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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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okay. here we go. i'm really doing this. [breathing nervously] we got pulmonary edema. injection site on his left arm. gonna go with an i.v. drug overdose. tan lines here. he's missing a wedding band and a wristwatch. just a driver's license and credit card on the dresser. thomas lupo, 36. he checked in yesterday at 2:00 pm. 2:30 the housekeeper saw a young lady enter the room. brunette, caucasian, mid-20s. maybe mrlupo ordered in a sunday matinee. hey, there was another hooker rip-off two weeks ago at the mcgarrigle on 12th. it's almost enough to make a guy swear off infidelity.
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you losing your nerve, cormack?
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olive garden i was at my mother's with the kids. i don't know why he was at that hel. do you? i don't know for sure. we need to check the phone calls your husband made. can you give me his number? [sighs] i never remember it. i got it on speed dial. can i? [girl calling out] stop it. mom! how were things with you anyour husband? last couple of weeks it's like he... pushed back from the table. he wasn't talking to me. you know, you guys should talk to his brother cyrus. oh, it's here. cyrus lupo. yeah, he's flying in today from somewhere. tommy had a wedding band. platinum wedding band. it's missing, along with his watch. [girl calling out] mom, tell him to stop it! mom! i gotta see to my kids.
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cyrus? mm-hmm. i hope he's got more to say than the wife did. that lady just didn't want to deal. anyway, the m.e. promised me a tox report by tomorrow morning. ah, here we go. "detective cyrus lupo. next of kin, his brother thomas lupo." he's assigned to nypd intel. cyrus has been overseas the last four years. you just happened to know to look for him in the personnel index system. no, no, no, detective lupo was a prolman in this precinct before your time. (man) sorry about your brother. boss says take all the time you need. detective green from the 2-7. he caught the case. [woman speaking over loudspeaker] welcome me, bro. i'll see you at the ponderosa. all right. got anything? just a general description
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coffee? hookers and dope. that's me, thank you. that--that's not my brother. he... he wouldn't cheat on his wife. he wasn't a weak...person. he beat cancer fiveears ago. when was the last time you talked to him? i don't know. um... he called me a couple weeks ago. i was into a situation. i couldn't get back to him. here. thank you. so if it wasn't a pay date or a girlfriend, who else would've wanted your brother dead? look, man, don't think i don't know what's going through your head. but you can forget about working on this case, okay?
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she comes from a place called izmir. she's beautiful. thank you, uncle cyrus. you're welcome. hey. you're gonna be okay, sweetheart. your daddy's watching over you. carly, time for bed. say good night. gimme a kiss.
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why did he leave his ring here? oh, god! [sobbing] shh. hey. ah, your hunch was on the money. my hunch? the message you left last night. i didn't leave a message. no, i did. nobody knows me so i used your name. sorry. anyway, i looked for the melanoma, and found tumors in mr. lupo's lungs and liver. stage four. he had maybe three months. yeah, it was the, uh-- it was the cancer he beat five years ago. it came back. i found the painkillers he was taking. well going by the looks of these tumors he needed 'em. i also have a cause of death for you. paralysis of the heart
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what was he doing? trying some homemade cancer treatment? in these quantities you don't see it used much outside of death row. it's the drug of choice for lethal injections. how about suicides? in combination with other drugs, as a matter of fact, yes. (green) it fits. the bank said he borrowed ainst his business to pay off his mortgage. he put his affairs in order. i'm so sorry, detective. all right, let's change the classification on the blue to suspected suicide. lieutenant, if you do that, you know this goes to the bottom of the pile. maybe my brother suicided, but he wouldn't know where to get these drugs. somebody helped him. maybe that woman. we'll look for her. but be real, man. we got open murder cases here. and all due respect, your brother-- you don't know anything about my brother, all right? if this woman had tried to help him instead of handing him a loaded syringe-- look, i will give this the time it deserves. but maybe your brother had good reasons
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maybe if you'd called him back and talked to him you'd know why. let me work this case, please. i can find this woman. my c.o. at intel won't mind. i'm out of there in three months anyway. not only is this against policy for you to work on this case, it's a bad idea all around. [phone rings] van buren. yeah, what's up? yep. thanks. grab your hat. someone else just took a shortcut to the exit. (xiong) mr. driscoll was confined to a wheelchair. the driver who takes him to his physical therapy came in found him. how'd he get in? door was unlocked.
