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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 24, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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ms. brody found a friendly way to compensate her court-appointed lawyer. this is a woman who shot her previous boyfriend while kissing him. she has plans r berbatov. i want him under surveillance. loops, you been on the same page for the last half hour. you wanna get through law school, you're gonna have to pick up the pace a little bit. shut up, man. this stuff is deep. it's complicated.
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(green) hey! step away from the car. oh, god! put the bag down. (berbatov) this bag is subject to attorney/client privilege. you have no right to search it. i have no idea what's in there, i swear. i can't talk about this. it's attorney/clientrivilege. (rubirosa) which client? the one who lent you her stocking to wear in court? we found it in her bed. what was she doing, giving you a pedicure? it's attorney/client privilege. mr. berbatov... you're not the first lawyer to get in bedwith his client. and ms. brody is a very attractive woman. she's come a long way from the mousy little paralegal who was seduced by robert sinclair
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in fact, you could say the student has surpassed her teacher. she got rid of him with ruthless efficiency, the same way she'll get rid of you when you outlive your usefulness. what-- what can i do to help myself? we'll let you plead to a misdemeanor. in return, you tell us everything you know about kim brody. but the attorney/client privilege-- that privilege evaporated when you went and recovered this money. you became part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. what about my license to practice? that's between you and the bar association. deal, mr. berbatov? (berbatov) yes, room 235, please? [phone ringing] [man on phone] hello, room 235. this is peter berbatov. can i speak to my client? [man on phone] hold on. [brody on phone] let me close the door.
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where have you been? i was worried. i had to takrmy mothe to the doctor. [brody on phone] you're a very thoughtful man, peter. did you find the car all right? yes. i got the bag. [brody on phone] now rent a car and put the bag in the trunk and park the car in the lot across from the hotel. and don't forget the parking claim check. okay. are you okay? you sound upset. oh, i'm-- i'm just--i'm worried about my mom. [brody on phone] you're a sweetie. once you get the car, call me on the other phone. [brody on phone] bye. [phone clicks] good work. we arrest ms. brody. the charge is murder. who are you? special agent hasker, fbi. you? nypd. richard cassidy, u.s. attorney's office. uh, that's our prisoner. (cassidy) not anymore. the u.s. government
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(lupo) like hell. we're arresting her on eight murders. it'll have to wait. ms. brody is a material witness in a patriot act anti-terror investigation. wh--what investigation? i can't discuss that. that's my sweater. (lupo) hold on-- she's conning you.
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i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti. ms. brody initiated contact with the u.s. attorney's office ur days ago. she indicated she had information on a money-laundering scheme run by arab nationals. (cutter) assuming this allegation isn't the fabrication of a psychopathic mind, how does money laundering trumeight homicides? the government believes we've discovered a previously unknown terror cell. it's all detailed in our brief. which, by the way, we haven't seen. under 18 u.s.c. 2003, the government can only provide that information to a federal magistrate. your honor, ms. brody is a closer for a title company. how could she possibly have knowledge of terror cells? ms. brody. these men-- these arab men
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a lot of them. and all the money was being wired to kuwait and dubai. i--i got concerned. has she provided any evidence to back this up? again, under 18 u.s.c. 2003, the government cannot-- that's not an answer. your honor, ms. brody is using the u.s. attorney to evade prosecution for murder. mr. cutter, i don't see how a pause, however long in your proceedings against ms. brody will adversely effect your case in the long term. i'm remanding ms. brody to the custody of the u.s. marshall for the duration of the gov nment'srequirements. thank you, your honor. feds must've been her back-up all along in case her escape plan didn't work. she probably felt berbatov was shaky on the phone so she pulled the trigger on the u.s. attorney. i called cassidy's boss. every response from him consisted of a verb, a subject, and 9/11. the arrogance.
