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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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in your very first month. and now here's your host, kathy levine. [ applause ] hello, and welcome. thank you so much. we have such an amazing show for you today. you're going to laugh. some of you may cry. but all of us will be inspired by the stories we hear today. and who better to get it started than marie osmond? you know her. you love her. you grew up with her. please welcome a true inspiration, my friend, marie osmond. [ cheers and applause ] kathy! look at you! oh! -oh, my gosh. it's so good to see you. look at you! -look at you! -woman! oh, my gosh. you look just gorgeous. -oh, thank you.-and i mean, you -- women in their 20s would kill for your body. -[ chuckling ] no. -and here you are still looking... -oh, you're so sweet. -...unbelievable. -thank you. and you do it all, and you still look absolutely incredible. so, you're going to givethe credit to nutrisystem?
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[ laughter ] do you know what, though? honestly, absolutely, 100%, i give the credit to nutrisystem because there is no way i could do everything that i do if i had those 50 pounds on me. that had to hurt. it would be absolutely impossible. i mean, i spent years and years -- and i know you all understand this -- doing that yo-yo-diet thing. -yep. -and it's crazy because i would lose weight, and then you would feel like you were doing pretty good. and then, all of the sudden, you put the weight back on and a little bit more. there's nothing worse for your body than to do that. and you get defeated. you feel terrible. it's those ups and downs. they're just awful aren't they? they're terrible. and every time you gain weight and then it comes back on you - i don't know how you felt, but i felt like a failure. mm-hmm. mm-hmm. "my fault." -i know. that's why -- people say, "oh, you're still doing nutrisystem?" it is why i'm here to tell you about nutrisystem, because i have not yo-yo'ed in nine years. it taught me how to take control of my life
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it rocks. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] stay tuned to find out about the all-new rbo 10 and how you can lose up to 10 pounds in your first month and five inches overall. featuring the all-new turbo shakes and our mega-popul nutricrush shakes. last time i was in this chair, i was excited for a new adventure, but i was also ashamed of myself. i feel lighter sitting in this chair. nutrisystem has changed my life in many ways. it's made me healthier, which is what i was looking for. but it's also made me happier. before nutrisystem, i didn't have much energy. i just wanted to go to sleep. but now i do things with my daughters that i didn't do before. i'm there for them. you know, we go hiking, so i'm getting them healthy, too. she's happier, and she has more energy to spend time with us and play. as a mom, it's not just about you. you need to stick around.
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so, that means get healthy. wow, i mean, look at that. is that a transformati? that's incredible. [ applause ] isn't that awesome? [ kathy ] great. it is great. [ laughs ] and there is no substitute for looking and feeling good. and with nutrisystem, we've made it so simple. that's right. they did all the work for you. look at this table. i mean, seriously, all you have to do is heat it and eat it. do you like ravioli? that's it. do you like brownies? do you likemac and cheese? have you tried the new turbo shakes? i haven't. okay, they're delicious. try it. i love it -- first-timers. oh, that's like pure chocolate heaven. it's so good. and you know what i like to do? and it's like ice cream. 'cause i like the chocolate milkshake anyway, so this one is just adding probiotics so it's getting rid of that... -the belly bloat. -...belly bloat. -yeah. -wow, that's terrific. it helps you in your digestion and everything. it's fantastic. so, here's the deal -- should we pass them around? would you like to try them? oh, you have to try these. okay, you have to try them. they are so good. these are so good. [ applause ] yummy. yeah you're gonna love them. honest.
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these shakes, everybody? come on! be honest. thumbsp. [ cheers and applause ] aren't they amazing? -they're delicious. -they're really good. -mm, they are so good. -they taste better to me than any kind of shake out there. it's like you're really having... it's a real chocolate milkshake. ...a dessert. yum. -it is so good. turbo shakes are nutrisystem newest and biggest breakthrough. i just know you're gonna love them. i love the new shakes. i lost 12 pounds my first month. don't wait -- start looking and feeling great right now. [ male announcer ] are you ready to lose up to three times more weight than dieting on your own? en you're ready for the all-new turbo 10. lose up to 10 pounds and five inches overall in your first month. lose weight fast, have morenergy, and get healthy. you'll love it -- money back guaranteed! [ kari ] i took the first step, and i'm glad i did. 48 pounds gone! [ mark ] i lost 37 pounds and 42 inches. this is the new me, thanks to nutrisystem. [ male announcer ] join the millions of people
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home-delivery weight-loss plan. nutrisystem works! lose up to three times more body fat than dieting on your own. the secret is our nutrisystem nutrient mix. it's the perfect combination of lean protein, healthy fats, and smart carbs, all perfectly portioned to help stabilize blood sugar and fight hunger. order your 28-day plan right now. you'll get delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, even snacks for less than $12 a day! choose from over 150 foods that are easy to prepare, all with absolutely no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, sweeteners, or high-fructose corn syrup. with nutrisystem, say yes to lean proteins, whole grains, smart carb and healthy fats. it's smart, healthy weight loss you can feel good about. [ karen ] i turned to nutrisystem because i love the food. i could talk about the food forever. the food is really awesome. and on nutrisystem, i could eat that and still lose weight.
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for today's busy lifestyle. counting points, calories, weighing-in... ooh! not for me. [ male announcer ] call or click now to order yr 28-day plan and we'll rush you the all-new turbo 10 with one week of our all-new turbo shakes free. the free turbo shakes are designed to help reduce belly bloat. it's that uncomfortable full feeling that causes your abdomen to swell and distend. the free turbo shakes are specially formulated with 22 vitamins and minerals and packed with protein and probiotics to support digestive health, boost immunity, and help bust that belly bloat! jump-start your weight loss and blast belly bloat with turbo shakes all in your first four weeks. [ male announcer ] that's right, marie. that's why everyone who orders today gets turbo shakes free! bye-bye, stubborn belly fat. [ male announcer ] we'll also include our mega-popular nutricrush shakes to crush hunger -- free. act fast -- the first 500 callers will get this nutrisystem shaker bottle free.
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but wait! call in the next 24 minutes and we'll throw in fedex shipping absolutely free. there has never been a better time to start nutrisystem. try us for two weeks. if you don't love your results, we'll give you your money back -- guaranteed. call or click now to get your free turbo shakes, free nutricrush shakes, free shaker bottle, and free shipping. don't wait -- this exclusive tv offer is only available for a limited time. e phone lines are open, and the reps are standing by. call now. [ applause ] yep. welcome back. we are joined today by the fabulous marie. ooh, you're so cute. [ laughs ] -entertainer extraordinaire. you know, there are so many people who have succeeded on the nutrisystem program. -they really have. -let's take genie francis, soap legend star. -yeah, that's right. she's so sweet. i'm such a fan. [ laughs ] and look at her. -incredible, right? -incredible. [ applause ] we have more nutrisystem stories to come, including a really shocking surprise
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with nutrisystem, and so many more incredible success stories to inspire us all. and i have a little secret to share with everybody here and all of you out there at home. many pro athletes and many other celebrities are nutrisystem success stories, too. that's right. legendary quarterback dan marino lost 22 pounds on the nutrisystem program. -crazy. -and don't football players want real food? -they want real food, right? hey, dan marino! it's "danny" and marie. look! dan marino! hey, marie. looking good. me and marie go way back almost 10 years now with nutrisystem. i'm dan marino, and i lost 22 pounds with nutrisystem. 10 years later, and the food is better an ever. marie, you don't look a day over 29. it must be nutrisystem. thanks, dan! you're cute! [ laughs ] [ applause ] wow, well, joining us now are three incredible ladies,
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-whoo-hoo! -...lori, vanessa, and kelly. [ applause ] hello, ladies. -hello. -hello. aren't you beautiful. look at you. they are, and we're going to have some fun because, with nutrisystem, it's not just about how you look. -right. it's about how you feel. but let's show our audience first what you used to look like before your big weight losses. take a look. so when you see that -- just tell me what you think. [ lori ] when i see that, i get emotional, because that's not me. it's not me. this is me, living my life, being there for my kids. we had kids much later in ljfe, and i wanted to be the m that was on the jungle gym, that was coaching their volleyball team, that was running around with them and dressing up for halloween. i didn't want to be the mom anymore that said, "no, honey, i can't go swimming with you right now", you know, secretly because i'm petrified to put on a bathg suit, you know?