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typical of a potassium chloride injection. same m.o. as mr. lupo. maybe with the same little helper. a serial suicide artist.
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scent up to 12 weeks unstopables by downy. america's best scent booster. the tox exams show the same three drugs in mr. lupo and mr. driscoll. it took three to kill them. secobarbital puts the victito sleep, pancuronium paralyzes them, and then potassium chloride stops the heart. someone had to rig an i.v. to deliver all three drugs in a time sequence. this sounds familiar. it should. the last time this m.o. was used was ten years ago by dr. david lingard in an assisted suicide. dr. death... he was convicted of murder. after admitting on tv that he administered the drug that killed his victims. he got out of jail a month ago. pay him a visit. thanks for coming in, doc. he's been wearing down the linoleum for the last couple hours. now i talked to his boss at intel. lupo broke some big cases in some very unfriendly corners of the world
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no warrants, no weapon. you makin' a sales pitch? we got a second assisted suicide with a victim he's not related to. it wouldn't be policy violation for him to work that case. i ha i had nothing to do with tse suicides. somebody must have borrowed my recipe. thing is, dr. lingard, no one's used your recipe since you went to prison. but now, a month after you're out-- i know the terms of my parole. i am not allowed to help anyone commit suicide. i'm not even allowed to give advice or it is back to prison for me. lot of people ha asked your advice since you've been out? lots, and i tell them all the same thing. "sorry, can't help, don't blame me. blame the tyrant that made the rules." who's this tyrant? your government that has been stealing
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must be frustrating for you, not being able to help people. so if you can't help kill them, you don't care what happens to them. of course i still care what happens. the people i helped before i went to prison are better off dead, believe me. you decide that? these people, they come to you. maybe they're confused. what do you know about my patients? they all had awful pain and debitation. what a miserable existence. then you would do it even now. you would help them die. no, it's against t law. and as long as the sheep are happy to allow the nuts and the fanatics to tell them how to live and how to die, nothing will change. but that is not my problem anymore. [nolan on video] so what are you doing now? [lingard on video] i'm giving her potassium chloride. it's the interview that nailed lingard. you got the timeline for driscoll? oh, yeah.
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(lingard on video) yes. (nolan) she's dead because you gave her a lethal injection. come on, doctor. don't be coy. she wanted to die so you gave her a drug and killed her. yes. i did. that was a big scoop for bill nolan. hey, this trip that driscoll took to the 200 block of 1st avenue? there was a receipt from the handicap van that took him there. your brother got a call from a pay phone in a restaurant on the same block. wait a minute. here, three days before he died. him i've seen a few times. he's in a wheelchair. he came in by himself? no, he has coffee with this girl. girlfriend? nah, come on. he was too old for her. she's a nurse. they probably talk about medical stuff. medical stuff usually happens in a medical place, not a diner, nick. how'd you know she was a nurse? she have a uniform and a little white hat? no. you know because you talked to her?
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[scoffs] all right, what's her name, where do we find her? mila. she works at a hospice on avenue "a." larry driscoll had a friend who passed away here. that's how i met him. when larry decided to terminate his life, he came to me for advice. i work with the dying, and larry thought i might be able to help him. so did you help him? i told him don't expect any help from the straight medical community. they're like everybody else. they think like sheep. sheep? are you a dr. death groupie, ms. hames? dr. david lingard? no, i'm not-- i'm not a groupie. "m.h.l." mila hames lingard? when i went into nursing, my father said it would go easier if i used my mother's name. what about tom lupo? were you the one that cald him from the diner?