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kim brody will disappear down some federal rabbit hole. until they figure out her terrorist celltory is bogus. that won't stop them. they've been known to invent cases where none exist. and kim brody will parlay it into witness protection and a new identity. you have the names of the fbi agents who took ms. brody into custody? yeah, hasker and cordell. what are you doing? taking prisoners. arthur cordell, leo hasker. well if it isn't batman and robin. yeah, and look whate got here. couple warrants for your arrest for kidnapping. what? this is a joke, right? (green) no. all right, let's go, girls. move along now. this is outrageous. this kind of petty, internecine bullying while our country is under attack--
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ms. brody was legally in our custody when she was hijacked by the u.s. attorney. your honor ruled that our action was legal. an after-the-fact rubber stamp. i hope you're not implying that i made-- my scorn is not directed at you, your honor, but at an assistant u.s. attorney who'so blinded by zealotry that he doesn't see he's being played for a fool by a psyopathic killer. (cassidy) your honor, they keep referring to her as a killer. where are the murder charges? where's the evidence? if we'd been able to arraign and charge her-- she's too valuable a witness. your honor, i ask you to order the release of agents hasker and cordell. they are essential to our investigation. mr. mccoy, this stalemate can't last. i agree. i propose a prisoner exchange. our murder suspect for his agents. your honor, that's extortion. and you overplayed your hand, mr. cassidy. custy of ms. brody will pass to the district attorney, who will proceed to indictment forthwith. in turn the district attorney agrees
11:48 pm
all charges against agents hasker and cordell. right, mr. mccoy? as soon as ms. brody is in our custody. people v. brody. murder in second degree. eight counts. how do you-- not guilty. oh, you again. your honor, if the peoplemay be heard on bail-- no need, ms. rubirosa. defendant is remanded pending indictment. defendant requests that the defendant's 180.80 release time be calculated from the date of her first arrest four days ago. your honor, the statutory time limit to indict the defendant begins today on the murder arrest. no-no, ms. rubirosa. mr. lorimer's right. the original arrest starts the clock ticking. your honor, that gives the people less than 48 hours to get an indictment before ms. brody gets released. (judge harper) your math is flawless, counselor. indict ms. brody by noon friday or she's a free woman. i'll file an emergency appeal with the appellate division. forget it. focus on this.
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we have the stolen money and the conversation with berbatov. neither of which gets you a murder indictment. she made no admission to berbatov? no. we'd have a better chance of convincing the grand jury she was bobby sinclair's active accomplice if we could prove she busted him out of jail four years ago. [knocks] (rubirosa) facial recognition was no help. but claire tomalin used to work for orlando legal aid, so i called them to see if they'd send over some of heold paperwork. came in this morning and latent lifted a partial fingerprint. it's a four-point match to brody. four-point? that hardly qualifies as a match, let alone evidence. i don't know, jack. a four-point match is a match as far as i'm concerned. is that what you're gonna tell the grand jury? at trial, she can have her own experts refute the evidence. you're splitting ethical hairs. so are you. we know tomalin and brody are one in the same. she's laughing at us, jack. let her. this is as far as i go.
11:50 pm
you're a grown-up. you're on your own. i'm getting off the train. how about you? all aboard. a partial print found on a file belonging to claire tomalin was matched by the police to kim brody. yes. when you say partial print, how conclusive a match is it? conclusive enough to convince me that we're talking about the same person. and to convince me that the woman who smuggled a gun in to robert sinclair and helped him break out of jail in florida was a full and willing accomplice in his robbery and murder spree four years later. um, let's break for lunch. thank you. i think we're almost home free for an indictment.
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brody's lawyer just filed notice. she wants to testify before the grand jury. i have lived in absolute terror ever since the day four years ago when bobby sinclair kidnapped me at gunpoint. i'd been working on his case for a few months. he smiled at me a lot. and i thought he might be a decent person after all. i wasn't very wise in the ways of evil men. i don't know how he got a gun, but he said he'd shoot me if i didn't help him. once we drove out of florida, i begged him to let me go but he wouldn't. i became his prisoner. i washed his clothes, i cooked his meals. and he used me sexually. i was scared all the time. he would show me newspaper articles where i was accused
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he said that if i tried to run away, the police would shoot me on sight. when i started working at the title company, i told bobby about mr. langdon and the cash transactions. i was concerned it was illegal. then one day bobby said we were going to leave new york, that he had a car with a bag of money in the trunk. he got real angry when i asked him where he got it from. then, uh...i was told bobby was shot in a robbery. and i was arrested and accused of horrible crimes that i did not commit. it's just... it's like i can't wake u from this nightmare that started four years ago. a nightmare.