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[ marie ] no more excuses. [ applause ] ahh. okay, so, i just -- can i just hug you? yeah. are you kidding? [ laughter ] are you kidding me? because i know -- don't you feel like life has just begun? it's absolutely just begun. i love that. what about you, vanessa -- when you see you before? [ vanessa ] en i see me before, it takes me back to -- i travel a lot for work. and it is a mortifying experience to walk on a plane and somebody look at you like, "oh, don't sitext to me. don't sit next to me." at my heaviest, i was this close to having to get a seat be extender on the plane. and it's an uncomfortable feeling feeling like you got to suck it in just to put a seat belt on. so how do you feel now when you fly? [ sighs ] [ laughter ] it feels so good. i get on the plane, i sit down, and i put that seat belt on. and i stretch that sucke as far as it will go... [ laughter, applause ] so, i'm just like, "yeah!" how about beautiful kelly?
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i see a person who was hiding. i see a person who was comforting myself. my husband and i lost a child in my late 20s. and i was always a thin person before. so, i turned to comfort food. and we had two more beautiful children, but i was never able to get that weight off. for 20 years, i couldn't get the weight off and i just turned to food. what do you think -- you give yourself a reason why did it. i know what loss is. i'm so sorry. thank you. sorry. and you always can find a reason to excuse yourself or to justify why you've done something. mm-hmm. what made you say, "enough"? because you -- that's huge. after 20 years... -yeah. ...of being a certain weight, what did that to you? well, it was a series of things.
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i didn't feel like the person i really was. and i also could see it affecting my children, who are now in college. and by the way, they've improved their lifestyle. my son has actually lost 10 inches off his waist in the last year. how does that make you feel? oh, it's an amazing thing. -isn't it awesome? -yeah, it's awesome. and to hear my daughter tell me how proud she is of me, um...means everything, you know? and so, now i'm able to just enjoy life. all right, so, that's so awesome. and you need -- let's do that fun thing. should we do that? -let's do it. you know why? -tell them. -because it's so easy to forget how much the weight was that you really lost. you lose perspective on the amount of 40, 50, 65 pounds, even 10 pounds. yes. so, we have this fun thing today. [ laughs ] it's awesome you're gonna love it. we're gonna love it... -it's so gross -...'cause i'm gonna watch. but we have this sled pull where each of you will be loaded
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both: real anatomical fat. -this was what was sitting -- -wow, that was good. we did that together. -that was very well done. we could actually dance, too. [ laughter ] and let me show you, marie, what we have here. okay, so, check this out, ladies. this is a [grunts] a piece of fat. -look at that thing. -that's one. that is so heavy. feel that. that sucker is heavy. hey, dan! whoo! [ laughter ] good catch! way to catch! [ laughs ] oh, hey, i used to be a wide receiver. now i'm a tight end. okay! [ laughter ] so, should we do this? -let's do this. we're gonna have each of you grab onto your sled with the weight -- -okay, so, come over here. -right. so, each of you go to your weight. so, lori -- and you're going to pull your weight loss. come on, let's get them going here. go, girls. come on. [ audience clapping rhythmically ] yeah. -oh, my gosh. -give it a pull. you can do it! -[ laughs ] come on, girl! you're in training for a marathon. get out there and pull that weight. come on, give it a pull. -isn't that crazy? -you can do it. -can i try it? oh, my gosh. my heart is racing.
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that's 50 pounds. this is what i do for my brother in vegas every day -- i pull his weight. [ laughter ] but can you imagine with your dancing... -oh, my gosh. -...and all your rehearsals with extra 50? no, do you know what? i'm winded. -yes. -i am, i'm actually winded. imagine walking up the stairs with that 50 pounds on you. 50 pounds is huge. -and i'm in pretty good shape. -cgratulations. -you guys rock. -yes, you do. -you're awesome. [ applause ] fabulous. [ laughter ] -group hug! -wonderful job. you all did a great job. [ male announcer ] are you ready to lose up to three times more weight than dieting on your own? then you're ready for the all-new turbo 10. lose up to 10 pounds and five inches overall in your first month. lose weight fast, have more energy, and get healthy. i'm anastasia, and i lost 55 pounds nutrisystem. when i look in the mirror, it's like looking at a different person. i've not gone a week without losing weight in 11 months, and all i did was eat. [ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have turned to nutrisystem, america's number-one
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lose up to three times more body fat than dieting on your own. the secret is our nutrisystem nutrient mix. it's the perfect combination of lean protein, healthy fats, and smart carbs, all perfectly portioned to help stabilize blood sugar and fight hunger. order your 28-day plan right now. you'll get delicious breakfasts, luncs, dinners, even snacks for less than $12 a day, all with absolutely no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, sweeteners, or high-fructose corn syrup. with nutrisystem, say yes to lean proteins, whole grains, smart carbs, and healthy fats. it's smart, healthy weight loss you can feel good about. you eat the food, and you lose the weight. i saw results fast. jump-start your weight loss and blast belly bloat with turbo shakes all in your first four weeks. [ male announcer ] call or click now to order your 28-day plan and we'll rush you the all-new turbo 10
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the free turbo shakes are designed to help reduce belly bloat. it's that uncomfortable full feeling that causes your abdomen to swell and distend. the free turbo shakes are specially formulated with 22 vitamins and minerals and packed with protein and probiotics to support digestive health, boost immunity, and help bust that belly bloat! we'll also include our mega-popular nutricrush shakes to crush hunger -- free. act fast -- the first 500 callers will get this nutrisystem shaker bottle free. it's all part of our limited-time offer. but wait! call in the next 15 minutes and we'll throw in fedex shipping absolutely free. there has never been a better time to start nutrisystem. try us for two weeks. if you don't love your results, we'll give you your money back -- guaranteed. call or click now to get your free turbo shakes, free nutricrush shakes, free shaker bottle, and free shipping. don't wait -- thisxclusive tv offer is only available for a limited time. the phone lines are open, and the reps are standing by.
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[ applause ] welcome back. all of us can be a successful story, and we can reach our goals. i'm telling you. i'm here to tell you that this can happen for you. and nutrisystem, to me -- i've done them all. they're the best. they're the best. no question. now for our much-anticipated interview with genie francis. yeah, genie. the hardest thg for me about my weight loss was, at 14 years old, going to work at "general hospital," and they decided to put laura "on a diet". it was very hard for me as a very young girl to be put on a diet on tv, and that made me very insecu. that's how, you know, my body image, uh... how it began. i have been on every diet there is, every fad crazy diet. i've been in pain about my body and my weight all my life. i tried nutrisystem, telling myself,
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"this isn't gonna work." there is no way that i can eat all that food and have a dessert and lose weight. i'll do it. i'll do it just to prove you wrong, but, you know, it's not gonna work. i lost 40 pounds on nutrisystem. it's crazy. i have never been that nice to myself with my food. i have always restricted food and really suffered with weight loss. i am not suffering here. i will never go back to those crazy diets. you can't change by thinking. you can change by doing. i am walking, living proof that nutrisystem works. if it works for me, it will definitely work for you. [ applause ] genie, thank you for sharing your story. isn't she fantastic? i love her. -she is absolutely amazing. -she really is. we have a lovely young woman in the audience who has lost 135 pounds. that is... -oh, my gosh. -...a whole person. -is that incredible? [ applause ]
7:19 am
[ laughs ] -oh, thank you. get up here. get up here. look at -- okay, tell me your name. -emily beth. -emily beth. look at emily beth. isn't she the cutest? -how beautiful. -thank you, thank you. wait a minute, emily beth -- is that a southern name? oh, yes, alabamborn and raised. aha, so, good food. -oh. -was that southern helpings of cornbread and gravy? at every family function, a casserole, a pie -- you know how it goes. -oh, my. -oh, yeah. [ laughs ] -so how old are you? -30. soyou're 30. so how long were you struggling with your weight? mostly when i got to college. you know, you start eating at 3:00 a.m. and studying in the middle of the night... oh, boy. ...and so, you know, you just don't care about those things. why did you decide to lose it? well, you know, my doctor said "you have high blood pressure." you know... -at 30. i was on high-blood- pressure medicine in my 20s, you know, so i was like, "something has to change." yeah. so, what was it that caused you to make that decision? my sister was getting married, and my mom was like, "let's just do this. we can drop a few before theedding, before you have to walk down the aisle." and i was like, "okay."