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he heard about me from larry. they met on a right-to-die website. were you the one that went to his hotel room and hooked him up to an i.v.? you're not gonna trick me like they did my father. those guys committed suicide all by themselves. there are videos to prove it. videos of what? the suicides? bill nolan has them. he's doing a special on my father for his show. he's got the videos. i'm not trying to give you the bum's rush, llas, but i've got to get this lingard segment ready to air on sunday. those videotapes are evidence in two homicides, mr. nolan. so if you're thinking of concealing them-- that would be pretty dumb of me, since the whole world's gonna see them on sunday. artie, be a good man and burn a dvd of driscoll and that other-- tom lupo. you should work with us, mr. nolan. ha. we saw you got lingard to confess on camera ten years ago. that was pretty smooth. smth enough for an emmy.
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so why now? my condition was gettinworse month by month. i came to believe that the doctors and my family were keeping the truth out my disease from me. but now, thanks to you, bill, i got my real mecal report. that's right. thanks to you, i now know i have a.l.s., lou gehrig's disease. it's a slow... certain... agonizindeath. so this is my response. no one helped me. i rigged it myself.
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[man on video] should someone check his pulse? whatever role lingard's daughter played in the suicide, larry driscoll basically onerated her. but it's bull. it doesn't matter. it's a dying declaration. prosecuting her would be a waste of time. hold on a minute. driscoll said he had lou gehrig's. the autopsy says that he had something called spinal muscular atrophy. (lupo) what? and driscoll thought he had lou gehrig's because of a medical report that nolan gave him, right? since he committed suicide thinking he had lou gehrig's, i suggest we get the m.e. to sort this out. okay. driscoll was diagnosed with type four spinal muscular atrophy 20 years ago. it's non-lethal. people with s.m.a. can maintain a fulfilling quality of life. it's nothing like the horror show of lou gehrig's. the video mentioned a medical report
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well, three weeks ago, driscoll had himself checked out at saint fabian's hospital. they misdiagnosed him with lou gehrig's. the original report stayed in this file. that's what ended up in bill nolan's hands. somebody dropped the ball. maybe our little angel of mercy can tell us how that happened. (rubirosa) we accept that mr. driscoll and mr. lupo chose to commit suicide. and we're willing to give you immunity for helping them. in exchange, you'll tell us how mr. driscoll learned he had lou gehrig's disease. bill nolan gave larry the medical report. (rubirosa) and how did mr. nolan come to be involved? (hames) after my father got out of jail, mr. nolan kept hounding him for an interview. i thought i could help my father. i told nolan about this man, tom lupo. i told him i was there when he committed suicide. he got very excited. he wanted to witness a suicide. he said it would help my father's cause.
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larry was thinking of suicide. he thought he was a lot sicker than what the doctors were telling him. but he couldn't make up his mind. and what did he do? did he ask mr. nolan for help? nolan just kept talking about a deadline. so he used a source at the hospital to get larry's report. when the report said larry had lou gehrig's, larry made up his mind. mila, the report was wrong. larry didn't have lou gehrig's. well if they don't take away nolan's emmy for this-- why stop at his emmy? he was after ratings. he had a suicidal victim an unchecked report. he had motive. it was a substantial risk ana reckless act. full house. let's go. ms. hames, i'm michael cutter. i work with ms. rubirosa. now, uh... before he died, you got to know mr. driscoll pretty well. he talked to you about his life,
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but for the fact that he was told he had lou gehrig's, do you think he'd be alive today? he said as long as there was hope... he couldn't bring himself to end his life. he told mr. nolan this? you go pick up nolan. we're charging man two. this looks like trouble. you mind getting up, mr. nolan. i have to get ready to tape a segment for sunday's show. you're pretty enough now for your mug shot-- get up! mug shot? you're under arrest for murder.
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