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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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what are you doing? hello? dude, we are so stealing something! what?! dude, what are you doing?! just something small. a blackberry. this is huge. ten bucks sh forget the t-shirt. we're gonna make a fortune on this one. where you going? these knuckleheads found her and called it in. said they were autograph hunters. they got blood on them? no blood, no weapon. well, hold them anyway. was it a forced entry? all the doors and windows are intact. is the place ransacked? nothing. you said they wanted an autograph. from who, the doa?
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sweet clarice, the rapper. too violent for me. sex, guns, and a nasty mouth. no sign of a struggle. she got powder burn on her dress. she took two the chest. (green) oh, wow. that's a whole lot of bling to leave behind. what do you think that goes for?
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and impaired judgment or motorkills. don't give up on the progress you may have made with your current antidepressant. talk to your doctor about adding rexulti. and feel better about facing the world. you may qualify to get your first 30 days free. visit for details. the me's mid autopsy, but so far we've got clarice alive till 1:00 am. she did an appearance at the garden with jay-z at 11:00. her promoter says the town car got her home at 1:00. you talked to the limo driver? yeah, he's 70 years old. he doesn't have a record. and he had another pickup ten minutes after he dropped clarice off. (cassady) hey, lieu? yeah? south squad faxed over this five from two weeks ago. clarice was questioned in a shooting that went down outside the z103 radio station. questioned as a witness or a suspect? a witness. clarice was there with her crew to do a promotional appearance when roxy black showed up with her boys. ended up with roxy's guy getting shot in the arm. uh, ricky bonner. long sheet.
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oh, my god, for years. you're looking at payback? that's the theory, but clarice's rap sheet ain't enough to support her gangster persona. but it's hard to believe it's all an act. i mean, lieu, have you heard any of her lyrics? temptations. al green. anything on the canvass? nobody saw anything. nobody heard anything. all right,et's start with ricky bonner. see if he settled the score. (ricky) i got nothing to say. studio time ain't free. okay, then let's start with who shot you at the radio station. i don't know. you got a beef with someone in clarice's posse? i'm all about peace, man. your three assault collars say differently. and we got a homicide here, ricky. we're not leaving empty-handed. i was here all night. the boys will say it and so will security. see ya. i will search everybody in this room while my partner does background checks
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[door closes] i got no beef with sweet clarice, all right? i was caught in the crossfire. between who and who? i don't know. there was, like, 30 people there. but i've got nothing against clarice. she was down. know what i'm saying? is there anybody in roxy's crew that would take revenge for you? not unless roxy gave the word. which she wouldn't against clarice. oh, yeah? word is they hated each other. heh. wrong. you're buying the hype. when your beef with clarice has bullets flying, we take it seriously. yeah, but that had nothing to do with me and her. not according to the press. and it got a lot of records sold too. get it? then who threw the shots? i ain't no snitch. [laughing] don't you love when people say that? oh, i do. energizes me. makes me want to arrest everyone i see and hold them for 24 hours. and it won't get you a thing. satisfaction. there were two hardcore bangers there that had something personal between them. but that had nothing to do with me and clarice.
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look, if i thought it wasconnected, i'd tell you. clarice was my friend. despite the disses? come on. look, we grew up two blocks away from each other in bed stuy and went to the same grammar school. so lady, you come on. so you can account for yourself and your posse past 1:00 last night? i had a show in brooklyn and most of them were with me. but ask 'em if you want to. i wasn't involved. okay, did clarice have a boyfriend? she said she was too busy for men. she was working too hard. anyone else she was having trouble with? she mentioned some problems at her record label. time of death records? she said she was owed over 200 grand in royalties from her latest album, but andre blair wasn't hearing it. [ice clatters] folks, i don't see the connection. there was a mild financial dispute, but name one artist who doesn't pitch a beef now and then. you do have a reputation for mixing business with violence. you hung a guy out of a hotel room window
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a guy who came to my christmas party this year. that was all press. i got the photos. (green) mr. blair... that assault and gun collar on your sheet didn't have anything to do with press. guilty on both. paid for with six years of my life. not an experience i care to repeat. so if we ask around, which we will, everything was cool between you and clarice? all i will cop to is being displeased with her sales. but that was all on her. because? it wasn't the clarice people wanted. it was clarice lite. no guts. that translates to no profanity, no sex? equals no sales. but that'll get an artist dropped off a label, not killed. fine. were where you last night? 1:00 am. deuces, which is my club. law enforcement always welcome. i appreciate that. who'll back it up? everybody. andre blair checks out as the club, but there's plenty of gaps. in his timeline, but also his sheet. his last collar was 11 years ago. well, six of which he spent locked up.