7:20 am
and look at this -- before and after. isn't that incredible? [ applause ] [ laughs ] i have a whole new lease on life, a whole new life, yeah. -you're so beautiful. -thank you. but do you know what? to me -- and i tell this to everybody -- it's not about being skinny. -no. -it's about being healthy. -yes. and to be able to participate in life again. -yes, it is. -you're awesome. oh, thank you. you guys are, too. thank you. -gorgeous. thank you. thank you so much. you go, girl! [ applause ] one step, the first step, and it can change your life forever. absolutely, and our next story is sure to inspire you. watch this. three months ago, i started nutrisystem. i have tried every diet on planet earth. i can't believe that was me. i lost 31 pounds with nutrisystem. after nutrisystem, i glanced back at the mirror. i walk away and look at myself,
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it looks like a -- i look like a different person. i'm overall just more energetic. i feel like i can do a million things a day instead of wanting to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. i was told recently that i looked hot, and i hadn't been told that in a while. [ ughs ] after nutrisystem, sitting in this chair, oh, compared to when i first started -- sometimes, i walk past a window, and i don't even recognize myself. and i'm like, "when did this happen?" i would love to get back to a size 8. i'm amanda, and i lost 25 pounds and 26 inches on nutrisystem! i went from a size 14 to a size 8, and people almost don't recognize me when i walk into a room now. nutrisystem has absolutelyade me a happier version of myself. i am a different person. i feel different. i look different and in a wonderful way. [ applause ]
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and now let's take a few questions from the audience. -oh, boy. -who has a question? -i like questions. -you, what's your name? my name is joy. and first i would like to say, marie, you have been a positive influence in my life for years. -oh, you are so nice. -thank you. i just want to know -- is it easy to incorporate nutrisystem in one's life every day? oh, it's the easiest. that's the thing that makes it so fantastic is that, you know, you just pick what you want. i mean, you guys, i ate pizza. i ate pasta. i mean give me one of those ice-cream sandwiches at t end of my day... -love the ice-cream sandwiches. ...because even though they're versions of theeal ones, you don't feel like you're on a diet. -mnh-mnh. -and that's why nutrisystem works. you know, you're not obsessed with weighing foods and doing all that other stuff. shopping it and counting it, like you said -- that's the perfect word. you get obsessed with food, and you're gonna cheat. you're gonna go off your diet. all you ve to do in the morning is say, "this is what i want. i want this,"
7:23 am
and they do all the work. it's ftastic. -it sure is. -yeah. -thank you. -all right, who else has a question for marie? yes, you in the purple. -hi, marie. -hi. my name's ree. my question is, is i'm 54 years old, and i've already been through the change. all my life i've never had to deal with weight gain. and then, all of a sudden, boom, it hits. it just seems like you're fighting it all the time, and you're losing the fight. but what i want to know, is this nutrisystem something that you can really combat mother nature? yes, and it helps while your hormones are doing all those crazy things. and so, when you're having one of those horrible hot flashes, you can stand there and say, "hey, but i look hot." [ laughter ] [ kathy ] you know? [ applause ] you're all so cute. okay, so here's the question for all of you. what are you waiting for? you really can do this. yocan. believe in yourself. because i believe in you. kathy believes in you.
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all you ve to do is take the first step. nutrisystem, they'll do all the rest. it's that easy. get started with nutrisystem right now. [ applause ] [ male announcer ] are you ready to lose up to three times more weight than dieting on your own? then you're ready for the alnew turbo 10. lose up to 10 pounds and five ihes overall in your first month. lose weight fast, have more energy, and get healthy. you'll love it -- money back guaranteed! i'm marshall, and i lost 75 pounds with nutrisystem. bye-bye, belly fat. my name is vtoria, and i lost 45 pounds with nutrisystem. i love fitting into my jeans. that's where it counts. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have turned to nutrisystem, america's number-one home-delivery weight-loss plan. lose up to three times more body fat than dieting on your own. the secret is our nutrisystem nutrient mix. it's the perfect combination of lean protein, healthy fats, and smart carbs,
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to help stabilize blood sugar and fight hunger. order your 28-day plan right now. you'll get delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, even snacks for less than $12 a day! choose from over 150 foods that are easy to prepare, all with absolutely no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, sweeteners, or high-fructose corn syrup. with nutrisystem, say yes to lean proteins, whole grains, smart carbs, and healthy fats. it's smart, healthy weight loss you can feel good about. my name is erica, and i lost 31 pounds with nutrisystem. i can't believe my results. [ male announcer ] nutrisystem is an easy plan for today's busy lifestyle. counting points, calories, weighing-in... ooh! not for me. [ male announcer ] call or click now to order your 28-day plan and we'll rush you the all-new turbo 10 with one week of our all-new turbo shakes free. the free turbo shakes are designed to help reduce belly bloat.
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that causes your abdomen to swell and distend. the free turbo shakes are specially formulated with 22 vitamins and minerals and packed with protein and probiotics to support digestive health, boost imnity, and help bust that belly bloat! bye-bye, stubborn belly fat. [ male announcer ] we'll also include our mega-popular nutricrush shakes to crushunger -- free. act fast -- the first 500 callers will get this nutrisystem shaker bottle free. it's all part of our limited-time offer. but wait! call in the next 5 minutes and we'll throw in fedex shipping absolutely free. there has never been a better time to start nutrisystem. try us for two weeks. if you don't love your results, we'll give you your money back -- guaranteed. call or click now to get your free turbo shakes, free nutricrush shakes, free shaker bottle, and free shipping. don't wait -- this exclusive tv offer is only available for a limited time. the phone lines are open, d the reps are standing by. call now.
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i was sitting right where you are now, and i made a choice to do something about it. take action. i called nutrisystem, and i lost 50 pounds. and i know that you can do it, too. call or click and take the first step. nutrisystem, they'll do the rest. [ male announcer ] the preceding was
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announcer hello and welcome to through the bible with les feldick. an oklahoma rancher and farmer, les feldick has been teaching home-style bible classes for over twenty years in iowa, oklahoma and texas. s feldick's unique style of bible teaching has made the books of the bible come to life. when les is teaching, it's so interesting that people say, 'time just seems to fly by.' and now here is les feldick. les feldick okay, there we are. and once again we're ready to pick up where we left off in our last program, which was in ephesians chapter 1 and now we're still in verse 4. again, for all of you watching on television, we'd just like to welcome you to an informal bible study. and, we don't claim to have all the answers but all we try to get folk to do is search the scriptures. in them, of course, the scripture says
7:30 am
and all i can hope to do as i teach is to whet people's appetite to begin to study and read their own bible and enjoy it. and according
7:31 am
succeeding to quite a greatedegree than we ever dreamed. in fact, i guess i shld share with the television audience, there - we've got our books on the screen. okay, all the past programs are available on the videotapes and then they've been transcribed into the little booklets that you see on the screen, and they're just going out so fast lately we can't get them printed fast enough. but, that's well, that's the way we like it. but anyway, i have to share with our television audience especially, you know when first started up here at channel 47, iris and i between us had kind of determined it would last six-months and then it would die a natural death. but here we are seven years later and it's just growing and growing and growing. sort of like the rabbit on the tv, i guess. but anyway, the lord is blsing it and we appreciate so much your letters. every letter i read, i think oh, i wish i could just write an answer to it, but you see, i'd ver get anything done if i'd answer them all, so we at least try to answer your questions but rest assured that we do love to read your letters and of course, we appreciate your financial help because without that we cannot stay on the air. a lot of people think that christians don't have to pay for tv time because we're on a christian television station. don't you believe it. tv time is expsive. and we need of course financial help tstay on the air. okay,ack to ephesians chapter 1 verse 4 and we ended with the concept that we were chosen in christ, in that position that we now enjoy in the heavenlies. it was not a surprise to god when we were saved, he immediately said, why i knew that from
7:32 am
already, as we will see in the next verse or two and we ce to predestination. it isn't that we were predestined to salvation or hell but rather to this position that we enjoy in christ. all righ so let's look at verse 4 again, "according as he has chosen us in him, before the foundation of the world. that we should be holy." now that word holy doesn't mean that we stick our nose in the air and that we're better than everybody else and that we are sanctimoniously, pharisaical perfect. but it just simply means that god has set us apart for his own purposes. that's what the word holy means. because you want to remember, even back in the temple worship, the utensils that were used, like the shovels to take out the ashes and stuff, they were 'holy'. well, what did it mean? they coul't be used for any other purpose. in other
7:33 am
say, well i'm going to take this shovel home tonight fellows, my fireplace needs cleaning. oh no. that would never work. because those utensils were holy and were set apart only for god's purposes. all right, now that's where we are. we, so far as god is concerned, have been set aside and we are intrinsically in his program to be used as he sees fit, because after all we are his. all right, "so that we should be holy (or set apart) and without blame before him." wow! without blame and eryone of us are sinners saved by grace, but we still have the old sin nature in us and we all still sin, and then he has the audacity to say that we are blamels?