11:53 pm
your first lawyer, mr. berbatov, whose conversation with you the grand jury heard? i did not seduce him. he extorted me. he said he was getting paid peanuts to defend me and if i wanted him to do a good job that i would have to do something extra. i was fighting for my life. but on the tape, you called the shots. you planned your escape-- no, that's not true. i told mr. bbatov about the money. i wanted to turn it into the police but he said no, that they'd use it against me. and he said we should use the money to run away. he kept pushing me to tell him where the cash was. that's not what mr. berbatov ld the grand jury. he's a man and a lawyer. he'd say anything. [cutter scoffs] and you wouldn't? mr. cutter, when the police asked me about the quit cim fraud, i helped them find mr. langdon, didn't i? you did help them find mr. ngdon. i'll grant you that.
11:54 pm
didn't i also help you do a sting on mr. langdon and a member of organized crime? that's not in dispute. i became a paralegal because i wanted to help people. and even after all that's been done to me i've never stopped being an honest person. ms. tomalin-- i didn't rob or cheat. i didn't drive a getaway g. i didn't kill any person. and i didn't kill bobby. i cared for him. even after all he did to me. [buzzing sound] thanks. no bill. they fell for it. mr. cutter, i, uh--i heard about what happened in the grand jury.
11:55 pm
yeah, that's, uh-- it's kim. she can be pretty, uh, disarming. but we can help each other. careful what you say. the bar association is about to strip me of my livelihood because of her. there's nothing i can do about that. what if i testify that she told me she shot sinclair? that she drove the car and ran over those people. it's new evidence and it'll get you back into a grand jury. did she tell you she did those thing? we both know that's what happened. there's knowing and there's proving. i'm the proof. put me on the stand. my misdemeanor charge goes away and i get to keep my licse. think about it. we'd be suborning perjury.
11:56 pm
it's too late, connie. i've already alied to re-present to the grand jury. mike, she is not worth it. you saw her today. it was one lie after another. so now you're gonna play by her rules? i'm sorry, mike. mm-mm. this is where i get off the train. i have two motions here. people seek leave to re-present to the grandury. defense moves for the immediate release of ms. brody. your honor-- (judge barclay) hold on, counselor. mr. cutter, what's the nature of your new evidence? [clears throat] your honor, the people...
11:57 pm
(judge barclay) mr. cutter? at this time... your honor, the people withdraw their application to re-present the matter to the grand jury. all right. well, given the people's position, the charges against ms. brody are hereby dismissed. pursuant to a federal order, ms. brody is remanded to the custody of the u.s. attorney. [bangs gavel]
11:58 pm
they think they found claire tomalin. they matched the partial print from the file to a jane doe they've had in the morgue for the last year. it's a 15-point match. as for kim brody the orphan, virginia state police located her. she's a housewife, mother of three living in emporia. anybody's guess who she is. well one thing she isn't anymore...
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(male announcer) in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups-- the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. i told bill i was going to the immigration rally. he got all concerned. [laughs] he's so cute. you're lucky. i got a lecture. porque trajiste esta gringa con nosotros? tell my sister where you're from. i'm from toronto. oh. you see, inez. we're the nafta chicas. [laughter] what's all the hubbub? big demonstration about immigration. oh, great. we're looking for the john lennon memorial. oh, that's at 72nd. where you folks from? plymouth, mass. let's go, kids. organizers expect more than 50,000 people to come out in support of immigration reform. so far, the crowd has heard from... hold on. there seems to be some sort of disturbance. watch out, dan!
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[man speaking spanish] corre. sanitation found her. looks like she crawled in there and died. is it what it looks like? gunshot wound through and through. time? with the heat, hard to tell. everything accelerates. maria soriano. 27. lives on 2nd avenue. i.d. for an accounting firm. we're gonna need everybody you got doing a canvass ten blocks each way. everyone i got isn't much. after the riot in the park yesterday, a lot of my guys called in sick today.