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with a multinational company now. so leopards change their spots? point taken. clarice's cell records. got some calls in the afternoon to andre blair, but the majority of the calls are to isaac krantz, iced out ike. (van buren) is he a rapper? no, he's the king of bling. jeweler to the rap world. oh, so she was buying jewelry. i don't know. last call to ike, 1:00 am. talk to him. (ike) last night, i went to a record release party for one of my clients, m.c. excellence. bought an exquisite piece from me last year. 19 karats of rose diamonds set in platinum, really nice. we can talk in the vault here. anybody see you at this party? sure, i could find, probably, 15 or 20 people who'll confirm that. what was your relationship with clarice james? she was a client. a client who owed you a lot of money, according to your sales manager. well, unfortunately, she wouldn't be the first. but we were working it out. at 1:00 am? you have to understand the rap world doesn't really keep banker's hours. it's 24/7.
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a general number, 400 grand. how were you working it o? she had agreed to give some of the pieces back and also do some promotional work for me. [cell phone rings] well, that doesn't get you up to 400 grand, and you had a lot of late night phone calls from her. believe me, i threatened to sue her for the money, but she know that would be a nightmare in the press. and she begged me to reconsider, which i did. i know it's kind of an odd way to do business, but it's their game. i just kind of go with the flow. okay, we'lright be there. listen, thank you for your time. we'll get back to you. oh, sure. it's the m.e. thanks. rigor and core temp has her dead about 12 hours. got two .38 slugs out of her. neither worth much for ballistics. she's been dead 12 hours? that's what, like, 5:00 am? we were thinking it might be earlier. it was 5:00 when she died, but i'll bet she was shot much earlier. slug in her eighth thoracic vertebra. couldn't move, couldn't speak. only thing she could do was bleed. could've taken her three urs to die. anyone tip you off to her pregnancy?
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six weeks. anything in clarice's phone records to indicate a pregnancy? i put a call in to her gynecologist. nothing stuck out at the time, but now-- what was the name? city women's medical center. i worked on a case there a few years ago. they were getting bomb threats. they do abortions. you got it. (rubin) it really makes me very nervous to talk to anyone about a patient. this is a murdered patient, dr. rubin. whcalled here the day she died. now we can get a subpoena, but it's only gonna slow us down. why'd she call? she had an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, and shjust backed out. she say why? she didn't know what to do. she needed more time to think. it had to do with the baby's father. the guy didn't know.
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i thought all arrows pointed to andre blair, but it turns out he's not married and he has three kids by two different women, neither of whom he lives with. doesn't sound like a new child would've presented much static. or it wasn't about the baby. andre talked a lot about guns. i can't imagine he woun't have access to one. so do 40,000 other new yorkers. where are we on marri boyfriends? there's no boyfriend on the radar, but sleeping around a lot was part of her rap. you know, i'm starting to think her reality and her rap might not sync up. maybe not. the email c.i.t.u. sent over. "there's none more beautiful, sexier. "you make a blind man see. you make a dead man..." so on and so on. so who's the sweet talker? steven smith. find out if he's married. i was home with my wife and baby boy that night. so you're a good father, a loyal husband, and your wife will confirm this? i don't see any reason to get her involved in this. hey, man, your ex-girlfriend was murdered. we're gonna talk to your wife.
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a business school buddy of mine has a place i use when i need to work late. but i did not kill clarice. so why did you just lie to us? i was with a prostitute. if that's the case, you wouldn't mind submitting to a paternity test. no, wrg. clarice wasn't pregnant. not by me. well, a test will prove that. i haven't seen her in three months. how pregnant was she? are you sure she didn't mention the pregnancy? you didn't have any words? all we talked about was business. that was our relationship. it got sexual twice, but that was it. we heard your broke her heart. because wouldn't support her record label idea, not out of love. she need backers. i expressed an interest maybe to get her into bed, but then i told her to self-finance. she's loaded. that ain't what we heard, man. have you seen her safety deposit box? that dude wasn't kidding. this is a fortune. they all have "i & company" stamped on them. that's iced out ike. he said that sweet clarice owed him 400 grand. this has gotta be like a million.