7:34 am
to i corinthians. i corinthians, i think it's right off the bat in chapter 1. i corinthians chapter 1, and remember the corinthians were carnal. they were not a spiritual congregation. they were no where near understanding ephesians. they haven't come that far yet.hey have been saved out of abject paganism and all of its attendant immorality but to understand this position in the heavenlies, no the corinthians hadn't gotten that far. even the apostle paul hasn't mooted that yet. but what can he write and tell them? i corinthians 1 starting at verse 6, 7; let's start at verse 6. "even as e testimony of christ was confirmed in you (how? by
7:35 am
so that you come behind in no gift, (while they were what?) waiting for the coming of our lord jesus christ." see, what was paul already waiting r? well the rapture. he honestly thought it was going to take place in his lifetime. he had no idea that god would wait almost 2000 years. all right, so here you are corinthians, waiting for the coming of our lord jesus christ, "who shall also confirm you unto the end." even these carnal corinthians now this is not license for sin, but it just goes to show you how far the grace of god will reach down. "who shall confirm you to the end that you may be (what?) blameless in the day of our
7:36 am
now a lot of people don't likehat. but that's what the word says. even these christians who were failing miserably, if the lord would have come, they wouldn't stand in his presence at the judgment seat of christ, shaking in their boots and shameful for all their unconfessed sin. they were already under the blood. they were already forgiven. and that's the grace of god, but ohe can't make license of that because then i think i have every right in the world to doubt a true salvation experience. because i cannot believe a true born again child of god will test god's grace, to see how far down he can go and the grace of god is still - i just can't believe a believer can do that. but, if we do contrary to everything that we want and we slip and we fall, if the lord should come and we come into his presence, what are we? blameless.
7:37 am
it's not my idea, it's the way god said it. all right, and you'll see this throughout paul's writings that we ha been cleansed and forgiven and we are justified from all things by virtue of our faith in that finished work of the cross. all right, so now then, back to ephesians 1 and "we should not only be set apart, but that we can be without blame before him." how can that be? because of what christ has done on our behalf. not because we merit it, not because we deserve it but because of his matchless grace. all right, now i stopped in front of 'in love' purposely because i think it reads better, that we are "without blame before him. in love (what did he do?) he predestinated us." see how
7:38 am
predestinated us unto the adoption of chdren by jesus christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will." now if you'll remember when we were back, i think in romans, we had the word 'adoption' - in galatians, that's where it was. in galatians, we dealt with adoption. and the word adoption in the greek did not mean to take a child from that union and then legally make him ours. the word adoption in the greek and in the roman society was to train that young son of the father, probably in the attributes of his particular business so that when he became of age, whatever the father determined 14, 15, 16 usually i think it was around 14, that child was now tutored and prepared that he could come right up
7:39 am
have full responsibility. that was the rite of adoption in the greek and roman cultures. all right now you put that into our position as believers, the moment we're saved, we don't have to go through a whole long period of training and preparation, but immediately where does god position us? equal with christ the son, see? a joint-heir. and that is all by virtue of the grace of god, that he has predestinated us tthat glorious position of being right with christ in the body, and in christ and in that elevated position in the heavenlies. so, he has predestinated us to that position of immediately being placed as a tutored
7:40 am
all right, so "we are predestinated unto the adoption of children by jesus christ to himself." now for the average believer this probably puts them to sleep. i got a kick out of my own pastor the other sunday morning, he was in romans, and he was so apropos. he said, now my sermon this morning, some of you, it's going to put you right straight to sleep. some of you it's going to make mad. and some of you are going to really enjoy it and grow from it. well, i'm sure that's almost always the case, and the same way here. some of these things for the average believer, and he's saved, but he doesn't have a hunger for these deeper things, and so he just nods his head and off he drops to sleep. but, if you are really interested in all that god has done on your behalf when christ died for you and rose from the dead, then these things are
7:41 am
are positioned with christ in the heavenlies and that one day it's going to come to fruition. now, that's why i told roy to leave my stuff on the board, see, here we come now all through this lower level of the elementary things of our sinful estate and how the gospel has saved and justified us. how we need that reproof and we need the correction constantly, but now we jump up into this area where we're going to go in to deeper doctrine, in to deeper ars of reproof but oh listen, what's it all coming to? when we can make this final step up and we get into that which is the glory and we will longer be tied to the things of this world but we're going to be in his presence. we're going to enjoy all the blessings of glory! how does paul put it? oh, turn back with me. i like to always compare scripture with scripture. come back
7:42 am
8. romans chapter 8 verse 17 and 18, says it better than i ever could. romans 8 verses 17 and 18. you all there? where he writes, "and if we're children, then heirs. heirs of god and joint-heirs." now you all know what it means to be a joint-heir. that means that's what's hers is mine. what's mine is hers. all right, we're joint-heirs with christ, see? "if so be that we suffer with him, that we may also be (what?) glorified." see? now that's still coming. that's what we're waiting for. now look
7:43 am
and he was just as human as you and i, and he can write, "for i reckon that the sufferings of this present time (and you all know how he suffered, as we taught in the corinthian letters. how they scourged him, three times. one usually killed people. but he went through three of them. shipwreck. dumped in the mediterranean or the aegean sea, three times. and beaten unmercifully. stoned and dragged out for dead. suffered? i reckon. and look what he says, that) it was nothing to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed (to whom? the angels? no) to us." to us! oh we sometimes think god's forgotten out these things, no he hasn't; it's coming. it's coming. i just told someone before the class started, they
7:44 am
my programs the air, i'm back in 1994 - 95 and i thought the lord was coming then. i said, well it always reminds me of a cartoon i saw sometime ago. this old fellow was sitting in front of his cave door and across the top; he had 'the end is near.' but then he added 'er'. in other words, the end is nearer. and so here today, the end is a lot nearer than it was when i taught those lessons back in 95 - 96. but whatever, don't give up. god is on the throne. it is still going to happen and we jt keep getting closer and closer with every passing day. all right now then, verse 5 reading on, "so we have been adopted according to the good pleasure of (whose will?) his will." see? remember what paul said about his apostleship? turn back to
7:45 am
did paul become an apostle? not by his will, but by god's will. how did we become a child of god? not by our will but by god's will. now that doesn't take away our free choice because again have to constantly remember, i think it's back in john's gospel, 'no one cometh unto the father except (what?) the spirit draw him.' see? let me show you another one th's one of my favorites, come back to acts. acts chapter 16. you've seen me use this verse over and over on the program. because it says it all. and it's so appropriate in the light of ephesians, that we have come into this glorious position in the heavenlies by his will. it wasn't my idea. but he made
7:46 am
responded. maybe not as quickly as i should of and i think we're all in the same boat. we didn't respond when god began to woo us, but thank god at least finally did. all right, now then, in acts chapter 16. they're up there in philippi, up in northern greece, verse 14, "and a certain woman named lydia, a seller of purple of the city of thyatira, who worshipped god (see, she was religious. she was probably a jewish lady) sh heard us; whose heart the lord (what?) opened." now when the lord opened her heart what did she do? "she attended to the things that werepoken by paul." now do you see the format? here she is a religious lady to be sure,ut lost. and along comes the apostle
7:47 am
to her the work of the death, burial and resurrecti of christ. god opened her heart. but what did she do? she listened and responded, you see that? now i think that's the perfect scriptural explanation of how salvation work god opens the heart, but he doesn't force his way in. he opens the understanding but he doesn't force us. and he leaves it with us. we can choose or reject. and you know, i got a kick out of a letter from somebody from television and it was almost identical with an illustration that i've used in years gone by. don't know as i ever have on the program. but i used to use the illustration and this individual used almost the same thing, almost word for word. i said, you remember when we were kids, i don't know whether they do any more, but when i was a kid
7:48 am
