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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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(elevator bell dings) morning, sid. hey, boss. just want to run the numbs before the compstat meeting tomorrow. okay. morning, baker. rning, sir. sarah grant is here. i told her she could wait in your office. oh. well, in that case, i'm gonna ed at least ten minutes. hold my calls. hey. hi. (laughs) ah. mm. i'm sorry for just barging in like this. no, it's great. you look great. thank you. sit down. ah. want some coffee? no, i'm fine, thank you. i got my best suit pressed and ready. all right. you ready for your big day? almost. mm. there's a piece missing. what's that?
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but i haven't been able to figure out how. you have always been like a father to me. would you walk me down the aisle? i'd be honored. thank you. there's something else. i got a letter from prison yesterday. from him. you didn't open it? no.
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(quiet chatter, laughter) henry: you don't need that. grandpa? erin. come in. come in. i put your coats for the winter coat drive in the mud room for you, but have you got a minute? yeah, sure. i'd like to introduce you to a friend. sylvia hayden, my granddaughter, erin. i've heard a lot about you. all good, i hope? oh, more than good, honey. henry: you're the first one to have the honor. i haven't even told your father yet. i didn't want to scare her off. well, i can understand tt. (laughs) how did you two meet? in a book club. book club. (both laugh) yeah. we read up the old hotel by joseph mitchell, and, uh, your grandpa and i started talking about the great old new york haunts that have closed down. and so, we've been kind of going on this informal tour of the places that are still around, you know? he's been spoiling me rotten. (laughter) that's a beautiful bracelet.
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well, thank him. only the best for my girl. detectives. lieutenant. hope you got something juicy for me. it would really burn lieutenant carver's ass if we took down a big case while she was on vacation. we don't know exactly what we got, but this 911 call came in this morning. (ana speaking serbian and crying) please don't hurt me! don't kill me! (static) damn. it's an international exchange. we traced it back to an ana marcovic and called her parents in serbia. ana had flown into jfk this morning and was supposed to stay somewhere called the gotham youth hostel in times square. we have a location? yeah. cyberspace. this hostel only exists online as a trap to lure women to new york. lieutenant, this is the fifth eastern european woman to disappear on their way to this hostel in the last six months. no trace. you got any leads?
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just the 911 call and the name. look, we want to run with this. we don't have enough. i'm not wasting my two best detectives.
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hey. hey. what's up? so, i ran that name through the system for you. yeah? i don't know how to tell this, but sylvia hayden is wanted for murder. what?! she killed her last three husband's in cold blood. they call her the "grandpa kille" really? why would you do that to me? how could i not? it's just so easy. did you find anything? well, it's kind of interesting, actually. seems that "sylvia hayden" didn't exist, at least under that name, until 2007. but there are plenty of innocent explanations. she could've remarried, or just legally dropped a former husband's name. that's all i can get from a cursory look. how far do you want me to take this?
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i mean, if it was your grandfather, what would you do? i don't have a grandfather, but my grandmother raised me, and if i thought someone was messing with her, i'd turn over every stone until i knew damn sure she was safe. but i might be a little crazy, too. listen, get me fingerprints or dna, and i can take this to the next level. just let me know what you want. okay. frank: that was nice meeting father barnes. i think you're in good hands. so, uh... did you read the letter? (sighs) yeah, i did. but you are getting married in three days. there is no clock on this. he's not going anywhere. so, can we talk about this in a couple of weeks? what did it say? basically? mm-hmm. that he's sorry and clms he found god in prison.
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who's building a long con for the parole board. so, he murdered my family, but god has forgiven him, so i should, too? is that what he wants? (sighs) there is a program called restorative justice where the victim can meet the offender face-to-face. he wants to meet me? i mean, you don't think that i should... consider this, do you? i read the letter, as you asked me to, and i am passing on what was offered. but no. sarah, i do not think you should take him up on it. i mean, the last time i saw donald berry was in court. i was seven years old. and he told me that his only regret was that he didn't kill me, too. can you just tell the court,
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that he better not write me again? can you do that? yes, i can. okay. hey, what are you guys doing here? everything okay? yeah, i just, uh, need to talk to you for a second over here. it's about your partner. eddie? what's going on? she's a good cop, right? reliable? ugh under pressure? why you asking? well, i might need her for something, but i wanted to get your take on it before i ran it by your boss. yeah, she's the best. she's tough as nails. i trust her with my life. good, 'cause this is high risk. what does that mean? undercover? women are getting snatched up. we think it may be serbi mob. i don't know if she's ready for that, danny. i mean, there's got to be plenty of re experienced cops. no, no, she's the only one for this. jamie: all right, well, you asked my opinion. i gave it. she's not ready. what do you mean, she's not ready? just what i said. i don't think she's ready for that.
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look, if this is about me, i can speak for myself. (sighs) that's ana marcovic. her mother e-mailed us the photos, said her daughter's only dream was to come to new york, to the u.s. danny: mm. she flew in from serbia this morning, and... presumably went to the address for the goth youth hostel, and then, she disappeared. five other girls have gone missing the same way over the last six months. so you need someone to retrace ana's steps, and find out where the missing women went? you'll be wired up, we'll stay close, but i do got to be honest with you. it's... it's a total unknown. well, uh, why me? is it because i took the undercover training course? danny: that's part of it. the other part of it is, when we were calling the wheel looking for an officer who spoke serbn, you were the only one in the entire department who fit the age and physical profile. yeah, i hope that means young and hot. that is the type they're luringn, yes. you think it's some kind of trafficking ring?