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ain't he married? with two kids. yeah, i recognize the pieces. they're--they're obviously mine. and? how'd she get 'em? i don't know. maybe she bought them. i don't really oversee every transaction in the store. well, how's she buying all these jewels when she owes you so much money? couldn't tell you. maybe she borrowed them from a friend. you got the sales records for these so we can confirm that? for some of them, sure. you saying your books are incomplete? no, the books are complete, but we do a lot of cash transactions where the buyer remains nameless. oh, isn't that convenient. what are you implying? (green) m.c. excellence's party. your name wasn't checked off on the guest list. yeah, i know, i went as a friend's plus one. name of your friend. you know, i don't think i like your tone. scared we're gonna find out you're cheating on your wife th clarice? listen, you want to buy some stones? fine, we'll talk. if not, excuse me. boss, ran clarice's financials. there's no evidence of big expenditures.
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under the table, off the books. so we think. we'll prove it when we subpoena his business records. i don't see enough for that. what other evidence do you have of a relationship? a lot of pho calls. photos of them together at her apartment. right, which he'll call business. taru just said ike's cell hit on a tower on east 97th street at 1:10 the night of the murder. a block away from the crime scene, just after clarice got home. when he said he was in battery park at a record release party. and a half hour later, there were site hits on white street in tribeca, right where lexisnexis has ike linked to an apartment. a love nest. does this place have a doorman? his name is mike. he's waiting for us. on your way. he came in around 1:30 moving quick. didn't respond to my hello. not the first time. you seen him since then? nope. was there anything odd about him that night? a lot odd about that guy. cagey, stiffed me every holiday, but nothing i noticed. did you hear from him again at night?
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when he left was there anything different about him? clothes? was he carrying anything? everything was different. walked in dressed to party. walked out in a track suit. and noriefcase. and again, no response to "hello." okay, thank you for your time, man. i'm calling connie to get a warrant. there's nothing but papers in this briefcase. well, there's no gun in the bedroom or master bath. any blood on those clothes? not at first glance, but i'll get 'em over to the lab. you know, it doesn't look like ike spent a whole lot of time here. looks like all he needed was the bed and a fully stocked r. and a convenient place to do laundry. there's not a washer and dryer. the building has a service. you know, it looks like we might be hitting a brick wall here. un-uh. look at this. dark spots. could be blood.
12:23 pm
we need to speak with your husband. what's going on? okay, what are you doing here? (gwen) you know them? got some questions for you, ike. what about? what's going on? it's all a big misunderstanding, okay? what the hell is this about? hey. come here. we found blood on your shoe. same blood type as clarice james. now you want to act like gentleman, or do you want me to tell your wife. you know what? i'm not gonna say anything until i talk to my lawyer. ll, our bracelets are cheaper than what you're used to, ike, but they'll have to do. (gwen) oh, my god. you're under arrest for the murder of clarice james. you have the right to remain silent. anything you say may be used againsyou in a court of law.
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now, despite his wealth and multiple addresses, he understands and respects the american judicial system, and has no intention of fleeing the city, let alone the country. private jets and limitless resources make me nervous, counselor. you can't punish a man for being suessful. defendant is remanded. remanded. what the hell does that mean? you're gonna sit in jail until trial. [gavel pounds] next case. i assume that we can prove that ike is the father of the unborn child. the paternity test just came back. it's a match. okay, so he's the father. that's great. but it doesn't mean he killed the mother. he lied to detectives cassady and green about his relationship with the victim. he has no credible ali. and his fingerprints are all over the crime scene. and he made five phone calls to the victim on the night of the murder, all prior to her approximate time odeath. can we put him near the crime scene? according to taru, one of the calls was made from about a block away at 1:10 am. what about the bloody shoe? blood type's a match, but the sample's small,
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motive? wealthy married man. beautiful wife, beautiful house, two beautiful kids. and a pregnant, bankrupt rapper from bed stuy who refused to get an abortion. walk on the wild side gone bad. pretty much. makes sense. as long as ike's life was as perfect as you say it was. ike is... how do i say this? he's the kid who got his ass kicked in high school, didn't get into the cool frat in college, and then hits it big in the diamond business. so he's making up for lost time, if you know what i mean. like a revenge of the nerds type of thing. does ike seem to be in love with his wife? all he does is talk about how great she is. it's like he can't believe that he actually married someone like her: beautiful, ivy league, a doctor's daughter. what about clarice? i don't know anything about that. did you ever see her come to the store?


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