because during that 15 or 20 minutes of recess, i loved to play ball. that's all i went to school for was to play ball. and so as soon as we'd get out on the play yard, somebody would always have the bat and ball and we would just literally put out a call across the yard, come on, we're going to have a ball game. well, some of the kids would go to the merry-go-round. some would go to the swings. but for those that came over to the ball diamond, we would hurry up and choose sides and we could have a ball game for the next 15 or 20 minutes. now i always ma this analogy. when we went out down to the ball diamond and we literally yelled at all the kids, come on we're going to have a ball game. what were we doing? we we putting out the call. but of those that came down to the ball diamond and got chosen, they were chosen. you see the difference. and this person used the same analogy, the call went out to the whole playground, but only those who
7:49 am
to play ll. and i think it's still a good, an appropriate illustration of this very concept here of lydia. they lord opened her heart. in other words, the lord said, 'come on lydia'. she could have done what? she could have said, no i'm not interested. but, she attended or listened to and acted on the things that were spoken by paul. and it hasn't changed on iota. and it's just like i said in the last program, so over here, yes. we still have that option of responding to or rejecting the offer of salvation. but over here, god knew from eternity past what we would do. and so when we responded, just like with lydia, you know what i think the lord shouted across all of heaven when lydia responded? knew she would! see? i knew she would! it wasn't catching him by surprise. and so,
7:50 am
what we have up here in ephesians. all right, now let's come back to ephesians 1 and so he has placed us in thiposition of joint-heirs with christ, according to the good pleasure of his will and now down to verse 6, "to the praise of the glory of (what?) his grace." see? now i guess if i have trumpeted any one word in the years now that we've been doing this program, it's that word grace. we deserve none of this. we deserve nothing in this world. but what we have and what we enjoy whether it's spiritual or whether it's material or whether it's physical, it's all by the grace of god. i don't deserve it and i don't think you do. but, oh it's by his grace, see, that we
7:51 am
beloved." there's that prepositional phrase again. what does it mean to be in the beloved? in christ! why am i in christ? why are you in christ? by his grace. see, he could have let us slip out into an eternity, lost and without hope. but by his grace, he presented us with the plan of salvation and we've responded and here we are now then, positionally accepted in the beloved. all right, now another verse comes to mind, turn to colossians. colossians, we've used these verses a long, long time ago. but let's use them again for just a moment. colossians chapter 3 now this is another one of these prison epistles, this is still up in this second step up. ephesians, philippians, colossians. and of course, the colossians has problems too you know. they were
7:52 am
they were trying to enter into the realms of angelic beings and so forth. and so colossians had to correct them and bring them back on line. but oh, look at chapter 3 starting at verse 1, "if you then be risen with christ." in other words, you have experienced his death, burial and resurrection by faith, if you have gone through that, "then seek those things which are above." because they become now by far more important. "seek those things which are above, where christ sitteth on the right hand of god. (verse 2) set your affection on things above and not on things on the earth." does that ring a bell with what jesus said back in the gospels? what'd he say? seek ye first the kingdom
7:53 am
these things can be added. now there's nothing wrong with 'things.' absolutely nothing wrong with things. providing our priorities are right. now if 'things' are more important than spiritual, then it's wrong. but, if you have your spiritual priorities where they belong and then all these things have been added, so be it. god isn't tight. but on the other hand, we can't demand them of him. but, if he has seen fit, in grace, to bless us with things, there's nothing wrong as long as they are in the right order of priority. all right, so colossians again, chapter (i lost my place, all right) so he says, set your affection on things above not on things on the earth and here's why "for you." now remember who is he
7:54 am
you are dead (wow! i thought i was living. old adam is dead! god reckoned that old sin nature of you and i as believers as dead) and the life that we have is (where?) hid in god and in christ." now there is that threefold again, position of the believer. we are - otwofold - we are in christ, and in god and nothing can touch us in that glorious state secure position. now whenever i talk about something save and secure like this, you know, i've always used the analogy in past programs of the old black walnut. you can knock off that outer shell and then you crack the next shell and then way down in the middle, what do you find? that delicious
7:55 am
find this so often, that we are positioned in that place of safety and then what i always have to think of are two analogies in the old testament. when the jews on the night of the passover were standing at that kitchen table, ready to eat the passover vamb, what was going on around them? the death angel. and the wailing was already sounding across egypt. but the jews were safe and secure, for one reason. the blood was on the door. all right, then the next one i always like to use is noah and his family in the ark. the horrors and the revenges of the flood were just totally demolishing everything on the planet, but noah and his family were safe and secure because you see, that wooden ark had been lined with pitch. remember that, when we were back there?
7:56 am
meant - atonement. so there they were in the midst of all the horrors of the flood, they were safe. israel in the midst of the horrors of the death angel, were safe. you and i in the midst of all of the wickedness that's taking place on t earth tonight, we're in christ and we're what? we safe. we have nothing to worry about. paul says, don't worry about he who can destroy the body when he can't destroy the soul. announcer thank you for watching through the bible with les feldick, a weekly bible study. if you would like more information about the les feldick ministries, a bible study in your area, or about this program, write to: les feldick ministries, route 1, box 760, kinta, oklahoma 74552.
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with les feldick. - all aboard!
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- since breakfast, when i matriculated this. - oh. hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! the university of tasty-toasty-wheat? - yeah, it's a diploma, bob. it came in my cereal box. i get them all the time. - ah. - you want one? - i don't know. you want to be a marine biologist? - mm. - a pet psychologist? - mm. - b.a. in mass communications? - ooh, tempting, but how would i use it? you know what? i'm just--i'm fine. - suit yourself, bob, for when i found this, realized that i was destined for macademia. [bells clanging] - that sounds a little nutty. [gasps] holy smokestacks! rich, do you know what that is? - bob, i'm reminded of the time when i was in the clubhouse and my ears distinctly heard the dopplerization effect of a diesel-electric turbinization locomobization that was encroaching on my cinitude. - mm, i don't know about all that, rich, but i'm pretty sure there's a train coming!
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- oh, okay. - all right. - cool. huh. [laughter] - oh, hi, brian. - hi, dylan. these are my friends choo choo bob and engineer emily. - hi, there. we're doing some research about trains today. do you want to join us? - nah, that's okay. i already know quite a lot out trains. - oh, really? do you know anything about the union pacific ac4400cw? - oh, that's one of my favorites. the mighty southern atlantic ad55-- - e union pacific ac4400cw. - exactly. i heard the engine has the power of 4,400 cats. - cat power? - 4,400 horsepower. - yes. - oh, that's almost too much power. - i think we all have a lot more to learn about trains. - mm-hmm. well, i guess we should start by singing a song. - mm-hmm. - yeah. - i used to think trains ran on apple juice
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- at's weird. - with the facts, i played so fast and loose then i went down to the library - that's a good idea. - oh, totally. - learned about locomotive history all: like the union pacific ac4400cw it's a mighty long name for a train yeah, that's true - well, i read that it's a diesel locomotive so fast and strong both: fast and strong. - it can pull a big coal train about a mile long you won't believe how many books you'll find both: millions of them. - take a trip on those steel rails
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all: on the union pacific ac4400cw it's a mighty long name for a train yeah, that's true flippety choo [train whistle blows] - okay, all set. now, i'll just edify myself down to tinyland and see my old pal blithers. commence dehugeification. oh, crickets! - no? no. - whoa! [sighs] whew! um, excuse me, sir. is this your establishment? - uh, no, actually. i am just helping out a friend. - well, allow me to introduce myself. richard w. kornbelt, phd, doctor of cerealogy. - oh, wow, a professor. - mm-hmm, that is indeed correct, sir. - well, very impressive. say, with a job like that, you must read a lot of books. - [scoffs] - ja?
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being a professor is a very demanding job. not much time for reading, really. - hello, richard. is that you, my good man? - oh, greetings, blithers. yes, it is i, professor richard w. kornbelt. - professor of cerealogy. - that's capital, richard. smashing! then you're just the man to help me with this crossword puzzle. - oh. - there are several words that have me quite flummoxed. - uh, well, i'll do what i can, i guess. - how about this one? a six-letter word for an enclosure for keeping birds. - uh... oh, "birdcage!" - hmm. nope. i'm afraid it starts with an "a." - "a birdcage." - try "aviary." - yeah, spot on! nicely done, lessermore. - well, lucky guess. - now, what's a word for someone who makes an exaggerated outward sh of importance?