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12:05 am
he was tall and white... and he had a tight butt. okay. we might need to talk to you guys later. you folks have a nice weekend. she left in the sa clothes we found her in. maybe she met somebody after work. okay. her story so far: it's, uh, alumni letter from nysu, class of '99, accounting. this is green card. issued in 2000. a letter from her mother in el salvador thanking her for the money she sends home. oh, you read spanish too? so you can write the "i'm sorry for your loss" letter to mrs. soriano. i'm not so good with letters anything in here about a boyfriend? no. but this is an application for a work visa for an inez soriano. dated three years ago. denied last year. inez is her little sister. is this her? yeah. if she's an illegal, she's not gonna show up on the radar so quick. we tried the immigration lawyer listed on her form. probably had a saturday tee time. well, there's no number for inez on maria's cell phone? there was no cell phone on maria.
12:06 am
assistant district attorney josh lathem to lead the investigation. i want to assure the citizens of our city that any misconduct during the rally, whether by civilians or police officers, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. thank you. (van buren) that's all we need. a bunch of knuckleheads with badges beating up civilians. you buy this as a police riot? i know what i saw on the news. you want to see a police riot, go to pakistan. that's why people jump the border to come here. you're looking for inez soriano? yeah. we pinched her at the rally yesterday. mi maria, como puedes dios permitirlo? lo siento, inez. did you see maria on friday? si. at the demonstration, we go together. she--she says it's important. now what happened at the demonstration? at the beginning, it's very good.
12:07 am
troublemakers? si. they throw bottles at the police. maria shout at them to stop. they get mad aher because she is, uh... grabando. recording them? maria had a camera? in her phone. and, uh, one of them tried to take it from her. uh, he run after her. and the police, they shoot gas, and i cough, and i-- and i cry, and i... [crying] and i never see maria again. okay, inez, we're gonna get you out of here and we're gonna take you down to our station so we can make a picture of this guy, okay? la migra sends me back to el salvador. i know this. but you keep maria here, please? she work too hard to come here. this is her home. please? oh, we need to find that phone. with a little luck, maybe taru can hone in on its signal.
12:08 am
it's a hell of an idea to keep people like this. oh, right. you were out of the country. they started doing this in '04 to control protestors during the republican convention. this ain't the same country you left. my people said the signal came from in here. be my guest. just don't beat anybody up, okay? see who lights up. what's maria's number? [cell phone beeping] we kp the phones we find in the park... in here. [cell phone beeping] gotcha. (rowland) i'm up here 48 hours straight and then you hand me a cell with a toasted screen and a mushed usb port. aw, you almost make it sound sexy.
12:09 am
[laughs] okay. show time. [latin music] (man) we broke the law to come here, but we are not here to break the law. we came here to work. [cheers] [chanting in spanish] we are american! (all) somos americanos. we are american! [woman screaming] (man) yo. shut it off! yo! you deaf? yo, i said, "shut it off." [screaming continues] [gunfire] two gunshots. can you back it up? pause it there. vatos locos.
12:10 am
you got the wrong dude, man. yeah? then you know why we're here. no. but whatever it is, i ain't the guy. looks like a match to me. so what? i didn't do no misconduct at the park. i was just exercising my right to protest. this is your third arrest, ignacio. you know the drill, right? yeah. i don't need no lawyer for this. all right, great. you remember this girl from the park? we got the video from her cell phone. you went after her because she was taping you? you got the video, so why you asking me? right. we got the video of you shooting her too. no, that's bull, man. it was you guys who did it. cops. one of you chotas shot us, man. see, look at my leg, man. bullet just nicked me, man. i'm one lucky son of a bitch. if you're feeling so cooperative, why don't you show us where it happened?