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excuse me. well, when would this happen? soon as we can get it running if you're up for it. yeah. hell, yeah. it's a great opportunity. good. what is it? ana marcovic is dead, right? that's what that was about? we don't know that yet, but her cell phone and backpack were found along the side of the expressway.
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(sighs softly) commissioner, clinton hills just faxed over the psychiatrist's report. and? it's more of the same. lines up with the counselor's report and the note in his file from the chaplain. so it's official. donald berry is the most rehabilitated killer in the history of the penal system. they're just opinions, sir. i can't figure out what this son of a bitch wants i thought he wanted to make amends. maybe he just wants to get out of his cell, break routine, get another chance to torment his victim. (sighs) the thing is... sarah, to me, he's always going to be this guy. it was the single most disturbing crime scene
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and no amount of counseling or medication or prayer is ever gonna change that. i understand how you feel, sir, but... may i say something? go ahead. people can change. that's it? sometimes, with the right help, sick people do get better. maybe even donald berry. i think that where there's life there is always hope. and if you ever get the sense that i have lost that conviction, please fire me on the spot. so, what can i tell you, erin? what do you mean? i just thought it would be nice to have lunch. (chuckling): oh, come on. a mystery woman suddenly starts dating your grandfather?
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okay. i might just be a little curious. okay then. here i am, sylvihayden, in, uh, 30 seconds or less. ready? set your watch. (both chuckle) i was born in the bronx-- well, riverdale-- and i had a quickie marriage at 19 he was so boring, i was a little crazy, and it lasted about 90 minutes. and then i was single for long time. i had a lot of fun. and then, much later in life, i fell in love, and i got married again. f-for real this time. and that was my max. and, uh, unfortunaly, he... he passed away about ten years ago. mm. i'm sorry. so was i. but i wound up reinventing myself as, of all things, a romance novelist. (chuckles) (chuckles) well, sylvia attenberg wasn't a catchy enough name, so sylvia hayden was born.
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so sylvia hayden is your... nom de plume? yes. but... please don't bother with those books. (whispers): they're trashy. (chuckles) it's just that i feel, uh, a little less lonely when i write them. mm. well, hopefully henry is making you feel a little less lonely, too. let me be clear about my intentions, erin. i don't plan to marry again, but i think, your grandpa and i, we can be great pals. i hope that sounds okay. of course. great. so let's order. and i insist that it be my treat. henry won't let me pay for anything. waiter? waiter? two menus, please.
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thanks for coming so fast. fbi? what's going on? we took all the information we had, we ran it through safetynet, we found out the feds were investigating the missing women, too. they havsome good intel and much better resources, so it makes sense to combine our cases. so they're in charge now? no, no. this is a joint operation. we will be with you every step of the way, just like we told you. this is hill. hey. hey, danny. detective baez. danny: this is officer janko. she'll be the uncle. i'm marcus hill from the bureau. it's good to meet you. our serbian expert is waiting. all right, come on. man: this is your serbian passport under the name edit jankovic. and, uh, here's your boarding pass for your flight into jfk. what airport in serbia did you fly out of? nikola tesla in belgrade. you say you're from ecka? that's way out in the valley.
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it's an international airport. so is morava, and it's 300 miles closer. yeah, i was visiting a friend in belgrade first. ah. what neighborhood? barajevo? novi beograd? grocka? novi. novi? is your friend chinese? novi is the only chinese quter in serbia. (chuckles) okay, uh, how did you travel to visit your chinese friend? car? tin? bus? bus. what-what company? arriva? kevim? severtrans? uh, what highway did you take? how long was the trip stupid bitch cop. you're dead. hey. take it easy. you think they're gonntake it easy? this is stuff any serb would know. you got three days. you better cram. what a ai missing here, sid?
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have patrol break them up in an orderly fashion. the crowds are there because apparently an empanada in the bakery's window looks like the virgin mary. yeah. looks like her how? i don't have the forensics, sir, but it's clearly more of a cultural religious thing and not just a traffic thing. uh, have patrol put up barricades and punt this over to community affairs. commissioner, i'm sorry to bother you, but sarah grant is here. she said she could wait, but... i'm gonna need ten. okay. hey. i'm so sorry. i-i told her i could wait. well, baker'pretty good at reading faces, and yours says that something can't wait. i can't stop thinking about him. that he actually wrote me
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do you want to read the letter? n-no. want to go and meet him. face-to-face. (sighs) to what end? i try and push him out of my head, and i can't. for the first time in years, i just can't. so i need to do something. something or only this thing? (shuddering exhale) talk me out of it. you could've tossed the letter like you said, but you brought it to me. some part of you knows it's time to deal with this. oh, th's not talking me out of it. yeah, well,
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who was that? just work. don't kid a kidder. we can talk about it later, grandpa. uh-huh. something about sylvia. pop... i heard you two had lunch. what do you know?


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