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- do you mean someone who thinks they are a pretty big deal but does not have the skills to back it up? - yeah, quite. - oh, well, that would be "pretentious." - [gasps] right on, professor! i say, you are a whiz at this crossword puzzle word game. - professor? you're a professor too? - oh, ja. - oh, yeah. oh, i thought you knew. hiram lessermore is professor of english at tinyland u. - und i've got to get back to class. the next one is in ten minutes. - huh. - blithers. professor. - professor. - it's been a pleasure. - thank you. - [humming] - well, uh, i'll just be leaving, then. - [chewing loudly] - [laughs] wow! what a great day it has been! oh, hey, engineer paul. - somebody sure sounds pumped up. - oh, that would be me, my friend.
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and then engineer emily and i had a wonderful time at the library, and, rich, you would not believe the-- hey, wait a minute. where's professor rich? - hmm-hmm. i think somebody went to tinyland. - oh. hmm, good guess. - hey, rich, prepare yourself. going up. - whoa! [laughs] hey, everybody. - hey. - hey, professor rich. - it's bike racer rich now, bob. i'm off to the tour de bobville. i read the first page of the foreword of the beginner bicycle racing book, so i'm all set. - wow. aren't books great? all: they sure are. [laughter] - i couldn't he said it better myself. see you out on the rails, engineers. [loud crash] whoa! hey, rich! are you okay? - [weakly] fine!
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- choo choo bob, is that you? - oh, hey, randy. it's randy the planner, everybody. randy is the brains behind how tinyland gets its new roads, new tracks, new buildings, all kinds of stuff.
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the weirdest thing's going on. i have these plans, right, plans for the planning. but lately, the more i plan, the less things seem to be going according to plan. you understand? - ah, bummer, randy. you being a planner, i can understand how that would be pretty frustrating. - [chuffs] - all right, well, give me an example. what is not going according to plan? - come with me. - oh. okay. - check it out. - whoa, cool! - no, not cool! the plan calls for this structure to be right side up. does this look right side up to you? - oh, i don't know. tinyland is starting to do thin on its own. [dramatic music] [train whistle tooting] - well, there's only one thing to do. going up. [both shouting] - [shouts] hey, bob. hey, randy. what's shaking in tinyland? - oh, hey, rich.
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[bells clanging] - hold that thought, randy. holy smokestacks! i think there's a train coming! [all shouting] [steam hissing] [bl ringing] [laughs] wow! that was so cool! [chuckles] - whoa. rich, it looks like randy's passel of plans has positively plastered him. come on, randy. i got you, buddy. [grunts] you okay? - thanks, bob. that was unplanned for. - you can say that again. ooh, it's 10:00. i'm gonna be late for my appointment. - appointment? rich, you're a lumberjack. lumberjacks don't have appointments. - [laughs] not today, my tartar-ific friend. as of 8 a.m. o'clock this morning,
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- oh, cool. - yeah. i work out of my car. - oh, so your car opens at 8:00. - no, the mail came at 8:00, and that's when i received this: my degree in general dentistology from occidental online medical university. can i fit either of you guys in for a tooth cleaning or a hot wax? - oh, you know, rich, i'd love to, but we really don't have time for that today. - tinyland's going crazy. it's building its own upside-down buildings. it's paving its own roads and laying down its own tracks. - it is? - yeah. - that is crazy. but i got to get back to my car. i got a root canal, three crowns, and a set of braces to install before my meter runs out. i'm sorry, guys, but i got to go. keep on brushing. - okay. see you later, rich. hmm. all right, randy, let's you and i trto figure out this tinyland situation. but i got to warn you, the old shrinkron's been a little hinky today, so just be prepared. you ready? - yup. - all right.
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[both shouting] well, it seems to be working normally. uh... wait a second. randy! randy? - wha-- hey. bob? - greetings, engineers. it's time once again for choo choo bob's train of the day. today's train is the astounding leviathan #63 from kloke locomotive works. the leviathan is said to be americs newest operating steam engine. the original leviathan was constructed by schenectady locomotive works and purchased by the central pacific railroad in 1868. work on this stunning replica began in 1999, and it was first shown to the public in 2009. sporting a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement,
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delighting trainiacs of all ages. ar that whistle blow. [train whistle blows] truly a sight to behold: the incomparable leviathan #63. next stop: bobville, usa. - well, maybe if i just adjust the serling rod a couple degrees. let's see here. - bob? bob? - randy. - bob? - down here. hey, randy, i'm down here. - bob, what's wrong with the shrinkatron? - well, i think i know what it is now. could you carefully hand me that tiny, tiny screwdriver over on the worktable, please? - sure, bob. - good. randy's on the case. oh. okay. come in slow. - ay. - [grunting] [groaning]
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this is the heaviest screwdriver i've ever lift in my life. well, how's this gonna work? hmm. all right, engineers, just cross your fingers for me, okay? here we go. [high-pitched beep] [shouts] oh. [gasps] - hey, bob. - oh, hey, guys. [laughs] what's, uh-- what's new? - apparently, supergiant pants are new. what, is it fashion week here in bobville? - you guys got to help me. - well, what's the prob, bob? [laughter] i've always wanted to say that. - good one, cee cee. well, the old shrinkatron's on the fritz. and my warranty just expired. - well, go ahead and hit the button, bob. show us what's wrong. - all right, guys, take a look at this. [all shouting] both: hey! - aw, see? we lost chlie.
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- oh, sweet! - how did i get back here? - yeah. what the heck? - hmm. how'd i get here? - charlie? where are you, buddy? - charlie? - is that you? - charlie? - charlie! - charlie! - charlie! - hey, charlie? - charlie! - do my finely tuned rat ears deceive me? i do believe i hear conductor cheese curl calling my name. conductor dave! conductor davey-poo! you down there? is now a bad time to tell everyone that the other day, you bent down to pick up your n and your pants split wide open? [laughing] would that be embarrassing for you? - what? my pants are mended now! i am no longer offending the passengers! i just left them in the dryer too long ... [gasps] maybe the shrinkatron shrunk my pants! [dramatic music]
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- now, i like trains, but this is insane it just makes no sense to my brain it's a both: shrinkatron crazy-fest shrinkatron crazy-fest - what a terrible mess both: shrinkatron crazy-fest - what happens next, i can only guess - just the other day - i made a tiny snack - the next thing i knew all: we were rolling off the tracks all: shrinkatron both: crazy-fest shrinkatron crazy-fest - what a terrible mess both: shrinkatron crazy-fest - what happens next, i can only guess all: shrinkatron crazy-fest will we ever get any rest - now, let me get this straight - i noticed just now - conductor dave's shoes - are the size of a cow all: shrinkatron crazy-fes shrinkatron crazy-fest - what a terrible mess
8:22 am
- can i get a smaller manifest? - i guess with all my tools i'll figure out what's wrong you know i can't afford a new shrinkatron it's a all: shrinkatron cra-fest shrinkatron crazy-fest - it's a shrinkatron crazy-fest all: shrinkatron crazy-fest shrinkatron crazy-fest - what a terrible mess all: shrinkatron crazy-fest - never settle for less [laughs] both: shrinkatron - let's get shrinky! both: shrinkatron - it's shrinksanity. both: shrinkatron - tinyland, here we come. [chuckles] going down. [laughs] [metallic scraping] [grunts] oh. that was weird. hey, let's give this thing one more try, shall we? going up! - [shouts] [all sigh] - hey, rich. - hey, guys. - long time, no see. - are you my 11:45? - nope, but do you mind if i borrow that thingy? - sure. - thanks.
8:23 am
whoa! holy smokestac. [both shouting] oh! oh, gosh! gosh! - kill it! - hey, someby put teeth in my shrinkatron. - oh, rich, could you please try to keep track of your dental supplies? - yeah, they're kind of taking a bite out of our d. [laughter] - dental humor! it never gets old! oh! oh, no! they're towing my car with my 10:30 still in it! hey, stop! mr. grossbaum isn't finished yet! - [laughs] well, on that note, i think it's about time i brush up on my model trains. see you out on the rails, engineers. [laughs] hey. gonna clean erything in one stroke! [laughs] both: shrinkatron - hey. hey. who am i?
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
(sfx: glass breaking) (sfx:footsteps running) music nice going spencer.