12:11 am
(ignacio (ignacio) right in there. i saw her fall right by that tree. that's when i bugged out. now why did you think it was cops? i turned back and i saw a bunch of cops shootin' rifles. those were tear gas and bean bag guns. this look like it came from a bean bag? the cops was by the fountain. the bullets came from the fountain. it came from the cops. put him in the car. [scoffs] wood's still blonde. it's new. be careful. there's a lot riding on that slug. (lupo) we tossed ignacio's car, his home, even his work. there was no gun. well, get with the d.a. and let's hold him for assault. all right. stay. the blood from the slug belonged to maria soriano. the slug's a 9-millimeter hollow point round fired from a glock.
12:12 am
csu also found two 9-millimeter casings about ten yards away from where maria went down. i'll call the chief of d's and the d.a. ignacio's our main witness. let's get him into protective custody. and mind who you talk to.
12:13 am
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new tostitos cantina chipotle thins. tostitos. bring the party. you deaf? yo, i said, "shut it off." [woman screaming] [gunfire] our witness stated he turned towards the shots and saw a number of officers in riot gear. some with tear gas and bean bag guns. two 9-millimeter shells were later found at the scene and identified as being fired from a glock 19. your witness, that's the felon we just saw chucking bottles at our people? yes, chief. ignacio perez. (baranek) and your theory is that miss soriano got to her feet after being shot in the gut, walked out of the park, crossed the street, and died in an alleyway. that's whathe evidence suggests. (lathem) what did her sister witness? not much. she was separated from maria before the shots were fired. what about this woman, susan kessler? maria's coworker. she was also separated from maria early on.
12:18 am
well, she just returned to canada for an extended stay. she was here on a work visa. damn it. don't we have any american witnesses? yes. ignacio perez, sir. thank you for your report, lieutenant. i checked the u-o-r's regarding this incident. no officer fired his weapon. i appreciate that, chief. still, i want every officer on duty in that area of the park interviewed. it's already done during my initial investigation of the riot. the police used crowd control measures, but no officer so much as drew a weapon. it's a different ball game now. interview them again. mr. mccoy, i think we just heard the man you appointed to head your investigation announce a finding. mr. lathem misspoke. we'll have our findings after weave our investigation. fine. i.a.b. will take over at our end. you're taking lieutenant van buren off the case?
12:19 am
so now you're conceding this was an officer involved shooting? i know how you gentlemen feel about the lieutenant. i don't want her removed. mr. mccoy, for somebody who's a placeholder, you're not living up to expectations. a placeholder. let me be clear. if anyone gets in the way of this investigation, i'll haul every cop who was in the park before a grand jury without immunity. anybody who pleads the fifth, i'll indict for obstruction. next time, josh, don't be so quick to stake out a position before you have all the facts. i don't see cops as the enemy, jack. neither do i. the i.a.b. will give you a good report. but van buren's independent. use her. six weeks on the job, jack. bet you're sorry now, huh? [chuckles]
12:20 am
i.a.b. finished ballistics tests on the service weapons of the officers on duty at the park. no match for the slug. so i.a.b.'s taking this off our hands. well, i.a.b.'s doing their thing and we're doing ours. this is still a homicide case. it's kind of a hot potato. we're already catching a lot of crap on the street for this riot. you're not begging off, are you? no. no. no. we're on it. um... maybe this isn't the right case for me. look, detective lupo. i remember you as a good patrolman. now i know you've had some rough spots since then. rough spots. like i fell asleep hung over in my car while my partner got shot getting me coffee in a bodega. i know all that. you put--you put a guy like me on a case like this investigating other cops-- i can take the heat.
12:21 am
get back to work. i've got cops firing tear gas, shooting bean bags, but no cop firing a pistol. i gotta get all this stuff ready for i.a.b. they're coming in tomorrow. that's i.a.b. a day late and a dollar short. here you go. so far, the crowd has heard from... hold on. there seems to be some sort of disturbance. watch out, dan! as you can see behind me, police have decided to break up-- show's over. move it. you can't do that. you can't-- what were you saying about pakistan? what's the time code on this footage? it's one minute after the shooting. can you rewind it in slow-motion, please? here you go. stop. play it forward. you see this guy back there? yeah. he's running frothe area where the shooting was.
