graphic manner? well, he gets off on the spectacle. it's not just about the victims with this guy. it's about the witnesses. he incites fear. which means the unsub is desperate for attention, and he wants all eyes on his work because he craves recognition.
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it allows him to relive his crimes. you know, the medium of his kill is interesting. he's picking a drug that's knowfor its euphoric effect. it's like he wants to take that happiness away. well, it can't be a coincidence that the majority of his victims are known drug users. he's taking the la into his own hands. but what about the two who were clean? linda heying and erik sullivan's families insist they never touched the stuff. either the victims are good at hiding the truth or the unsub's killing for another reason. we should take a closer look and see how they're connected. hi. i'm gonna have to try to meet up with you guys later. this is a bit of a mess. we've got 11 victims, and sean seems to be mixed up in it somehow. well, don't worry about us, then. we'll be fine. ok. can you put jack on? sure. it your dad. hi, dad. hey, buddy. i'm gonn have to be late. you'll miss the statue of liberty. i know. and i'm really disappointed.
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i'm sorry i have to work, jack. this is the part of my job that stinks. it's ok, dad. if someone's in trouble, you should help them. i appreciate that. take lots of pictures for me, ok? i will. hey. hi. thanks for doing this. i'm really sorry. oh, are you kidding? i'm excited about a little quality one-on-one with jack. go help your brother. thanks. i love you. love you, too. bye. 6 kids died at a rave last night. they bled out just like the others. damn. how well do you know these people you're working with? thane hooked me up with the job a couple of months ago. linda and i started dating a few weeks after that. you suspect any of the employees of dealing? no, but it's not like it's hard to find if you're looking. and you'd tell me if you were involved in anything illegal?
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i swear, aaron. and you've told me everything? all right, you did the right thing in calling. i'll let you know what we find out. well, this guy's definitely making a statement. to us or to them? it's the drug. did you and your friends take the same pills? yeah. but it wasn't pills. it was liquid x. i'm just trying to understand why the drug killed your friends and not you. did they take a lot more than you? why was that? they had more money. why would you want more doses? i mean, it appears that the drug had its intended effect. eventually, yeah. but it took forever and the others didn't want to wait. and how long does it normally take?
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but this stuff was different. it took nearly double that. so your friends bought more doses, thinking the batch they'd taken was weak. how much more did they take? do you know? two vials, each. do you think you'd be able to describe the person you bought the ecstasy from? don't have to. he's right over there. thanks. the delayed onset of the drug caused the victims to o.d. themselves. well, that explains why the victims boiled. the higher the dose, the higher the heat. maybe it was designed that way. according to the m.e. report, the ecstasy was cut with a high volume of methamphetamine. go for greatness. hey, baby girl. i need you to run a search on delayed onset mdma. methamphetamine mixtures. see if you can find anything about-- what? whoa. double oh to the whoa to the oh whoa power. there's a drug called para-methox...ish... reid: para-methoxymethamphetamine? yes. what you just said. pmma for short. it just hit the international market. its street name, which i'm not making up, is doctor death.
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apparently it's produced with such a huge percentage of meth, it masks the effects of the ecstasy until the user's already taken too much. mdma costs more to make than methamphetamine, so it's common practice to mix the two in creating ecstasy in order to maximize profit margins. like watering down liquor, except in this case, the water kills you. so is this pmma coming straight from the manufacturer, or is our unsubaltering the drug supply to make it more lethal? [clatter] [bottles clinking] thank you. that was the dea. they're very concerned. this is the first evidence of pmma making its way into the united states. and they have no idea where it's coming from? no. they've increase border patrol, they've heightened security at the airports.
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well, still, if it weren't for your brother, we might not have made the connection. i have some reservations. what are you going to do? i asked dave to talk to him. well, that'll do it. where's aaron? in cases where family's involved, we like to have an unbiased agent conduct the interview. am i a suspect? should you be? um, how well did you know linda? we used to date. date? hmm. you told agent hotchner that she was your girlfriend. she was. then it...stopped. you two brokup, then? no, it's not like that. well, what stopped, then, the sex? look, what linda a i were or weren't isn't gonna help you.