8:27 am
correction dude, you broke. i just threw the ball. this is really bad. what are we going to do? we? go to the door and ask for the ball back. are you serious? it's my ball myrtlebeck! i'm so dead. i'd run away. yeah, to uruguay. kiss your life goodbye. sorry. let's go. bye. see ya. remember me in your will. some friends you are! music oh. keep smiling, keep shining hi knowing you can always count on me, for sure tell him it was an accident and we can fix the window. whoa, that's what friends are for. come on. i'll come with you.
8:28 am
shrinkatron crazyest shrinkatron crazy-fest shrinkatron crazy-fest shrinkatron crazyest shrinkatron crazy-fest - all aboard!
8:29 am
[train whistle tooting] choo choo bob is bringing all his friends so much fun and what a treat you won't have to leave your seat don't you move you'll say "wow" choo choo bob is coming up - whoo! whoo! - right now - one more turn, and... hey, when did i get that watercooler? is that a fax machine? [bell jangling] oh, hey, rich. rich. - oh. hey, bob. all: whoa! - oh, i missed the shrinkatron. hopefully i can catch the next one. i don't want to be late. - rich, what's going on here? what are those people doing? - we are all going down to work in tinyland. - you got a job in tinyland? - mm-hmm. - cool. what's the job? zookeeper? - uh-uh. - badminton coach? - uh-uh. - go-kart mechanic? - uh-uh. - well, what kind of business are you in? - well, bob, my business is business,
8:30 am
- hmm. - [laughing] - [laughing] - actually, i'm going to work for the company that's gonna put a train where no train has gone before, into outer space. - whoa, that sounds awesome! - here, would you like to try one of my new business cards? - uh, sure. um, rich, i'm not sure, but this looks like a cracker. - that's rightbob. taste it. it's delicious. - hmm, okay. mmm! - hmm? - mm-hmm. - hmm? - mmm. - hmm. - that is a tay cracker. - mm-hmm. - but, rich, aren't business cards supposed to be a tiny piece of paper with your name and phone number on it? - bob, that's inside-the-boxcar thinking. i'm an outside-the-boxcar thinker. and that's what's gonna help me win friends and influenza people. - oh, okay. - i mean, what would you rather have, a tiny little piece of paper with writing on it or a delicious cracker? - oh, a cracker, definitely. - [laughs] that's right, bob. here, have some more business cards
8:31 am
- oh, thanks. - i hope it's okay. i had to bring my watercooler, copier, and fax machine up here for work. and that is my intercom system. - well, i guess that's okay. - well, i'm off to headquarters. - mm. bob, let's do lunch sometime. - okay. - [yells] - see you later, rich. you know, i'm a little nervous about having all this office equipment here at the clubhouse, because sometimes a train will go by, and things tend to get broken. [bells clanging] [gasps] holy smokestacks! i think there's a train coming! whoa! whoa! [bells clanging] [yelling] whoa! what a cool train. oh. [grunts] whew! that was a close one.
8:32 am
do you know? ah, no prob. you know, i think i know just who to ask. [bell jaling] hey, conductor dave. hey, charlie rat. - hey, bob. hey, bibbity-bob. we're about to enjoy some tasty soup. so what do you say? you want to share? - uh, thanks, charlie, but i think rich and i are supposed to "do lunch" later, so i think i'll have to pass. - oh, speaking of rich, do you have any more of his tasty business cards? - oh, yes, as a matter of fact, i do, conductor dave. - can i have a couple? - yes, right here. - thank you, bob. - hey, know you guys are eating, but you don't happen to know what kind of train that was that just passed by here recently, do you? - oh, yeah, that was the "l" train. "l" is short for elevated train. it's the rapid transit system for the city of chicago, operated by the chicago transit authority, or cta. on average, over 725,000 people ride the "l" every weekday. - wow, that sure is a lot of information
8:33 am
- well, that "l" train is a serious commuter train, bob. many people use it every day to get to work. - is that how you guys get to work? - [laughing] - oh, we don't actually work, bob. we mostly just sit here, and we watch tras go by, oh, and we play checkers and eat soup. - and keep track of the train traffic that passes by this platform. - oh, and we keep track of the train traffic that passes by this platform. thank you, ticket agent cee cee. - so? has the commuter train passed by yet? - affirmative. copy that. roger wilco. 10-4. - he means yes. - excellent. check. - you get paid by the word on this show? - perhaps. - now, bob, would you happen to have any more of those biness cards? - [laughs] affirmative. - well, can i... - here you go. - thanks. - [laughs] well, i hope you have a good lunch, everybody, anthanks for the info. [cat yowls] - mmm. - [chuckles] [bell jangling] oh, hello, good sir.
8:34 am
you're here because you're a huge fan of this show and you love trains. - well-- - and you heard all about my amazing clubhouse. - actually-- - and you couldn't help yourself. you just had to get a firsthand account of all of my amazing train memorabilia. - yes, actually, i'm just here for my 11:30 with mr. kornbelt. - oh. [intercom beeps] - bob, is my 11:30 here? - hi, rich. uh, looks like it. - that's great. could you go ahead and send him down? thanks. - sure. mr. kornbelt will see you now. - thank you very much, sir. [giggles] - [chuckles] hey, i wonder what's on the choo choo bob news. - today in bobville business news, we are asking the tough questions: we have well-known businessman richard w. kornbelt with us via satellite. - hi, catalina. great to be here. - mr. kornbelt, first off, who is that gentleman next to you?
8:35 am
never hurts to have legal counsel on hand. - i see. mr. kornbelt, tell us, why do you feel that trains should go into out space? - [whispering] - look, misslarkwarkenparker, you can't deny the facts. trains have carried people around the world, and it only makes sense that they take them into outer space. - wellnot everyone is so excited about trains going into space. let me introduce charlie rat. he is a local... rodent. charlie, you have some pretty strong feelings about this whole "trains in space" situation. - [laughs] this is getting really good. - well, you can't have trains in space, catalina. i mean, what would you attach the tracks to? it's t craziest thing i ever heard in my entire rat life. - hmm. mr. kornbelt? - oh, he's right! he's right! it'll never work! [sobbing]
8:36 am
- what you watching? - i'm just enjoying some hard-hitting news. - hmm. - what's the news with you? - i stopped by to see if you wanted to come with me to check out an honest-to-goodness commuter train. - oh, does a train run on the tracks and go clackita-clackita? - it sure does. after you. - okay. whoa, engineer emily, is that a train in the air? - you bet it is, bob. take a look at chicago's elevated train, the "l" train for short. - chicago's a pretty busy city. is it safe for the people in cars to be underneath a flying train? - it's not really flying, bob. the "l" train winds through the busy city high above street level on sturdy elevated tracks. hundreds of thousands of people use the "l" train daily to get to their jobs or go to school-- pretty much anywhere they need to go, choo choo bob. - oh, cool. [bell jangling] [chuckles] oh, hey, rich. - oh, hi, bob. - how's life in the business world? - [laughs] well... it's not going so great. - oh, really? - mm-hmm.
8:37 am
- yeah, but could we talk about it next to the watercooler? i don't know. it just seems more business-y. - sure, i don't see why not if you think it'll help. - thanks. there. - oh, thanks, rich. - welcome. so... [sighs] yoever watch tv? - yeah, sometimes. - how about that weather? - it's a little, uh-- little blustery this morning. - hmm, yeah. oh, bob, i don't know about this whole "train to outer space" idea of mine. i mean, i don't know what to connect the tracks to. - are you kidding? i think train travel to outer space is a great idea. - really? you do? - sure, i do. i mean, who knows what the future may bring? tracks may string from asteroid to asteroid, or maybe someday somebody will invent a rocket train that doesn't need any tracks at all. anything is possible. - wow, i feel a lot better. you're a great friend, bob. - thanks, rich.