12:22 am
can you blow it up and play it again? can't make it out. it looks like it could be a weapon. a backup piece. can you give us a blowup of the other officer's name tag? him. i'm being sued by reporters. i'm on suspension. it's a freakin' headache. i don't like hitting people. but jeez louise, they were throwing rocks at us. really? that reporter. she was throwingocks at you? (green) we're not here about that, officer rizzo. we wanna know about this guy. and helping you is gonna help me how? oh, i don't know. but i can promise you not helpin' us ain't gonna help you at all. i don't know his name. he was in a unit of about 12 guys that was left of our line. we got the order to move in. next thing i see this guy come run out of this little wooded area. the wooded area by the footpath? yeah. why? what did he do?
12:23 am
you think he did it? he's not even a real cop. he's a wannabe. an auxiliary. yeah, an auxiliary. those jokers don't even carry weapons. (brody) you understand the people who become auxiliary officers do so because they have a sense of community and public service. we appreciate that. it's only a few months ago that the department saw fit to iss bulletproof vests to auxiliaries. it's not just anybody who'd wear a uniform and a badge and walk the streets like a sitting duck without any means of defending themselves. we hear you, man. do you know what kind of weapon was used? glock 19. we'll run these names down. see if anybody has a permit. i can save you the trouble. officer rodchenko. i helped him get a permit three months ago. i can't talk. i'm stuck here all day. it's okay. we brought a replacement. let's go to our ca
12:24 am
uh, do you own a glock? yes. okay, we need it. do you keep it at home? look, officer rodchenko, you can tell us where it is or we can have a search warrant waiting for us at your house. either way, we're gonna find that gun. i lost it three weeks ago. i was jogging in prospect park. it fell out of my pocket. did you file a report? okay, officer. you should consider yourself under arrest. turn around. put your hands on the hood. come on. around. hands on the hood. why are you doing this? woman was shot at the rally friday. a demonstrator. shotead. shot dead? i have nothing against those peop. i'm an immigrant myself. i came here from bosnia with my parents when i was ten. anything else you want to tell us? i-i-i get a p.b.a. lawyer, right? even though i'm an auxiliary?
12:25 am
i'm a photographer. and a conservationist. which means that a picture c be worth an entire species. it's a lot of responsibility. so i only bring things that i know i can depend on. because i know i'm only going to get one shot at this. if i'm lucky, one shot will be enough.
12:26 am
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he's not impressing me by keeping his mouth shut. did you search his house? and his car. and his locker. no gun. but we found a box of 9-mil ammo. same make as the rounds fired in the park. it's meaningless. anything else? we're searching along the jogging paths in prospect park. not finding his gun won't prove that he didn't lose it. (lupo) well, i guess we could sit around
12:30 am
and wait for this guy to fess up. all right, let's put rodchenko back in holding. i'll get the paperwork ready for his arraignment. no. i don't want him arraigned yet. i want to get an indictment first. that means we'd have to present to the grand jury tomorrow morning. why not arraign him first then we take the time we need with the indictment? because i won't drag him to an arraignment in open urt unless i'm sure that i can get an indictment. by the way, lieutenant, putting someone like detective lupo on this case with his history. that's a brilliant command decision. detective lupo's history is just that. history. this witness makes me nervous. ignacio perez? mm. well, he's the only one who saw maria get shot. not to mention he's a shooting victim himself. he's a street thug. who knows where his wound came from. josh, what's this i hear? you pushed back rodchenko's arraignment? well, yeah. once we arraign a cop for this shooting, all hell's gonna break loose. it puts us--well, puts you in a better position
12:31 am
certainly don't want to blow it with a slipshod presentation to the grand jury. you gonna be ready? soon as we agree on our witnesses. ignacio perez is up for grabs. what's the problem? indicting a cop on the testimony of a two-time felon might not sit too well with the grand jury. his criminal record is immaterial. you have no obligation to raise it. got it. i'll put him on last. be a strong finish. we should be in and out of there in an hour with the goods. i helped officer rodchenko i helped officer rodchenko fill out a permit for a glock 19. i made sure he knew all the rules and regulations. he even came up to the place my wife and i ve in the catskills for some target practice. (lathem) and you saw him carry the weapon while on duty. (brody) never. he knew better. ours is the only auxiliary force in the ste that doesn't allow its officers to be armed. thank you, lieutenant.