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[sighs] we had a fight. it was bad. but we were getting over it, getting back to normal. what was the fight about? [sighs] my using. you're a drug addict? i don't use anymore. linda convinced me to get clean. how long ago was that? two months ago. any relapses? not in the last two months. what was your drug of choice? i'd rather not say. you'd rather not say? are you serious? people are dying, sean. it was ecstasy. you said you'd told me everything. i stopped using. i didn't think it mattered. it does matter. where were you getting the drugs? from thane. so you're protecting him. no. look, it's not like that. i met him a few years ago. when i lt the catering gig, he gave me a job. thane may be a dumbass, but he doesn't kill people. does it not occur to you that if thane has access tohe drug supply,
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i didn't think-- no, you didn't think. what else are you hiding? nothing! i didn't have anything to do with this. i don't understand. we buried my brother a week ago. well, other people have died, and we're worried that there may be a connection to what happened to your brother. i knew it. the cops tried telling us he died of a drug overdose. but you didn't believe them. erik didn't do drugs. he wouldn't. why is that? our dad used to get high before he'd beat us. you told police that you were partying the night he died. yeah, we were just drinking wine. that's all. do you remember what kind? not the brand or anything. i got a ttle of red, he got white.
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did you wash your hands? yes. you know the rules. thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat. thank you for the birds that sing, thank you, god, for everything. amen. mom! dad!
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pure is big, bold and just better. pure is mccormick. the smallest pinch of pure mccormick can make meals legendary. we want to help you realize the rich taste that pure can bring. because pure tastes better. ecstasy isn't exactly an appeter. you know, kimberly sullivan said she and her other were drinking wine the night he died. it's almost empty.
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the unsub wants to increase his body count. he doesn't care who he hurts. tv: a startling development tonight in manhattan where two parents died of an apparent drug overdose in front of their daughter. bernard and catherine hatchitt bled out at the dinner table in what is being categorized as a deadly reaction to ecstasy and methamphetamine. federal investigators arrived on the scene when it was discovered the illegal substance was inside the wine the couple had been drinking. their daughter has been moved into protective custody pending the outcome of the investigation, and next of kin... i hope you saved me for dessert. morgan isn't here, baby girl. oh. i knew that. that was for you. uh-huh. tell us you found something. how about a sequel to "the grapes of wrath"? i tracked the wine bottles both erik sullivan and the hatchitt family were drinking, and look o, 'cause those bottles were in cases shipped to the edinburgh. why would someone from the bar drug the wine? maybe it occurred at the bottling plant. there's no way to track where a specific case is going to
6:28 pm
yeah. and it doesn't explain the rave victims. it would if we're dealing with two unsubs. one who alters the drug, another who doses the wine. but if someone at the club is spiking the wine, how is it ending up in the hands of two manhattan parents and one underage boy in harlem? garcia, did any of the wine victims make transactions at the edinburgh? nothing that's obvious. i'll keep checking. beep beep. ok. so... we have 5 overdose victims we can connect directly to the edinburgh, a club that condones drug use. the answer is there. [knocks] let me call you back. thanks. i heard about those parents. i want to help. what do you know? we think somebody at the edinburgh is dosing bottles of wine with tampered ecstasy. why? to murder someone?
6:29 pm
if not, they could be using it as a date rape drug. does that sound like something thane would do? yeah. i've seen him do it. but he freaked out when he saw what happened to anna. he definitely didn't know. who do you think it could be? someone farther up the supply chain. thane might know who it is. i could help you find out. how's that? i know the guy. i can ask him where he gets his drugs. then that might tip off the real unsub. well, couldn't you put a wire on me? i can do it without making him suspicious. no, sean. you have no training. i'm not gonna do that. and if thane knows more than we think he does, it's too risky. i'm telling you, i can do this. just give me the chance. once you tell thane that the police questioned you, you'll have his attention. ask him wh you're supposed to say to them if they want to talk to you again. we need some idea of how t operation's organized. he's not gonna just give that up.
6:30 pm
hotch: the edinburgh's had a lot of attention right now because of the deaths, and that's not good for business. and you need to make the situation sound as bad as possible. yeah, but won't he panic? well, without jeopardizingyour safety, that's exactly what we want him to do. even with the spotlight of the invesgation, the club still needs to make money. and that means continuing to sell the drugs. thane's already on edge. somebody's probably pressuring him to make all this go away. which is why he'll be desperate to know what you said to the police. [no audio] thane needs somebody on his side right now, and the more that you can assure him you're a team player, the more he's gonna confide in you. how do you feel? fine. i'm read all right, good. let's do it. you're late, hotchner. sorry. sorry, i got held up by the cops.


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