8:38 am
i'm sorry, but i don't think we can do lunch today. we have to reschedule. - okay. - how does your next tuesday look? - next tuesday's good. - great, then i'll pencil you into my calendar and calendar you into my phone. - okay. - whoo-hoo! - man, today is so busy. i think i'm just gonna take a little me time. whoa, this is my favorite music video of all time! [slomusic] - someplace far away a train through outer space we could lay the tracks today don't you wonder what it looks like stare into the sky when it's late at night and dream it all off in a sleeper car
8:39 am
- [laughs] that was amazing. all: whoa! - okay, well... - bye. - see everody later. tomorrow? - [sighs] - oh, hey, rich. - hi, bob. - so you off to another important business meeting? - you know what, bob? i realized that there aresome things that are way more important than business meetings. - uh-huh. - and that's friendship. - ah. - mm-hmm. so why don't we go do that lunch, choo choo bob? - ah, great idea, rich. but, uh, isn't it a little late for lunch? - [laughs] bob, the thing about business is, it's always lunchtime somewhere. - well, in that case, richard w. kornbelt, my very good friend, that is the best idea you've had since edible business cards. - thank you. - you're welcome. see you out on the rails, engineers. so where we going, rich? - oh, how about the bobville waffle bucket?
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
- today on rails of fortune, one of these lovely contestants-- or dave-- will win fabulous prizes! but probably not dave. and now here's your host, richard w. kornbelt! - [laughs] thanyou. thank you.
8:45 am
oh, charlie, you are looking especially sparkly this evening. - i found this in a dumpster behind the beauty pageant. - [laughs] exllent choice. well, you all know the rules, so let's start the game. - uh, actually, i don't know the rules. - correct! 100 points for you. - oh, okay. - all right, bob. that means you have control of the board. and the categories are trains, trains, and 19th century french poetry about trains. - i'll take trains for-- - but first let's meet our contestants. [shouts] [crashing] okay. it sayhere your name is chow chow bop. - uh, actually, that's choo choo bob. - oh. oh, well, that's not what the card says. well, good luck to you, chow chow. ah, and who do we have here? - uh, dave-- uh, conductor dave.
8:46 am
that's fascinating. tell us all about it. - oh, well, being a conductor is a very important job in the-- - terrific. oh, and i recognize this face. this is our returning champion, cee cee. cee cee, is there anybody at home you'd like to say hi to? - i would just like to say hi to my mom and dad. hi, mom and dad! i love you so much. - oh. audience: aw. - what a beautiful moment. let's get back to the game. [fast-paced country music] [music stops] [music starting and stopping] okay, i totally forgot who has control of the board. [buzzer rings] - bob. - correct, cee cee, for 200 points. that's why she's our champ. all right, bop, pick a category. - uh, it's bob, and i'll take trains for 100, please. - what kind of tra carries passengers? [buzzer rings] - a passenr train? [bell ringing] - correct! - [laughs] um, trains for 200.
8:47 am
[buzzer rings] chow chow bop. - ah, i know this one. it's, uh... [train whistle tooting] - correct. yes. [bells clanging] holy smokestacks. do you know what that sound means? it's time to play... all: name that train! [all shouting] [train whistle blowing] - whoa! whoa. okay. contestants, name that train. [buzzer rings] conductor dave. - uh, was that a, uh-- uh-- - five seconds. - [stammering] can i phone a friend? - yes. i mean no. i mean maybe? yes. yes. yes. - is that your final answer? - yes, that's my final answer. [touch-tones beeping] [phone ringing, train whistle tooting] - oh.
8:48 am
- hey, cee cee, what kind of train was that? - oh, i think that was a union pacific number 844. it's a steam engine. - was that a union pacific 844, a steam engine? [bell ringing] - correct! - yes! - yes! - 300 points for dave. - hey, wait a minute. - plus, you get to choose from one of these two briefcases. audience: huh. - okay, conductor dave, what's it gonna be, case number one or case number two? ntense music with beeping] [buzzer sounds] - case number one! - case number one it is. engineer paul, open case number one all: aw. - a penny. now, engineer emily, let's see what he could have won. all: aw.
8:49 am
[laughs] - all right, close game. we're all tied with 300 points. - oh, plus a penny. - right. but if you get this next question right, it's worth a brazilian points, so if you get it right, you win. ab your markers. and the final question is, what is charlie rat's favorite kind of train? - oh, i know this one! - shh. shh. write down your answer. [ticking game show music] time's up. let's start with you, chow chow bop. - uh, again, that's choo choo. oh! - what is charlie rat's favorite kind of train? - oh. [laughs] i wrote, "freight train." audience: oh. - good answer.
8:50 am
- awesome. [laughs] - conductor dave, charlie rat's favorite train. - i wrote, "high speed train," rich. - hmm, good answer. [applause] good answer. good answer. cee cee, favorite train, charlie. - a gravy train, rich? both: ooh. [applause] - interesting. a train that hauls gravy. and charlie said... - gravy train, rich. i love the gravy train. [bell ringing] - and cee cee is our winner! - [screaming and laughing] [cheers and applause] - oh! oh! charlie, tell her what she's won! - pack your bag, cee cee. you've won a six-day, two-night some-expenses-paid vacation at the luxurious dillerville motel, spa, and beef jerky emporium. - no way! i love beef jerky! - that's fantastic.
8:51 am
- i'm looking forward to it. i'm gonna see if i can bring my mom and dad. i'll bring something back for you. [laughing] - congratulations. - you are the champion. - hey, dave. so, uh, what's wrong? - i lost again. - well, did you try your hardest? - yes. - well, then you really have nothing to be sad about. - mm-mm. oh. um, dave, could you pass this down to bob, please? - uh, okay. - [chuckles] you know, every once in a while, the only thing that really cheers me up, dave, is a song. this one goes a little something like this. and a-one and a-two and a... [bright guitar music] sometimes you play the game and finish first - yee-ha. - sometimes you lead the race but finish worst - nee-bah. - but win, lose, or tie
8:52 am
play hard, and drink water for your thirst - well, that looks refreshing. - [laughs] - be nice, be a good sport and play fair - whoo-hoo! - but when it comes to cheating, don't you dare - [sputters] me? - oh, here comes a chorus, dave why won't you sing along with us - but i don't know the words - oh. that's okay i wrote them on the bottom of your water glass - thanks. o now my pants are wet - guys, can we please finish our song - oh, yeah, we can. - one and a-two and a-one, two, three, four.
8:53 am
a loser's still a loser if you mope, mope, mope but a loser is a winner and a winner is a winner if you both play hard and wash your hands with soap, soap, soap well, if you both play hard, then wash your hands with soap - for 20 seconds! [laughs] great job, everybody. - yeah. - feel any better, dave? - yes, i do. let's go congratulate cee cee. - ohgreat idea. - okay. - good game, cee cee. - oh, you too, dave. you guys almost had me there. - we'll get you next time. - all right. [all laugh]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
i see trees of green red roses too i e them bloom for me and you and i think to myself what a wonderful world music the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky are also on the faces of people going by
8:57 am
saying how do you do? they're really saying i love you i hear babies cry i watch them grow they'll learn much more than i'll ever know and i think to myself what a wonderf world music
8:58 am
don't forget to have your pets bathed and groomed, and give them lots of hugs and kisses. bye-bye. - and i'll s you out on the rails. all: mwah! [cheers and applause] - good job. jerky for everyone! - whoo! - jerky for everyone!
8:59 am
hey, charlie. find anythingyou can help us with? yeah. these cases won't benefit from mathematical applations. although, we could approach all these with chaos theory. yeah. chaos i got. right, but with chaos, there's no telling where a case will lead, and there could be mathematical applications i can't detect yet. i love that about you. what? you never give up, do you? well, there's always solution, don. you know, if there's any limitation, it's got to be in the mathematician, not the math. how about fun, charlie? whatato you ever do for fun? well, if you must know, dad thought playing golf was something we might enjoy doing together. i'm sure he did. you know he's like an eight handicap, right? i'm a pretty quick study. just don't let him talk you into betting.
9:00 am
for 20 bucks. ast ten minutes, the faa's received seven eyewitness reports of an unidentified object flying low over the san fernando valley headed toward los angeles. what about a radar signature? that's just it. the object's not showing up on either civilian or military radar. edwards airforce base is scrambling two f-16s for an overflight. sounds serious. homeland security's been warning about a small craft terrorist attack for months. no flight plan, no contact with air traffic control. we have to assume this craft is hostile. what about you taking the sightings and trying to plot a flight path? oh, well, i... just give it a try. if he does it, patch him through to me. okay. where you going? i'm gonna go up to the roof, see if see anything. contact homeland security. see if they have a military attach\ in the area. i want to monitor their com. agent eppes? yes, sir. anything yet? nothing. pilot: military atc, this is rogue one at echo delta tango four, four, niner and descending. that's our two f-16s coming in. atc: rogue one, you are cleared as assigned. make best time on target.


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