12:32 am
rodchenko was a dedicated officer. and i don't believe that he or anyone under my command would violate regulations, let alone shoot into a crowd of unarmed civilians. thank you. you're excused. i heard two shots from behind me. and i saw the lady go down. i felt the burnin' in my leg. turned. saw the cops. so i ran away. when you went to the hospital for your wound, did you tell the doctors? i didn't go to the hospital. why not? 'cause they see a gunshot wound and they have to call the cops. and i didn't want no trouble. how did you know that hospitals have to report gunshot wounds? 'cause that's how i got arrested the last time. the last time. yeah. been arrested two times. for assault and for drugs. but you're sure that the shots that you heard came from the line of police behind you-- the same ones you'been throwing bottles at just moments before. yeah. i'm sure. this now concludes the presentation of the people's case in chief.
12:33 am
have the police scientists matched officer rodchenko's gun to the bullets found in the park? uh, no. no. the police were unable to match the bullets to a weapon. you were right. we were in and out of there in an hour. thank you. ah. they no-bied it. no, really? i'm releasing rodchenko. i've been reading these grand jury transcripts, josh. and i can't for the life of me figure out what the hell you think you were doing. i was trying to get an indictment, of course. how? you let lieutenant brody turn himself into a character witness for rodchenko. you practically instructed ignacio perez to tell the grand jury about his criminal record. and then in answer to a question you not only failed to tell the grand jury rodchenko claims he lost his gun, you implied that we had his gun
12:34 am
that's your spin on it. right now, my spin is the only thing that should matter to you. i did the best i could with the facts that i had, jack. if you hadn't let a malcontent precinct lieutenant run this case, maybe i'da had more to work with. you're off the case. rodchenko, the riot, all of it. jack. i've tried very hard to convince myself that you're not servicing an agenda. and i looked at your record as a prosecutor. 20 years and never once did you work a case involving police misconduct. the police in the park were provoked. if they can't stand up to provocation, they've got no business being cops. sometimes somebody has to protect us from the protectors. i know.i've been there. so... [laughs] there it is. some of us were wondering how long it would take the real jack mccoy to rear his shaggy, hippie, liberal head. you know, when arthur left, the attorney general told me he wanted me sitting in that chair. and the mayor wanted somebody else.
12:35 am
this way everybody's hands are clean. and i don't have to grind anybody's axe. except your own. josh, i think you've said enough. it's too much power for you, jack. you can't be trusted. ifou really believe that, you shouldn't be working for me. you can resign or i can fire you. either way, clean out your desk tonight. you're done here. as of now, you've got the rodchenko case. what happened to lathem? lathem's out. i want you to apply to re-present to the grand jury. no judge is gonna let us go near another grand jury unless we have new evidence-- real evidence. find something.
12:36 am
(baranek) tough break today, mr. mccoy. now that this rodchenko business is behind us, when are we gonna see a report on the, uh, so-called riot? when it's ready. and i'm not done with officer rodchenko. forget rodchenko. he's off the force as of today. i signed the order myself. you see? we do know what to do with troublemakers. and we don't need more civilian oversight, which could be a consuence of an unfavorable report from you. so what do you say? i say my $30 steak is getting cold. cut the boys in blue a little slack, mccoy. it'sood for the soul. it has to be evidence that wasn't available the first time you went before the grand jury. you know, i've never had a boss fired out from under me-- or over me, i guess.
12:37 am
he said rodchenko did target practice at his place in the catskills with his new glock 19. i wonder what he did with his bullet casings. they're from a private shooting range. we're looking for a match with the casings from that park thing. you from the city, detective? uh, queens. rego park. you? oh, herend there. my parents were gypsies. theory of justice. oh. right. you've--you'veead it. yeah. during first year law. it's my second time. i'm taking a night class at brooklyn law. night law school. like root canal with aull drill.


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